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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Signed Copy of ‘Just Wanna Say…
A Little Bit More’

Win a signed copy of 'Just Wanna Say...A Little Bit More'

 By the Lol Goodman Band

With a unique Southern ‘grit’ to their Blues and a mammoth following on the live circuit, The Lol Goodman Band celebrate the release of their new album, ‘Just Wanna Say...A Little Bit More’ by offering three lucky readers the chance to win an exclusively signed advance copy.

Arguably one of Manchester’s finest Blues bands right now, the Lol Goodman Band step into 2017 with the announcement of their new deluxe edition album, ‘Just Wanna Say...A Little Bit More’ on 3rd March, alongside their latest single ‘Live My Life With The Blues’ on the same date. Delivering over 60 gigs a year and now on their third album, which is released under newly signed Right Track Records, The Lol Goodman Band are now proving their metal in the industry.

Lol Goodman Band

The Lol Goodman Band are unique….one of the few UK Blues bands delivering true-grit Anglo American style Blues, whilst bucking the trend of the 3-piece guitar led set-ups. Steering away from anything else that’s out there on the Blues circuit, the deluxe edition of their new album, ‘Just Wanna Say...A Little Bit More’, has four bonus tracks added and is testament to their musical philosophy.

A life-worn, scar-ridden, home-grown Blues band, the Lol Goodman Band are one of a handful of blues bands conforming to the traditional blues genre right now, but delivering their music with a freshness and originality that sets them aside from many other blues acts. They provide strong melodic hooks that stick in people’s heads from first play; and that’s the foundation of ‘Just Wanna Say...A Little Bit More’.

Lol Goodman

A prolific song-writer, Lol Goodman crafted many of the tracks on this new album spontaneously; the music and lyrics flowing from his deeper inner feelings. On the Blues compass, this new album points towards the Southern Hemisphere, a unique distinctive sound, consciously delving towards an Allman Brothers/Clapton, Southern American Blues Rock feel. A diverse collection of subject matter, Lol’s lyrics reap and grind their way around honest gritty riffs and melodies.

Each one of these musicians has lived the life, endured the scars, served their apprenticeship as musicians and carry the bruises beaten into them from the ebb and flow of life; giving them justified entrance into the Blues genre. These guys have the wisdom and experience to channel their life through their music, but the resilience to shake it off and exude fun on stage.

Lol Goodman Band

This band is the epitome of charisma and character. The Lol Goodman Band play Blues with a smile on their face – listen to them with the same grin, indulge in the blues and enjoy.

The chemistry amongst these guys sparks magic on stage – a magnet to anyone who’s seen them perform, explaining why the band are rapidly snowballing a loyal fan-base and packing out over 60 gigs each year. Self-releasing and managing themselves since 2013, these boys have gigged and toured relentlessly to sell out audiences.

Lol Goodman Band

Now the Third Album sees an official label release through Right Track Records, who discovered the band on the live circuit and instantly signed them. So Blues fans indulge!

For more information about the band visit:

For Your Chance to Win

    Just tell us the
   name of the new
 album from The Lol
   Goodman band

a) Just Wanna Shout…
A Little Bit More
b) Just Wanna Dance…
A Little Bit More
c) Just Wanna Say…
A Little Bit More
d) Just Wanna Groove…
A Little Bit More

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of the new album from The Lol Goodman band? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry
Lol Goodman Competition

* This competition is open to
our UK readers only


Sarah Darling Releases Dream Country Album

Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling has already solidified her place as one of country music’s breakout performers and elite vocalists in the US. Now, following a sold out tour in England and Ireland and opening for the chart-topping Ward Thomas on their headline tour, the Nashville based singer-songwriter has set her sights on the UK. After 2 major label US releases, ‘Dream Country’ is Sarah’s first full-length transatlantic and independent release.

The long list of Sarah’s achievements so far is impressive. The Iowa native has supported stadium fillers such as Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, Vince Gill and Tim McGraw, accumulated over a million downloads, performed at the Grand Ole Opry more than 80 times and has radio success under her belt.

