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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Zestive Cheer Mulled
Wine Gift Set

Win a Zestive Cheer Mulled Wine Gift Set

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Heritage Gardens to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Zestive Cheer Mulled Wine Gift Set, the perfect gift for Christmas.

Create a tantalising aromatic Zestive Cheer mulled wine from this Citrus Plant Gift Set which includes a beautiful fruiting orange tree, a fine bottle of Bordeaux, a sachet of spices and a special recipe to create the ultimate mulled wine complete with home grown miniature oranges.

Each dwarf orange tree or Calamondin will be delivered with plenty of green and a few ripe fruit ready to use straight away. Even better these cute citrus trees will flower and fruit again in the spring producing scented blossom and sharp miniature oranges for use all year round.

Dimensions are 45cm high in a 1 litre pot and each plant is placed in a special plant box to ensure it arrives in optimum condition.

The Christmas 2014 Heritage Gardens Gift Collection comprises an eclectic choice of luxury gifts for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Heritage Gardens is synonymous with the quintessential English style, and the choice of festive gifts from this niche retailer this year is exceptional.

Representing excellent value for money and every product benefiting from free UK delivery, the Heritage Gardens Gift Collection comprises over 90 products from which to choose. Here are some of our favourites.

G&T Plant Gift Set

This beautiful G&T Plant Gift Set is a present with a difference. This fruity lemon tree is delivered with a miniature (5cl) bottle of Bombay Gin and tasty Fever Tree tonic. These large lemon trees are always popular and are the 4 Seasons Lemon variety which does particularly well in the UK.

Delivered as a nice strong tree around 6 years old. The small trees already have some nice green fruit, which should start to colour shortly and turn yellow around Christmas. Dimensions are 85cm tall in a 5 litre pot. Each plant is placed in a special plant pot to ensure it arrives in optimum condition.

Indoor Carpet Croquet Set

This classic Indoor Carpet Croquet Set offers timeless Entertainment and is the ideal Christmas Present for family and friends to play over the Festive Season. With this high quality Indoor Carpet Croquet set you can now bring the fun indoors

The Indoor Croquet Set is constructed of the highest quality materials including wooden mallets and balls and weighted metal hoops. The set is presented in a wooden box for storage and transportation and includes Wooden Mallets, six Wooden Balls, six enamelled weighted metal hoops, a winning peg - wooden with weighted metal base, rules and full instructions.

Luxury Walnut Backgammon Set

The Luxury Walnut Backgammon Set will make a perfect present for Christmas. The board is made of mahogany veneer giving a beautiful and sleek finish. Hand made in Greece, the set is supplied with 30 high quality 36mm oak wood playing counters and comprises handy semi-circular trays for storing the wooden counters on each end of the board.

The Mahogany Backgammon set folds easily in half and is secured with two polished brass fasteners The Mahogany backgammon set includes: Foldable mahogany playing board with 24 light and dark contrasting points.

The Ancient game of Backgammon is one of the oldest board games that we know of. Early versions of the game have been discovered in the ruins of Pompeii and buried with the ancient Pharaohs. Over the years Backgammon has undergone many modifications to become the game that we know and love today. While as with any board game luck and chance can play a defining roll, backgammon is a game of strategy and skill.

To see the full range of gifts available to buy from Heritage Gardens please click on
 For Your Chance to Win

Tell us what type of tree is included in the Zestive Cheer Mulled
Wine Gift Set

   a) Fig Tree
   b) Lime Tree
   c) Apple Tree
   d) Orange Tree

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us what type of tree is included in the Zestive Cheer Mulled Wine Gift Set? Then send in your answer together with your full name, postal address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry
Zestive Cheer Mulled Wine
Gift Set Competition

* This competition is open to our
UK visitors only


  Cool Festive Gifts
   from Prezzybox

Steepleton Heartbeat Radio

Prezzybox offers a cool range of gifts to make Christmas really special.

This retro Steepletone Heartbeat 1960's style radio is perfect to brighten up your day.

