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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win Unbroken by Sarah McGuinness

Win Unbroken by Sarah McGuinness

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Right Track Music to offer three lucky readers the chance to win Unbroken, the fabulous new album by Sarah McGuinness.

Seductive, strong and sassy, charismatic UK singer/songwriter Sarah McGuinness is a woman on a musical mission to thrill. With glamour as her weapon and the lyrical pen as her sword, this steely woman of mystery pulls on the mantle of her melodic alter-ego and steps into the limelight with her debut album ‘Unbroken’ to be released 17th November.

The creative strength of Sarah McGuinness demonstrates that she’s been through the traumas of life, yet, like the strongest of women, she remains ‘Unbroken’.

Sarah McGuinness

By day she’s best known as Sarah Townsend, the internationally renowned movie director, producer and screen writer for TV and the big screen, who’s most notable works include Emmy-nominated documentary ‘Believe’ and multi award-winning ’Noma: Forgiving Apartheid’, the lyrically-told inside stories of Eddie Izzard and Noma Dumezweni, the acclaimed black actress who shot to fame with her portrayal of Hermione in the hit new Harry Potter play.

By night the music takes over and her alter-ego, Sarah McGuinness, leaps into action like The Avengers’ Emma Peel. Immersing herself in the glamour and intrigue of the 50s & 60s silver-screen, Sarah slips on her stilettos, slicks on the eyeliner and morphs into her sassy alter-ego; from Sarah the director to Sarah the singer/songwriter.

Sarah McGuinness

Steered by English producer Ed Buller (Suede, Pulp, The Raincoats and Courteeners), ‘Unbroken’ is an epic masterpiece which will simultaneously lift your spirits whilst provoking thought. Epic, dramatic and compelling, ‘Unbroken’ is a reminiscent jaunt back to the heady days when women fused glamour with concealed strength.

McGuinness’ deep, rich, enthralling vocals ooze and move around an elaborate fabric of gripping tales, each perfectly crafted with lyrical skill and emotional wisdom. McGuinness’ vocals echo across a firm sound bed of bold defining beats, whilst tracks sweep straight from tones of a Bond movie or the iconic world of The Avengers, conjuring up images of mystery and seduction.

Sarah McGuinness

For a long time, Sarah McGuinness had a lot to say, but it’s taken until now for her to refine how she said it. ‘Unbroken’ is a culmination of a lifetime of creativity and experiences, a musical picture-book of poignant times. Each song is its own little drama, a pocket-sized story plucked from Sarah’s life emotions, often mirroring aspects within the corners of our own lives; sentiments we can all relate to. ‘Unbroken’ is for the women of the world (and the men with ears to listen).

Sarah believes that the invention of the teenager screwed us all up, throwing glory onto that time and making any other life stage feel inadequate. ‘Unbroken’ flips those social perceptions on their head, defies that sentiment and gives women empowerment. Strutting back to the time of the silver-screen, where steely women were seen as glamour-kittens, had intriguing stories to tell and more drama in their lives, Sarah McGuinness reminds women of what they can really achieve; flinging on the mantle of that glamorous imagery and transforms into her sexy alter-ego.

Fuse Marianne Faithful, Sandi Shaw and Dusty Springfield with the spirit of Lulu and a dash of silver-screen mystery, serve shaken (not stirred) and embrace with the wisdom of a modern girl – then you’ll enjoy ‘Unbroken’ at its best. So succumb to the music, let glamour be your strength and let Sarah McGuinness entertain your eyes and ears – welcome Sarah McGuinness.

The debut album ‘Unbroken’ from Sarah McGuinness is released on 17th November on Right Track Music through Universal.

Find out more about Sarah McGuinness by clicking on:

For Your Chance to Win

  Tell us the name of
  Sarah McGuinness'
        new album

    a) Unsaid
    b) Undone
    c) Unafraid
    d) Unbroken

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of Sarah McGuinness' new album? Then send in your answer, together with your name, address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers address as shown below:

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Sarah McGuinness Competition

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Cliff Richard
58-18=60 Tour

Sir Cliff Richard

With 103 album releases, 123 single hits and the equivalent of 20 years spent in the UK charts, voted Britain’s “Ultimate Pop Star”, Sir Cliff Richard will be celebrating his 60th Anniversary in the music business.