Dream Country by Sarah Darling

‘Dream Country’ comes after two very successful trips to the UK this year, the first for London’s C2C Festival in March, where she performed on the BBC Radio 2 stage in the indigo2. Following the positive momentum from C2C – and witnessing the desire for country music in the UK – Sarah returned in September for a sold-out 12-date tour – one of her ‘greatest adventures’ - and released debut single, ‘You Take Me All The Way’, which features on the new record.

The tour – ‘Nashville Nights, Songs in the Round’ – was a huge success in the UK, bringing a taste of Nashville and the Bluebird Café to British and Irish shores. Sarah was also thrilled to be invited to open for Ward Thomas on a number of their UK dates in October, which added to her musical credentials in the UK and built on her bourgeoning fanbase.

‘Dream Country’ takes the listener on a journey through aspirational, cinematic songs about stars, romance and dreams in Sarah’s escapist style which crosses country, Americana, jazz and contemporary pop. Following the end of a long term record deal, this album was a chance for the singer-songwriter to write a record that depicts where she is artistically, professionally and personally.

Sarah Darling

Album opener, the dreamy ‘Wandering Star’, is about not knowing what the future holds, but knowing something amazing is around the corner, “Some of the greatest moments in my life have happened when I least expected them” reveals Sarah, “You may not have all the answers but maybe there’s something greater than you ever imagined out there for you”. ‘Where Cowboys Ride’ pays homage to the American state of Wyoming and its unimaginable beauty. “I wanted a song that captured the essence of just how beautiful it is, from the golden fields to the sky of a million stars”, says Sarah.

Delicate number ‘Anchor’ was co-written with (the ABC/CMT show) Nashville’s Sam Palladio. Sam grew up in Cornwall and he and Sarah wanted to capture a sweet song about missing home that provokes images of the British coast. Big ballad ‘Halley’s Comet’ is about self-belief, “The world can bring you down but I’ve realised things have a way of working out at just the right time”, explains Sarah, “Just like Halley’s Comet, she comes back around shining bright even when she goes away for a while. We are all forces to be reckoned with, you just have to believe you will have your time”.

‘Montmartre’ is Sarah’s love song to Paris, capturing the charm of her favourite city where she quite literally fell in love (and is now happily married!) Album closer ‘Stargazer’ was the last song recorded for the album. It has two important messages, not being afraid to let go and having the strength to move forward. “Whatever your personal battle, this song is a lullaby to help you get through. I hope it brings encouragement,” says Sarah.

Sarah Darling

Away from music, Sarah has underlined her remarkable creative versatility by launching her own line of boots with partner Durango, and bought some of her Parisian memories back to Nashville with her French macaron company, Sweet Darling Patisserie.

Sarah is excited to be releasing her first full-length record in the UK, some of her most sophisticated and honest music to date. Making ‘Dream Country’ has been her most fulfilling musical experience yet, “This has been an opportunity to make a record with everything I’ve ever imagined, top to bottom”.

For details visit 

 Watch Sarah performing
      live in Manchester

  Click on arrow to watch 

Busted on Tour


Busted are touring in February to promote their new album, 'Night Driver'.

With the gorgeous voices of Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis, the album features fabulous tracks including Coming Home, Night Driver, On What You're On and Easy.

Night Driver by Busted

Listen to Busted singing 'Easy' - Live at The Pool at

For more information about Busted visit their website at



Sixtyplusurfers Interview

Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams

By Jenny Itzcovitz

Rhys Williams will be releasing a new album, 'We Are Climbing Angel Mountain' on 3rd March
. It was recorded in reassuringly vintage settings including RAK Studio 1 and Ray Davies' KONK Studios in Crouch End. We caught up with Rhys to find out about the album, the early days of his singing career in Wales, and his touring plans for the New Year.

I understand that you come from Wales and wrote your first song when you were 10. Can you tell us about the early days of your career and when you first start singing?

"There was always music in my house when I was growing up. My parents weren’t musicians, they were both teachers, but my dad played the guitar and was always singing songs and telling stories. I got into their vinyl records when I was about three or four, immersing myself in the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, ABBA and others.

