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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Peter Rabbit Talking Plush

Win a Peter Rabbit Talking Plush

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Vivid to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a cute and cuddly Peter Rabbit Talking Plush. Choose from the adorable Peter Rabbit or the gorgeous Lily Bobtail.

Vivid brings the magic of Peter Rabbit to life with new toys and collectibles based on the new CGI animated series

Peter Rabbit Talking Plush

Bringing lovable friends Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail together on a host of magical new adventures, the Peter Rabbit animated series, co-produced with Penguin UK and Nickelodeon US consists of 50 x 11’ episodes and three 22-minute specials and is currently showing on CBeebies.

Join Peter Rabbit and his friends in the beautiful Lake District where there are adventures to be had and surprises to discover around every corner. Whether hanging out at each other’s burrows, meeting at their secret tree-house, out and about on adventures or celebrating with a ‘Bunny Dance’, these three are never happier than when they’re together.

Lily Bobtail Talking Plush

Squeeze the cute and cuddly 10” Talking Plush versions of Peter Rabbit and Lily Bobtail (£14.99 each) to hear them speak character phrases from the
  series such as ‘Let’s hop to it!’ and ‘Brilliant!’ With adorable expressions and cute costume details these characters are perfect for any play time adventure!

Peter gets his revenge on the devious Mr Tod using the pull-back tree branch in Peter’s Adventure Pack (RRP £9.99). Hiding in the hollowed-out tree stump included in the play set, Peter sets out to fox the wily Mr Tod by remaining concealed until he gets the chance to trip him with the moving branch!

Peter Rabbit Talking Plush

Collect the three bunny buddies: Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail with the Peter Rabbit and Friends Figure Assortment (RRP £3.99) and re-enact their favourite on-air escapades.

Each individually packaged character comes complete with accurate detailing and adorable expressions. Expand your collection to include Squirrel Nutkin with a pack of three highly detailed articulated figures in the Peter and Friends 3 Pack (RRP £9.99).

The adorable 6” cuddly versions of Peter Rabbit and Lily Bobtail will appeal to fans old and new (RRP £6.99 each). With silky soft fur, these soft toys are perfect for little ones to cuddle up to and take with them on their travels.

Lily Bobtail Talking Plush

Also available are the brightly coloured Peter’s Playing Cards (RRP £3.99) and 3-in-a-box 12, 16 and 24 piece Puzzles (RRP £4.99) which enable children aged 3+ to play along with their favourite characters and introduces a host of new and old faces.

Whether escaping Old Brown, searching for hazelnuts, or playing in the Squirrel Camp high above the treetops Peter and Lily, along with Benjamin, find excitement and adventure. But when Squirrel Nutkin joins the fun, you can expect the unexpected!

Peter Rabbit toys are available from all good toy retailers.

© Copyright Frederick Warne & Co. Limited and Silvergate PPL Limited, 2014. Based on the works of Beatrix Potter. PETER RABBIT and BEATRIX POTTER are trademarks of Frederick Warne & Co, a Penguin Group company. All rights reserved.

For more information visit the Vivid website at

For Your Chance to Win

  Tell us where do
   Peter Rabbit and
    his friends live

Tell us where do Peter Rabbit and his friends live?

 a) The Shetlands
 b) The Cotswolds
 c) The Lake District
 d) The Peak District

 To Enter the Competition

Tell us where do Peter Rabbit
and his friends live? Then send in your answer, together with your preferred prize
(Peter Rabbit or Lily Bobtail) name, address and telephone number by clicking on
the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry
Peter Rabbit

* This competition is open to our
UK visitors only

 Wildash Woollen
   Picnic Blanket

Wildash Woollen Picnic Blanket

Enjoy a Summer picnic with a gorgeous Wildash Picnic Blanket. Long lasting, hard wearing and beautiful these stylish blankets are the ultimate must-have accessory for the Summer.

