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Dobble Kids

Dobble Kids

Esdevium, the UK gaming specialist, are proud to announce the exciting release of the Dobble Kids card game!

A slightly simplified version of Dobble, this new version of the game is aimed at bringing the fast and furious fun to children as young as 4.

Dobble Kids follows the same basic gameplay where players compete in 1 of 5 simple but hilarious mini-games, reliant on being the first to find (and shout out) the one matching symbol between 1 card and another.

With slightly fewer cards, to reduce the playing time, instead of 8 symbols on each card Dobble Kids features 6 animals to make the game accessible to a younger age group.

Tried and Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

Dobble Kids

I was very impressed with Dobble Kids. Presented in a handy, colourful tin, it's perfect for taking on holiday or over to a friend's house.

Easy to play, there are five different ways to play the game for variety. Our favourite is 'The Tower of Doom'. Simple and quick to play, the winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.

To play simply shuffle the cards and place one card face down in front of each player and make a draw pile with the remaining cards. The draw pile is placed face up in the middle of the table.

Dobble Kids playing card

On the word "Go", the players flip their cards face up and must be the fastest to spot the matching animal between their card and the card on the top of the draw pile.

The first player to find it calls out the name of the animal, takes the card from the pile and places it in front of them on top of their card. By taking this card, a new card is revealed.

The game ends when all the cards have been taken and the winner is the player who has won the most cards.

Dobble Kids

Quick to play and easy to learn, we loved the colourful animal picture cards and pace and excitement of the game. Great for young children it encourages matching, animal and word recognition. And its portability means that it can be taken on holiday and played while you are waiting for a plane, on the beach, on a rainy day or after dinner with the family.

Dobble Kids is recommended for children aged from 4+  RRP is £12.99.

Buy it from


    Woody Allen
 Catalogue of His
  Greatest Films

The Woody Allen Library Box Set

Treat yourself to The Woody Allen Library Box Set, a catalogue of classic Woody Allen films from Kaleidoscope Entertainment. Each film is also being individually released on DVD.

From directing, to writing, to acting, these eight titles are arguably some of Allenís most classic and successful pieces of work, featuring outstanding cast lists.

The titles being released are:

Bullets Over Broadway

Set in 1920s New York, Bullets Over Broadway is directed by Woody Allen and tells the story of a struggling playwright forced to cast a mobsterís talentless girlfriend in his latest drama in order to get it produced. The film stars John Cusack, Diane Wiest, Mary Louise Parker and Chazz Palminteri.


With an all-star cast featuring Kenneth Branagh, Leonardo DiCaprio, Judy Davis and Charlize Theron, Celebrity (written and directed by Woody Allen) sees the fortunes of a husband and wife differ drastically after they divorce.

Deconstructing Harry

As well as writing and directing Deconstructing Harry, Woody Allen stars as Harry Block. Suffering from writerís block and eagerly awaiting his writing award, Block starts to remember events from his past and scenes from his best-selling books as characters, real and fictional, come back to haunt him.

Everyone Says I Love You

Featuring singing by actors who are not usually known for this skill, Everyone Says I Love You is about a New York girl who sets her father up with a beautiful woman in a shaky marriage, while her half-sister gets engaged. Starring Woody Allen (who also wrote and directed the film), Goldie Hawn, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Edward Norton.

Mighty Aphrodite

A romantic comedy, Mighty Aphrodite stars Allen, Helena Bonham Carter, Pamela Blair and Mira Sorvino, who received the 1995 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance. When he discovers his adopted son is a genius, a New York sportswriter (Allen) seeks out the boyís birth mother: a prostitute.

Small Time Crooks

A loser of a crook (Woody Allen) and his wife (Tracey Ullman) strike it rich when a botched bank jobís cover business becomes a spectacular success. Small Time Crooks also stars Hugh Grant and Elaine May.

Sweet and Lowdown

In the 1930s, fictional jazz guitarist Emmet Ray (Sean Penn) idolises Django Reinhardt, faces gangsters and falls in love with a mute (Samantha Morton). Both Penn and Morton received Oscar nominations for their role in Sweet and Lowdown, which also stars Uma Thurman, Woody Allen and Anthony LaPaglia.

Wild Man Blues

Wild Man Blues is a 1997 documentary film directed by Barbara Kopple, about the musical avocation of actor/director/comic Woody Allen. The film takes its name from a jazz composition sometimes attributed to Jelly Roll Morton and sometimes to Louis Armstrong and recorded by both (among others). Allen's love of
early 20th century New Orleans music is depicted through his 1996 tour of Europe with his New Orleans Jazz Band. Allen has played clarinet with this band for over 25 years.