"The next step in my journey, like it is for most people, was listening to the charts. But when I was growing up, the charts was the craziest musical melting pot you could imagine – synth pop, ska, punk, goth, rockabilly, all on Top Of The Pops. So all of that proved to be the best possible musical education for me.

"I started playing at the age of 10. We had an old-school electronic organ, the kind that takes up half your house, so I got into playing along with beats and tapping out bass lines with my feet, as well as getting my head round chords and melodies.

"I started playing in bands from about 14. I didn’t start singing till I was in my 20s though – I saw myself as an instrumentalist and a songwriter first and foremost. But in the end, the lure of singing my own songs proved too great to resist."

How did you first start singing professionally? And how were you discovered?

Rhys Williams

"My first singing gig was as part of a school choir on an album by ex-Gillan bassist John McCoy. I was paid £1 and a Mars bar. But I got to record at Rockfield studio on the same spot they recorded Bohemian Rhapsody! I must have enjoyed it more than everyone else, because unlike the rest of the school choir, I’m still plugging away.

"After that, all my professional gigs were playing rather than singing for a while. I can remember the first time I got paid to play the piano – it was on a dance music record in Sheffield. I couldn’t quite believe that it was possible to get money for doing something I loved so much. It felt like stealing, at first. I got over that quite quickly though."

You’ve worked with Morrissey, playing on his ‘You Are The Quarry’ album and performing at his comeback concert in Manchester. Can you tell us more about this and what it was like to work with such an iconic singer?

"The Morrissey connection is a guy called Boz Boorer, who is Morrissey’s guitarist and musical director. He managed and produced the band I was in when I lived in Sheffield.

"When I moved to London, I recorded at his studio and played the flute on one track. He remembered that I played the flute and when they needed some on a track, they gave me a call.

"I recorded three takes of flute and they used the last minute of the last take intact, so the track in question, ‘I’m Not Sorry’, finishes on one minute of me improvising. Morrissey was friendly, charming and supportive – and very funny.

"The gig was a few months later at the MEN Arena in Manchester. I just came on for one song. It was a magical night, immortalised on the ‘Who Put The M in Manchester’ DVD."

I really like your new album ‘We are Climbing Angel Mountain’. Can you tell us how it was recorded and produced? What did you enjoy most about the process?

We Are Climbing Angel Mountain by Rhys Williams

"Thank you. I’m very proud of it. We recorded it in two chunks. Six songs at first, then six months later, another six. I wanted to do that because I find the recording process very inspiring as a songwriter and I wanted the chance to capture songs that I wrote during the process.

"The recording process was a mixture of extremely high fidelity vintage studios – RAK Studios and Konk Studios in London, both really plush, really musical spaces with lots of room, lots of history and lots of incredible equipment, and then tiny cupboards. Some of the work I did at home, and even managed to get some done on the bus and in a selection of unsuspecting cafés."

Many of the tracks are very beautiful, but seem very emotional and personal, dealing with loss, love and relationships. Did you find it painful to write or was it cathartic and healing for you?

"The experiences the songs describe were painful, but the process of putting the album together was cathartic and healing – to the extent that I don’t know how else I would have coped with what was happening if I didn’t have the music to carry me through.

"A few things happened at once. My mother died, not suddenly, but just a few months after becoming ill. We had a very close and loving relationship so it was a real wrench to be without her. At the same time, I got ill too and needed a lot of hospital treatment. As a result, I decided to stop drinking, which made me re-evaluate lots of other aspects of my life.

"All of this is in the album. I tried to make it as direct and truthful as I could. In the past, I’ve written a lot about characters and situations I haven’t lived through. This time, it’s all me."

I particularly like the track ‘Play Jane With Your Last Move’, it has clever lyrics and a lovely melody. Can you tell us about the song and what inspired you to write it?

"Thank you. It was one of the last songs to be included but it’s one of my favourites too. The origin of the song is quite unusual. I went through a period of playing Scrabble online. I was playing two games at the same time, against two friends. I was up in both games nearing the end.

