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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win Dvořák - in Love? with Julian Lloyd Webber

Win Dvořák - Love? with Julian Lloyd Webber

Available on DVD for the first time from 7th July 2014

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Firefly to offer three lucky readers the chance to win Dvořák - Love? with Julian Lloyd Webber on DVD.

The Cello Concerto by Dvořák is one of the most popular concertos ever written and one of Dvořák's last ever works, but a strange and rather tragic story lies behind its composition. Renowned director Tony Palmer investigates the story behind the music in the wonderful Dvořák - In Love? which makes its DVD debut courtesy of Firefly.

Julian Lloyd Webber

In the early 1980s Tony Palmer visited Prague looking for books about Dvořák, at the time Czechoslovakia's most famous composer, surprisingly there were none.

In September 1988 he filmed a new recording of the Cello Concerto in Prague performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, which was conducted by the great Czech maestro V
áclav Neumann with the soloist Julian Lloyd Webber, already making a reputation as one of the leading British cellists of his generation. Tony went on to explore how this stunning piece of music came to existence.

Julian Lloyd Webber

Dvořák - In Love? was originally a co-production with Czechoslovak Television in 1988, but when they saw the finished film and its implied political message, they explained that it could not be shown in  Communist ruled Czechoslovakia.

Two  years later the Russians finally withdrew, and this film was the very first documentary to be shown on the newly-uncensored Czech television.

Julian Lloyd Webber

The relevance of what Dvořák has to say through his Cello Concerto about political developments in Eastern Europe today could hardly be more relevant.

Dvořák - In Love? comes to DVD for the first time on 7th July 2014. RRP is Ł12.99.

 For Your Chance to Win

Just tell us which famous cellist features in
Dvořák - In Love?

a) Jamie Cullum
b) Jules Holland
c) Justin Timberlake
d) Julian Lloyd Webber

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us which famous cellist features in Dvořák - In Love?
Then send in your answer, together with your full name, address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry
Dvorak - In Love? Competition

* This competition is open to
our UK readers only


Inside Asprey Luxury by Royal Appointment

Asprey Sales Manager, Craig holding an incredible rare Fancy Yellow Diamond ring worth Ł2.4 million

Thursday 3rd July, ITV1

On one of London's most prestigious streets stands, Asprey, a British institution which has been trading its brand of luxury for over 230 years.

Popular with super-rich clientele who's desire for the finest quality along with a personalised service means that they are willing to pay a painfully high premium to buy into the brand.

With exclusive access we'll follow the fortunes of the staff, the store and its customers over one summer. We see the upstairs/downstairs world of the super-elite and the people who serve them.

The picture at the top shows Asprey Sales Manager, Craig holding an incredible rare Fancy Yellow Diamond ring worth Ł2.4 million.

The story is centred on the 5 floors of the Asprey building on New Bond Street.

Visual Merchandising Manager Martin holds an Ł80,000 blue hand bag from selection of hand bags in the Asprey private collection

Visual Merchandising Manager Martin holds an Ł80,000 blue hand bag from selection of hand bags in the Asprey private collection

We meet the sales team as they lure VIP customers to a Private Handbag Sale' featuring one-of-akind, jewel-encrusted bags with an average price of Ł33,000.

In the workshop above the store we see the silversmiths bucking the trend of mass production by still making much of the store's merchandise by hand. And we experience the difficulties of designing and crafting a three-piece jewellery suite to hit the shop floor on schedule.

Aspreys Doorman Ola welcomes visitors to the prestigious Bond Street store

Aspreys Doorman Ola welcomes visitors to the prestigious Bond Street store

This documentary reveals the ups and the downs of a great British brand and delivers high drama, high society, and a fascinating insight into the world of uber luxury.


Love Your Garden
Alan Titchmarsh

Watch it in July on ITV1

Alan Titchmarsh and the team - David Domoney, Frances Tophill and Kate Rushworth - return for a new series of the hit gardening show. Not only will they be transforming unloved spaces into dream gardens for some very special people but they’ll also be sharing ideas, tips and practical demonstrations that will encourage everyone to get out and enjoy their own gardens.

In the second episode of the series on Tuesday July 1st, 7.30pm - 8.30pm, Alan comes to the aid of a family who were able to move on from the tragic loss of their young son by founding a charity to support other bereaved families. Their large plot has become overgrown and underused so while Alan changes it into the garden of their dreams he's helped by David Domoney, who shows how to tackle a towering leylandii hedge, Frances Tophill who creates a beautiful kitchen garden and Katie Rushworth who plants a new mixed flowering hedge.

David Domoney, Ian Estwick Alan Titchmarsh and Claire Estwick celebrate the Estwick's new garden with a glass of champagne

David Domoney, Ian Estwick Alan Titchmarsh and Claire Estwick celebrate the Estwick's new garden with a glass of champagne

Five years ago Claire and Ian Estwick were a happy family with two young boys. But tragedy struck when their youngest son, 23-month-old Daniel, died in hospital from septicaemia. Devastated by their loss, the family returned home with only their memories of Daniel and prints of his hands and feet.