Get ‘Good Vibrations’ in your home with this eyecatching radio.  This fun and funky design is a cool and classic sound system, stepping it up a gear with a bright orange deluxe leather casing and jazzy Heartbeat logo.

Complete with aerial, handle and analogue dial scale, this radio is rocking the retro look and is perfectly portable, so take with you a time piece wherever you are, it’ll be the talking point of your home or anywhere else you journey!

This radio’s vintage vibes help you re-live the wondrous golden days, listen out with this high quality MW/LW and FM radio. This AC-DC radio device is great for music lovers, devout hipsters, and divine designers – an solo centrepiece to any home!

The radio includes a rotary on/off knob and even volume and tuning knobs to make it feel that much more authentic. It’s even battery powered making it easy to transport anywhere!

So listen to those winter hits this Christmas! Price is £34.95.

Cube Click Clock

This sleek Cube Click Clock will make a welcome gift for family or friends. Subtle and sleek, the walnut wood finish blends your alarm clock into your stylish room.

With a digital display, this quirky cube even tells you the temperature, so you can wake up and get ready for your day, whatever the weather might be, right away!

Great for energy saving, this clock cleverly comes on at the click of your fingers and switches off automatically when the room is quiet. Price is £22.95.

U Message Click Clock Alarm Clock

Alternatively, make Christmas really special with a U Message Click Clock Alarm Clock. Technology makes it so much easier to use your time well; especially when it comes to telling your loved ones how you really feel. This message clock helps you do just that!

You can personalise your clock with a special message that will light up at the click of your fingers. The message click clock also displays the date, time and temperature alternately to help you get set up for the day ahead.

Your clock is also energy efficient, only switching on when you click your fingers and automatically switching off when the room is quiet.

Best of all, your clock has a regular alarm and snooze feature; so you can set your alarm for the weekday or weekends – meaning no more having to remember to switch the alarm off and no more being woken up early on your day off. Price is £64.95.

Cat Dress Up Compact Mirror

Cat fans will love this Cat Dress Up Compact Mirror. The perfect way to keep prim and proper, this quirky clothed cat is darling and delicate, and will make a lovely humorous stocking filler.

With a gold decorated vintage styled back, this cat compact looks ready to take care of your appearance with a stylish set of spectacles and a smart polka dot dress.

Cat Dress Up Compact Mirror

At just £4.95, this neat little gift is definitely the 'cat's whiskers'.

For more information and other great gift ideas click on

Christmas Gifts


Pop into Poundland for Christmas

Dog/Puppy Christmas Fleece Coat from Poundland

If you're buying gifts on a tight budget for Christmas and have a lot of presents to buy, then check out Poundland which is crammed full of fantastic bargains. Yes, everything is just £1.

Make your dog's day, with this festive Dog/Puppy Christmas Fleece Coat. In eyecatching red and white with fun snowflake designs, this warm little coat is sure to keep your pet warm and cosy.

Santa Gnome from Poundland

Give your garden a festive feel with this adorable Santa Gnome. Sporting a traditional red and white hat, with suit and boots, he's ready to stand guard of your home whatever the weather.

Pop him at the front of your house to brighten up your path or lawn. Available in a selection of designs. Each Santa is just £1 each!

Snowman Snow Globe from Poundland

This friendly Snowman Snow Globe will make a lovely stocking filler for Christmas. He has a cheery smile and a big green and red bow tie, to make your day really festive.

Shake his snow encased head to make the snow fall around him. He'll also make a cute table ornament. Great to brighten up your party.

Turkish Delight from Poundland

This delicious box of Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight will make a lovely Secret Santa present or gift for a friend or colleague at work.

Or treat yourself to a box as an after dinner treat. They're also yummy with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Great value at just £1 a box.

Thorntons Classics Marvellous Mint Favourites from Poundland

Poundland offers a varied selection of confectionery including liqueur chocolate and chocolate mints.

This mouthwatering box of Thorntons Classics Marvellous Mint Favourites includes a selection of dark chocolate covered mint classics. Enjoy them after dinner, or buy them as a gift.

