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Sixtyplusurfers Reviews

Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook
By Mary Berry
Review by Jenny Itzcovitz

Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook

Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook is the biggest ever cookbook from Britain's best loved cookery writer, which brings together over 650 reliable fuss-free recipes. Now updated with stunning photography and a fresh, new design, Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook is Mary's million-selling title and is the crowning glory of every cook's shelf.

Whether you are feeding a busy family or want to impress when entertaining a crowd, Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook offers endless inspiration for cooks with hundreds of recipes for every occasion. Alongside classic dishes like Beef Wellington and Bakewell Tart, there are simple family suppers like Three-Cheese Macaroni, more adventurous dinner party dishes, and plenty of delicious cakes and bakes, from Best Ever Brownies to Pink Almond Macarons.

Every recipe in Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook is now accompanied by stunning mouthwatering photography showing you what you can achieve in the kitchen with Mary's expert guidance. Each page is packed with Mary's easy to follow instructions and friendly advice, so that you can confidently recreate the finished dishes shown alongside every recipe.

Throughout the book, handy 'know-how' sections get you ready to cook and help you master the basics, like making flavourful stocks or cooking risotto rice to perfection, while Mary's 'Cook's know how' tips and illustrated technique panels ensure great results every time.

The calorie counts alongside each recipe ensure that every cook can make informed choices for their family, and the visual recipe chooser at the beginning of each chapter makes it easy to pick which delicious dish to try next. Whatever you want to make, be it a simple family meal or a dinner party to remember, Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook shows you how to make it like Mary.

I'm a big fan of Mary Berry, her recipes always work, taste fabulous, are straightforward and easy to follow. So I was delighted to receive her new Complete Cookbook which is great value with over 650 recipes.

Every page includes stunning photographs so that you can see how the finished recipe will look and how to serve it. I also like the 'Cook's know-how' tips which help you prepare the dish and avoid making mistakes. Mary has thought of everything. I also liked the three integral marker ribbons so you can find your chosen recipes quickly without losing your place.

My favourite recipes are Shepherd's Pie, Turkey Schnitzel, Winter Vegetable Soup, Cinnamon Rolls, Double Crust Apple Pie, Blueberry Puffs, Blueberry and Vanilla Muffins. There really is something for everyone in this book, depending on the occasion, your ability, time to cook, and the ingredients in your store cupboard.

Treat yourself to this glorious cookbook if you're looking for inspiration for family home cooking. It would also make a fabulous Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys cooking, baking, a student or someone who wants to sharpen up their cookery skills.

Mary Berry

                Author, Mary Berry

For more than four decades, Mary Berry CBE has brought her unfussy approach to cooking and baking into homes up and down Britain. Her television series have taught generations of home cooks, while her role as judge on the Great British Bake Off from 2010 to 2016 endeared her in the hearts of the nation.

She is a highly respected and bestselling cookery writer with over 80 books to her name and over 6 million sales worldwide, and her name has become a byword for honest, reliable recipes that anyone can follow. Mary Berry is the author of several DK books including Complete Cookbook, Cooks the Perfect, and Cookery Course.

Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook is published by DK. Price is £30 for the hardback.

For more information visit the website at

The House of Unexpected Sisters
By Alexander McCall Smith
Review by Jenny Itzcovitz

The House of Unexpected Sisters by Alexander McCall Smith

The House of Unexpected Sisters is the 18th book in the international hit series, The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency. In this new story, Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi are intrigued by the troubling dismissal of an employee at a thriving local business.

The ladies proceed with investigations as they are inclined to do, with Mma Makutsi's customary vigour, and Mma Ramotswe's rather more subtle caution. Soon enough, interesting discoveries are made with surprising results such as marital subterfuge, undue influence and commercial chicanery! Clearly, there is more to this dismissal than at first imagined.

While Mma Makutsi's focus, as self appointed Principal Investigating Office is firmly on the case, Mma Ramotswe's attention is diverted by personal matters. Not only has her disgraced ex-husband reappeared in town, but she has stumbled on an unsettling family secret of her own - one that might threaten what she holds closest to her heart.

I couldn't wait to read The House of Unexpected Sisters, the latest installment in the wonderful No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency and catch up with all my favourite characters in this charming series set in Botswana.

Alexander McCall Smith effortlessly captures the warmth of Mma Ramotswe and her friends Mma Makutsi who run the detective agency, and also her close friend Mma Potokwami who runs the Orphanage. He also brings to life the beauty of the country, it's colours, smells, lifestyle and culture, with their traditions, foods and sayings, giving the book a vivid and lively atmosphere.

This new story brings together all our favourite characters such as the ruthless Violet Sephotho, who is always lurking in the background. And also a few new characters to embrace and discover. The perfect escapist Winter read, curl up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and a slice of fruit cake and savour it. It would also make a welcome Christmas gift.

Alexander McCall Smith, photograph by Graham Clark

            Alexander McCall Smith
       photograph by Graham Clark

Alexander McCall Smith is one of the world's most dynamic, prolific and most popular authors. His career has been a varied one, for many years he was a professor of Medical Law and worked in universities in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Then, after the publication of The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency, he devoted his time to the writing of fiction and has seen his award-winning books become best sellers throughout the world. These include the Scotland Street novels, the Isabel Dalhousie novels, children's books and joyful non-fiction. In addition, he writes libretti, radio plays and has an interesting involvement in embroidery!

The House of Unexpected Sisters is published by Little Brown. Price is £18.99 for the hardback.

