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Pandemic from Esdevium Games

A challenging game from Esdevium

Do you have what it takes to save humanity? As skilled members of a disease-fighting team, you must keep four deadly diseases at bay while discovering their cures. You and your team mates will travel across the globe, treating infections while finding resources for cures.

You must work together, using your individual strengths, to succeed. The clock is ticking as outbreaks and epidemics fuel the spreading plagues. Can you find all four cures in time?

In Pandemic, you and your team mates will travel across the globe, treating infections while finding resources for cures

The game board depicts several major population centres on a stylised map of the Earth. On each turn, a player can use up to four actions to travel between cities, treat infected populaces, discover a cure, or build a research station. A deck of cards provides the players with these abilities, but sprinkled throughout this deck are Epidemic! cards that accelerate and intensify the diseases' activity. A second, separate deck of cards controls the "normal" spread of the infections.

Each player has different roles, but the same ultimate goals. Taking a unique responsibility within the team, players must plan their strategy to mesh with their specialists' strengths in order to conquer the diseases which are spreading quickly and time is running out. If one or more diseases spread beyond recovery or if too much time elapses, the players all lose. If they cure the four diseases, they all win!

In Pandemic, you and your team mates will travel across the globe, treating infections while finding resources for cures

There is only one way to beat Pandemic: cure the diseases, but there are numerous ways to lose. Run out of player cards, hit the outbreak limit or run out of disease cubes to place on the board. Play carefully and keep on top of potential outbreaks or the game will beat you.

Pandemic is  a co-operative board game from the phenomenal board game designer, Matt Leacock. Players can either win the game together and discover a cure for the epidemic or lose the battle and the infection takes over the world ....

Tried and Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

Pandemic is  a co-operative board game from the phenomenal board game designer, Matt Leacock

I love a good board game, it's a great way to spend an evening with family and friends, so I was looking forward to playing Pandemic from Esdevium Games.

I rounded up my game players, Daniel and Paul and then we set up the game on the kitchen table surrounded by crisps, snacks and refreshing drinks.

The board was easy to set up, we were each given a role - I was the Quarantine Specialist - and moved around the countries on the board, building research stations and attempting to eradicate the various diseases before the final Epidemic card told us it was time to stop and the infections had taken over.

In Pandemic, each player is given a role such as Quarantine Specialist

The game was fast and furious as we planned our moves together, often working out our strategy three stages in advance. It was nice to play a game where we played as a team and worked together to try and beat the board game, rather than each other!

With our combined skill, I would give Daniel and Paul most of the credit, we managed to defeat the Epidemic curing all the different diseases by the very last turn of the card. It was a great victory and we all celebrated our win.

We thoroughly enjoyed the game. Daniel said it was one of the best board games he'd played. Paul loved it. And I can't wait to play again.

Pandemic Event Cards

I would heartily recommend it to those who like intelligent, strategic games which challenge you. Do allow at least 15 minutes to read and digest the rules, as they are fairly detailed. And surround yourself with lots of tasty treats, as it's hungry work. Then you'll have a very entertaining evening.

Pandemic is recommended for players aged 10 or over. Suitable for 2 - 4 players, it takes around 60 minutes to play. RRP is £29.99.

Pandemic is available to buy now from


  Go Travelling with
      Mollie & Fred

Sass & Belle Decorative World Map Swivel Globe from Mollie & Fred

Mollie & Fred offer some great gifts for the intrepid traveller, or for anyone who is planning a well earned holiday.

Plan your excursion with this charming Sass & Belle Decorative World Map Swivel Globe. This beautiful globe is perfect for displaying on a desk, table top or mantelpiece and would make a brilliant gift idea for for any occasion.

This antique style decorative spinning world map globe has a mango wooden base with a black plastic stand. Height is 21.5cm and diameter is 13.5cm. Price is £16.99.

Ted Baker Coral Travel Document Holder from Mollie & Fred

Keep all your travel documents safe and tidy with this stylish Ted Baker Coral Travel Document Holder.