"To sustain any career for 60 years is amazing. To do it in the field of music is rare indeed and Cliff has achieved it with style and quality throughout." says BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce.

Cliff Richard has announced that he will be touring the UK and Ireland again in 2018 and says, “I am so happy to announce that I will be doing a tour to celebrate my 60th Anniversary in the music business.

I cannot believe it is already 10 years since my 50th Anniversary in 2008 – so much has happened, and I'm very grateful that you have kept me busy! I am truly delighted to be performing the 58-18=60 Tour, in September and October 2018 in a series of concert hall venues. I hope you will join me..... I simply can't wait! – see you next year!”

Full UK & Ireland Dates

September 2018

Thursday 27th Killarney INEC
Saturday 29th Dublin 3 Arena
Sunday 30th Belfast SSE Arena

October 2018

Thursday 4th Newcastle City Hall
Friday 5th Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Sunday 7th Sheffield City Hall
Tuesday 9th Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Wednesday 10th Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Friday 12th Manchester Bridgewater Hall
Sunday 14th London Royal Albert Hall
Monday 15th London Royal Albert Hall
Wednesday 17th Bournemouth International Centre
Thursday 18th Brighton Brighton Centre
Saturday 20th Birmingham Symphony Hall

Tickets for the tour are on sale from

Liam Gallagher
As You Were

Liam Gallagher releases 'As You Were'

If you're on the lookout for an amazing album this year, 'As You Were' by Liam Gallagher is a winner. I've downloaded this album on my phone and this is Liam Gallagher at his best.

With stunning vocals, glorious acoustic guitar, and meaningful, emotive lyrics, I can't praise this album enough. 'Bold', one of my favourite tracks, is a heartfelt, powerful song about Liam breaking the rules and doing his own thing.

"Yes, I Know I've been bold, I didn't do what I was told" he tells us. It's an empowering anthemic song, where he affirms "I'm gonna sing my soul, shake off these blues."

Liam Gallagher

Every song on this album is cleverly crafted and sounds wonderful played in your car or to lift your spirits at home. The hit single 'For What It's Worth' has a fabulous, Oasis - Beatles vibe. You'll love it.

Each track is catchy, and grows on you every time you play it. If you love Oasis and The Beatles, strong guitar and powerful vocals, this is the album for you.

As You Were Track Listing

1. Wall Of Glass
2. Bold
3. Greedy Soul
4. Paper Crown
5. For What It's Worth
6. When I'm In Need
7. You Better Run
8. I Get By
9. Chinatown
10. Come Back To Me
11. Universal Gleam
12. I've All I Need
13. Doesn't Have To Be That Way
14. All My People/Mankind
15. I Never Wanna Be Like You

As You Were by Liam Gallagher is released on digital (standard and deluxe), CD (standard and deluxe) and vinyl (standard 12” and limited edition coloured 12” formats) formats. A special boxset is also available which compiles a coloured 12” vinyl of the album, an exclusive 7” format of ‘For What It’s Worth’, a print designed by Klaus Voorman (the artist behind The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ album cover) and additional collectors’ items.

Liam Gallagher

‘As You Were’ by Liam Gallagher is available from 

For more information visit Liam's website at


Sixtyplusurfers Interview



Interview by Jenny Itzcovitz

Lucy-May, a stunning new retro soul country singer, has released a new album, Little By Little. We caught up with her to find out more about her music, the fabulous new album, and her forthcoming tour in November.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you come from?

My name is Lucy-May and I am a singer/songwriter from London.

How would you describe your singing style and music?

I would say my style of music is 60’s retro soul infused with modern country flicks.

How old were you when you first started singing and performing? And who encouraged you to make it your career?

I have always loved singing and performing from the age of 3, attending many stage schools and dance schools, the highlight being The BRIT School of Performing Arts. I was performing in lots of shows growing up. My mum and dad have always encouraged me to do what I believe in and what I love to do so much.