The woollen element is made by the women of Kedarnath, hand-woven from naturally hand dyed Himalayan sheep wool that has a unique texture and is particularly hard wearing. The women own and operate the business as part of the Panchachuli cooperative, giving local women social and economic empowerment.

The Wildash picnic blanket all comes together in the UK. The detachable, fully waterproof waxed cotton lining is made in Britain. Each blanket is hand finished in the UK, including hand sewn leather carry handles that are hand-tooled in England of the finest English leather.

What a clever design too! Wildash picnic blankets include an integrated waxed cotton wrap closure that provides enough give to bundle up your picnic blanket tout de suite without much ado, and are designed so you can wrap up a bottle of bubbly in it too for the  ultimate in luxury!

The woollen blankets are easily detachable and can be used separately. They are great as travel blankets and fully washable - on woollens cycle. The waxed cotton lining can be brushed clean or sponge cleaned with soap and water.

Wildash picnic blankets come in two generous sizes in a choice of walnut, houndstooth or striped timberwolf.

Wildash picnic blankets are available from 

Shopping & Gifts

Ivor the Engine

Ivor the Engine

Ivor the Engine is a new family board game from Esdevium Games by Tony Boydell. Recommended for 2 - 5 players, the game is suitable for ages 8 or over.

“Not very long ago, in the top left-hand corner of Wales, there was a railway. It wasn’t a very long railway or a very important railway, but it was called The Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited, and it was all there was. And in a shed, in a siding at the end of the railway, lives the Locomotive of the Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited, which was a long name for a little engine so his friends just called him Ivor...”

Help Ivor to collect up lost sheep

Help Ivor to collect up lost sheep and to complete tasks for his friends. You’ll get extra rewards for clearing sheep from each area and bonuses for events from the Ivor stories. The player with the most sheep at the end of the game is the winner.

The aim of the game is to collect as many sheep as you can. The game ends when any player has collected enough sheep. The number required depends on the number of players taking part in the game.

During the game collect cards, coal and gold

During the game you’ll also collect more cards, coal and gold. You can trade gold for more sheep at the end of the game, and event cards provide bonus sheep too.

When any player has the required number of sheep or more in their sheep pen, play continues round to the player immediately before the start player, so that everyone has had the same number of turns. All players take sheep for their event card bonuses, convert their gold into extra sheep, then count up the sheep in their sheep pen. The player with the most sheep is the winner.

Tried and Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

Ivor the Engine game board

My children were home for the weekend from university, so it was the perfect time to play Ivor the Engine. We were really impressed with the attractive illustrations on the game board and the high quality playing pieces, especially the cute little sheep.

It took us a while to read the rules and so I would suggest allowing at least 15 minutes to set up the game and explain the rules to the players.

Once you've got the hang of it, the game is easy to play.
On your turn the first thing you do is take a sheep from your designated location and put it into your sheep pen. Then move your coloured wagon playing piece along any of the railway lines to help you complete jobs for Ivor. Completing jobs gets you extra sheep.

During your turn you can also play cards and follow the instructions described in the bottom half of the card. When you’ve finished moving, playing cards and completing jobs, you take a card or buy an event card from the pick-a-card line. Finally discard down to four cards in your hand. Keep any sheep that you’ve gained in your sheep pen.

When you’ve finished your turn, the next player clockwise takes their turn. Keep taking turns until one player has collected the required number of sheep to end the game. Finish the current round so that everyone has had the same number of turns.

At the end of the game count up everyone's sheep

Finally count up everyone’s sheep, adding in bonuses from event cards and one sheep for each gold token held. The player with the most sheep wins the game.

The game was fast moving and fun as we moved around the board in our coloured wagons, herding sheep, collecting gold and coal and discovering lots of interesting locations on the way such as Grumbly Gasworks, Dinwiddy's Goldmine and Mrs Porty's House.

All of our favourite characters featured in the game including Ivor the Engine, Idris the Dragon, Nell the Sheepdog and Miss Olga Plovsky. It was an exciting game as we completed jobs for Ivor and collected sheep, coal and gold. Daniel was the clear winner with the most sheep at the end of the game.