This luxury travel document holder includes a section for your passport, tickets, cash, foreign currency, coins, credit cards and pens. Now there's no need to forget your passport. Price is  £29.99.

Ted Baker Opulent Bloom Manicure Set from Mollie & Fred

This beautiful Ted Baker Opulent Bloom Manicure Set is perfect for a weekend away, it would also make a lovely gift.

The set includes scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, and emery boards, all in a luxury zip up case. Price is £34.99.

Ted Baker Journey Travel Wallet & Pen from Mollie & Fred

This stylish Ted Baker Journey Travel Wallet & Pen has compartments to safely carry your passport, tickets and bank cards and is perfect for jet setting off round the world.

A lovely gift idea for someone that travels for work or to take on your holiday. The set includes a travel wallet with small ballpoint pen. The brogue leather effect wallet has a contrasting blue suede lining.

The set is packaged in a Ted Baker gift box and measures 10.5cm x 15cm. Price is £24.99.

Mollie & Fred is a small family run business based in sunny Dorset. They specialise in stylish homeware and design led gifts.

For more information about Mollie & Fred click on

Shopping & Gifts


Treat Yourself
to a

Treat yourself to a Ukelele from Dave Mann Music

If you're an acoustic musician and you enjoy playing the guitar, then why not treat yourself to a ukulele and create some fabulous music for the New Year.

Ukuleles have never been so popular. They have managed to shake off their George Formby connections and have been reinvigorated as super cool by the world's sophisticated acoustic celebrity musicians.

Walter Mann, Director of Dave Mann Music, which is a leading, national, acoustic guitar and ukulele specialist based in Nottinghamshire says, “We've seen sales of this previously unsexy instrument rocket this year and we're selling more and more ukulele strings too so people are buying them and playing them. They are not just being purchased and sitting idle in a corner.”

The old-fashioned style of ukulele tune, made famous by George Formby, although he often played a banjolele too, is out and in are versions of pop songs.

Cool ukulele covers on the Internet include 'Paparazzi' (Lady Gaga) and The Be Arthurs version of 'Toxic' (Britney Spears).

The instrument has even been used by rappers. Celebrity players include, Talking Heads and Flo Rida to name but a few.

Walter adds, “Our sales of ukuleles have gone up by 30% this year in comparison to 2013. This previously untrendy, under-estimated acoustic instrument is seeing a bit of a revival and we're getting orders from all over the country.

“The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has definitely done a lot to help boost the instrument's appeal but we feel it's the more contemporary artists that are really driving these sales.

“People love them because they are versatile, have a great sound that's completely different from an acoustic guitar, they are easy to handle and transport and they are pretty under-rated and unique. People love their dulcet luau tones and also how they can be used to create a rousing jam session.

Dave Mann Music is a family-run, leading, high-end acoustic guitar dealer based in the UK. Its team has more than 40 years experience in dealing in acoustic instruments.

Walter continues, “Not only are we the experts in this field, we are also extremely passionate about what we do and the instruments we stock.

“We have excellent relationships with all our suppliers and manufacturers and this means we are always offered the first choice on rare, unique and limited edition instruments and are in an excellent position to handle bespoke orders.”

All the ukuleles and high-end guitars stocked by Dave Mann Music are not kept on the shop premises overnight but are stored in studios off-site that are maintained at an optimum temperature and humidity, 24 hours a day.

To find out more, please drop in at Dave Mann Music UK headquarters on Mansfield Road in Nottingham or view its mail order website

For further details, please call Dave Mann Music on 0115 941 7955.


Simply Add Style

Pug Money Box from Simply Add Style

If you're looking for some great little gifts to brighten up your home or as a house-warming present for a friend then check out Simply Add Style.

This cute Pug Money Box is perfect for saving all your pennies and notes for a rainy day or even pug bills! Made of poly resin, height is 20cm, width is 12cm, and length is 16cm. Price is £15.

