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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win The Professionals Mk1 on DVD

Win The Professionals Mk1 on DVD

The great iconic series of the 70s

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Network Distributing to offer three lucky readers the chance to win The Professionals Mk1 on DVD.

The long-awaited and highly anticipated digital restoration of the cult TV series will be available on Blu-ray, DVD & iTunes. Experience it as you have never seen or heard before.

Relive some of the best car chases ever featured on TV in the action packed classic 70s series The Professionals, starring Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins as the crime busting legends Bodie and Doyle.

The Professionals Mk1 has been restored with brand new high definition transfers

The Professionals Mk1 has been restored to have:

· Brand new, High Definition transfers and restorations from the original negatives.
· Brand new high definition restored from camera-original negatives.
· Brand new 5.1 tracks from original sound elements.
· Remastered original as-broadcast mono tracks.
· Remastered music-only tracks featuring Laurie Johnson’s original scores.
· Reinstated original main and end titles.
· Certification 15.

The Professionals Mk1 Deluxe Edition is also available as a numbered, limited edition, deluxe box set which can be ordered direct from Network

About The Professionals

Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins in The Professionals

Bodie and Doyle need little by way of introduction, but if the series had at all escaped you since its debut in 1977, their boss George Cowley, head of CI5 couldn't put it more succinctly than his opening gambit: "…anarchy, acts of terror, crimes against the public.

"To combat it I've got special men experts from the army, the police, from every service. These are The Professionals".

Featuring the perfect ensemble cast of Martin Shaw, Gordon Jackson (completely against type here) and the much-missed Lewis Collins, the series ran for 57 action-packed episodes and made an immediate impact on British and then international audiences, which has been sustained for 35 years.

Painstakingly restored from the camera-original negatives, the series could have been made yesterday. No matter how many times you have seen The Professionals, the series has never looked this good.

Review by Simon Fine

Martin Shaw, Gordon Jackson and Lewis Collins in The Professionals

The Professionals was an action-packed British television drama series which was aired from 1977 to 1983. In all, 57 episodes were produced. It starred Martin Shaw as former police officer Doyle, Lewis Collins as ex-SAS Bodie and Gordon Jackson as their boss George Cowley playing agents of the fictional CI5.

Packed with car chases, guns, fights and politically-incorrect attitudes which drew criticism from Mary Whitehouse, the Professionals was one of the most popular series of its time. What I particularly enjoyed watching in these DVDs was the gentle humour, dubious fashions of the times, dodgy hair-dos and recognising the top cast of stars, such as Pamela Stephenson, playing supporting roles.

It was also wonderful to relive Bodie and Doyle’s dry wit and their friction with the gritty and often humourless Cowley. The street scenes, the cars and fashions of 35 years ago are also eye-opening and wonderfully nostalgic.

The picture and sound quality are a massive improvement on the originals and add greatly to the overall enjoyment. This is really something special.

As well as 13 episodes in brilliantly restored high-definition pictures and re-mastered sound, the set contains many extras including interviews with Shaw, Collins and series creator Brian Clemens and a wealth of photographs from each episode.

This is a must watch for the many fans of The Professionals and all lovers of vintage TV everywhere.

The Professionals Mk1

The Professionals Mk1 is available on Blu-ray and DVD from 31st March.

It is also available on
iTunes in SD & HD from 17th March 2014.

Network Distributing

 For Your Chance to Win

Just tell us which famous actor played Bodie and Doyle's boss, George Cowley in The Professionals?

a) Peter Falk
b) John Nettles
c) Gordon Jackson
d) Dennis Waterman

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us which famous actor played Bodie and Doyle's boss, George Cowley in The Professionals?
Then send in your answer, with your full name, postal address
and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry
The Professionals Competition

* This competition is open to
our UK readers only


Martin Clunes and a Lion Called Mugie

Martin Clunes

              Friday 4th April, ITV1

Martin Clunes joins a mission set to make wildlife history by returning endangered lions to a remote part of Kenya in a new documentary for ITV: Martin Clunes & A Lion Called Mugie.

It is 25 years since lions roamed in the Kora National Reserve where legendary conservationist George Adamson set up a camp to rescue lions and release them back into the wild. The heartbreaking but successful story of rescuing orphaned cub Elsa became internationally famous in the blockbuster film Born Free, based on the iconic book written by George’s wife Joy.


Tony Fitzjohn worked closely with George, and continues to work in wildlife conservation. He has lovingly rebuilt George’s original camp, Kampi Ya Simba, in the Kora National Reserve, abandoned after he was murdered by Somali bandits in 1989. Tony picks up where he and George left off all those years ago, with the aim of releasing captive and orphaned lions back into the wild with the support of the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Martin Clunes with Virginia McKenna

     Martin with Virginia McKenna

Martin Clunes has had a close friendship with Tony since they met 20 years ago when they released Nina, a zoo elephant, back into the wild. In this documentary Martin travels to Kenya to visit Tony and to meet his first lion cub to be brought to the Kora camp for 25 years.