For more information about the book visit the website at

With a foreword by
Simon Reeve

Review by Jenny Itzcovitz

Journey, with a foreword by Simon Reeve

Humans have always been travellers. Long before the birth of air-travel, people have felt compelled to explore, whether for leisure or necessity. Individuals, families, even communities have toured the globe for centuries with many different intentions: discovery, migration, settlement, conquest, and even just intrigue. Journey is a lavishly illustrated guide to human movement and endeavour.

With a foreword by Simon Reeve, this worldwide visual account covers all aspects of travel and discovery, from how the height of Mount Everest was calculated to why Thomas Cook began organising travel for all.

Simon Reeve explains, “Innovation, brutal conquest, trade, settlement, and love flow from our innate urge to explore. Our journeys today can be a quest to distant lands or local ramblings around unknown hills that are close to home. Near or far, humans have always wanted to travel and discover.”

Journey encapsulates the excitement and romance of travel with evocative photographs, exotic souvenirs and stunning historic maps. Learn how a voluminous underskirt saved English explorer Mary Kingsley from a gruesome death and discover more about the life and times of explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Roald Amundsen, Hiram Bingham, and the man considered to be the original Indiana Jones: Roy Chapman Andrews.

With themes of migration, exploration, scientific discovery, development of transport and the rise of tourism, Journey charts how travel has changed over the years and celebrates humanity’s endeavours.

I was delighted to receive this beautiful new book with a compelling and thoughtful foreword by Simon Reeve.

The book is set out in easy to follow sections, looking at the history of travel, taking us through to modern day journeys, holidays and modes of transport. There's even a section on travel to the moon.

Packed with stunning photographs, relevant pictures, cuttings, old posters, advertisements, interesting facts and information, this is a fascinating reference book for all ages.

It would make a fabulous Christmas gift for someone special or a lovely coffee table book for anyone who is interesting in holidays, travel and intrepid journeys.

Simon Reeve

        Foreword by Simon Reeve, 
        photograph by Ruth Mayer

Simon Reeve is an adventurer and New York Times bestselling author who has travelled to more than 120 countries making multiple award-winning documentaries for the BBC. Simon has received a One World Broadcasting Trust Award for "an outstanding contribution to greater world understanding", and the prestigious Ness Award from the Royal Geographical Society.

His unique brand of documentaries, combining travel and adventure with global environmental, wildlife, and conservation issues, has taken him across jungles, deserts, mountains and oceans. He’s been undercover in repressive regimes, dodged bullets in war zones, and travelled through some of the most remote and beautiful regions of our planet.

Journey - An Illustrated History of Travel with a Foreword by Simon Reeve is published by DK. Price is £25 for the hardback.

For more information visit the website at


Secret Gardens
of East Anglia

By Barbara Segall
Review by Simon Fine

Secret Gardens of East Anglia by Barbara Segall

The skies, the light, the sea, the farmland and the coast make East Anglia unlike anywhere else in Britain, and offer the most amazing natural conditions in which to create gardens. In this richly illustrated hardback, horticulturalist Barbara Segall has selected twenty-two gardens which celebrate the culture, beauty and diversity of the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Introduced by eminent East Anglian plantswoman Beth Chatto, the gardens are brought to life by the words of Barbara Segall and the photographs of Marcus Harpur. For each garden we learn about the history of the property and the garden, we meet the owners and learn how they and their predecessors designed and developed their garden. There are a whole range of styles of planting, the use of colour, hedges, lawns, topiary, water features and architectural objects which reflect the personalities of the owners and the geography of the land.

There is enormous variety in the selected gardens. Helmingham Hall in Suffolk, covers several acres and features an impressive historic home, a moat and is surrounded by a deer park. The smallest is a bijou residence in Cambridge where a garden of 8 by 4 metres is crammed with colour and imaginative features. The most unusual is Winterton Lighthouse on the Norfolk coast.

All but one of the twenty-two gardens are open to the public either on a regular basis or under the National Gardens Scheme or by appointment. A handy map and details of openings are provided at the end of the book. What I found particularly impressive is the roughly equal balance between Barbara Segall’s well researched and in-depth description of each garden combined with Marcus Harpur’s brilliant rich photographs. It left me enthused to see as many of these wonderful gardens as possible.

Barbara Segall, photograph by Marcus Harpur

Author Barbara Segall, photograph
                by Marcus Harpur

Barbara Segall is a well-known horticulturist and garden writer. Her work appears in a number of popular publications such as The English Garden and the website Richard Jackson’s Garden. She is editor of The Horticulturist, the journal of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and also editor of Herbs magazine for The Herb Society.

Marcus Harpur is a contributing photographer to the RHS Garden Plant Selector and the Colourful Gardening series and principal photographer on titles such as How to Garden, Dream Gardens of England and The English Country House Garden

Secret Gardens of East Anglia is published by Frances Lincoln. Price is £20 for the hardback.

For more information about the book visit the website at


The Fitness Mindset
By Brian Keane
Review by Simon Fine

The Fitness Mindset by Brian Keane

Brian Keane went from being a primary school teacher in London to one of the top online fitness coaches in Ireland and the UK, transforming thousands of lives and physiques in the process. From playing top level Gaelic football as a teenager to travelling the world as a professional fitness model in his twenties, Brian reveals what he has learned in 16 years of training, nutrition and personal development.

