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Puzzle Handy

Puzzle Handy from Ravensburger

Puzzle Handy is a foldaway puzzle board, suitable for assembling most 1000 and 500 piece jigsaws. Manufactured from top quality FSC board, Puzzle Handy unfolds to measure 80cm x 57cm.

Assembly is simple, just unfold the board, add one of the plastic securing brackets on each side to make the board rigid, and start your puzzle!

Use the plastic securing brackets to make the Puzzle Handy board rigid

Puzzle Handy is printed with a neutral non-glare background colour, and includes dotted guidelines showing the approximate finished sizes of Ravensburger 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles (49cm x 36cm and 70cm x 50cm respectively).

Use the guidelines to help you ensure your puzzle is centrally located on the board, which can be a great help with the jigsaw building process.

The Puzzle Handy from Ravensburger

When you've finished your puzzle and want to put the Puzzle Handy away, just remove the securing brackets, refold the board and pop it back into the storage box provided!

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

The Puzzle Handy from Ravensburger

I really enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and have a favourite coffee table where I like putting them together, but this table is often used for tea and takeaways and my puzzles can get quite messy, so I was keen to try the Puzzle Handy.

Easy to assemble, simply unfold the high quality puzzle board and attach the four blue plastic securing brackets to each side. This keeps the board secure and flat, and stops it from slipping off the table. Now you're ready to enjoy your puzzle!

The Puzzle Handy is cleverly marked in two sizes especially for 500 or 1,000 piece puzzles. Select your size and then you can start putting the borders of your puzzle inside. This is really helpful because it provides you with a ready made framework for your puzzle and helps you get started with key elements such as the sky and grass in your picture.

Puzzle Handy from Ravensburger

I've been using the Puzzle Handy to assemble my latest cat puzzle and have found it so easy and enjoyable to use. After I have put in the pieces for the day, I simply slide it off the table and we can enjoy a cup of tea or something to eat without the puzzle getting in the way.

I like the fact that it keeps the puzzle clean as family members were often tempted to put cups of tea and food on top of it! I can also tidy it safely away from my cat so he is not tempted to touch the pieces or step on it! Once your puzzle is complete, you can then take out the plastic securing brackets, fold it up, and store it neatly in its storage box.

The Puzzle Handy is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys jigsaw puzzles. It would also make a welcome Mother's Day present. Add in one of the fabulous Ravensburger puzzles to go with it, to make it a really special gift.

The Puzzle Handy foldaway puzzle board is available to buy from Amazon at £9.99.
For more information about the Puzzle Handy and Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles visit the website at


Go Shopping
with the Baggee

Globe Baggee

With around 8 million plastic bags being used each year in the UK alone, it’s time for a solution to bring this figure down and make it easy for us all to do so.

With the Globe Baggee, this problem is easily solved with just one revolutionary yet simple plastic ball in the shape of the Earth, with a handy key ring attached.

Baggee is a flexible hollow ball on a keychain that can accommodate up to 3 supermarket plastic bags. Bags are then stuffed into the unit and pulled out one at a time when needed.

It has a spring lever key ring that attaches to your keys or handbag so your bags are with you at the checkout and not left behind in the kitchen or car again!​

Mr Men Baggee Dispensers

Baggee also offer cute Mr Men bag dispensers on a key ring. Characters include Mr Happy, Mr Noisy, Mr Bump and Little Miss Noisy.

These dispensers are perfect for storing all types of bags used for shopping, dog walking, camping or storing anything scrunchable. Price is £4.95.

Original Baggee dispenser

The range also includes the Original Baggee key ring bag dispenser

These funky bag dispensers on a key ring are available in a selection of colours and can be used to store plastic bags neatly. Price is £4.95 each.

Doggee bag dispenser

Baggee also offers the Doggee for dog walkers to help pick up dog poop. Use it to store individual bags on a roll, nappy sacks, or supermarket bags if your dog is that big!

Unlike the roll holders, the bags are stuffed in individually beforehand which means they are easier to pull out. For those who keep their bags in their pockets, you now no longer need to worry about which jeans or jacket to wear as the Doggee has a spring lever key ring that clips conveniently to your lead. This means there's no more worry about bags falling out of your pockets or ending up in the washing machine!