We thoroughly enjoyed the game as it brought back many happy childhood memories of watching the delightful Ivor the Engine TV programme and reading the sweet little story books. A lovely game for older children, it also includes a special offer for a free paperback copy of 'Ivor the Engine: The First Story' by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin.

Ivor the Engine board game


Ivor the Engine is available to buy from Price is £24.99.

Gorgeous Gifts
from Berry Red

Squared Glass Vase with bird design from Berry Red

Berry Red offers a gorgeous selection of gifts for the Summer including tea sets, jugs, vases and other delightful products for the home.

This pretty Squared Glass Vase with a songbird design is perfect for showing off your freshly cut flowers or a single rose bloom. The vase measures 21cm high and will look lovely on your mantelpiece, hallway or in a guest bedroom. Price is just £7.00.

Teapot for One from Berry Red

Make afternoon tea really special with this lovely Teapot for One. To use simply fill the top half with water and your tea, allow to brew and then lift off the base to reveal a perfectly sized cup for one.

The teapot has a pretty gold printed butterfly design with a 50's flavour and the words 'Tea for Me' written on the side. Price is £25.00.

Pink Seagrass Baskets from Berry Red

Reminisce about holidays to the seaside with these eyecatching Pink Seagrass Baskets. This set of two seagrass lidded baskets are woven to look like little round huts. They have a lovely grassy, hay-like scent which will remind you of holidays by the sea and are ideal for storage across the house.

Use them for storing cotton wool and cotton wool buds in the bathroom, keeping pens or cutlery tidy or for children to put their trinkets in, as they are flexible and perfect for little hands. Price is £9.00.

Trim Phone from Berry Red

Remember the good old days with this bright red Trim Phone. Launched in 1965 as a fashionable alternative to more regular models it wasn't until the 1970's that the Trim Phone became hugely popular.

The first phone to ring using a modern warbler rather than a traditional bell its distinctive style quickly made it a 'design classic'. Based on the original but with all of the convenience of push button technology, it plugs into a standard BT socket and comes in a choice of colour. Price is £40.

Faceted Cream Jug from Berry Red

This gorgeous Faceted Cream Jug is similar to those popular in the 1950's, very stylish but with a rustic country appeal. The Cream Jug has a geometric pattern and a contrasting lavender interior. It works beautifully for serving milk or cream, or as a vase too. Price is £23.50.

Fuchsia Vacuum Flask from Berry Red

This stylish Fuchsia Vacuum Flask keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, making it perfect for whatever the weather. Ideal for al fresco dining, the screw on lid means it can be taken out for picnics too. Price is £15.95.

For more information about Berry Red click on

At Home in the Country Gifts

 Duck Decanter from At Home in the Country

Check out the beautiful range of gifts from At Home In the Country. This family run retail website is dedicated to selling their own design products inspired by the Great British Countryside.

At Home in the Country have sold their designs to the trade for over 30 years and their customers include some of the finest palaces, castles, country houses, hotels, department stores, garden centres, farm shops and independent retailers in the UK.

The company designs and produces the most fabulously unique country themed tableware in fine metals. Products available include fine pewter tableware, polished stainless steel tableware, silver plated tableware, fine bone china and enamels.

The Duck Decanter is one of their best sellers. This is the original duck decanter which they have produced for over 10 years. It is a timeless classic that is guaranteed to set the scene and bring smiles to your dinner party.

The Duck's head is hinged at the back of the neck to enable filling. Just rinse it out with cold water after use. It would make a fabulous wedding present or any other special occasion. Every home needs a Duck Decanter! It holds approx 100cl of wine, water or whisky. Price is £47.95.

Pewter Stag Head Handle Shot Glass from At Home in the Country

This eye catching Pewter Stag Head Handle Shot Glass is a fabulous way to have a nip of your favourite whisky. There is also a Fox, Pheasant and and Hare design available as a Pewter Shot Glass. Why not start a collection?