In a world where we are bombarded by confusing and conflicting messages about healthy eating, how to keep fit and how to manage the stress and worries in our lives, Brian uses his experience as a fitness model and coach, as well as his own research, to bring a concise but broadly based guide to physical and mental wellbeing that is relevant and accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The first part of the book is devoted to what we eat and drink, explaining the roles of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Brian is of the opinion that fat is not necessarily an enemy, but that good quality fat is one of the essential constituents of a healthy, well-balanced diet. His nutritional advice is best succinctly put as “Eat real food”.

He recommends that we should work out about three times a week for between 40 and 60 minutes. His personal experiences of suffering from stress, worry and anxiety and how he adjusted his mindset in order to develop and more positive mindset, sleep better and feel more energised will echo the experiences of many of his readers. He concludes with Ten Life Lessons which can help us achieve our goals and live a most satisfying life.

Brian’s objectives for himself and his clients are to eat for energy, train for tension, manage your mindset and you will reap the results. The Fitness Mindset will help you achieve all of these. You can learn more at his excellent website,

Brian Keane

            Author, Brian Keane

Brian Keane is an online fitness trainer; former professional fitness model and the owner of Brian Keane Fitness. He and his team help serve thousands of people each year through their online fitness programmes.

Brian’s fitness journey started when his parents bought him a gym membership for his 16th birthday. He has been training ever since. Brian’s podcast is now one of the most recognised health and fitness podcasts in the Irish and UK market.

The Fitness Mindset is published by Rethink Press in paperback. Price is £11.99.

For more information about the book visit the website at

Tiny Histories
By Dixe Wills
Review by Simon Fine

Tiny Histories by Dixe Wills

Tiny Histories, subtitled Trivial Events & Trifling Decisions that Changed British History, is a fun and informative look at some seemingly insignificant coincidences, decisions and odd moments that triggered major events which changed the course of British history.

The author selects about forty events that were significant at the time and have left their mark to a greater or lesser degree. These events relate to matters of war, politics, the arts, food, science, and health and safety. In each case he explains how an apparently minor mistake, a coincidence or a seemingly trivial decision had ramifications far beyond what might have been predicted.

In some cases these led to an invention such as the pneumatic tyre, penicillin or the now ubiquitous chicken tikka massala. Other trivial decisions had more unfortunate consequences such as some of the events that led to terrible consequences for the passengers of the Titanic.

Two of the more significant events of my lifetime are featured. How good fortune led to John Lennon meeting Paul McCartney after a church fete in 1957, which eventually contributed to a revolution in pop music in Britain and internationally.

Another Merseyside related story features former Prime Minister Harold Wilson who was horrified to find that the BBC had scheduled Steptoe and Son, a situation comedy that was a must see show for most of the adult population, to be shown at eight o’clock on the evening of the 1964 General Election. The story of how and why Wilson set out to persuade the BBC to reschedule that episode and how that probably affected the outcome of the election, is a fascinating tale.

Dixe Wills has written a well researched, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking volume that I thoroughly enjoyed. The lesson from reading this fascinating book is that the course of history is not only shaped by the decisions of governments and people of power and influence but is often the result of tiny, apparently trivial events which have enormous and unexpected repercussions that shape the society we live in today.

Dixe Wills is an author, travel journalist and radio performer. He writes for the Guardian, the Observer, Countryfile and LandScape magazines and regularly features on BBC radio. His previous bestselling books include Tiny Islands, Tiny Churches and Tiny Stations.

Tiny Histories is published by Quadrille. Price is £16.99 for the hardback.

For more information about the book visit the website at

Entertainment & Books

Your Personalised TV Listening Experience

Your personalised listening experience with Sennheiser

If you are seeking to improve your personal TV listening experience, there’s now no need to choose between flexibility, superior audio quality and design. With the new Flex 5000 Sennheiser has created a digital wireless audio system for headphones that intensifies TV sound without compromise. It makes it effortless to tailor the sound according to personal preference and improve to increase speech intelligibility – all through your own choice of headphones.

A new smart listening device from the leader in the European TV headphone market, the Flex 5000 brings Sennheiser's renowned audio quality and leading-edge digital wireless technology to an elegant solution for enhanced TV viewing.

“Flex 5000 is aimed at people who are too experienced to accept bad sound and want a personalised solution that ensures their continued full enjoyment of the TV experience,” says Irene Strüber, Head of Portfolio Management Audiology at Sennheiser. “Truly a smart listening product, Flex 5000 offers an innovative and refreshing solution that combines outstanding sound performance, durable, high-quality design and timeless style.”

Tailored sound at a touch

The Flex 5000 from Sennheiser makes it easy to tailor the sound to meet your individual taste

The Flex 5000 makes it easy to tailor the sound to meet your individual taste. It provides a choice of three different hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music, as well as a volume control. It also features a unique Speech Intelligibility button that dynamically reduces TV background noise for crystal clear dialog, making speech easier to understand at a touch.

Flex 5000 offers the ultimate freedom and flexibility by letting users plug in their own choice of wired headphones to further personalise the look and sound of the solution. It comes supplied with Sennheiser’s MX 475 in-ear headphones, but users can opt to use their existing favourite wired headphones.

Effortless wireless listening

The Flex 5000 from Sennheiser uses leading-edge digital wireless technology to deliver brilliantly clear sound

The Flex 5000 uses leading-edge digital wireless technology to deliver brilliantly clear sound. With its impressive 30 meter range and a durable integrated battery that allows for 12 hours of consecutive use between charges, the device offers total wireless freedom.

The system has been designed for ease of use. Sound is tailored by simply pressing the + button on the receiver. Clear LED indicators for wireless connection and battery status on the receiver means set up and use is effortless.