Because of its unique design there is no need for a lid as your bags will always stay in, even down to the last one. As long as the bags are stuffed in one at a time, they will always pull out one at a time, even with a mixture of different bags. Price is £4.95 for the Doggee or £5.50 for the Lush Doggee.

For more information visit the website at

Noodoll Cuddlies

Ricemimi Luxe Large Toy/Cushion from Noodoll

If you're looking for cute and cuddlies for children or yourself, including phone cases, toys, cushions and iPad cases, then check out the Noodoll website.

The Ricemimi Luxe Large Toy/Cushion is a cute champagne coloured cat with soft long fur. She loves eating and will always have a snack handy. This super soft medium cushion is a great addition to any cat lovers home. Price is £38.50.

Ricecracker Zip Pouch from Noodoll

Ricecracker Zip Pouch can’t wait to be your new best friend. This loyal pal will keep your valuables safe and sound. Use his handy back pocket for train tickets, receipts or snacks.

Ricecracker is the perfect size for your everyday gadgets and gizmos. He has a detachable plastic keychain to secure your new pal to your backpack, jacket or trousers. Presented in fun Kraft packaging. A snug fit for gadgets up to 6.7cm x 13.7cm.

Ricecracker is part of the classic Ricemonster accessories collection. With a host of different characters to choose from it’s easy to find your monster match and start collecting the whole gang. Price is £12.00.

Riceberry Luxe Zip Pouch from Noodoll

Riceberry Luxe Zip Pouch is cute little rabbit, which is back in stock for a limited time only. She has cute white button tail and a golden heart-shaped nose. This bunny zip case is handy for keeping track of gadgets, keys, makeup and other small items.

The pouch comes with a removable plastic clip which you can attach to bags and belts to keep your valuables secure. A snug fit for gadgets up to 6.7cm x 13.7cm. Price is £13.00.

Ricecrunch Mini Plush Carrot Toy from Noodoll

This happy-go-lucky Ricecrunch Mini Plush Carrot Toy is an essential part of the Noodoll Fruit & Veg collection and should be a part of yours too. Ricecrunch Carrot promises to be your most loyal companion day or night – rumour has it he can see in the dark!

Ricecrunch has orange super soft fur with a cheeky embroidered face and body. He has a handy strap which you can attach to bags, prams, or a baby's cot. Price is £12.95.

For more information and to view the whole range click on

Shopping & Gifts

Totally Funky Gifts for all the Family

Gromit™ Heatable Soft Toy from Totally Funky

Totally Funky offer a selection of gifts for all the family for every occasion including children's and family birthdays, Mother's Day, retirement, anniversaries and new home.

This adorable Gromit™ Heatable Soft Toy is fully microwavable and manufactured from super soft high quality fabric. Popular with children and all ages, just warm Gromit™ in your microwave for up to two minutes to release the relaxing aroma of lavender.

It isn't just little ones who like Gromit™, mums and dads everywhere are falling in love with Gromit™ because he's huggable, he also helps to ease tired muscles and relieve aches and pains once he's been quickly heated up and then held close. He can be reheated dozens of times and is suitable for ages 3+. Price is £14.99.

The Couch Coaster from Totally Funky

The Couch Coaster is the ultimate beverage holder for your sofa or comfy chair. Now there's no need to disturb your enjoyment of the television by reaching down to the coffee table or leaving the room to get a drink, your favourite cup of cocoa, wine, beer, coffee or tea is always close at hand.

Much better than precariously balancing your drink on the arm of the chair, you now can have it rested safely and securely just where you need it. Ideal for the whole family, it's suitable for mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans. It comes with its own insert to accommodate cans, and a slot for cup and mug handles. It's weighted for stability and cleverly designed to work with flat, curved, wide and narrow sofa arms.

Available in Jet Black, Rosso Red, Mocha Brown and Steel Grey. Price is £19.99 for each Couch Coaster.

Flamingo Watering Can from Totally Funky

Say goodbye to rusty tin watering cans and introduce some fun into your plant watering routine with the Flamingo Watering Can.

In keeping with the tropical trend, this season’s coolest animal – the pretty pink flamingo – has been transformed into an adorable but practical watering can. Holding a generous 1.5 litres, this fabulous creature is big enough to hydrate small gardens, patio pots or conservatory collections without ruffling a feather!