Determined to ease the suffering of other parents in a similar situation the couple started a charity which gives out hand crafted boxes that can be filled with photos and personal items, becoming a much needed focus for the bereaved in the days, weeks and months after a loss. But running the charity and fund-raising mean that caring for their large L shaped garden has had to take a back seat.

Alan Titchmarsh cools off while drawing inspiration for the Estwick Family's new garden

Alan Titchmarsh cools off while drawing inspiration for the Estwick Family's new garden

The garden is currently a confused mix of children's play equipment, a broken down greenhouse and a few significant but overgrown shrubs and trees. So having seen the state it’s in for himself and then packed the couple off for a few days, Alan sets about transforming it into four distinct but linked areas that will give this inspirational family an entertaining area, kitchen garden, tranquil seating area and enough lawn to still enjoy a kick about.

In the third episode Alan is in Burton Upon Trent and comes to the aid of the McGinn family whose life was turned upside down when dad, Pete, was seriously injured in the course of his duty as a police officer. It left him with severe leg injuries and unable to look after the back garden he desperately wanted to sort out for his family.

David Domoney tackles the awkward slope in the garden

David Domoney tackles the awkward slope in the garden

In the course of transforming the garden Alan gives a master class on how to get a tropical feel using plants that can survive the British winter, David Domoney tackles the awkward slope using a series of floating decks and Frances Tophill and Katie Rushworth create raised beds full of grasses.

Katie Rushworth wheels a barrow of new plants into the McGinn's garden

Katie Rushworth wheels a barrow of new plants into the McGinn's garden

Pete McGinn had a been a front line police officer for 10 years before a routine patrol last June would change his life forever. Whilst trying to arrest a suspected burglar he was dragged along the road and slammed into a lamppost. He suffered serious injuries to his legs and pelvis and at one point had a life threatening blood clot. One year on he is enduring further operations and a gruelling physio-therapy regime.

Just before his accident he had been looking forward to transforming the garden from a place to kick a football into something a bit more stylish. But with mum Suzy now looking after Pete, their autistic daughter Amelia and their two sons, the garden had become an unloved space with the couple too embarrassed to invite friends over.

Suzy McGinn, Alan Titchmarsh and Pete McGinn share champagne at the reveal of the McGinns' new garden

Suzy McGinn, Alan Titchmarsh and Pete McGinn share champagne at the reveal of the McGinns' new garden

So Alan and the team pack the family off for a few days and set to work making over the plot. To cope with the slope, they create a series of decking terraces and sitting areas linked by boardwalks.

Alan Titchmarsh with the Love Your Garden team

          The Love Your Garden team
Luxurious planting gives an exotic holiday feel and the addition of a hot tub should provide the family with somewhere to relax.

But that’s if the team can get it into the garden in the first place and also if the damp Staffordshire weather doesn’t hamper the build too much.

Watch Love Your Garden on ITV1 in July and see what happens!

The Tour de France
Chris Boardman and Ned Boulting

Saturday July 5th ITV1

ITV will bring viewers extensive live coverage of the 101st Tour de France, which begins on Saturday July 5th in Yorkshire.

Chris Boardman and Ned Boulting are shown above on the Stray Harrogate.

Presenter Gary Imlach and reporters Ned Boulting and Matt Rendell are joined by cycling legend Chris Boardman. Commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen will be there for the 21-stage race, which starts outside Leeds Town Hall and ends at its traditional home, the Champs-Elysees in Paris, on Sunday July 27th.

Live action from the first three stages based in England, running from Leeds to Harrogate, York to Sheffield, and Cambridge to London, will be shown on ITV and ITV4, with daily live coverage of the rest of the Tour to be shown on ITV4.

It is the fifth time ITV4 has screened daily live coverage and extended highlights of the Tour, with a total of 98 hours of cycling to be shown during the event. Last year, ITV signed a new deal to show cycling's showpiece event until 2019.

This year's Tour covers 3,664 kilometres and will visit the Alps and the Pyrenees before finishing in Paris.

Last year's winner Chris Froome and sprint specialist Mark Cavendish are hotly tipped to perform well on the Tour after 2012 champion Sir Bradley Wiggins put his participation into severe doubt.


Nico Mirallegro as Johnjo O’Shea

Watch it on Sunday 6th July, 9.00-10.30pm BBC ONE 

When seventeen-year-old Johnjo O’Shea gives his friends an impromptu lift to a pizza parlour, he doesn’t expect to find himself charged with murder.

Jimmy McGovern’s new 90-minute film for BBC One, Common, is set in the north west of England and based on the UK’s controversial Joint Enterprise Law.

Seventeen-year-old Johnjo O’Shea gives his cousin Tony and some mates a last-minute lift in his brother Patrick’s car. They tell him they’re going for pizza, but Johnjo doesn’t know that they’re in fact going to ‘have a word’ with a local loudmouth who needs putting in his place.

As Johnjo waits in the car, one of their number, Kieran, takes offence with an innocent bystander Thomas - who is fatally stabbed.