The Flex 5000 from Sennheiser features a sleek, attractive base station, with high-end design that lets it fit discretely under a TV or be part of a home entertainment system

The Flex 5000 features a sleek, attractive base station, with high-end design that lets it fit discretely under a TV or be part of a home entertainment system.

When charging the battery, this unit serves as a smart docking station that lets the Flex 5000 lie horizontally – compact and tidy. The Flex 5000 is available as of now.

Flex 5000

The Flex 5000 is priced at £179.99, including free shipping.

The Flex 5000 from Sennheiser

Flex 5000 headphones are available to buy now from

Meet the Cast of Doctor Who Series 11

The cast of Doctor Who Series 11

Coming soon to BBC ONE

When Jodie Whittaker takes over as the Thirteenth Doctor on the global hit show next year, she will be joined by an all new regular cast. BBC announces today that Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill will line-up as the new regular cast on Doctor Who.

Bradley will star as Graham, Tosin will play Ryan and Mandip will play Yasmin. Also joining the series in a returning role is Sharon D Clarke.

New head writer and executive producer Chris Chibnall, who made the decision to cast the first ever woman in the iconic role, is also shaking up who will travel with the Doctor in the TARDIS, with a team of new characters.

In more exclusive news, it is confirmed that the new series will be a ten week run of fifty minute episodes in Autumn 2018, kicking off with a feature length hour for the opening launch.

Chris Chibnall says, “The new Doctor is going to need new friends. We’re thrilled to welcome Mandip, Tosin and Bradley to the Doctor Who family. They’re three of Britain’s brightest talents and we can’t wait to see them dive into brand new adventures with Jodie’s Doctor. Alongside them, we’re delighted that Sharon D Clarke is also joining the show."

Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker says, "I am so excited to share this huge adventure with Mandip, Tosin and Bradley. It's a dream team!"

Bradley Walsh comments, “I remember watching William Hartnell as the first Doctor. Black and white made it very scary for a youngster like myself. I was petrified but even though I’d watch most of it from behind the sofa through my fingers, I became a fan. I then queued up for ages to get into the Carlton picture house in Watford to watch the great Peter Cushing appear as the Doctor in a full length feature film made in glorious colour. Am I thrilled to be part of this whole ground breaking new dawn for the Doctor?? Oh yes!”

Mandip Gill adds, “I am over the moon to be joining the Doctor Who family. This is an iconic show with an amazing fanbase and I look forward to everything that brings. Certain roles seem unattainable and this is one of those, so much so I didn't believe it to be true for the first few weeks. To be working alongside the likes of Jodie, Bradley and my old friend Tosin is thrilling. This show is worlds away from the work I've done previously and that's the part that excites me the most.”

Tosin Cole says, "I'm grateful and excited to be a part of this journey with the team. I'm looking forward to jumping in this Doctor Who universe.”

Matt Strevens, Executive Producer, BBC Studios says, “I am thrilled to welcome Bradley, Mandip and Tosin to the new Who family. Working with three such talented actors is going to be a lot of fun. The Doctor is in fine company.”

Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama adds, "The casting of Mandip, Tosin and Bradley is a mark of the new creative ambition Chris is bringing to Doctor Who. He's already made history with the casting of Jodie. These three new characters complete a new and utterly unmissable team aboard the Tardis.”

Doctor Who is a BBC Studios production for BBC One and a BBC America co-production. BBC Worldwide are the international distributors for Doctor Who.

Love, Lies and Records

Love, Lies & Records

Coming soon to BBC ONE

Rollem Productions’ brand new BBC One drama Love, Lies & Records, from the pen of BAFTA award-winning writer Kay Mellor, will air this autumn.

With a cast of much-loved actors - including Ashley Jensen (Catastrophe, Ugly Betty, Extras), Adrian Bower (Teachers, The Last Kingdom), Kenny Doughty (Vera, Stella), Rebecca Front (Doctor Thorne, War & Peace, Humans) and Mark Stanley (Dark River, Dickensian, Broken) - the series follows Registrar Kate Dickenson (Jensen) as she tries to juggle her personal life with the daily dramas of births, marriages and deaths and the impact they have on her.

After a dream promotion to the top job of Superintendent, Kate finds herself increasingly torn by the endless responsibilities of being a modern working mother. Her daughter’s hiding suspicious messages on her mobile, her son hates her because she’s bought him the wrong trainers and now her stepson’s turned up unannounced to stay.

As Kate tries to hold her work, life and relationship together, things go from complicated to impossible when a disgruntled colleague threatens to expose a secret from her past. The series explores how women in particular have to juggle their lives. Kate has reached the top of her profession but with everything she’s worked for in jeopardy, can she sustain herself when it’s not just her job that’s on the line?

Ashley Jensen says, “I have admired and respected Kay's work for a long time and I am thrilled to be playing Kate. Kay's writing is always honest and from the heart. I think that Kay has always managed to tap into issues that are relevant to ordinary peoples everyday lives and with this new show she deals with the major dramatic milestones that affect pretty much all of us.”

Rebecca Front says, “Births, marriages, deaths. We've all had experience of at least a couple of those. And Kay Mellor's trademark mix of humanity, warmth, drama and intrigue runs right through these scripts. So I'm really excited to be part of it.”

Kay Mellor says,
When I was waiting to register the death of my mother at Leeds Town Hall, I was next to a couple who were waiting to register the birth of their much wanted baby girl. Later on that week, I attended the wedding of some friends of ours. I realised that the register office was a microcosm of life itself - tears laughter and celebrations.