Can you tell us how you were first discovered and signed? And how your singing career took off?

I am an independent artist but first started making music when I was around 19 when I was in a girl band. After years of singing, performing and writing when the band split up I decided that I was not giving up on my dream!

Did you have any singers who inspired you? Or any music that moved you when you first started out?


I am inspired by different artists all the time. Growing up I loved soul legends like Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, En Vogue, Boyz 11 Men, The Beatles, Dusty Springfield and Patsy Cline. I also loved the king of pop Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5. I have a wide range of musical taste. I love Amy Winehouse, Adele, Carol King, John Mayer, Rascal Flatts, I mean the list goes on and on.

I love your song ‘Paper Heart’ can you tell us about it and how you wrote it?

Paper Heart, my first single to land play list at BBC Radio 2 is actually a cover. It was originally released by American girl band Stealin Angels, made up of 3 girls one of them being the Granddaughter of Loretta Lynn and another the Granddaughter of John Wayne.

The company that I was in connection with at the time sent me the song and said it would suit my voice and that no one here in the UK was really doing country music at the time so I should cover it. I fell in love with song and thought why not.

How do you tend to write your songs? Is there a room in your house where you compose? Or a guitar, musical instrument, or colleague you tend to work with?

Writing songs for me is always a different process, there is no set way. Sometimes I will have an idea of a concept for a song or sometimes just a good title pops in to my head and I will write lyrics or pick up my guitar and start coming up with a melody.

Other times, most of the time I have had something happen where I just need to put pen to paper and get it down or I’ll pick up the guitar with nothing written and just sing about something that has just happened or how I’m feeling in that moment or how someone around me is feeling. I’ll sometimes have an idea and send it over to some people I collaborate with for reassurance.

Your new album ‘Little By Little’ is released on 3rd November. Can you tell us about it and how you recorded it?

Little By Little by Lucy-May

Yes my second album Little By Little is released on the 3rd November and I am so excited! My debut album Whirlwind was very much Country/Pop/Rock and this time round I have tapped into my roots a lot more. Infusing what I love about country music with that soulful 60’s sound that never dates in my opinion. Those harmonies and cool retro feels. I decided to record the album here in the UK this time.

I had a lot more to do with every single aspect of making this album and that's why I chose to do it here so that I was at hand every day. I recorded in Canterbury with Greg Fitzgerald. We also wrote a lot together. I decided to use musicians from the States for this record still. These are guys that I know and adore how they play and I just knew that they would sound great on this record and they didn’t disappoint.

‘Counting The Days’ is the first single released from the album. Can you tell us about the song, what it means to you, and how you wrote and recorded it?

Counting the Days came about after sitting and talking to Greg Fitzgerald in the studio. I had recently been through a long term relationship melt down and Greg recently lost his wife. So it’s really about losing someone close to you and even though they are gone we count down the days from that event, reminiscing about times we had together.

Can you tell us about the team of musicians you worked with?

As I mentioned, the musicians that played on my record are from the US apart from Greg Fitzgerald who played all keys and piano and is based in the UK. The guitars on the record are all done by the super talented Ryan Parrino who is currently on tour playing for Michael Bolton. He has amazed me from start to finish with the way he has played on this record. He delivers every song and just gets it.

The bass player who is also on tour with Michael Bolton is Nelson Braxton, he brings some real old school soul bass lines that are incredible and such a feel good vibe. I was fortunate enough to have Chad Wright on drums for some of my tracks who is an absolute machine on the kit. He is currently on tour with The Jacksons.

There will also a UK tour in November. What can audiences look forward to? And what is the format and style of the show?

“Yes, my tour starts on Sunday 5th November in Nottingham and finishes on Friday 10th November in my home town London. The audience can expect lots of songs from the new album whilst I will also be doing some of my classics from the first album.

There are a lot of fun up beat songs that people will be able to get dancing to and there are some real heartfelt ballads also. I have two openers at each venue, so all in all it will be a great night and well worth the £10 entry.

What other musicians and backing singers will be joining you on stage? How do you choose your team of performers and crew?