Watched and enjoyed by Jenny Itzcovitz

The Woody Allen Library Box Set

I've always enjoyed watching Woody Allen films and listening to his unique, dry sense of humour, so I was delighted to receive this wonderful new box set.

The DVDs include a selection of some of Allen's best films, many of which I have never seen before. All with a top cast of actors. The films are guaranteed to make you laugh and include clever observations of life, love, families, fame and fortune in America. And Wild Man Blues is a documentary about Woody Allen and his music.

Perfect for a birthday present, anniversary or retirement gift. I would heartily recommend it.

The Woody Allen Library Box Set has an RRP of £49.99 and is available to buy from www.kaleidoscopehomeentertainment

Shopping & Gifts

Brighten up Your Life with MAIDEN

Kokeshi Lamp from MAIDEN

MAIDEN is a shop that has everything you would ever want to make your life nicer, brighter and more fun. The online shop was launched in 2010 and now the Maiden team is even busier, wrapping up and dispatching orders all across the UK and the World.

MAIDEN sells a very broad range of wonderful items for adults and children (and adults who are still kids at heart), kitchenware, lighting, ceramics, classic toys, kitsch ephemera, jewellery, and books. There really is something for everyone at MAIDEN.

This fabulous Kokeshi Lamp (Japanese Doll lamp) is based on the distinctive silhouette of the Japanese Kokeshi doll. In Japan the Kokeshi doll is seen as a good luck charm and some even think the doll helps to ward off evil spirits.

Now the Kokeshi has become a wonderful lamp. This Polyethylene LED lamp (25,000 light hours) has a 5 step dimmer switch. Dimensions are 36cm length x 33cm width x 63cm height. Price is £140.

Mr Boost portable charger from MAIDEN

There is nothing worse than your smartphone or MP3 player running out of battery when you are out and about. Well those days are now over thanks to Mr Boost. This cute little fella is a portable universal USB charger for MP3 players, cameras, tablets and smart phones.

Mr Boost's cute little milk carton face will never fail to brighten up your day and you'll love him even more when he charges up your flat battery. Make sure to take Mr Boost everywhere you go!

Mr Boost packs an impressive 2500mAh lithium battery which can be recharged from any computer using the provided USB cable. An instruction manual is included. Price is £21.00.

Rockabilly Microphone Speaker from MAIDEN

Rock out with this delightfully retro Rockabilly Microphone Speaker. Simply plug in your phone or MP3 player and you'll be busting out some serious moves in no time at all.

Despite its small size this mini speaker packs a real punch with a 2000 milliwatt output power speaker, delivering optimal sound quality in your home or on the go. Even better, there is no need to worry about batteries as the Rockabilly speaker features a 250mAh lithium ion battery, which can be recharged from any computer via the provided USB cable.

Rockabilly Microphone Speaker dimensions are 19cm x 8cm x 8cm. Price is £17.

Cat Salt and Pepper Set from MAIDEN

Cheer up your dinner table with this adorable Cat Salt and Pepper Set. This charming ceramic salt and pepper set features a black cat (for the pepper) and a white cat (for the salt).

Perfect for a cat lover or a housewarming gift. Price is £16 for the set.

For more information about MAIDEN visit the website at


Cool Summer Gifts from The Great
Gift Company

Quoits game from The Great Gift Company

The Great Gift Company offers a fabulous selection of gifts for the Summer including garden games, ice cream makers and cool drink makers.

This stylish Quoits game can
be played either indoors or outdoors by all ages. People have been playing quoits (or a variation of it) since the time of the Romans and it is still popular with all age groups

The set is well made and comes in a green bag with zip and handle. The bag contains four rope quoits, five scoring stakes and a two-piece painted wooden cross-over base as well as instructions. Price is £13.50 for the set.

Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker from The Great Gift Company


When you want ice cream, nothing else will do. Well now you don't have to haul yourself down to the nearest shop - you can have gorgeous home made ice cream in just 3 minutes! (or five if you're a bit of a weakling) Yup! This nifty novelty gadget is the perfect gift for yourself, friends and family.

The Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker works by you filling the main container with ice cubes and salt. The combination of the two makes the ingredients in the stainless steel compartment freeze to make ice cream. Once everything is in place, put the lids on and then shake the Maker for about 3 minutes. If you prefer the ice cream a bit harder, then keep shaking some more.