Daniel Mays as Tommy Ward

         Daniel Mays as Tommy Ward

The murder victim is the eldest child of Margaret and Tommy, who has become estranged from his family after a bitter divorce. Struggling to make ends meet on her own, Margaret is nevertheless determined to give Thomas the send-off he deserves.

When Johnjo’s parents find out about the lift they’re horrified, and concerned for their naive son. As they argue about what he should tell the police, Johnjo makes his own way to the police station and asks for DI Hastings - a career copper used to doing battle with ‘no comment’.

Susan Lynch as Margaret Ward

       Susan Lynch as Margaret Ward

Hastings can’t believe his luck as Johnjo lays the blame squarely with Kieran. However, Hastings wants everyone possible to be tried for murder and with the Joint Enterprise doctrine at his disposal, that includes Johnjo.

In the battle for justice, Johnjo and his family find that not being present at the murder scene is no defence.

Sir Michael Gambon plays the Royal Courts Judge

          Sir Michael Gambon plays
               the Royal Courts Judge

The cast includes Nico Mirallegro (Johnjo O’Shea); Susan Lynch (Margaret Ward); Jodhi May (Coleen O’Shea); Daniel Mays (Tommy Ward); Andrew Tiernan (Peter O’Shea); Robert Pugh (DI Hastings); Michelle Fairley (Shelagh Wallace); Philip Hill Pearson (Tony Wallace); Andrew Ellis (Kieran Gillespie); Jack McMullen (Colin McCabe); Ben Smith (Patrick O’Shea); Louise Delamere (DC Pearson); Finn Atkins (Karen O’Shea); Samantha Oliver (Julie Ward); Harry McMullen (Thomas Ward) and Sir Michael Gambon (Royal Courts Judge).


The Honourable Woman

Maggie Gyllenhaal

With Maggie Gyllenhaal, Coming soon to BBC ONE 

Maggie Gyllenhaal (Frank, Crazy Heart, The Dark Knight, Secretary) plays the title role in The Honourable Woman from Hugo Blick (The Shadow Line) for BBC Two and Sundance TV.

The Honourable Woman is a new eight-part political thriller written, directed and produced by BAFTA-winning writer Hugo Blick, and marks Gyllenhaal’s first move into TV. Set against the present day backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, The Honourable Woman explores a range of complex and provocative themes of conflict, deception and betrayal on both a personal, human level as well as on the international and political stage.

Joining Maggie is a stellar international cast including: Stephen Rea (The Shadow Line), Lindsay Duncan (The Hollow Crown), Andrew Buchan (Broadchurch), Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd), Janet McTeer (The White Queen), Lubna Azabal (Occupation), Tobias Menzies (Game Of Thrones), Genevieve O’Reilly (Spooks) and Igal Naor (House Of Saddam).

Maggie Gyllenhaal & Andrew Buchan

  Maggie Gyllenhaal & Andrew Buchan

The series centres around Nessa Stein (Gyllenhaal)who is deeply troubled about past events that have haunted her. Stein is constantly battling a consuming internal conflict - for reconciliation with her past and her search for personal equilibrium. This struggle is manifested in her political activities, trying to reconcile a conflict that has equally haunted a region of the world, countless lives and political agendas for many years.

Nessa Stein’s father was a Zionist arms procurer, and as children, she and her brother Ephra (Buchan) witness his assassination. As an adult, inheriting her father’s company, she dramatically inverts its purpose from supplying arms to laying high-spec data cabling networks between Israel and the West Bank. Now in her thirties, her sudden appointment as a life peer, apparently due to her tireless promotion of projects for reconciliation between the Israelis and Palestinians, creates an international political maelstrom.

Andrew Buchan

                      Andrew Buchan

Polly Hill, Head of Independent Drama for the BBC, says, “Maggie Gyllenhaal makes a perfect Nessa Stein. Hugo Blick has created a complex character in Nessa, with an extraordinary story. The combination of Hugo’s stunning scripts and Maggie Gyllenhaal in the lead role is an exciting and powerful combination.”

Greg Brenman, Executive Producer for Drama Republic adds, “We have been fans of Hugo Blick for many years and are thrilled that this extraordinary project, boasting one of America’s leading ladies, is the first production for Drama Republic.”

Sarah Barnett, Sundance TV President says, “The Honourable Woman is scintillating drama: it is both a tightly plotted international political thriller and a superbly wrought character piece about hope, compromise, guilt and families. The talent both behind and in front of the camera is remarkable; we are so excited to present this brilliant and wildly entertaining mini-series to our viewers."

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rupert Frazer

  Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rupert Frazer

The drama is produced by new independent production company Drama Republic and Eight Rooks Productions for BBC Two and Sundance TV. The Honourable Woman is set in the UK and the Middle East, and will broadcast on BBC Two in July.

Controller of BBC Drama, Ben Stephenson with former Controller of BBC Two, Janice Hadlow, commissioned The Honourable Woman. BBC Worldwide holds international distribution rights. The series is written, directed and produced by Hugo Blick for Eight Rooks Productions. Executive Producers are Greg Brenman for Drama Republic and Polly Hill for the BBC. Abi Bach (Small Island) produces.