Four Little White Ceramic Birds from Simply Add Style

These Four Little White Ceramic Birds will be a talking point for your conservatory or dining room.

The adorable shabby chic little white birds form a happy little group of four birds, each in a unique pose, looking as though they are all chirping to each other. Made of ceramic and finished in a white glaze making them smooth and stylish. Price is £10.

Red Metal Tea Caddy from Simply Add Style

Keep your teabags fresh and tidy in this sweet Red Metal Tea Caddy.

Ideal for storing tea leaves or tea bags, the red caddy features the motif 'I love tea - tea is the answer to everything'. Although small in size the tin holds up to 20 teabags or use it as storage for a speciality tea. The caddy has a good close air tight fitting lid. Diameter is 8cm and height is 10cm. Price is £5.

Copper Faceted Vase from Simply Add Style

This Copper Faceted Vase is a modern and beautiful addition to any décor. The colourful lines and angles of this piece would look wonderful filled with fresh cut flowers or faux and the glossy copper finish of this vase reflects light and its surroundings very well.

Made of ceramic with a copper finish and faceted design, the vase is waterproof and is 32cm tall and 13cm square so will hold a good number of blooms or add just one architectural piece for an on trend contemporary look. Price is £20.

Rusty, the Stone Owl Garden Ornament from Simply Add Style

Rusty, the Stone Owl Garden Ornament will make a friendly addition to your garden or pathway.

The owl's body is made from a faux stone and it has rusty brown metal wings, feet and face. The perfect gift for owl lovers or to nestle in your garden, the metal work on the owl will continue to weather in the garden but this will enhance the appearance and add to its charm. Height is 20cm and width is 12cms. Price is £17.

For more information about Simply Add Style click on

Wooden Gifts from Swanky Maison

Wooden Games Box from Swanky Maison

Swanky Maison offer a stunning range of luxury wooden gifts for your family and friends.

This beautifully painted Wooden Games Box contains playing cards, dice and dominos and makes a fantastic 3 in one gift. Both the dice and dominos are wooden with beautiful gold effect detailing.

The wooden box is compact and packs everything away beautifully inside. This is a great product for travelling with or as a decorative piece for the home. Price is £24.99.

Wooden Backgammon Game from Swanky Maison

This delightful Wooden Backgammon Game includes all the playing pieces you need to spend hours of fun with the family. Presented in a wooden box so that it packs away, the game can be taken on your travels or set out as a decorative piece for in the home.

Finished with brass effect fastenings it really is a wonderful piece. A brilliant gift for any member of the family or friends. Price is £12.99.

Pair of Bookends from Swanky Maison

This classic Pair of Book Bookends has an elegant classic look. With ornate decorative detail, they will look perfect on any bookcase.

These bookends have a solid dark wood base and beautiful finish. They are all handmade. Price is £24.99.

Wooden Dice Box With Brass Inlay from Swanky Maison

This Wooden Dice Box With Brass Inlay will make a lovely retirement gift or talking point in your home.

Spend hours of fun playing the old dice games such as Chicago or Pig with these wooden dice. Both dice and box are finished in gold paint and the box has a beautiful brass inlay.

The box can also be a little trinket case. A perfect little gift for someone or as a decorative piece for around the home. Price is £7.99.

For more information about Swanky Maison click on

   Sixtyplusurfers Competition

  Win a Borderfields
      Rapeseed Oil
   Infusions Gift Set

Win a Borderfields Rapeseed Oil Infusions Gift Set

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with leading British cold pressed rapeseed oil producer, Borderfields, to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a Borderfields Rapeseed Oil Infusions Gift Set.

January is the month of healthy food swaps and with half the saturated fat of olive oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil is a naturally better choice for all your day-to-day cooking. It’s perfect for roasting potatoes and making tasty salad dressings. It can even be used in baking as a healthy replacement for butter.