As I sat watching the registrars marry my friends, I started to wonder about their lives and how they dealt with the roller coaster of emotions that they go through on a daily basis. Not long after, a series started to develop in my head.

I am delighted to be working with the BBC again on my brand new drama - their support and encouragement is invaluable. I’m also excited about attracting such a talented cast who will give birth to the series.”

Elizabeth Kilgarriff, BBC Executive Producer says,
Kay's scripts are, of course, brilliant - entertaining, funny and moving all at the same time. Together with this exciting cast line-up the show promises to take BBC One viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.” Love, Lies & Records is a 6x60' drama series and has been commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content and Lucy Richer, Former Acting Controller of Drama.

The series will be directed by Dominic Leclerc (The A Word, The Syndicate) and Cilla Ware (Silk, Death in Paradise) and produced by Yvonne Francas (Death in Paradise, The Syndicate). The executive producers are Kay Mellor for Rollem Productions and Elizabeth Kilgarriff for the BBC.

This is a Rollem production for BBC One and has been co-produced with Acorn Media Enterprises in North America. The series will be distributed by all3media International, Rollem Productions international partner. Acorn Media Enterprises also holds distribution rights in UK, Eire and ANZ.

The Harbour

The Harbour

Watch it on ITV1

The Harbour is a new series set in Tenby, the jewel in Pembrokeshire's crown. At its heart, the harbour, one of the most photographed views in Wales. Filmed through the four seasons - this is the story of the men and women of the harbour - a way of life in tune with the sea, the seasons and the tourists.

In the first episode we get to know the people who lives revolve around the colourful painted houses of the Georgian fishing harbour. We meet the double act of Matt and Chris the harbourmasters and Phil the lifeboat coxswain whose family has a proud history of life saving.

 RNLI Tenby Lifeboat Coxwain, Phil

     RNLI Tenby Lifeboat Coxwain, Phil

We also see life through the watercolours of Naomi, the Turner Prize winning artist who draws inspiration from the beauty of Tenby's harbour.

Out at sea Richard is bringing home the catch of the day for his wife Sarah to sell on the quayside.

Tenby fisherman, Richard

           Tenby fisherman, Richard

In the second episode, the Harbour community has survived another winter and it's the day of the big lift, when the boats go back into the water, signalling the start of another holiday season.

The crowds arrive for the first big holiday weekend of the year and Roger, the mackerel boatman makes his first trip of the new season.

Artist, Naomi sketches at the harbour

   Artist, Naomi sketches at the harbour

Artist Naomi is sketching the harbour when the lifeboat crew are scrambled to a kayaker is distress.

And in the third episode, it's high season and its time to get the tills ringing with the first big sporting event of the season, a three day triathlon festival. It's a tense time for the harbourmasters who must marshall the course.

Roger, the mackerel boatman

         Roger, the mackerel boatman

Meanwhile Roger the mackerel boatman is busy organising a big charity fishing event while Phil gets the Lifeboat station ready for the big open day.

But will the August storms put a dampener on the proceedings?

Find out what happens in The Harbour on ITV1.

Anton & Erin Broadway to Hollywood Show

Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag

Celebrating a decade of dance

Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag announce an exciting new show ‘Broadway to Hollywood’ as they take to the road for a nationwide tour for 2018. A stunning new production of dance, music and song, ‘Broadway to Hollywood’ showcases the undisputed talent of the nation’s favourite ballroom couple and a stellar supporting cast including brilliant star vocalist Lance Ellington, six world-class Ensemble Dancers and the 25-piece London Concert Orchestra conducted by Richard Balcombe.

Sensational choreography, sparkling costumes and a musical score to include such classics as ‘Somewhere in Time’, ‘Cry Me a River’, ‘Mr Bojangles’, ‘Downtown’, ‘This Nearly Was Mine’, ‘New York, New York’, ‘Couple of Swells’ and ‘Libertango’ promise a performance befitting the King and Queen of the ballroom. The show will also feature the very popular ‘Q and A’ section providing some fun interaction with the audience.

Commenting on the show, Anton Du Beke says, “It’s Show Time again! Erin and I are delighted to be back with a brand new production. This will be our tenth tour so we really hope you will be able to join us in celebrating a decade of dance!”

Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag

Friday 19th January 7:30pm Northampton Derngate Theatre 01604 624811

Saturday 20th January 2.30pm Bristol Hippodrome 0844 871 3012 - Calls Will Cost 7ppm Plus Your Network Access Charge.

Sunday 21st January 5:00pm Southampton Mayflower 02380 711811

Tuesday 23rd January 8:00pm Southend Cliffs Pavilion 01702 351135

Wednesday 24th January 2:30pm Southend Cliffs Pavilion 01702 351135

Saturday 27th January 2:30pm & 7.30pm Birmingham Symphony Hall 0121 780 3333

Sunday 28th January 3:00pm Cardiff St David’s Hall 029 2087 8444

Thursday 1st February 7:30pm Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 0115 989 5555

Saturday 3rd February 2:30pm & 7.30pm Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre 0844 576 3000

Sunday 4th February 3:00pm Oxford New Theatre 0844 871 3020 - Calls Will Cost 7ppm Plus Your Network Access Charge.

Friday 9th February 7:30pm Reading Hexagon 0118 960 6060

Saturday 10th February 2:30pm & 7.30pm London Barbican Hall 020 7638 8891

Sunday 11th February 3:00pm Woking New Victoria Theatre 0844 871 7645 - Calls Will Cost 7ppm Plus Your Network Access Charge.