"Then in the space of one minute, the two friends, unbeknownst to each other, managed to beat me with their last move. The catch was that they played exactly the same word – JANE. I literally closed the laptop, picked up a guitar and wrote the whole song in one sitting. It’s about the nature of luck and cosmic coincidence."

There are some wonderful musical accompaniments and backing vocals on the album. Can you tell us about the musicians you worked with and whether you have a regular band?

"I’ve been playing with the same musicians for almost a decade now. There are three people, apart from me, who feature on every track – Sam Stopford, an amazing drummer and human being; Sian Cross, who sings backing vocals, and is a great songwriter and artist in her own right; and Mark Ferguson who co-produced the album with me and plays bass.

"On top of that, there’s a string quartet on about two-thirds of the album. The strings were arranged by Sally Herbert, who’s worked with Bernard Butler, Lianne La Havas, Plan B and Florence and the Machine, amongst lots of others. She and her husband Ian, who’s the best cellist around in my book, both play on the record too. It’s no overstatement to say that their contribution makes the record what it is."

What instruments do you play on the album?

Rhys Williams

"I sing, play piano, organ, mellotron, and do lots of electronic jiggery pokery that you’d barely notice. I also play guitar, but not on this record, which is an axe-free zone."

How would you describe your music? And what are your influences?

"All I’ve ever wanted to do is pop music, but the kind that I grew up with, pop music that’s literate, intelligent and surprising, as well as catchy and infectious.

"My heroes are Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, Neil Finn, Paddy McAloon, Josh Rouse, Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook. Lyrically, I’m more influenced by poetry – TS Eliot, Philip Larkin, and others."

How do you tend to write your songs? Do you have a typical process?

"It’s always music first. Not a day goes by without a hook or three popping into my head. My phone is full of snatches of melody with gibberish nonsense for lyrics. I try to come up with three or four different hooks at once if I can. In my experience, it’s easier to ride the first wave of inspiration in the moment than try to catch another one weeks or months later.

"Then I play the songs over and over again, tweaking and refining, coming up with extra ideas, nuances and bits of detail. At some point the nonsense syllables morph into words. The last bit of the process is the hardest – writing lyrics that say something meaningful but also feel good to sing. This usually takes me right up to the last minute.

"I’ve come up with some of my best ideas in the cab on the way to the session, or even in the vocal booth while recording. On this album I did a lot of work with a vocal coach, Rebecca Phillips, who was an invaluable sounding board for lyrics and interpretation too."

Will you be touring to promote the album?

Rhys Williams

"In the short term, I’m playing one big gig in London on March 1st – three years to the day since my mother died, and two days before the album’s released on March 3rd. I hope to announce more dates very soon though."

What do you enjoy most about touring and performing live?

"I’m very lucky to play music with people that I love being around, so the thing I enjoy most about playing live is their company before, after and during the gig.

"The thing I enjoy most about touring is the rhythm you get into, and the fact that there’s always a chance to put your mistakes right the next night!"
What music do you listen to when you are relaxing?

"At the moment, I’m enjoying a lot of dub reggae and Krautrock! It’s as far as you could possibly get from the music I make. I enjoy zoning out for 20 minutes and losing myself in a track where nothing much ever seems to happen."

What are your hobbies and interests when you are not performing?

"I have a young family, so every bit of time I have left over when I’m not working is dedicated to them.

"Apart from when I’m watching Wales play rugby, which is sacred time for at least eight weekends a year."

How do you like to spend your leisure time? Are there any favourite ways you have to unwind and relax?

"Like anyone else, I love watching the telly. I’ve always been more of a TV than a film man. This age of the box set is tailor-made for someone like me.

"I love a bit of Pointless as well. I think my brother and I should go on the show."

Do you have any interesting musical souvenirs that you have collected while you have been singing?

"I live with one of Britain’s best declutterers so I don’t accumulate possessions as much as I could.