Doulton Liqueur Chocolates from Poundland

Curl up in front of warm fire with a cup of coffee, a good book and these delicious Doulton Liqueur Chocolates. Flavoured with Courvoisier VS Cognac, they'll make a welcome treat after a long evening wrapping presents.

At just £1 each, enjoy a pack yourself, and buy a few extras, as last minute gifts or stocking fillers for the adults.

Cosy Red and White House Decorations from Poundland

Poundland also offer some fabulous Christmas decorations. These cute little Cosy Red and White House Decorations look stunning attached to your Christmas tree or hang them around the room.

Glitter Glass Baubles from Poundland

Or how about these gorgeous Glitter Glass Baubles for a more traditional Christmassy feel.

These turquoise baubles are topped with gold glitter sparkles for a really festive look. Use them to brighten up your Christmas tree and create a glitzy old fashioned look.

Owl Necklace and Elephant Necklace from Poundland

Poundland also offers a lovely range of vintage style jewellery. This quirky Owl necklace will make a lovely little gift. Or how about a cute little Elephant. Perfect as extra stocking fillers.

Bracelets, rings and earrings from Poundland

The range also includes brightly coloured bracelets, rings, and earrings. Choose a selection as pretty little gifts.

Pop into Poundland for some great Christmas bargains. At £1 each, you're sure to find some great money saving presents.

For more information about Poundland click on


Retro Games for
all the Family

Traditional Family Bingo Game from Ellie Ellie

Treat yourself and the family to some great retro games for Christmas from Ellie Ellie. Perfect for after dinner entertainment and all ages.

Traditional Family Bingo Game will give you hours of fun and is suitable for up to eighteen people. The set contains all you need for your game of bingo, including the caller’s tombola cage, bingo balls, counters, playing cards and even a handy cotton bag to keep all the bits and pieces together when not being played. Price is £29.50.

Snakes and Ladders from Ellie Ellie

The traditional game of Snakes and Ladders is easy to play for all the family. This vintage style game includes rules, a colourful playing board, 6 wooden playing pieces, one die and a handy keep sake bag. Price is £14.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey from Ellie Ellie


The Traditional Game Pin The Tail On The Donkey is great for Christmas parties and family entertainment. The game comes complete with simple instructions,  a donkey poster, 18 self-adhesive tails and vintage style blindfold. Price is £14.


For more information about gifts and games from Ellie Ellie click on

Ragged Rose
Santa Stocking

Ragged Rose Santa Stocking from Wealden Times

Make Christmas really special with this stunning Ragged Rose Santa Stocking from Wealden Times.

This jumbo sized Christmas stocking is perfect for Christmas when you have your grandchildren over to stay or as a fun gift for a loved one.

Decorated with festive Christmas trees and snowflakes, you can cram it full of wonderful presents.

The Ragged Rose Santa Stocking is £15 and is available from Wealden Times.

For more information about Wealden Times click on

Gifts from The Royal Yacht Britannia

Sailor Teddy Boy from The Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia is proud to offer a superb selection of beautiful Christmas gifts, available from the Gift Shop on level 2 in Ocean Terminal or via the website at

Ahoy there! Children will love the Sailor Teddy Boy and Sailor Teddy Girl (30cm in height). Traditionally dressed with their own sailor outfits, these teddies make a great Christmas gift or stocking filler! Price is £19.95 each.

Sailor Teddy Girl from The Royal Yacht Britannia

Everyone has a favourite Ladybird book. This beautiful book contains 500 iconic covers from the Ladybird archives, ranging from the most-loved covers of the 1940s, 50s and 60s to some of the more unusual and striking Ladybird covers from the 1970s and 80s. Price is £14.99.

Ladybird book from The Royal Yacht Britannia

These Christmas puddings are handmade in Britannia’s Royal Galley using the finest of ingredients – fit for a Queen! The rich and fruity puddings prove to be a Britannia best-seller every year. Each Christmas pudding is beautifully wrapped in gold organza before being finished with Britannia ribbon and a decorative slice of orange. The luxurious puddings are packed with juicy raisins, glacier cherries and orange zest, all soaked in rum. Price: £6.00.