The Shot Glasses would make a great retirement or anniversary gift or pair one or two up with a good bottle of malt as a brilliant present. The Stag head handle shot glass is approximately 70mm in height and the width of top of the glass is approximately 52mm. Price is £23.95.

Stag Whisky Water Jug from At Home in the Country

This stunning Stag Whisky Water Jug is made from polished pewter and Glass. In whisky terms this lovely jug is known as a "Noggin". The jug is filled with whisky and then given to the lady or gent at the table to help themselves. We love ceremony!

The jug measures approximately 6cm in diameter x 15 cm high and features a hinged top for easy pouring. Price is £54.95.

Country Animals Bon Bon Stand from At Home in the Country

This delightful Country Animals Bon Bon Stand is made from fine bone china with a delightful country animals design. The stand is perfect for serving up your home made petit fours and other baking triumphs for afternoon tea.

Great for putting little savoury or after dinner chocolates on too. You can also use it as a jewellery stand on your dressing table. The stand includes 15cm diameter and 12cm diameter plates. Price is £13.95.

Black Cat Mug from At Home in the Country

Cat lovers will adore this cute Black Cat Mug. Made from Fine Bone China, this is one of four Cat designs recently added to the ever growing range of fine bone china animal mugs, egg cups and tea bag holders.

This beautiful mug also features tiny mice and butterflies and I love cats wording inside. It comes gift boxed and makes a lovely present. Price is £11.95.

For more information about At Home in the Country and to buy products from the extensive range click on

Summer Gifts from The Oak Room

Travel Dog Kit from The Oak Room

The Oak Room offers some great gifts for the Summer for all the family, including your pets.

The Travel Dog Kit is an essential for dogs on the go! The “gift in a tin” contains a folding water bowl, an emergency dog lead, a night-glow dog tag and dog poop bags.

Travel Dog Kit from The Oak Room

Neatly presented in a handy storage tin, the Travel Dog Kit is ideal for keeping in the car or caravan, or taking on holiday. A unique and useful gift for dog owners. Price is £9.99.

Car Journey Games - Gift In A Tin from The Oak Room

The Car Journey Games - Gift In A Tin offers a superb set of car games to keep children entertained on long journeys.

Seven fun games are neatly presented in a tin and come with instructions and all the necessary props. Games include Road Sign Car Race, Back Street Bingo, Banana Car, International Number Plates, Car Snooker, The Alphabet Game and Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.

Car Journey Games - Gift In A Tin from The Oak Room

Recommended for age 8 to adult (although we think under 8’s will enjoy some of the games too). A welcome gift for children and parents alike. Use it on car journeys, keep it in your caravan, take it on an aeroplane or use it on rainy days indoors! Price is £9.99.

Floral Straws from The Oak Room

Brighten up drinks and cocktails with these pretty patterned Floral Straws. They're also great for children's parties.

Each pack includes 30 colourful paper party straws to serve with drinks at parties and special occasions. Price is £3.75 for a pack.

Red Dove Bookmark from The Oak Room

This adorable Red Dove Bookmark is perfect for those who enjoy a good book, or for taking on holiday with your favourite novel.


The cute sculptural red dove is a very special bookmark. While the bird perches on top of your book, its long string holds it in place marking the page.

Red Dove Bookmark from The Oak Room

Made in Holland using cutting edge 3D printing, the beautifully designed bookmark makes a unique gift for any book lover. The bird size is 3.7cm x 3cm x 1cm. Price is £9.99.

Emma Bridgewater Blue Hen Biscuit Barrel from The Oak Room

This gorgeous Emma Bridgewater Blue Hen Biscuit Barrel will keep your biscuits nice and fresh with its airtight lid.

Designed by Emma Bridgewater, the blue and cream tin features a fetching floral pattern and hen motif that will add instant charm to your kitchen. Height is 18cm. Price is £14.99.

For more information about The Oak Room Shop click on