"The best things by far that I’ve ever picked up while singing and playing are musical instruments. I’ve bought most of them on a whim, after I’ve tried something out in a shop and fallen in love on the spot."

Are there any instruments you would like to learn to play that you don’t already know?

"I would love to play the drums. I don’t ever expect to be a professional drummer or even as a hobby.

"I would just do it for fun – and to improve my timing on piano and vocals, which is occasionally a bit more erratic than I’d like."

Which singers or bands inspire you and your music?

Rhys Williams

"All singers and all bands, they’re all living examples of something to aspire to or avoid. But especially the ones I mentioned earlier – the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Crowded House, Squeeze, Jellyfish, Ben Folds, Josh Rouse. I could go on all day."

What are you working on at the moment? And what are your plans for the future?

"At the moment, I’m getting ready to release my next single, Lightning, and the album, We Are Climbing Angel Mountain, both on the same day – March 3rd. That involves making a video, playing gigs, and getting the artwork ready, and lots of interviews and live sessions on the radio.

"I’m also writing, recording and touring with Sian Cross, who sings on my record. That’s completely different to what I do under my own name – very dark, moody and electronic. And I’ve also been playing live with a singer-songwriter called Lewis Fieldhouse who I think is insanely talented.

"Coming up after this, I will be writing some more. I’d like to try to approach the next batch of songs differently, maybe do some more stuff on my own and introduce some more unexpected sonic elements. I’ve said this before though, I will probably just come back with twelve more pop songs."

Do you have a special message for readers of Sixtyplusurfers?

"If you like timeless, classic-sounding pop songs with beautiful harmonies and melodies, but which delve a bit deeper into raw, emotional territory, then please give my music a go.

"Even if you decide it’s not for you, I’ll still be grateful that you gave it a try! In the meantime, keep on surfing."

We Are Climbing Angel Mountain is released on March 3rd, 2017 on Right Track records.

For more information visit the website at

  Listen to Rhys Williams
      sing 'Play Jane With
        Your Last Move'

    Click on arrow to watch

   Sixtyplusurfers Competition

    Win a Rachael
  Sage Goody Bag

Rachael Sage

To celebrate Rachael Sage’s forthcoming tour with Howard Jones
, Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with MPress Records to offer three lucky readers the chance to win a Rachael Sage Goody Bag.

is fabulous prize includes an exclusive Rachael Sage Tote Bag, a beautiful Lipgloss, a Kazoo and Rachael’s new album Choreographic.

Win a Rachael Sage Goody Bag

New York, NY: Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Rachael Sage will be joining iconic synth-pop pioneer and hit maker Howard Jones  on the UK leg of his 2017 Spring Tour. Sage has often named Jones as one of her most beloved artists and a seminal influence on her songwriting, and while she has rarely covered other artists' music, she used to perform his songs including "No One Is To Blame" at her regular solo piano gig while attending Stanford University.

"I've been touring for many years and enjoyed every minute of my eclectic, adventurous indie career so far", enthuses Sage. "But when the phone rang and I was told I would be supporting Howard Jones, it was quite literally a dream come true. It will be a huge honour to share the stage with one of my all-time favourite artists, and I can't wait to meet him in person!"

Rachael Sage

Having released twelve albums of original material since founding her own label
MPress Records, she originally identified with Jones' music as a teenager because, as she puts it, "He came from a classical place at the piano and so did I. He played synthesizer and so did I. But mainly it was because his lyrics just seemed so incredibly honest and compassionate. And vocally, it felt like he was singing just to you."

Though based in New York City, Rachael has recently been spending more time in England, where she's developed a strong fan-base by performing at events such as the Cornbury Music Festival, London Pride and London Acoustic Music Festival as well as larger tours with a variety of artists including Judy Collins, Sadie & The Hotheads (featuring Elizabeth McGovern) and John Barrowman.

"I just love performing, and any captive audience is one I feel fortunate to have a chance to engage and hopefully, uplift. I'm one of those introverted extroverts who feels most comfortable on stage, and after gigs I love meeting people and hearing their reactions to the music. I can't wait to meet fellow Howard Jones fans, both on and off the stage."