Saturday 17th February 2:30pm & 7.30pm Guildford G Live 01483 369350

Wednesday 21st February 7:30pm Gateshead Sage 0191 443 4661

Friday 23rd February 7:30pm Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 0151 709 3789

Saturday 24th February 3:00pm Manchester Bridgewater Hall 0161 907 9000

Sunday 25th February 3:00pm Sheffield City Hall 0114 2 789 789

Saturday 3rd March 7:30pm Dunfermline Alhambra 01383 740 384

Sunday 4th March 3:00pm Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 0141 353 8000

Thursday 8th March 7:30pm Llandudno Venue Cymru 01492 872000

Saturday 10 March 7:30pm Belfast Waterfront Hall 028 9033 4455

Saturday 17th March 3:30pm York Barbican 0844 854 2757- Calls Will Cost 7ppm Plus Your Network Access Charge.

Sunday 18th March 3:00pm Wimbledon New Wimbledon Theatre 0844 871 7646- Calls Will Cost 7ppm Plus Your Network Access Charge.

Further information and tickets are available from

Also the national ticket hotline: 0844 847 2319 (booking fees apply). 0844 calls will cost 7 pence per minute plus your network access charge.

Strictly Ballroom
The Musical

Strictly Ballroom The Musical

Dazzling musical set to waltz
in to the West End

Strictly Ballroom The Musical is to make its West End debut at the Piccadilly Theatre in 2018. Following the success of its UK Premiere at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2016, the opulence and glamour of Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical will open in London on Wednesday 11th April (Previews from Friday 16th March 2018).

Strictly Ballroom The Musical is the hilarious story that inspired the world to dance. Based on the multi award-winning movie, the first instalment from Baz Luhrmann’s acclaimed Red Curtain Trilogy, the musical production is a kaleidoscope of colour and fun.

When maverick championship ballroom dancer Scott defies all the rules of competition to follow his heart, he teams up with left-footed partner Fran to win the National Championship his way.

Featuring the film’s classic break-into-song numbers such as Love is in the Air, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps and Time After Time, Strictly Ballroom The Musical will also include electrifying songs from a host of internationally acclaimed artists.

For details about Strictly Ballroom The Musical visit

Humble Brits say No to a
 Millionaire Lifestyle and
Yes to a Modest Jackpot
  to Upgrade their Life

Humble Brits say no to a millionaire lifestyle and yes to a modest jackpot to upgrade their life

The life of a jackpot millionaire is often hailed as one of the most sought after, full of endless supplies of Bollinger and caviar, sports cars, and private island-hopping.

Lottoz, the new global lottery platform which officially launches in the UK this month, has found that we Brits have altogether more modest, realistic ambitions. In a study of 2000 British lottery players conducted to mark its launch, Lottoz found that the average British player craves just enough to do up the house, take their family on holiday and be debt free.

Far from the billion dollar prizes, 61% of British players would be happy with no more than £500,000, with 20% satisfied to win just £20,000.

The 10 most popular spends with their modest winnings are:

43% of people would use their winnings to take their family on holiday

1. Take the family on holiday (43%)

Buy a new home (42%)

3. Give money to close friends and family (35%)

4. Buy a new car (29%)

5. Pay off credit card debt (27%)

6. Pay off the mortgage (20%)

7. Give to charity (20%)

8. Buy gifts for my loved ones (19%)

9. Go on a shopping spree (17%)

10. Give the home a makeover (12%)

“It appears that for many Brits, the desire to live debt-free and raise their living standards by a notch or two is more important than a millionaire lifestyle,” says Lottoz CEO, Dave Avila.

“Modestly, they simply like the idea of extra financial cushioning to make their lives run a little easier. We are all dreaming of a better tomorrow, rather than private jets, yachts and island-hopping. By enabling betting on international lotteries with better odds and a lot more opportunities for 2nd and 3rd tier prize winnings, we bring people one step closer to realising these dreams."

Lottoz brings people one step further to realising their dreams

According to the findings, British men are far greedier than women. When it comes to winning cash, 29% of men surveyed said they would want to win £1 million or more, compared to 83% of women who would be happy with under £1 million.

The survey also revealed that 1 in 5 25-34 year olds are happy with a smaller prize of just £20,000, compared to 16% of over 55s. 25-34 year olds prefer to spend their winnings on putting a deposit down on a first home, getting married or travelling. Older respondents prefer to spend their modest jackpot on making their lives and others comfortable for years to come by putting prize money towards retirement or saving it for their grandchildren.

Older respondents prefer to spend their modest jackpot on making their lives and others comfortable for years to come by putting prize money towards retirement or saving it for their grandchildren

The survey also uncovered that over 55s are the most charitable age-group. One in four over 55s would donate lottery winnings to charity compared to just 15% of 25-35 year olds.

Lottoz conducted the study to help understand the best jackpots for its new site, which offers players the chance to bet on the results of 14 global lotteries including the big US Powerball, the EU’s Euromillions, The Irish Lottery and Bonoloto.
Smaller prizes still have a significant effect on British people’s lives. £500,000 could help people to give their grandchildren that first-home deposit, go on that long-overdue family holiday overseas, or even feel secure enough to end that unhappy marriage! With better odds on offer across different lotteries worldwide, online gaming platforms can turn more of Britain's personal dreams into a reality.

For more information about Lottoz visit the website at

    Nigella: At My Table

Nigella Lawson

         Watch it on BBC TWO

Nigella: At My Table is a delicious celebration of home cooking - food that makes people feel happy and welcome as they sit around your table.