Christmas Pudding from The Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia Gift Shop is the only stockist in Edinburgh of this stylish Newbridge range of silver hanging decorations. Each decoration is intricately designed and silver plated with crystal and enamel detail, guaranteed to become a popular collector’s item. Prices range from £8.50 - £28.00.

Newbridge Christmas Tree Decoration from The Royal Yacht Britannia

The Downton Abbey Rules for Household Staff is the definitive guide of everything you need to know about working below stairs! Price is £12.99.

Downton Abbey Rules for the Household Staff book from The Royal Yacht Britannia

Her Ladyship and His Lordship will love having their tea served in these fine bone china teapots for one. Choose from Her Ladyship or His Lordship designs. Price is £26.50.

Her Ladyship Teapot from The Royal Yacht Britannia

Regally dress your Christmas tree with this beautiful Gold Crown Decoration, fit for a Queen! Price is £3.95 each.

Gold Crown Christmas Tree Decoration from The Royal Yacht Britannia

These delicious luxurious indulgent chocolates from Charbonnel et Walker are hand-made in England with only the finest ingredients. The range includes sea salt and caramel, milk truffles and pink Champagne. Prices are from £5.00.

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles from The Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Britannia Gifts are available from

Stylish Gifts from Getting Personal

Personalised Tartan Hip Flask from Getting Personal

Getting Personal offer a fabulous selection of personalised gifts and stylish presents to make Christmas really special.

This Personalised Tartan Hip Flask is perfect for somebody who enjoys a walk in the country, fishing trips and days out. Wherever they go, they will be able to have a little sip of something warming with this beautiful personalised hip flask.

Made from sturdy, polished stainless steel, the flask is hard-wearing and durable. With a secure screw cap attached to the flask with a hinged armature, this stunning little gift is ideal for use anywhere and in all weathers, with no risk of spillages. The flask is covered in a smart, brown leatherette housing, with a stripe of red tartan.

Personalise the oval-shaped metal plaque with the initials of your recipient in up to three characters to add an extra special touch. Use the innovative preview button to see how the plaque will look. Simply type in your chosen words and press the Preview button. Price is £24.99.

Personalised Doggy Tea Cosy from Getting Personal

This Personalised Doggy Tea Cosy is perfect for any dog lovers. This adorable tea cosy in the shape of a smiling scotty dog, is made from a festive grey, green, red and cream tartan-inspired pattern and can be personalised with the recipient's name and an important date such as a birthday or anniversary.

The cute tea cosy includes a red and white polka dot neckerchief to match the piping around the bottom of the cosy. So get that tail wagging when the kettle is boiling. Price is £29.99.

Light Up My World Illuminated Globe from Getting Personal

Looking for a gift for a well-travelled friend? Wanting something that will inspire them to keep globe-trotting and exploring what the world has to offer? This stylish Light Up My World illuminated globe would look beautiful giving off a gentle glow on an office desk or mantelpiece in the home.

With extensive markings, the globe is also perfect for those who struggle with their geography or are looking for ideas for exotic retreats in the more unknown parts of the world. To clean, use a soft dry cloth. An instruction manual is included in the box. Price is £74.99.

Personalised Chocolate Wine from Getting Personal

Chocolate Wine has been sweetening the tongue for centuries. Chocolate and red wine is the most reliable pairing in history. Getting Personal has taken this sumptuous pairing to the next level, marrying chocolate flavour with red wine to create a sinfully good drink. Beginning with a proprietary red blend of the finest Vinifera Varietals, they have added a touch of oak and a kiss of sweetness to create the perfect fruit-driven foil for the rich dark chocolate, which unfolds beautifully in silken layers across the palate.

Inviting aromas of black cherry and dark chocolate entwine and continue on the palate surrounded by hints of cocoa powder. Nuances of red wine and residual sugar linger on the smooth finish. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled. To add a personal finish to this exquisite drink, simply provide  the recipient's name and Getting Personal will cleverly print it within the bottle's label. Price is £9.99.

For more information about Getting Personal click on