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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win Upsy-Daisy or Igglepiggle


Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Golden Bear to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a Large Talking Upsy-Daisy or a Large Talking Igglepiggle.

Based on a magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child's imagination, In The Night Garden is a show loved by children and trusted by parents.


Children will just love to hear what Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy soft toys have to say!

Both play phrases and sounds from the hit CBeebies show and their soft-textured fabrics make them super hug-able, perfect for snuggles at the end of an exciting day!

For more information about Golden Bear Toys click on

For Your Chance to Win

Just tell us what
is Igglepiggle holding in his hand?

  a) A red kite
  b) A red rose
  c) A red apple
  d) A red blanket

 To Enter the Competition

Tell us what is Igglepiggle holding in his hand? Then send in your answer and your preferred prize, Igglepiggle or Upsy-Daisy, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry

* This competition is open to our
UK visitors only


Gorgeous Gifts from Prezzybox

Pineapple Money Box from Prezzybox

Prezzybox offers a delightful range of gifts for the Summer.

Keep your pennies and pounds safe in this funky and fruity Pineapple Money Box. An eyecatching piece of décor for your home, this fun to use talking point is sure to start a refreshing and exotic trend.

The metallic copper finish to this ceramic sculpted money box sets the tropical trend with a fruity storing solution for your treasured money!

Its quirky design will keep people at bay and instead of admiring your money they will admire your tropical taste. It will also make a great housewarming present.

This wonderfully designed ornament is available for only £14.95.

Kitty Money Box from Prezzybox

Animal lovers will also love this adorable Kitty Money Box. Featuring a cute tabby cat, it has a coin slot on the top ready to save those pounds and pennies!

This furry friend is made to save your money and makes it easy to store coins and notes ready to spend on the finer things in life. Made from ceramic, it has a rubber plug stopper for easy access to your coins!

This practical but 'purr'-fect' money box will sit well in a quirky styled room or office and is available for only £8.95.

Solar Powered Power Bank from Prezzybox

The Solar Powered Power Bank is perfect for the avid traveller, walker or someone who is active and enjoys the outdoors.

Empty battery emergencies are a pain, whether you need to send an email, Instagram those beautiful landscapes, want to get interactive on social media, or make an emergency call - it’s often we find our battery has gone caput and our mobile phone is out of action.

This clever solar powered device is shock proof and contains 3 charging cables that can charge up to 2 USB devices at any one time. Perfect for a day out in the country.

Solar Powered Power Bank from Prezzybox

Compatible with phones, tablets and music devices – your tech gear will be charged at all times and it’s also equipped with a built in flash, making it perfect for use at night time.

Juice up through the power of sunlight the super-fast system can create energy quickly and can fully charge a phone efficiently in just two hours!

If you can’t wait for it to power up via sunlight, you can even charge it on your computer before you set off on your day out – and you’ll never be without charge with this ingenious energy saving gadget!

The perfect out of office essential – this valuable device can allow you to respond to your emails, call a cab or create a document wherever you are – without draining your battery!

The Solar Powered Power Bank is available from Prezzybox for £49.95.

For more information about Prezzybox visit the website at


Shopping & Gifts

Baby Gifts Fit for a Prince or Princess

Baby Bunny Box from Velvet Living London

Introducing Baby Boxes from Velvet Living London, the perfect present for a special new arrival. These cute little boxes come in two varieties- Baby Bear and Baby Bunny, suitable for boys and girls, and make a great gift for a new born or to take along to a baby shower.

Baby Bunny Box contains a Coco and Wolf Liberty Print Bunny Body Suit (exclusive to Velvet Living), a Baby Cow Organics Milky Body Lotion 200ml and an adorable Doudou et Compagnie Bunny 25cm. Price is £50.00.

Baby Bear Box from Velvet Living London

Baby Bear Box includes a Coco and Wolf Liberty Print Bear Body Suit (exclusive to Velvet Living), a Baby Cow Organics Milky Body Lotion 200ml and a gorgeous Histoire D’Ours Soft Grey Bear 25cm. Price is £50.00.

And why not treat the new mum to a bit of pampering as well with Velvet Living London’s New Mum Box. This gorgeous gift offers a mini spa in a box, perfect for a sleep deprived new mum!

New Mum Box contains a Velvet Living Candle, Decleor Nourishing Foot Cream, Dr Lewinns Instant Beauty Radiance Balm, Elemis Skin Nourishing Bath Milk and Steamcream. Price is £60.00.

For more information about the Velvet Living London range visit


Misskukie Jewellery

Gold Amethyst Earrings from Misskukie

If you're looking for a special gift for a birthday or wedding anniversary, then look out for the beautiful collection from Misskukie.