In her latest series, Nigella shares the food she cooks for family and friends. Whether offering up her fresh take on familiar classics, or creating new dishes inspired by different cuisines, Nigella ensures that everyday eating is always pleasurable, with a minimum of fuss.

Creating dishes as mouth-watering and inventive as ever, Nigella shares her special shortcuts that make life easier without sacrificing taste, allowing you more precious time with family and friends at your table.

Nigella Lawson

For Nigella, a table is more than a piece of furniture, just as food is more than mere fuel. This series celebrates the food we eat at the end of a long day, with friends at weekend feasts, or making memories with family.

As always Nigella’s food is vibrant and varied, but always relaxed - mixing old favourites with fresh discoveries, bringing something new to everyday eating, but always providing the comforting and welcoming taste of home.

Nigella talks about the new series.

Can you tell us anything about the series, and what makes it different to previous series?

Nigella Lawson

It is always essential to me is to be able to share the food I love, show how it is cooked, say what it means to me, and just speak from the heart. I’m not scripted and I’m not a presenter any more than I’m a chef: I cook in the way I cook, and I talk the way I talk; I have no other way of doing it! But I do feel that in this series, I’ve really been able to talk - to chat, really - about where these recipes come from, and why they are such an important part of my life and home, as well as show how straightforward, simple and joyous they are to cook. This series really is about bringing the food from my table to yours. And I’m very excited as well for you to see the re-done kitchen!

What’s one ingredient you can’t do without?

That’s too hard to answer! I feel it’s impossible to settle on just one. So I’ll be greedy and choose three, I’m afraid. For me, the basic essentials are olive oil, lemons – I use the zest as well as the juice in my cooking all the time, in sweet and savoury dishes - and good sea salt flakes, which again I use in sweet as well as savoury cooking. Over-salting can be catastrophic in cooking, I know, but under-salting is not the answer!

Who are your ideal dinner party guests to have at your table?

I don’t want anyone at my table that I don’t feel comfy with: I want old friends and family and people who like eating. But then, I’m not a formal dinner party sort of person.

What’s the classic dish to serve with friends that never fails?

Roast Chicken with roast or mashed potatoes, peas, leeks and a big salad is always a favourite on my table. But for friends who are vegan or vegetarian I’m always ready with an aromatic vegetable curry. And I have to make one to eat at least once a week myself anyway.

What do you love most about British cuisine?

I love its variety, and the wide scope of the influences that have fed into it. I do have a particular fondness, it’s true, for traditional baking - there is a Queen of Puddings in the series, for example - but I also love the spicier end of the spectrum. And what’s important to me is that British Cuisine is very much the story of home cooking: it’s not a classical cuisine emanating from men in toques!

What do you enjoy about fusing different cultures into food?

Nigella Lawson

Bringing the flavours and ingredients of other food cultures makes me think of the food I habitually cook in a different way, and it brings new life into the kitchen. So often, it helps me find shortcuts to deeper flavour. Most of all, it inspires me. And it’s very liberating.

What’s your favourite undiscovered ingredient that we should use more of?

I don’t know if I believe in ‘shoulds’ but I only fairly recently found fresh turmeric in my local supermarket (which I know is lucky) and I love cooking with it. I still do use ground turmeric, but there is a beautiful citrussy and almost floral freshness as well as earthy pungency to fresh turmeric. I’ve got a couple of recipes in the new series that celebrate it and can’t wait to share them.

What do you think of recent food trends - in the series you reference the use of spiralised veg instead of pasta - soya milk, clean eating?

I never pay much attention to food fads, although I do believe it is possible to take inspiration anywhere. For me, the thing is to add to my repertoire not restrict it. I cook as I eat: I believe in balance, and enjoying as much, not as little, as possible!

How do you think home cooking compares to the likes of restaurant home delivery services? Why should people continue home cooking?

Nigella Lawson

I don’t know that I’d think of comparing them. They are different, just as going to a restaurant is different from eating at home. Everyone should do what suits them, makes their life easier and happier day to day.

Are there any food that aren’t fashionable anymore that you still love?

I don’t care if food is fashionable or not as long as it tastes good! It’s such a pity if a dish falls out of favour because of fashion, but then again, the upside to this is the joy of rediscovery. So yes, sometimes I do get the urge to remind people of some past deliciousness, and I have to say Devilled Eggs are a case in point. Whenever I make them people always seem surprised at first to see them - and then they just cannot stop eating them.


Sheridan Smith

     Watch it on ITV1, Sunday 5th
      November, 9.00 - 10.00pm

Sheridan Smith is starring in her own TV special, exclusively for ITV1. This lavish one-off special sees the multi award-winning actress and singer, Sheridan Smith, headline her very own show for the first time.

In a celebration of her love of music and performing, the star of ITV shows such as Mrs Biggs and Cilla – for which she won a BAFTA Award – showcases exclusive performances of songs from her new album as well as other musical numbers, all accompanied by a live orchestra.

Sheridan Smith and Alexander Armstrong

Sheridan also talks with host Alexander Armstrong about her life and stratospheric career.

The special programme will showcase exclusive performances of songs from her new album, as well as an array of stunning musical numbers, all accompanied by a live orchestra.

Sheridan will also be speaking all about her life, stratospheric career and status as a national treasure.

The show, made by ITV studios, is sure to be a wonderful celebration of Sheridan, one of Britain’s most recognisable stars of stage and screen, and her love of music and performing.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan says, “I am so excited to be performing my songs and sharing my journey with my fans, friends and family. It's a dream come true...”