Win a Borderfields Rapeseed Oil Infusions Gift Set

Switching from olive oil to cold pressed rapeseed oil is great for reducing saturated fat intake, which can lead to high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

Delightfully pure, simple and natural, Borderfields is also high in the ‘good’ mono and polyunsaturated fats - omega 3, 6 and 9, making it a favourite among those wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Borderfields Cold Pressed British Rapeseed Oil

The flavoursome range of rapeseed oil infusions are made with Borderfields’ trademark oil, which is loved for its light nutty taste. The infusions are a welcome addition to all kitchens helping add hassle-free flavour to the nation’s favourite dishes.

Whether you’re looking to pack a punch with your stir fry or add that extra zing to your carrot cake, there’s an infusion for you. The range consists of garlic, lemon, basil and chilli.

Here’s a low down of the flavours:

Garlic – Never over powering, this great labour saver offers delightfully earthy tones from the finest quality garlic.

Basil - Magnificent for Mediterranean themed salads and dishes, and perfect when you want the fresh flavour of basil but don’t have fresh basil to hand.

Lemon – This is fresh and zingy – perfect drizzled onto a salad and delicious with seafood and chicken.

Chilli – The chilli is hot and fiery – great for pizzas and pasta – or any meal that needs that extra kick.
If you’re not lucky this time, shoppers can check out the range of cheerfully-packaged Borderfields gifts online at

Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

For those who haven’t yet tried Borderfields’ original cold pressed rapeseed oil, why not pick up a 500ml bottle from your local Morrisons store reduced to £2.99 from £3.49 from 19.01.15 to 15.02.15.

Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Good luck with the competition, and all your new year’s resolutions!

  For Your Chance to Win

Tell us the name of this well loved cook?

Tell us the name of this well loved cook?

  a) Delia Smith
  b) Mary Berry
  c) Rachel Allen
  d) Nigella Lawson

 To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of the well loved cook shown above? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address as shown below:

* Please label your entry
Borderfields Oil Competition


Nautical Gifts from Live Laugh Love

Gone Fishing with Net Sail Boat from Live Laugh Love

Cheer up your home with beautiful nautical gifts and other eyecatching items from Live Laugh Love.

This rustic Gone Fishing with Net Sail Boat is perfect for brightening up a guest room or bathroom, it will also make a lovely gift. The boat includes shells, starfish and a little cotton flag.

This standing decoration will remind you of all your favourite beach holidays. Made from wood, cotton and jute. Price is  £6.

Welcome Aboard decorative wall hanging from Live Laugh Love

Welcome Aboard with this bright and cheerful foam ring decorative wall hanging.

Display it in your entrance hall or a guest room to make your visitors feel at home. Diameter is 33cm and Depth is 5cm. Price is £9.

Heart Wooden Chalkboard from Live Laugh Love

This charming Heart House Wooden Chalkboard is perfect for writing your shopping list or important things to do.

Hang it up in the kitchen and use the handy chalk to write in all the things you need to buy for the week. Price is £9.95.

Bobbing Along Boat Door Stop from Live Laugh Love

Bring a lovely holiday feeling to your doorway with this eyecatching Bobbing Along Boat Door Stop.

Use it to keep open your doors and bring a little brightness to a plain room. Price is £9.95.

Heart Trinket Box with Bird from Live Laugh Love

This beautiful Heart Trinket Box with Bird will look lovely sitting on your dressing table. Use it to keep your jewellery safe and dust free.

The box will also make a welcome gift. Pair it up with a string of pearls or a surprise item of jewellery inside the box. Price is £4.

Glass Bon Bon Dish from Live Laugh Love

This delightful Glass Bon Bon Dish has so many different uses in your home.

Fill it up with sweet smelling pot pourri, or use it to serve chocolates, olives or snacks. Or put it on your dressing table and fill it with jewellery, cotton wool, rings and jewellery. Price is £4.95.

For more information about Live Laugh Love click on