Adults and kids will love this colourful, quirky Flamingo Watering Can which looks good enough to leave on show permanently. The Flamingo Watering Can also doubles up as an amazing tropical punch dispenser for your cocktail party or barbeque. It holds approximately 1.5 litres. Price is £7.99.

Instant Coasters from Totally Funky

Personalise your drink's coasters with this set of four glass Instant Coasters.

Coasters are often a necessity if you have hot drinks and wooden furniture to protect, but these instant coasters make them much more special. Instant Coasters allow you to use your own photos to personalise an often overlooked home accessory.

These glass photo coasters have a pocket to add your own photos. Use photographs of family, friends, pets, favourite places, holiday snaps, quotes - the possibilities are endless. They'll be catching your visitors' eyes as well as their mugs!

Four glass coasters are included in the pack. Each coaster can hold a picture 8.2cm x 8.2cm. Price is  £11.99 for the set.

Pineapple Ice Bucket from Totally Funky

The bestselling Pineapple Ice Bucket is now available in pink! The Pink Pineapple Ice Bucket is a modern reincarnation of the original. If you're old enough to have lived through the 70's or you're a fan of all things retro or kitsch, you'll recognise the appeal of the iconic Pineapple Ice Bucket.

Back in the seventies and eighties it was the epitome of style and fashion to have one of these on your dining table, corner bar, or hostess trolley. No drinks party, or evening get together would have been complete without your own pineapple ice bucket. Entertaining has never been more glamorous.

Beautifully moulded plastic outer material with a glass ice holder inside, the Pineapple Ice Bucket will add some funky retro chic to your home. The Pineapple Ice Bucket is much more than barware, it’s a slice of history. Supplied packaged in a printed gift box. Price is £19.99.

For more information about Totally Funky visit

Gorgeous Gifts from
Live Laugh Love

Floral Heart Glass Tea Light Holders from Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love offers a gorgeous selection of gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement, housewarming, dinner parties and for brightening up your own home.

This beautiful set of Four Floral Heart Glass Tea Light Holders will make a delightful gift, they're also a great way to bring warmth and charm to your home. Each holder has a pretty bow tied ribbon and chintz wooden heart as a decoration.

Hang the holders from their wire hangers or sit them on a flat surface. They can also hold water for displaying flowers. Their soft pastel colours have an elegant style and create a subtle shimmering light. They are great value at £9.95 for a set of four, that is less than £2.50 each.

Black Labrador Peg Rail from Live Laugh Love

Dog lovers will adore this charming Black Labrador Peg Rail. This wall hung decorative key or tea towel holder is fitted with beech wood pegs.

The peg rail is supplied with fixing screws so that you can easily attach it to your wall. Use it to hang keys, tea towels, little signs or small utensils. The cute labrador will make it a talking point in your home. Price is £12.95.

'Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside' metal sign from Live Laugh Love

Bring the joy of the seaside and happy holidays into your home with this retro 'Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside' metal sign.

This lovely vintage style sheet music with seaside objects is perfect for a guest room or nautical style display. It also looks perfect in a vintage inspired seaside style bathroom. Price is £6.95.

Rooster Wall Clock from Live Laugh Love

This rustic Rooster Wall Clock is perfect for bringing some country charm into your kitchen, home office or a guest bedroom.

The clock has an antique style brown case and charming rooster dial. With roman numerals and the word 'Rooster' written above, it's sure to be a talking point in your home. Price is £9.95.

Patterned Mirror Photo Frame from Live Laugh Love

This beautiful aged
Patterned Mirror Photo Frame is perfect for a dining room or guest bedroom display. It can be wall hanging or free standing and displays a photo vertically or horizontally.

A cream distressed wooden frame holds an elegant patterned mirror insert. A gorgeous statement piece that would sit nicely in most rooms. The photograph frame has a refined shabby chic style and the sophisticated look of a modern contemporary object. Photograph size is 5 inches by 7 inches. Price is £19.95.

Tea Pot Trivet from Live Laugh Love

This handy Tea Pot Trivet is perfect for anyone who enjoys a hot cup of tea served in a traditional teapot.