This striking set of Gold Amethyst Earrings and Necklace is available as a set or separately. These pieces are a wonderful gift idea for anyone who likes sophisticated accessories.

The amethyst stone pendant looks incredibly elegant against the gold framing. The necklace pendant is held by a 16k gold bail. The stone pendants are made of smooth faceted glass with gold plated framing with a polished finish. The ear wires are 16k gold plated, tarnish resistant and nickel free. Price is £45.

Ruby Gemstone Bracelet from Misskukie

This beautiful Ruby Gemstone Bracelet is perfect as a birthday gift, for a special friend or a thank you gift for a  bridesmaid. This stunning friendship bracelet features bespoke gemstones, made with 24k gold vermeil clasps. The gemstones are incorporated as part of a rosary chain.

Each bracelet includes two strands of rosary chain and a gold bubble chain. Additionally there is a gold hammered coin charm and a coloured glass charm to complete the design. Price is £45.

Blue Hues Cocktail Rings from Misskukie

These pretty Blue Hues Cocktail Rings are perfect for wearing for an evening out or a special occasion. This eyecatching selection of blue hues cocktail rings are made with Swarovski elements. Pick your favourite summer colour from these beautiful dazzling Swarovski made crystals, Lavender, Aqua and Sapphire.

The rings are adjustable to fit every ring size and very comfortable to wear. The base ring is made with brass to hold an 18mm x 13mm pear shaped Swarovski crystal. The base ring is brass made with Swarovski crystals and is adjustable to fit most finger sizes. Price is £35.

Turquoise Stacking Bracelet from Misskukie

This Turquoise Stacking Bracelet is a stunning set and looks beautiful worn with an evening dress for a special occasion.

This stunning mixture of gold plated bracelets include various turquoise and green gemstones. Price is £35.

Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Rings from Misskukie

These dazzling Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Rings are made with original Swarovski crystals. With its adjustable back, this glamorous ring will make a lovely present. The crystal cocktail ring has an adjustable back and will therefore fit with most ring size requirements.

There is a choice of three absolutely stunning Swarovski crystals; Montana Blue, Pacific Mint or Vintage Rose. The ring is made from durable brass with a high shine silver coating. The ring is adjustable to individual preference. Price is £40.

All Misskukie products are beautifully gift wrapped with care and attention.

For more information click on 


Escape to Sunny Provence

Strawberry Luxury Gift Set from Boutique Provencal

Escape to the sunshine and romance of Provence with the beautiful range of gifts from Boutique Provencal.

This fabulous Strawberry Luxury Gift Set is a wonderful idea for an original present. Created by Blancreme, a French company who create cosmetics and toiletries inspired by food and drink and creatively packaged in food-style containers.

The set includes, bath foam, shower gel, body scrub, body lotion and massage cream in Strawberry and Pomegranate fragrances. It even comes with a luxury branded hand towel. Price is £44.95.

Soleil Bowl from Boutique Provencal

This lovely, hand painted shallow pottery Soleil Bowl from Provencal pottery Poterie Galtie will bring a touch of French style to your dinner table. Whether you use it for dessert, cereal or soup, it will definitely add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the occasion.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, it measures 22cm in diameter and is 6.5cm deep. Patrick Galtie and his team have been producing the highest quality Provencal pottery in St Quentin la Poterie since 1989. Price is £21.50

Rustic Storage Box for Stock Cubes

This Rustic Storage Box for Stock Cubes is a lovely decorative piece to add a touch of French country style to your kitchen. It has a cute hen design to give a fun continental look and will definitely be a talking point in your home.

With a flip top lid and a glass front panel, you can store stock cubes, food sachets, small packets or anything that takes your fancy. It stands 21cm high x 15cm wide x 11.5cm deep and is one range of French country kitchen accessories from Anticline, based near Perpignan in south west France.

For more information about Boutique Provencal gifts click on

    Survive Escape
     From Atlantis

Survive Escape From Atlantis from Stronghold Games

If you're looking for a great board game packed with suspense, adventure and thrills for all the family, then check out Survive Escape From Atlantis from Stronghold Games.

It’s early in the 20th century - a time of exploration and adventure. The mysterious island of Atlantis has been discovered in the middle of the ocean, and there are rumours of great riches to be found there!

After reaching Atlantis, the explorers are ready to return home with treasure and artefacts. But Atlantis begins to sink! In a panic, the adventurers try to avoid a terrible fate.

Survive Escape From Atlantis from Stronghold Games

The luckiest will find a boat to return home while the less fortunate will have to try to swim for it.

But nobody will be safe from the Sea Monsters, Whales, and Sharks that live in the ocean around Atlantis!

Who will reach dry land with their riches? Who will Survive?


Tried and Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

Survive Escape From Atlantis from Stronghold Games

It was a quiet Sunday, so I rounded up my intrepid game testers, Daniel and Paul to put Survive Escape From Atlantis through its paces.

