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Black Fleet

Black Fleet

Merchants, pirates and navy ships sail the turbulent seas in the swashbuckling board game, Black Fleet from Esdevium Games.

The aim of the game is to amass a big enough fortune so that you can pay the Governor's daughter's ransom and set her free.

Each player has a small fleet of ships at their disposal to help them build up their fortune. The game is fast and fraught with danger, as the merchants deliver their goods from port to port, avoiding the pirates who are trying to intercept them and bury their ill-gotten booty.

Each player has a small fleet of ships at their disposal to help them build up their fortune

The pirates are also trying to steer clear of the navy ships, controlled by all the players, which are attempting to sink them.

A card played at the beginning of the turn gives the movement for all of your ships. Each turn is fast and any action is instantaneous.

The fortune cards and the abilities of your fleet allow you to create powerful and varied combinations each time you play the game.

The fortune cards and the abilities of your fleet allow you to create powerful and varied combinations each time you play the game

Players continue to make deliveries and launch boarding parties at a frenzied pace to win ever more doubloons and develop their fleets through new powers.

When all these developments have been acquired, then it's time to free the Governor's daughter and trigger the end of the game.

Tried and Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

Black Fleet by Esdevium Games

We always enjoy a good board game so we were delighted to play Black Fleet. We were immediately impressed with the high quality of the game which has a generous sized playing board, realistic metal 'doubloon' coins, colourful ships and beautifully illustrated playing cards.

Allow yourself at least half an hour to read and digest the rules before you play the game and then you are ready to get started. We played with four people, which worked very well and gave us plenty of scope to to be ruthless and strategic.

Black Fleet includes realistic metal 'doubloon' coins

But be warned, this is not a game for the fainthearted, you need to steal goods from other players, sink their ships and prevent them from gaining doubloons to turn over their deck of cards which gives them special powers.

You also need to gain enough money to turn over your final card - the Governor's daughter, to win the game.

Black Fleet is full of tricky, sneaky alliances and bold moves to win your booty

The game is full of trickery, sneaky alliances and bold moves to win your booty. We made a gentle start, but as play progressed, Daniel and Paul were gaining more money than myself and Natasha, and it became a two merchant race.

But Paul was the true pirate of the day and had us all clinging to the wreckage, as he amassed the biggest pile of glittering doubloons with the help of his intrepid pirate ship and special powers, and rescued the Governor's daughter in the nick of time.

Black Fleet includes colourful ships and is a game of strategy, skill and plunder

We thoroughly enjoyed playing Black Fleet and look forward to a return game to seek our revenge. This is a fabulous game of strategy, skill and plunder which relies on thoughtful play rather than luck.

I would highly recommend it if you enjoy intelligent games which rely on forward thinking and clever tactics. It's high quality manufacture also gives it a luxury feel which enhances the ultimate enjoyment of the game.

Black Fleet is suitable for 3 - 4 players aged from 14+. RRP is £38.49.

Buy it from


Floating Lights from Prezzybox

Floating Lights from Prezzybox

It's time to turn up your tub with tech or revamp that lamp with Prezzybox. These water resistant Floating Lights are easy to use and project a warm toned LED glow.

Funk up your glass and fill it with water! In an instant you will have a simple and stunning piece of décor, as this kit even comes with a lamp shade. The floating light will sit easily on top with its curved cork base – lighting your glassware in the most gorgeous of ways!

Floating lights are portable and rechargeable

Ideal to improvise the way you design your dining room or living area and give a vintage vibe in your home.

Create cool character and get your glassware glowing! You can make quirky and colourful lighting for your home or simply drop it in the bath and relax and rewind with this brilliant floating light.

Floating lights are portable and rechargeable

Portable and USB rechargeable this is great for alfresco dining. The perfect pocket sized gadget, can also be used for creating mood lighting in your pool this summer! Safe and flame free, it's is perfect for you and the kids.

So re-boot and recycle old or new glasses for a retro interior – one single charge lasts up to 3 hours!

Artistic and atmospheric, this dainty device is only £9.95 from

Shopping & Gifts


Afternoon Tea Week with Denby

Denby Heritage Pavilion Teaset


We Brits LOVE a spot of Afternoon Tea. In fact we love it so much that we have an entire week dedicated to it!

Denby Heritage Orchard Teaset

The 10th-16th August is annual Afternoon Tea Week, created to celebrate this truly British tradition with events and activities planned up and down the country.

Veronica Teaset from Denby

Here at Denby we are no exception so we'll definitely be doing it in style! So whether you're partial to a delicate teacup of Earl Grey or a giant mug of Builders Brew, Denby has something for everyone!

Cosmic Teaset from Denby

Denby is stylish enough to adorn any tea table whilst remaining practical and durable for everyday life, being suitable for use in the dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer.

Halo Teaset from Denby

For more information about Denby click on

Denby are also featuring two great free to enter competitions with Sixtyplusurfers this month.


We're offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Lucille Gold Dinnerware Collection from Monsoon Home by Denby on our Competitions & Letters page.

And we're also giving away a Set of Six Cascade Mugs from Denby Pottery for our Best Poem of the Month on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page.

Full details can be found on the Our Friends page.


Easy Peasy Ice
Tray from The Hut

Easy Peasy Ice Tray from The Hut

As temperatures soar in August, you'll need to cool down in style. This trendy Easy Peasy Ice Tray from The Hut will make you cooler than Mr Vanilla Ice himself.

Pop your ice cubes out of the mould like fresh peas!

This quirky ice tray allows you to create perfectly spherical ice balls to complement your cosmopolitan cocktail or an afternoon juice.