On tour I have a talented bunch of musicians with me. I have Gonzo Charneca on guitar from Portugal, KT Parker on bass from Bristol, Matt Kitto on drums from Essex, Lucy Watkins on backing vocals from Wales and Etienne Brown on keys from London.

I understand you recently toured with Michael Bolton, and this included a performance at The Royal Albert Hall. Can you tell us more about it and your highlights from the tour?

Michael Bolton was a dream come true tour for me to get on. I have always liked him growing up as my mum always played his albums in her car. I had been in Nashville for a few weeks and when I landed back in London I got the news.

It was so amazing because I actually had tickets to go and see him at The Royal Albert Hall with my mum and when I had been away we were both looking forward to going out together and catching up and seeing the show. I had to call my mum and tell her that I couldn’t go to the concert with her after all and she sounded gutted and asked why but when I told her that I would be on the stage there instead she couldn’t believe it and was over the moon and so happy for me.

You have a fabulous look. Can you tell us about your clothes, makeup and fashion styling?


Thank you so much. I do love fashion and I do feel like I have my own individual look. I love modern current styles but I always love to put a twist on it and pair it with something retro. I love a vintage store. I definitely don’t follow suit, I like what I like.

I always have my hair in a beehive and people think it must take me hours but I’m so used to doing it now, just lots of back combing and hairspray. As much as I idolise Dusty Springfield as a singer I loved her whole look too including her hairstyles.

Make up I have always done myself and love red lips and lots of mascara with a good black 60’s inspired flick.

How do you like to spend your leisure time? Are there any favourite ways you have to unwind and take a break?

I love listening to music, whether that is indoors with the speakers up loud or out at venues discovering new music or supporting established artists too. I love going for lunch and spending time with family and friends especially my mum who is my best friend.

I love to unwind with a glass of wine. And I love 'The Chase' and 'Come Dine With Me'. Ha!! I also love to have a break away in the sunshine at any given chance.

I understand that you have worked in Nashville, can you tell us about it? And other places you have travelled as part of your career?

I have worked on songwriting and recorded in Nashville which was great. The session musicians there are amazing and when I recorded my debut album, Whirlwind I sat in on the session. The musicians literally got handed the charts and in minutes were recording their parts in individual booths and a few songs were done in just one take.

I have also sang in a few venues there including The Bluebird Cafe which was an amazing experience! I also have been back and forth to NYC writing and performing. I love to sing in different venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and Bryacs.

Do you have any special musical souvenirs that you have collected from places you have visited while performing?


I always get little souvenirs from Nashville and NYC when I can, such as pens, t-shirts, fridge magnets, mugs and shot glasses. Every show I do, like when I open for someone, I always keep my AAA passes and bits from the venue.

What other projects are you working on at the moment? And what are your plans for the future?

I have been really focused on my second album and because I am an independent artist all my time has been taken up with it. Not only writing and recording the album, but all the admin side of things too. Which is pretty tough and stressful at times.

I am very excited to have joined forces with Prostate Cancer UK as an ambassador and look forward to working with them moving forward.

I am also doing some exciting things for Country Music Entertainment and have my very own blog in Female First Magazine.

In the future I plan to make more music and get my music heard by more people but right now I am super excited to release my second album Little By Little!

Do you have a special message for readers of Sixtyplusurfers?

My message to Sixtyplusurfers is to keep checking out new music and keep surfing the net, it's the way forward!

  Watch Lucy-May sing
     Counting The Days

    Click on arrow to watch

   Sixtyplusurfers Competition

     Win Sky Trails
    by David Crosby

Win Sky Trails by David Crosby

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Republic Media to offer two lucky readers the chance to win 'Sky Trails', the new album by David Crosby.

David Crosby (best known for his work as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) has released his third solo album in four years with BMG. Sky Trails continues Crosby’s unexpected late-period resurgence; in his eighth decade, Crosby is not only surviving, but thriving personally and creatively.