The Crimson Field
Oona Chaplin in The Crimson Field

Starts 5th April, BBC ONE

Sarah Phelps's gripping new drama presents one of the Great War’s untold stories. In a tented field hospital on the coast of France, a team of doctors, nurses and women volunteers work together to heal the bodies and souls of men wounded in the trenches.

The hospital is a frontier: between the battlefield and home front, but also between the old rules, hierarchies, class distinctions and a new way of thinking.

In the first episode, Kitty Trevelyan tries to put the troubles of her past behind her as she joins two other girls, Flora Marshall and Rosalie Berwick, to volunteer at one of the busiest war hospitals in Northern France.

For the hospital workers, it’s a daily battle to patch the men up and keep the war machine churning. Staff numbers are low and the volunteers are desperately needed, yet there are some who see these women as more of a threat than a lifeline.

It’s not just the girls who are causing a stir. One particular patient is facing certain death but resisting it with all the strength he can muster. Alongside him lies the shell-shocked form of Lance Corporal Prentiss. He may be physically unmarked but this war has damaged him badly, and the staff are at a loss as to how to treat him.

As the three volunteer nurses settle into their first day, it soon becomes clear that no training could ever have prepared them for the reality of working near the Front Line. Before the day draws to an end, the hospital sees the arrival of Sister Joan Livesey, but it remains to be seen whether her modern approach will be welcomed...

Hermione Norris talks about her role as Matron Grace Carter

Hermione Norris as Matron Grace Carter with Kerry Fox as Sister Margaret Quayle

     Hermione Norris is pictured left with
     Kerry Fox as Sister Margaret Quayle

How did you initially become involved with The Crimson Field?

"I read Sarah Phelps’s script which was amazing – it’s probably the best script I’ve read in years. It’s just beautifully crafted, beautiful characters, and I really wanted to be a part of it."

Can you tell us what The Crimson Field is about?

"Sarah Phelps has written the most extraordinary script about a group of men and women in a field hospital in France in World War One. A time of great loss and suffering, it’s about people coming in and out of the hospital, and how the nurses and the men relate to each other."

How would you describe Grace Carter?

"Grace Carter is Matron of the hospital. She’s a fierce disciplinarian, but she has a heart of gold, and is interested in the healing of the men, not just the military discipline – running a military hospital. She’s forward-thinking as well with the way she treats the men, and she’s also has a past which is quite hidden."

In the first episode, we see the arrival of the VADs. What is her opinion of them?

"The War started in the summer and everyone thought it would be over by Christmas, so I think a lot of the nurses felt in amongst such carnage that unskilled help would be no help at all – actually it would be a hindrance. So some of the nursing staff were against the VADs coming, but obviously as the War went on, they really needed all the help that they could get. As the young girls come in and prove themselves, obviously everyone is very grateful for their help."

In the drama, Grace runs the hospital with Roland. What is the dynamic like between Grace and Roland?

"Roland Brett has appointed Grace Matron over and above the character Margaret, which causes quite a lot of conflict with Margaret – but they get on really well. They have a similar attitude and outlook to the men, the care of the men, and I think they genuinely really like each other and respect each other enormously."

Who else are Grace’s allies in the hospital?

"Well I always thought Grace was quite on her own actually. She has this wonderful relationship with Roland Brett, but apart from him – I suppose it’s that thing of being responsible for all of the nursing staff, and therefore having to be slightly detached and to make quite tough decisions, sometimes she is quite isolated within that. And although Margaret has been her caretaker if you like, she’s not really a safe person for Grace so I do think she’s quite isolated sometimes and quite lonely."

Did you have to do much research into the First World War for the role?

"When I got cast in it, I felt a huge sense of responsibility like nothing else I’ve ever done before. The First World War is such a huge subject matter, it affects people still – personally. I’ve read a huge amount but it’s just vast! You could read until you were 90 probably and still not feel certificated or qualified to talk about it."

Was there anything from the research that really stood out for you?

"I think what stands out most is the human suffering - all that human loss. Just that level of suffering without any anaesthetic, and attitudes then – now we have post-traumatic stress, combat stress. What those men went through and what that generation witnessed, and a generation of women losing a generation of husbands, boys and sons."

Do you know if your family were involved in the First World War?

"Yes, my grandfather fought in the First World War and lost a lot of his brothers in the trenches, and I remember being four and he was very confused. He was sitting on the kitchen floor calling out to boys in the trenches. He asked me to come and sit with him, and being four, I thought I’ll go and sit with him and keep him company, and my Grandma saying, “Oh he’s calling out to the boys again.” And that was sort of normal for him, every year he’d have to go to hospital and have shrapnel removed from his leg – severe injuries from the First World War. What those people did in the name of duty, and then returning to normal civilian life. It’s just beyond imagining really."