We were very impressed with the high quality and colourful game board and attractive playing pieces which had eyecatching blue Whales, black Sharks, purple Sea Monsters, brown Boats and cute brightly coloured playing Explorers.

The rules were easy to follow, essentially the idea of the game is to rescue your explorers from Atlantis which is rapidly sinking before it is consumed by a whirlpool.

As play progresses, you load up your boats with explorers and attempt to bring them safely to land. But it's not as easy as it seems as you have to protect them from the sharks, whales and sea monsters, as well as the other players who might have a few 'fishy' moves up their sleeves.

If you want to be particularly nasty to your opponent you can attempt a 'suicide' attempt on one of their boats, with a mutineer passenger to throw the other explorers to the sharks!

Faced paced, challenging and lots of fun, there is plenty of scope for skill and tactics. If you want to be particularly nasty to your opponent you can attempt a 'suicide' attempt on one of their boats, with a mutineer passenger to throw the other explorers to the sharks!

But beware - they may be holding a safety card that protects them from shark attacks or other sea creatures. Things are not always as they seem.

In addition to this, the explorers are all numbered, so you might be attempting to save some which are not as valuable as you think! The skill is to remember the values of your players at the start of the game and where you have positioned them.

Suffice to say, my young opponents were much better sailors than me. In fact, Daniel trounced us twice, most notably in our second game when we discovered he was holding a tile to protect him from shark attacks!

Fun, furious, skilful, and challenging, we had a lot of laughs and a great afternoon playing it. Twice! I would highly recommend it if you enjoy playing intelligent board games.

Survive Escape From Atlantis is suitable for ages 8 and over, for 2-4 Players. RRP is £29.99.

If you want to be particularly nasty to your opponent you can attempt a 'suicide' attempt on one of their boats, with a mutineer passenger, to throw the other explorers to the sharks!

Survive Escape From Atlantis 30th Anniversary Edition is available from

Cool Gadgets
from RED5

Lava Lamp Rockets from RED5

If you're looking for cool gifts or talking points for your home, then check out the new collection from RED5.

Since the 1960’s Lava Lamps have always been cool. Used in bachelor pads and relaxation centres across the world, the genius moving mood lights have stood the test of time. These Lava Lamp Rockets come in the original and traditional shape, just like the first one ever made.

Each one contains a big dollop of gloopy lava which will elegantly float up and down the vessel creating countless shapes as they go. Add a little retro feel to your room or give your child’s bedroom a more relaxing vibe with the traditionally styled Lava Lamps Rocket. Price is £17.95.

iKettle from RED5

If you enjoy hot drinks but don't always want them piping hot, then the iKettle is the perfect gadget for you. Using the iKettle's built in wi-fi, you can start boiling your kettle from anywhere in the house. With the iKettle app, you will save up to two days a year pre-boiling your kettle! Not only can it boil the water for you, but it will also notify you when it’s ready to pour, needs refilling and when it’s empty.

A selection of different temperatures allows you to make your hot drink the way it should be as not all beverages need piping hot water. There's a Wake Up mode to make sure the water is ready for you every day. The app allows you to set a wake up alarm for your iKettle which will trigger the kettle to start boiling on request. “Good morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes or no”. Once the water is boiled, the clever kettle will ask if you are ready or if it should keep the water warm. The warm feature will keep the water heated for up to half an hour, making sure that your morning coffee is ready whenever you are.

Other features include the Welcome Home mode so your hot water is ready when you return home from work. The iKettle application will know when you arrive home and will have pre-boiled water ready and waiting. If you know that you like a brew after the soaps have finished, you can set a trigger to remind the kettle to boil before the ad breaks so you don’t miss a second of telly. And Game Mode will end the tiresome arguments of who is the best tea maker in the house with the iKettle leader board.

Multiple devices can be connected to the iKettle so you can set up your own tea rota. With every coffee or tea that is brought to you, you can rate it to see who is the best and worst and share the data on social networking sites. All this clever  technology comes in a stylish element-less design – made from pure grade stainless steel with a soft touch handle and built in lime scale filter. Price is £99.95

Robot Clock from RED5

Clocks and robots have a lot in common, they both have intricate insides full of dials, cogs, gadgets and gizmos - they’re a mechanic's dream! Combine the two together and you’re left with a new and different way to tell the time!

These cute Robot Clocks have poseable arms and hands so you can set them up however you like. The analogue clocks inside their abdomens are numbered with some robotic looking digits (if you can describe a font as looking ‘roboty’).

Each robot has dials, cogs and gauges on their bodies as well as an antenna. The Robot Clock has an alarm too, so you can be woken up every day by your new found robot pal. Price is £14.95.

For more information about RED5 click on