The album takes Crosby in a new musical direction as the set tilts toward a full band sound and deep, soulful grooves. “It’s a natural thing for me,” says Crosby, who joyously embraced the challenge of the shifting song structures. “I’ve always felt more comfortable there. There’s complexity, intricacy and subtleties in the music. I like that stuff.”

David Crosby

The core of the band are saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Mai Agan, drummer Steve DiStanislao, and Crosby’s son, multi-instrumentalist James Raymond, who also produced the album. Crosby and Raymond recorded some of the songs at Raymond’s home studio and then moved to Jackson Browne’s Groove Masters studio in Santa Monica for tunes that feature the full band.

Sky Trails follows last year’s critically acclaimed Lighthouse – which received praise from outlets including Rolling Stone, Stereogum and NPR Music - which was preceded by 2014’s Croz, Crosby’s first solo album in 20 years. Though Crosby wrote many of the songs for Sky Trails as he was working on Lighthouse, the two are distinctly different projects. “Lighthouse was conspicuously and deliberately acoustic,” Crosby says. “Sky Trails was intended to be a full band record from the start.”

At 75, Crosby remains as engaged and energized as ever, with no end in sight. The creative floodgates that opened a few years ago continue to flow and Crosby delights that the songs are still pouring forth.

He doesn’t think too hard about why the muse has alighted upon him at this late stage in his career, but offers up that perhaps once CS&N ended, “there was a lot of pent-up creative juice. It’s as if I’d been in a dark room and someone turned on the lights,” he says. “I don’t want to take it for granted, but it’s been absolutely amazing.”

David Crosby

In Crosby’s unparalleled six-decade career, the native Californian has created songs that resonate as indelible cultural touchstones for more than three generations, not only as a solo artist, but as a founding member of The Byrds in the mid-60s, Crosby, Stills & Nash (recipients of the Grammy for best new artist in 1969), and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. He’s collaborated with dozens of artists, including Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Phil Collins, Elton John and Carole King.

The folk rock pioneer, who was inducted into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2009, has also served as our social conscience, not only eloquently writing about societal issues on such songs as “Almost Cut My Hair” and “Wooden Ships,” but continuously donating concert proceeds to like-minded causes. His towering influence and brilliant ability to capture the spirit of our times in his music remains undiminished.

Sky Trails Track List

1. Impossible Dream (The Man of La Mancha)
2. Stranger in Paradise (Kismet)
3. Bring Him Home (Les Misérables)
4. If I loved You (Carousel)
5. Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music)
6. Love Changes Everything (Aspects of Love)
7. ’Til I Hear You Sing (Love Never Dies)
8. Mit Gewitter und Sturm (Flying Dutchman)
9. Recondita Armonia (Tosca)
10. E Lucevan le Stelle (Tosca)
11. Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)
12. Tonight (Duet, West Side Story)
13. Somewhere (West Side Story)
14. If Ever I would Leave You (Camelot)
15. Nessun Dorma (Turandot)

For more information view David Crosby's website at

 For Your Chance to Win

Tell us which iconic band did David Crosby front in
the late 1960's

a) Crosby & Friends
b) The Bing Crosbys
c) The Crosby Brothers
d) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us which iconic band did David Crosby front in the late 1960's? Then send in your answer together with your full name, address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address as shown below:

* Please label your entry
David Crosby Competition

* This competition is open to our
UK readers only


Katie Melua Releases 'In Winter' 

Katie Melua

In late 2016, Katie Melua and the Gori Women’s Choir released the now silver certified ‘In Winter’, an album (and associated live show), which received universal acclaim from music critics and audiences alike. That artistic and touring journey resulted in many incredible experiences for them all, and this revised edition of the album, which includes an additional 17 live recordings, further amplifies their statement of intent.

Recorded at Admiralspalast, Berlin, the second disc of previously unreleased recordings includes live renditions of the entire ‘In Winter’ album, as well as new arrangements of hits such as Closest Thing To Crazy, Nine Million Bicycles and I Cried For You performed with the Gori Women’s Choir.

“I hope, through these live recordings in Berlin, you’ll hear and experience the journey that the choir and I took as though you were right there with us on that winter's night in Berlin,” says Katie. “It was from these treasured recordings that I have selected our proudest moments which appear on the second disc of this updated version of ‘In Winter’.”