Functional and cute, this tea pot shaped trivet is crafted from durable rough cast aluminium, protecting your surfaces from hot pots and pans. A must have for a country kitchen and a super homeware present Price is £6.95.

Gold Metal Heart Shape Mirror with Roses from Live Laugh Love

This beautiful Gold Metal Heart Shape Mirror with Roses will make a perfect vanity mirror for your bedroom or a guest room.

This pretty gold metal heart shaped wall mirror has a cluster of roses embossed into its frame. It hangs from a bow tied ribbon and is an attractive addition to your home. Price is £6.95.

Welcome Shaker Style Hanging Chicken Plaque from Live Laugh Love

This cute wooden Welcome Shaker Style Hanging Chicken Plaque is the perfect way to make guests feel at home and give your house a warm welcoming touch.

This eyecatching welcome sign with friendly chicken, gingham ribbon and hearts will be a lovely addition to your home, especially if you love the rustic shaker style. With a homespun look it will greet your guests with a cheery welcome. Hang it up in the hallway or in your kitchen from its looped wire. Price is

For more information about Live Laugh Love click on

  Mother's Day Gifts
   from Prezzybox

Best Mum Embroidered Cushion from Prezzybox

Make Mother's Day really special with the gorgeous selection of gifts from Prezzybox.

This beautiful Best Mum Embroidered Cushion is the perfect way to tell mum just how wonderful she is. Made from high quality cotton, the cushion is soft on the inside and has a delicate pattern of pink, red and baby blue flowers to make it soft on the outside too.

Finished off with embroidered pink hearts and 'Best Mum' embroidered on the front, it's a stunning and thoughtful piece. Your mum will love her new cushion and display it proudly in her home. The floral style will look fantastic on any sofa, chair or bed, making it easy for your mum to relax and unwind as she cuddles up to her special cushion. Price is £16.95.

Personalised Rose Teacup & Saucer from Prezzybox

This Personalised Rose Teacup & Saucer is perfect for mums who enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits in the afternoon. This gorgeous teacup and saucer set features a beautiful lace print in blue, alongside some stunning red roses.

Personalise your teacup and saucer set with a heartfelt message of your own choice. The message can be up to two lines long on the front and three lines long on the back to make it really special. Make tea time more of an occasion with this gorgeous vintage rose teacup and saucer set. Price is £12.95.

Strawberries & Cream Pamper Pack from Prezzybox

Treat your mum to this delightful Strawberries & Cream Pamper Pack
to give your mum some well deserved 'me time!' This stunning strawberry bath set is the ultimate bath time treat for a relaxing pamper night in.

The strawberry candle in a tin is perfect to get your pamper night underway, simply light it to release fruity fragrances in your bathroom and throughout the home. The strawberry tea bag is then mashed in the bath to release the gorgeous oils and fragrances for you to step into.

The strawberry luxury bath melt will melt into the bath to give your body a smooth and luxurious feel. The set is finished off by a gorgeous strawberry face mask that smells good enough to eat. It's enriched with vitamins and minerals to give nourishing, moisturising and toning properties to your skin. Price is £12.95 for the set.

Mug Cakes book from Prezzybox

This fun to use Mug Cakes book is perfect for mums who enjoy home cooking, but without too much mess and hassle. Pop this eyecatching book in with your Mother's Day card.

Mug Cakes are perfect for anyone who fancies a bit of cake now and then, with the minimum of effort. Just delve into your cupboard, add your ingredients into a mug and mix them up. Zap in the microwave for a few minutes and 'hey presto' enjoy your individual mug cake. Lemon, carrot, or chocolate fondant are classics, but Mug Cakes shares more adventurous zesty flavours such as raspberry and green tea or blueberry and ricotta. All are delicious and ready in 5 minutes...what will you choose?

Keen bakers who enjoy bake-off will adore making these yummy mug cakes. The book includes 30 easy to make recipes. For best results pick a large microwave friendly mug. Standard size mugs just won't do, so get the right size as you definitely don’t want to lose a mug cake crumb. Price is £7.95 for the book.

Click and Heat Hand Warmers from Prezzybox

These adorable Click and Heat Hand Warmers are the perfect gift for cat lovers or anyone who tends to get cold hands. Keep your hands nice and warm when you're out and about or chilly at home with these heated hand warmers.