The Shake n Make Ice Cream makes a couple of good scoops of ice cream. Instructions and some sample recipes are included. It uses hand power so there is no need for batteries. It contains no mechanical parts, so it's perfect for holidays and camping. Price is £18.

The Aqua Zinger from The Great Gift Company

We're always told to drink more water but, for some, plain old water can be boring. The Aqua Zinger offers a new and refreshing way to drink water and it also reduces food cravings. The Aqua Zinger water bottle works by subtly infusing water with flavours naturally and with no additives.

From cucumber to lemon and lime, to blackberries, kiwi, peach, ginger and mint, the Aqua Zinger can infuse them all. Simply fill the container at the bottom with your chosen fruit or vegetables and then twist - the clever blender mechanism then releases the flavours into the water. Mix and match with what's around and get creative - the flavours and ingredients are only limited by your imagination.

The Aqua Zinger has the unique ability to create all natural beverage options, as well as help to increase water consumption (when water is this delicious it's hard to avoid). A leak-proof cap is included so you can zing in the car, on the treadmill, at the office and on holiday.

The Aqua Zinger is vacuum insulated with double wall stainless steel to keep your drinks hot or cold. The opening is wide enough for easy filling and even ice cubes, if wanted and a finger hole is provided to make it easy to carry the Aqua Zinger which also has a cushioned, soft rubber base. Easy to clean, reusable, safe for hot or cold drinks as well as carbonated water - it's even dishwasher safe. Price is £25.

All Media Easel Artist 150 Piece Set from The Great Gift Company

Paint some beautiful landscapes with the All Media Easel Artist 150 Piece Set. This comprehensive painting set includes 150 items hidden within the adaptable easel storage box so the artist on-the-go can set up a studio anywhere.

Made from high quality elm wood with dove tail joints, the box has an adjustable lift-up table top easel and three drawer compartments which are full of all the essential equipment any artist could need. An important feature of this gift is the easel, which has adjustable butterfly clips so that the artist can adjust the angle. Price is £75.

For more information about The Great Gift Company click on

Retro Gifts
from Prezzybox

Steepletone 1960ís Vinyl Record Player from Prezzybox 

Loved living in the 60's? Then relax, reminisce and rock out with the Steepletone 1960ís Vinyl Record Player from Prezzybox.

Cool and classic this will revamp your room with sound and style. Get ready to be blown away with a boom. It amplifies amazing sound with an in-built technology, detachable speakers and the ability to play various sized records. With high-spec sound and finish this beautiful piece is not only a record player but an artistic feature in your home.

Making old school modern! Nostalgic and new this is the perfect combination of for all music lovers and designers alike. Fresh and funky, sleek and smooth not only is the design practical and stunning, but the audio quality is amazing! Plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM records, with a 20 watt output speaker and optional, subwoofer output, your favourite record will sound utterly incredible.

Vinyl is vintage and puts power into your home. Get ready for festival season and show off with this swish speaker system. Ideal for individualising and portable - this is the perfect gift for any music lover of any era. Convenient, chic and advanced, what more could you want from this wicked item. All for the awesome price of £79.95.

Steepletone Brighton 1950's Style Portable Radio from Prezzybox

Let listening to your favourite radio shows become a nostalgic and retro experience with the Steepletone Brighton 1950's Style Portable Radio. Available in beige and pink, if not for you then this old school style radio makes an amazing gift for lovers of retro, to lovers of all music and radio.

The radio is MW, LW and FM compatible meaning that the recipient can tune into their favourite station, and the portable handle means they can take it just about anywhere to listen to it. It will look eyecatching anywhere in the home, but its portable handle means its ideal to take into the garden on sunny days too, and even better to take down to the beach and show off to friends, while you gather round and listen to your favourite channel.

Not only is it the definition of retro style looking like it was stolen from a 1950's film, but its audio quality is second to none! Its user friendly tuning dial makes finding the recipients station quick and easy too as well as a push button for band selection too.

The radio features a large rotating dial scale, with AM and FM band and very clear sound volume control and tone control knob (tone control knob enables you adjust the sound clarity). Mains operated 220v - 230v - 240v AC (included) or batteries powered (6 x UM2 - C Size alkaline batteries are included. Price is £39.95.

Rockabilly Vinyl Coasters from Prezzybox

Take your home back to the old school with these Rockabilly Vinyl Coasters, but forget searching the loft to get the old record player down, these are just simply to put your glasses and mugs on!