The set for The Crimson Field was incredible. Can you remember what it was like the first time you visited it?

"The set is amazing. I remember it was Kevin Doyle who said ‘come on we’ll show you round. The set designer just did a beautiful job. You couldn’t not be moved, and that didn’t ever go away, every day you walked on set. It was like a huge active remembrance of the First World War every day really."

In terms of your costume, what was that like? Were you corseted?

"Yes my costume was corseted - when women were doing that kind of labour, or looking after very ill men, bloodied and septic, in their corsets and cuffs and starch, they had to be immaculate because the uniform represents the Army. The nurses and the care, and having to maintain that discipline amongst that carnage – it all just makes me reflect what all those people went through."

Is there a big difference between doing costume drama and modern-day drama?

"Costume drama takes a lot longer, and it’s much more uncomfortable when you’re waiting around! It can take hours of preparation and everything just takes longer. It’s tougher because there’s a lot of time waiting around in a corset in the searing heat or the freezing cold. It’s not a comfortable experience."

Oona Chaplin talks about her role as Kitty Trevelyan

Oona Chaplin as Kitty Trevelyan

What is Kitty like?

"Kitty is quite a complex character, she carries quite a lot of trauma in her. It comes out progressively as the story goes on. She is very much a strong and opinionated and wild anarchic character but she has been constrained by class and circumstance. It is interesting to see how the different facets of her character reveal themselves according to the situation."

Kitty is a VAD, what does that mean?

"Kitty is a VAD, which stands for Volunteer Aid Detachment. It was essentially a group posh ladies who felt a call of duty and they volunteered as helping hands around the hospitals. They weren’t trained nurses but they were trained how to make beds, how to cook and how to look after people. It’s a lovely sentiment behind what the characters do."

How do we meet Kitty in the first episode?

"A little bit of mystery surrounds Kitty in the first episode because the series begins with her throwing her wedding ring into the sea off a beautiful boat that is just arriving in France. You don’t know quite where you are or who these people are but it’s a very strong beginning, a very good introduction to the characters certainly and hopefully the series as well."

Kitty joins with two other VADs. How does she get on with the other VADs and nurses?

"There are three VADs in the hospital. One of them, Flora, is very young and adorable, she is cute and enthusiastic and I think Kitty quite likes her because she’s such an endearing character. The other character is Rosalie Berwick who is very stuck up and goody two shoes. I think Kitty thinks she’s very insincere in the beginning, they have a bit of conflict - which does resolve itself.

"Kitty is quite prickly. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly, she has been through so much she doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone. It makes her an interesting character to be - she’s quite forward and rude at times."

What’s it like filming on such an evocative set?

"They’ve built a hospital and immediately you don’t have to imagine anything. You go outside and it’s raining and it’s muddy and despite being very lucky with the weather it has been challenging. In a way it has helped the story."

What is your costume like to wear?

"I have to say the shoes are hell, they have so many laces. The corsets get a bit tight after lunch especially. It’s wonderful to wear the same thing over and over again because sometimes and especially with period you spend hours and hours in wardrobe.

"It has been really good just to have the uniform so you can focus on your performance. Luckily they’re very pretty so the uniforms are a blessing."

What research have you done to prepare to play Kitty?

"I have been lucky in that it has been very easy to get the character from the script. Sarah has written very three-dimensional people so even out of context you can still relate to them, they’re very universal. I expected I’d have to do more research than I did. I read some diaries of the VADs but the scripts say it all – I think Sarah’s scripts are enough."

About The Crimson Field

The Crimson Field

The Crimson Field stars Joan Livesey played by Suranne Jones, Kitty Trevelyan played by Oona Chaplin, Matron Grace Carter played by Hermione Norris, Flora Marshall played by Alice St. Clair, Rosalie Berwick played by Marianne Oldham, Sister Margaret Quayle played by Kerry Fox, Lieutenant-Colonel Roland Brett played by Kevin Doyle, Orderly Corporal Peter Foley played by Jack Gordon, Captain Miles Hesketh-Thorne played by Alex Wyndham, Captain Thomas Gillan played by Richard Rankin, and Quartermaster Sergeant Reggie Soper played by Jeremy Swift.

The series has six, hour long episodes, and is a BBC Drama Production for BBC One, distributed by Endemol Worldwide Distribution. It was shot on location in Wiltshire and was commissioned for BBC One by Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama and Danny Cohen, former Controller, BBC One, now Director of Television.