Originally released in 2016 ‘In Winter’ drew some of the finest reviews of Katie’s career with the Sunday Times describing it as "bewitching…ravishing…spellbinding" and the Independent as “exquisite...remarkable."

"If you are looking for a winter listen, looking for a Christmas album...look no further really... beautiful choral moments....really beautiful” Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music

A seasonal winter-themed record on which Katie sings in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian, ‘In Winter’ was recorded in a DIY studio in the town of Gori in her native Georgia where she was joined by the extraordinary polyphonic voices of Gori Women’s Choir. The album reflects Katie’s dual culture with original works inspired by her childhood in Georgia, as well as new interpretations of traditional carols, choral works and folk songs.

‘All Night Vigil–Nunc Dimittis’ (Rachmaninov) - sung in honour of her grandfather, an escapee from a Siberian labour camp - and the stunningly beautiful Ukrainian ‘The Little Swallow’ sit alongside an intimate cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ and the delicate beauty of the original song ‘Perfect World’. Warming and sparkling, yet haunting and ethereal, this remarkable record was co-produced by Katie with stunning vocal arrangements by Bob Chilcott. Released on October 14th 2016 the album broke into the UK Top 10 Album Chart landing Katie her 7th consecutive top 10 studio album.

Following the release of the album Katie and the Gori Women’s Choir embarked on an extensive European tour. The challenges that Katie had faced in the studio (what she now calls “one hell of an adventure”) were superseded by the complexities of bringing this record to life on stage as she explains:

“I discovered how intricately you have to work to design twenty five voices singing together on stage in different acoustics each night. There were technical challenges as well as the language barrier between the choir and crew, and then how to bring the style of In Winter and that of the songs from my previous albums together into one show.

“When I first heard the choir sing Bob Chilcott's arrangement of ‘The Closest Thing to Crazy’ we were rehearsing in the August heat in Gori, Georgia. It sounded both chilling and beautiful, and the tenderness of their voices suggested that they were as grateful to be singing that song with me, as I was with them.”

This special edition of ‘In Winter’ contains: a bonus disc of live recordings; a greeting card designed by the albums illustrator Niroot Puttapipat; as well as a 28 page booklet containing lyrics and never-before-seen photographs.

‘In Winter’ – 2 CD Track Listing

In Winter by Katie Melua

CD1 - In Winter

1. The Little Swallow
2. River
3. Perfect World
4. Cradle Song
5. A Time to Buy
6. Plane Song
7. If You Are so Beautiful
8. Dreams on Fire
9. All-Night Vigil - Nunc Dimittis
10. O Holy Night

CD2 - Live from Admiralspalast, Berlin

1. The Little Swallow
2. River
3. Perfect World
4. Cradle Song
5. A Time To Buy
6. Plane Song
7. If You Are So Beautiful
8. Dreams On Fire
9. All-Night Vigil – Nunc Dimittis
10. O Holy Night
11. Belfast
12. Bridge Over Troubled Water
13. Wonderful Life
14. Nine Million Bicycles
15. Closest Thing To Crazy
16. Satrpialo
17. I Cried For You

For details click on 

Squeeze Release
The Knowledge


Two years on from the critically acclaimed Top 20 success of ‘Cradle To The Grave’ Squeeze release ‘The Knowledge’. The new album offers up another dozen examples of high quality Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook song craft, and is the perfect curtain-raiser for a massive UK tour.

‘Innocence In Paradise’, with its pedal steel and cinematic atmosphere evoking images of the mythical western, is the first single from Squeeze’s new album ‘The Knowledge’. Both reassuringly familiar and intriguingly different the single is a fine example of the partnership between Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook.

‘The Knowledge’ Track Listing

‘The Knowledge’ by Squeeze

1. Innocence In Paradise
2. Patchouli
3. A&E
4. Every Story
5. A Rough Ride
6. Departure Lounge
7. Final Score
8. Please Be Upstanding
9. The Ones
10. Albatross
11. Elmers End
12. Two Forks

Order the album HERE