Choreographic by Rachael Sage

Rachael has just released her new album ‘Choreographic’ which features top-notch musicians including violinists Rachel Golub (Adele) and Lyris Hung (Indigo Girls), cellist Dave Eggar (A Great Big World), drummer Doug Yowell (Joe Jackson), guitarist James Mastro (Ian Hunter) and Jack Petruzelli (Rufus Wainwright). Featuring 13 brand-new tracks, the album was co-produced by Sage and Grammy® winner Andy Zulla (Idina Menzel, Rod Stewart) and engineered by Grammy® nominee John Shyloski (Johnny Winter, Diana Ross).

A special bonus track, a charming rendition of Carole King’s “So Far Away”, is also available exclusively on the UK physical version.

 For Your Chance to Win

Tell us the name
of Rachael Sage’s new album?

   a) Acrobatic
   b) Stereophonic
   c) Melodramatic
   d) Choreographic

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of Rachael Sage's new album? Then send in your answer together with your full name, address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address as shown below:

* Please label your entry
Rachael Sage Competition

* This competition is open to our
UK readers only


U2 Joshua Tree
Tour for 2017

U2 by Anton Corbijn

Live Nation has announced that U2 will return to select stadiums this year with U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the band’s seminal album. The tour hits Europe with a show in Twickenham on 8th July and will see the band bring The Joshua Tree back to Dublin’s Croke Park on 22nd July - 30 years since they made a memorable return to their hometown with the original Joshua Tree Tour, playing two very special sold out shows at the Jones’ Road venue in June 1987.

Each show on the tour will include a performance of The Joshua Tree in its entirety, with support in the UK and Europe from special guest Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, with Noel saying, “It will be both a pleasure and an honour to play my part in what still remains the greatest show on earth.”

The Joshua Tree by U2

Released to universal acclaim on March 9th 1987 and featuring hit singles “With Or Without You”,“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “Where The Streets Have No Name”, The Joshua Tree went to #1 in the U.K, Ireland and around the world, selling in excess of 25 million albums, and catapulting Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr “… from heroes to superstars” (Rolling Stone).

Time Magazine put U2 on its cover in April 1987, proclaiming them “Rock’s Hottest Ticket” in a defining year for the band that saw their arena dates roll into stadium shows to accommodate escalating demand - setting them on course to become one of the greatest live acts in the world today.

The 12 months that followed saw the band create now-iconic moments: the traffic-stopping Grammy Award-winning music video on the roof of a Los Angeles liquor store, winning a BRIT Award and two Grammys - including Album of the Year - their first of 22 received to date, distinguishing U2 as the most awarded rock band in Grammy history; as well as a triumphant return home for four unforgettable shows in Belfast, Dublin and Cork in the summer of 1987.

U2’s fifth studio album The Joshua Tree was produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, and featured iconic artwork which cemented the career of photographer and director Anton Corbijn. Recording took place in Dublin at Windmill Lane Studios and Danesmoate, the house which subsequently became bassist Adam Clayton’s home.

“The original was such a ground-breaking tour, the one people always ask about. I’m thrilled that the band can celebrate The Joshua Tree in this way with the fans, the time is right,” says Arthur Fogel, President - Global Touring and Chairman - Global Music, Live Nation.

“It seems like we have come full circle from when The Joshua Tree songs were originally written, with global upheaval, extreme right wing politics and some fundamental human rights at risk. To celebrate the album – as the songs seem so relevant and prescient of these times too - we decided to do these shows, it feels right for now. We’re looking forward to it,” says The Edge.