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The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show

The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show

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Doctors and world leading beauticians will explain the latest procedures with live demonstrations of cutting edge treatments, organic skincare and facial yoga.

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Shaun Evans as Endeavour

Watch it on ITV1

Shaun Evans (The Take, The Last Weekend) returns in the lead role as young Morse, with Roger Allam (The Thick of It, Parade’s End) as his senior Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, in the second series of Endeavour, the phenomenally successful ITV crime drama and prequel to Inspector Morse.

The new series of Endeavour will comprise 4 x 120 minute films; Trove, Nocturne, Sway, and Neverland. All four are written by acclaimed screenwriter and Morse contributor, Russell Lewis. Colin Dexter, whose first Morse story was published in 1975, continues his association

Writer Russell Lewis said: "1966 brings Endeavour a fresh quartet of baffling mysteries set to test his brain and body to breaking point. Though offset by the possibility of love unlooked for, against a backdrop of growing change in Britain and the wider world, Endeavour must face a challenge that threatens to take from him all he holds dear... Family. Friends. Colleagues. The old order changeth... but not without a fight. To the death."

Endeavour debuted in 2012 as a feature length story to celebrate the 25th anniversary of inspector Morse. This became the highest performing new drama title to air on ITV that year.

The first full series of Endeavour screened earlier in 2013, with each of the four episodes averaging 7.0m and a 25% share, making it one of the best performing drama series on ITV so far this year alongside Broadchurch and Mr Selfridge.

Shaun Evans with Abigail Thaw as Dorothea Frazil

Shaun Evans with Abigail Thaw as Dorothea Frazil

In episode two - Nocturne on Sunday 6th April, we go back to July 1966. World Cup fever grips the nation, as Argentina face off against England in the quarterfinals. In a sleepy corner of an Oxford museum, a septet of schoolgirls saunters through the worldly exhibits. But in a closed-off enclave, a blade slashes, blood sprays crimson and a man falls to his death...

DC Endeavour Morse is one of the first on the scene in the killing of Adrian Weiss, an elderly gentleman with a specialism in heraldry and genealogy. His throat laid open, Weiss was slain by a katar - a ceremonial dagger with links to nineteenth century British India. The weapon will prove key to unlocking Weiss' final hours.

The mystery propels Endeavour to the Blythe Mount School for Girls; an establishment isolated in the summer months save for a skeleton staff and a handful of pupils. A funereal pall hanging over the school stokes the young detective's sense of dread. He returns home to find an instruction ('SAVE ME') slipped into his coat pocket. Endeavour digs into the building's troubled history, determining a connection between Weiss' untimely fate and a series of murders on the Blythe Mount grounds. Murders that transpired almost a hundred years ago to the day and presently unsolved. Tensions teeter over a knife-edge when one of the seven girls disappears into the night, without trace or explanation.

As the centenary of the murders loom and the malign presence within the school quickens its pace, with devastating consequences, Endeavour must retrace the hanging threads of Weiss' remaining research. Spectres from the past threaten to crash into the present and the bounds of the young detective's rational mind are tested.


Rev Returns for Third Series

Olivia Colman with Tom Hollander in Rev

Watch it on BBC TWO

Rev returns for a third series that asks big questions of the Reverend Adam Smallbone (Tom Hollander) as he and his wife Alex (the double Bafta-winning Olivia Colman) adjust to life as new parents in the inner city parish of St Saviour’s, Hackney.

How will Adam cope with parenthood on top of his small but demanding congregation? Can he manage being a father and a Father?

Olivia Colman with Tom Hollander in Rev

The new series brings a host of new and returning characters to meet St Saviour’s band of lost but loveable misfits in six exciting new episodes that see Adam pushed to the limits of priestly endurance. Can he continue to fight the good fight against indifference, the worst aspects of his institution and his own tendency towards temptation? And as his huge rather empty church continues to crumble around him, can Adam win the battle to keep it open with a tiny congregation and paltry collection plate?

Rejoining Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman are the ensemble cast of Simon McBurney (Archdeacon Robert), Miles Jupp (Nigel, the Lay Reader), Steve Evets and Ellen Thomas (Colin and Adoha, of the St Saviour's congregation), Lucy Liemann (Ellie, Head Teacher at the local school) and Jimmy Akingbola (Mick, the resident vagrant).

Hugh Bonneville with Tom Hollander in Rev

  Hugh Bonneville with Tom Hollander

Hugh Bonneville reprises his ongoing guest role as Adam Smallbone's arch nemesis, Roland Wise, and Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine become series regulars as Jill and Geri, the Area Dean and Diocesan Secretary who have St Saviour’s firmly in their sights for possible redevelopment. Dexter Fletcher guest stars as Mike Tobin, a Turner award-winning artist who befriends Adam in unusual circumstances, and Kayvan Novak also guest stars as a local Imam.