Easy Peasy Ice Tray from The Hut

Simply connect the two sides of the tray and fill with water through the holes. Place the trays in the freezer (holes facing up!!) and within a few hours you will be able to pop the ice balls straight out into your drink!

To create perfect spheres of ice, ensure all the air escapes from the holes as you fill the tray.

The Easy Peasy Ice Tray

· 2 ice trays included (total of 10 pea moulds)
· Flexible silicone shells
· Each tray measures 18 x 4 x 4.5cm
· Instructions - simply fit the two sides of the empty tray together – ensuring there are no gaps – fill with water through the holes at the top. To create perfect ice ‘peas’, ensure the air has escaped and each pod is completely full of water.
· Place the tray ‘hole-side up’ in your freezer
· Dishwasher safe

Easy Peasy Ice Tray from The Hut

The Easy Peasy Ice Tray costs £6.99 and is available from The Hut.

For details click on

Vintage Accessories from Melody Maison

Black Rustic Bicycle Plant Holder from Melody Maison

Melody Maison offers some beautiful outdoor vintage style accessories for the Summer.

This eyecatching Black Rustic Bicycle Plant Holder is made from metal to look like cast iron. A gorgeous little ornament for displaying your plants. Price is £24.95.

Three Brown and Cream Flower and Herb Storage Crates from Melody Maison

Melody Maison also offers this set of Three Brown and Cream Flower and Herb Storage Crates. Made made from a solid wood, each box fits inside the other perfectly.

Ideal for displaying your favourite plant or artificial arrangement. Perfect as a gift for a new home or a keen gardener. Price is £24.95.

Black Rustic Outdoor Bird Clock from Melody Maison

Give your garden a little vintage charm with this Black Rustic Outdoor Bird Clock.

Made from metal and wall mountable, the clock has a lovely ornate detailing on the bracket and a small bird perched on top. The clocks face is double sided and suitable for outdoor use. Price is £17.95.

For more information about Melody Maison click on

    Sixtyplusurfers Competition

     Win a Portable
 Charcoal Barbecue
        from Tesco

Win a Portable Charcoal Barbecue from Tesco

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Tesco to offer one lucky reader the chance to win this stylish Charcoal Barbecue in cool turquoise.

The summer sunshine definitely gets everybody into the spirit to get outside and fire up the BBQ.

Portable barbecues have been increasingly popular this year. They are great for gardens where space is lacking but also to pack up in the car and take camping or for an impromptu picnic!

The barbecue includes a convenient carry handle and metal feet to raise it up off the floor.

The Charcoal Barbecue is available to buy from Tesco.


For more information about the barbecue click on

  For Your Chance to Win

Tell us the name
of this famous MasterChef host?

Tell us the name of this famous MasterChef host?

  a) John Torode
  b) Gregg Wallace
  c) Paul Hollywood
  d) Marcus Wareing

 To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of this famous MasterChef host? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address as shown below:

* Please label your entry
Tesco Barbecue Competition

* This competition is open to our
UK visitors only


Rock Star Sheep Take Over London Then Go on Sale

Rock Star Sheep take over London then go on sale


A vibrant flock of multi-coloured 'rock star sheep' is taking over the capital, after a dynamic collaboration between a shearling retailer and a bespoke wood carver in London.

The exciting collaborative arts project between Wildash London and Liz Mangles, is seeing sheep in all colours of the rainbow popping up across London, as they generate interest and exposure for the Big Feastival.

Sheep are popping up all across London

Big Feastival takes place during the last bank holiday weekend in August and is presented by none other than Jamie Oliver and Alex James.

Wildash London, which brings the finest shearling from the fashion industry into the home, using ethically-sourced materials, is providing the 'clothing' for these stylish sheep, while Liz Mangles creates the animal sculptures that will be modelling the shearling.

The flock consists of a single full-sized ram, fourteen ewes and twenty-eight lambs

The flock, which consists of a single full-sized ram, fourteen ewes and twenty-eight lambs, will be on display at the festival, each kitted out in vibrant, luxury shearling, with a sterling silver 'tag' engraved with their name and a number.

Once the Big Feastival ends, the entire flock will then be up for sale – so lovers of quirky interior design and show-stopping focal points can get their hands on one of these bespoke rainbow sheep for own home or business.

The sheep will be up for sale when the Big Feastival ends

Nisa Berzeg, Creative Director of Wildash London, says, “Our technicolour flock is already attracting attention from all over the capital – after all, what's more eye-catching than a pink sheep in a shop window? This collaboration with Liz Mangles is a really exciting one, and we're thrilled to be showcasing the entire flock at Big Feastival.”

She adds, “We're developing ewes, rams and lambs in every colour of the rainbow, and they'll all be up for sale once the festival is over – so if anyone has any requests or would like to reserve a sheep in a specific colour, feel free to get in touch with us at Wildash London!”

The sheep will be up for sale when the Big Feastival ends

When it's not creating show-stopping sheep to be showcased all over the city, Wildash London is a premier purveyor of shearling, bringing it from the fashion world into the realm of interior design.

Passionate about provenance, Wildash use only ethically-sourced, sustainable materials to create its luxury shearling home accessories.

At Wildash, all products are handcrafted by specialist artisans and cooperatives from across the globe. The company offers social and economic empowerment to all of its suppliers, whether they're creating hand-loomed silk or merino wool.

The sheep will be up for sale when the Big Feastival ends

This dedication to quality and ethics also imbues each and every item with its own sense of character, its own journey and its own story.

For more information about Wildash London, Liz Mangles or the flock of 'rock star sheep' visit the website at