The gift boxed set includes two cute pink warmers with one cat for each hand. The cats can  be reused and reheated by clicking the coin inside which heats the hand warmer up. Place the hand warmer into the knitted hand warmer cat and enjoy the warmth on your hands whenever you get cold.

The purr-fect Mother's Day present to bring a smile to your mum's face and keep her lovely and warm. Price is £9.95 for the set.

For more information about Prezzybox gifts click on

  A True-de Taste
       of Istanbul

Truede Turkish Delight

Truede offers delicious confectionery at its most luxurious. This indulgent range includes authentic, handcrafted Turkish Delight, which blends centuries-old tradition with modern day innovation; exquisite rich chocolate spoons, and delicate cream filled premium wafers.

These true delights come direct from the gloriously vibrant Turkish city of Istanbul and a perfect for Mother's Day gifts and dinner party treats.

When East meets West

Truede Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight

It is one of the world's oldest sweet treats, a delicacy which has been enjoyed for centuries - yet Turkish Delight still remains the most misunderstood. With just one mouthful, Truede's 'proper' Turkish Delight captures the very essence of Istanbul - dispelling any notion that it is just a chocolate bar, or should only be consumed at Christmas.

Truede Turkish Delight is made using authentic recipes and methods, and all natural ingredients - perfect for the health conscious who still want to indulge in a sweet or two. Combined with innovative and unique flavours, Truede will delight all palates.

Truede Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight

Truede's exclusive flavours are Pomegranate, Rose with Rose Petals, and Lavender, and perennial favourites - Lemon, and Rose. The Truede range includes Chocolate Coated Rose, and Chocolate Coated Mint for those who love this timeless combination. Mixed Nut - Coconut, Pistachio and Hazelnut are also included, and for those who prefer no added sugar, indulge in Sugar Free Rose.

Truede Turkish Delight is beautifully packaged for gifting in attractive 300g boxes. It is also available in stunning Special Edition handmade 250g wooden boxes - Iznik Delight - in Rose & Lemon, and Mixed Nut. Truede Turkish Delight is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, as well as Gluten and GM Free too.

True-ly delightful

Truede Chocolate Spoons

For chocoholics everywhere treat yourself to your  very own chocolate spoon! Truede's milk or dark chocolate shaped spoons are perfect for creating some stirring moments. Add touch of luxury to a steaming cup of coffee or go all out and add to a warming hot chocolate - who needs a real spoon!

Beautifully crisp with an indulgent cream centre - Truede premium wafers add a mouth watering finishing touch to a coffee at the end of a meal, or as a mid morning and afternoon treat. Available in Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Cream, or Cocoa & Hazelnut Cream.

The roots of it all

Zeynep Turudi

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Zeynep Turudi has brought Truede to life. Truede harnesses her vision of bringing high quality, real Turkish Delight into the UK, and re-establishing it as a confectionery force to be reckoned with.

Passionate about environmental issues and health consciousness, Zeynep insists on using all natural ingredients in her collection of premium quality Turkish Delight.

Truede Strawberry Flavour Wafers

Zeynep was named the most successful Entrepreneur of the Year by the London-based Business Network Organisation in 2011, and is also committed to supporting other female entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as raising the profile of her home nation.

"With Turkish roots, my parents always brought the real Turkish Delight to the UK to give to all of our friends and neighbours, but they couldn't buy it here. The demand was there, but there was a real gap in the market for a quality Turkish Delight brand, and so Truede was born," says Zeynep.

Truede Mixed Flavour Turkish Delight

"Our Turkish Delight is created using natural ingredients and authentic, traditional recipes that never compromise on taste - with a modern twist.

"We also take into account the increasingly complex dietary needs of our customers to ensure that everyone can indulge in our confectionery - and no one has to miss out."

Truede Chocolate Coated Rose Flavour Turkish Delight

Traditionally offered as a treat at Christmas within the west, Turkish Delight has now become popular to enjoy year round. Pablo Picasso used to eat Turkish Delight on a daily basis as an aid to his concentration, while Winston Churchill and Napoleon relished pistachio filled Turkish Delight.

For more information about Truede confectionery visit