“Recently I listened back to The Joshua Tree for the first time in nearly 30 years… it’s quite an opera. A lot of emotions which feel strangely current, love, loss, broken dreams, seeking oblivion, polarisation… all the greats… I’ve sung some of these songs a lot… but never all of them. I’m up for it, if our audience is as excited as we are… it’s gonna be a great night. Especially when we play at home. Croke Park… it’s where the album was born, 30 years ago.”- Bono

For tour and ticket information visit: and

* U2 photograph by by Anton Corbijn

         Get a taster of the
   tour with our video

      Click on arrow to watch


Jesse & Joy Release Debut Album

Jesse & Joy

With a string of Grammys, No1 hits and 1.5 plus billion views on YouTube, Mexican brother and sister Jesse & Joy have been the hottest band in Latin America for the last decade and show no sign of slowing down with their recent Grammy 2017 nomination for Best Latin Pop Album.

2016 has been a momentous year for Jesse & Joy with their first ever UK singles, ‘Echoes of Love’ and ‘More Than Amigos’ storming the UK’s airwaves with both being playlisted on BBC Radio 2. ‘Helpless’, a dark pop-Americana ballad is the third single before the release of their eponymous debut UK album. ‘Jesse & Joy’, the pair’s first dual-language album, will contain songs from their past four studio releases. ‘Dueles’ the Spanish version of ‘Helpless’ has already reached 59 million views on YouTube, taking the duo’s total views to 1.5 billion (and counting).

Jesse & Joy

The Independent described album opener ‘Echoes of Love’ as “true to their Latin/folk roots while introducing a distinctly Adele-style epicness to the vocals”. The original Spanish version ‘Ecos de Amor’ appeared on their fourth studio work ‘Un Besito Más’ (One More Kiss), winner of the Latin Grammy (2016) for Best Pop Vocal Album. Produced by Fraser T Smith, Martin Terefe (Jason Mraz, James Morrison, Shawn Mendes) and Jesse, ‘Un Besito Mas’ debuted at number 1 across Latin American and on the US Latin Chart

‘La De La Mala Suerte’, which featured on Jesse & Joy’s third studio album ‘¿Con quién se queda el perro?’ (Who Does The Dog Stay With?), also makes it onto the new album. The song has reached almost 167 million views on YouTube, while the album was nominated for Album of the Year and won Best Contemporary Pop Album at The Latin Grammy awards in 2012, as well as being nominated for Best Latin Pop Album at the 2013 Grammys. The album is now certified 3x platinum in Mexico and is also platinum in the US, Argentina and Chile

Closing this new album is ‘¡Corre!’ (its English version ‘Run’ also features on the record), an emotional piano driven ballad which was top of the radio charts for 14 weeks and picked up Song Of The Year and Record of The Year at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards.

Established in both South and North America the duo have a huge fanbase, 2.85+ million YouTube subscribers, 15+ million likes on Facebook, 5+ million Twitter followers. The duo also recently celebrated signing a management deal with Enrique Iglesias and his business partner Fernando Giaccardi in a joint management venture with Red Light Management.

Enrique says, “I’ve been a fan of Jesse and Joy for quite some time. They are a truly talented act who never fail to impress me with their live performances and beautiful crafted songs. Joy’s voice alongside Jesse’s artistry is a powerful match.”

Along with their off-the-scale success in Latin America, Jesse & Joy have also been rapidly growing a fan base across the US having sold-out shows in Miami, NYC, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston and L.A. Jesse & Joy made their SXSW debut in Austin TX this year performing at Spotify House alongside CHVRCHES, Kacey Musgraves, Miguel and Lukas Graham.

Jesse & Joy

Born in Mexico City, siblings Jesse & Joy began seriously writing songs when they were in their late teens, sitting down together with their father to see what they could produce. With Jesse on guitar, piano, drums, and background vocals and Joy on vocals and guitar, the duo practiced constantly, hard work that paid off when they were signed to Warner Music Mexico in April 2005.

For Jesse & Joy their music is also a tool to promote peace and non-violence throughout Latin American communities. Their efforts were recently recognised by Yoko Ono’s Non-Violence Project Foundation and they were awarded The Voice of Peace accolade in celebration of the organisation’s 30th anniversary. The pop duo is truly exceptional. Joy’s extraordinary and unique voice, Jesse’s outstanding musical talent and their joint ability to compose such passionate arrangements combine to create heartfelt stories in the form of music.

For more information click on