Each featuring a different label, these retro and stylish coasters will go with any home dťcor and will make the perfect gift for the old school music lover in your life, instantly taking them back to their days of youth when the record player was adorned by all.

Not only bringing a bit of music culture to their table tops but protecting their coffee table from marks as they place their hot cups of coffee and tea on them. Ideal for everyday use, but even better to impress friends when they pop in for a quick cuppa. Price is £9.95 for a set of six coasters.

iRecorder Speaker from Prezzybox

This retro looking iRecorder Speaker looks like something straight out of the 1970's - 1980's, but don't worry you won't have to convert back to cassettes, it is actually a working speaker for your iPhone! Not only is it bold and bright with an awesome vintage look to it, but just hook your phone up to it and your music is amazingly amplified with this good quality speaker.

What's more is that the buttons on the front (traditionally used for stopping and playing cassettes) work for your iPhone. So you can play, pause and change track. This makes a great gift for those 70's and 80's babies out there, they can also take this compact little speaker with them anywhere to share their favourite music for all to hear.

Not only this, but it makes a fantastic talking point for parties and get togethers. Features include real working buttons, easy-carry pull out handle and 3.5mm jack ĎTapeí compartment fits. Suitable for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, the speaker powered by micro USB or 3 x AA batteries. Price is £29.95.

Pola Roll Toilet Paper Holder from Prezzybox

Make your guests laugh with this funky, fun Pola Roll Toilet Paper Holder. The cleverly designed loo roll holder looks just like an 80ís Polaroid camera, and dispenses loo roll just like itís a photo.

The Pola Roll Toilet Paper Holder encourages folks to use just one piece of toilet paper at a time with its clever dispenser. A fun gift for people who love the retro look and feel of the 80's.

This brightly coloured plastic dispenser comes with a toilet paper spindle and two small wall anchors for easy installation. Price is £14.95.

Cocktail Mixing Kit from Prezzybox

Nothing says exotic and fun like a colourful cocktail. Whether youíre pining for a holiday, or simply a great lover of cocktails, this Cocktail Mixing Kit is for you. Included in your kit is everything you need to start mixing some seriously sexy cocktails from the comfort of your own home.

Start yourself off with the 3 flavoured syrups to include in your recipe, a drinks mixer, and a very special cocktail spoon among other cocktail mixing tools. Prezzybox has even got an app for that, and you can access over 16,000 recipes for ideas and inspiration for your own cocktail combinations.

The kit includes a double ended 1 part - 2 part jigger 3 piece 700ml cobbler shaker, Muddling Spoon Hawthorne cocktail strainer, Smartphone App with 1,6000+ searchable cocktail database and three cocktail syrups - Vanilla, Daiquiri and Passion Fruit. Price is £19.95.

For more information about Prezzybox gifts click on

Handmade Gifts from Giggling Hedgehogs

Hand Knitted Pineapple Tea Cosy from Giggling Hedgehogs

Giggling Hedgehogs is an online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers of local crafts and handmade gifts together. Itís a friendly place to sell handmade items and buy genuine British handicrafts in a safe, easy and convenient manner. Giggling Hedgehogs is where you can come to find cute, quirky, and beautiful handicrafts for fun gifts, or for yourself.

Anyone can be a part of Giggling Hedgehogs. For anyone who always wanted to sell handmade items, for anyone who is in the market to buy handmade or unusual gifts, this is the place to be.

Make tea time special with this eyecatching Hand Knitted Pineapple Tea Cosy. This lovely vintage style tea cosy is knitted in a bobble knitting stitch with green leaves.

It's been knitted in double knitting wool and doubled up to make it a thicker cosy to keep your tea warm. The tea cosy fits a medium size tea pot. Price is £9.50.

Soy Candle from Giggling Hedgehogs

This luxury Soy Candle in a classic apothecary jar is scented with a range of essential oils. Handmade using only natural ingredients, the candles come in a range of beautiful scents including Lemongrass, Bouquet, Relax and Revitalise.

Each jar has one wick and is decorated with either one or two wooden heart charms. These candles will give you up to 45 hours of beautiful warm glow. Made from hand poured soy wax, the candles are scented with essential oils in a reusable glass jar.

The candles are clean-burning and donít produce any smoke at all, and because the soy burns at a cooler temperature than paraffin candles. They last much longer too! Price is £14 each.

For more information about Giggling Hedgehogs click on