Lee Connolly, Creative Director for ITV Entertainment adds, “With such a stellar career as an actor, it's easy to forget that Sheridan is also a wonderful singer. With brilliant performances in ITV's Cilla and as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl it reminded us why Sheridan is such a special and unique performer and we are delighted to be making this one off special with her.”

       Gino's Italian
    Coastal Escape


Gino D’Acampo

              Watch it on ITV 1

Gino D’Acampo is back in his homeland of Italy, and in this eight-part series he is exploring the Mediterranean coast, from the glittering elegance of its cliff-top towns, to its mountainous rustic villages.

He’ll be immersing himself in the rugged, wild islands, travelling along dramatic coastal roads, and across the sea, to reveal the best-kept secrets of this coast. Along the way, of course, he’ll be serving up plenty of mouth watering authentic food.

Gino D’Acampo

Gino says, “I'm exploring the places that I think reveal the very best of the Italian west coast and its cuisine, from the Tuscan coast in the north, the middle stretch studded with show-stopping Sorrento and Capri, and right down to the southern tip of the boot and the Aeolian Islands.”

In the first episode, Gino starts his travels on the famous Amalfi Coast, experiencing both its glamour as well as revealing its hidden side. The Amalfi Coast, often voted in the top 10 destinations to visit in Italy, stretches for 37 iconic kilometres, and includes many picturesque towns. Tonight, Gino is stopping at three of his favourites: Cetara, Minori, and, of course, the picture postcard Positano.

Gino D’Acampo

In Minori, he visits a local family that is still producing the town’s local speciality - a unique hand-made pasta using ricotta cheese, and even gets a masterclass in making this delightfully named Ndunderi.

He also visits the picturesque fishing village of Cetara, where Gino says, “This is the one place that I didn’t visit when I was younger, and I’m really excited to be here now, because it’s foodie heaven.”

Cetara, lying at the eastern end of the Amalfi Coast, is home to just over 2000 people, and fishing is at the heart of this tiny community. As Gino discovers, it’s made a name for itself producing Colatura di Alici - an anchovy oil made from the natural process of salting anchovies.

Gino explains, “This was the ancient Romans’ favourite condiment and it’s still a staple found in every Italian’s kitchen.”

In the second episode, Gino continues his culinary odyssey along the Mediterranean coast. He sails to the beautiful island of Capri to sample the Dolce Vita, meeting the man who made his name photographing the iconic first lady, Jackie Kennedy.

While there, he also unearths the origins of Italy’s most famous digestivo.

Back on the mainland, Gino goes in search of a unique little ingredient that packs a punch in the culinary world, and creates two show-stopping dishes along the way.

Catch Gino on his Italian Coastal Escape on ITV1 in November.

  Ross Kemp Behind 
     Bars - Barlinnie


Ross Kemp

  Thursday 2nd November, ITV1

With unprecedented access, Ross Kemp immerses himself in prison life at the sharp end in HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow. The iconic prison has a formidable reputation and has served the city for over 130 years.

With privileged and exclusive access to every part of the jail, Ross discovers what it is really like to be an inmate and how prison officers handle the violence, homemade weapons and drugs, which cast a shadow across daily life behind bars. He discovers what it is like to be a lifer, meets a prisoner preparing for freedom and with trepidation, enters the wing of the prison housing sex offenders, the fastest growing group of inmates in the prison system today.

Housing around 1250 prisoners over five Victorian halls, Barlinnie has built a notorious reputation. Falling out with prison officers is not recommended but falling foul of fellow inmates can make your life a living hell. Inmate Hugh reveals that you don’t grass on others, keep your mouth shut and don’t stare at anyone.

Hugh says to Ross, “This yard can kick off in two minutes. It can happen in a heartbeat. Everything can be nice and calm and before you know it [people are] rolling about the ground boxing. People getting slashed and that. People punch you right out of your trainers in here. This is Barlinnie mate.”

Repeat offenders make up a vast percentage of the inmates at Barlinnie. Ross questions what our prisons are for and who they are serving. Are they for punishment? Do they contain dangerous people away from the rest of society? Or are they there to rehabilitate the men and women who live within their walls?

In 2016 violence in prisons across Britain hit record levels. There were over 7000 assaults on staff and over 20,000 prisoner-on-prisoner attacks. Ross meets prison officer Stevie who shows him some of the weapons retrieved from searches carried out inside Barlinnie. Some weapons are made in jail and some are smuggled in using an extreme measure called ‘banking’ where the carrier conceals the weapon in a cavity within their body. Drugs, mobile phones and other contraband can fetch up to five times that of street prices. And Stevie reveals that some inmates intentionally get themselves into prison, in order to make money.

Many of the inmates Ross has met are trapped in a cycle of serving time and reoffending. He accompanies one inmate, Robert, as he finishes a seven month sentence. Robert admits he has lost count of how many times he has been incarcerated and that his re-appearances in the prison are like coming through a revolving door. At a cost of £3000 a month, Robert’s latest stretch in Barlinnie has cost the taxpayer a substantial amount and within a few weeks of him leaving, Ross learns that Robert once again has outstanding charges and his freedom is uncertain.

Time spent behind bars comes at a cost to both prisoners and our tax paying society. Ross says, “There are definitely people here who should remain here because of the threat they pose to others and there are some who are here because of one awful mistake that has changed their lives and other peoples’ lives forever. But the vast majority are repeat offenders trapped in a cycle of substance abuse, violence and criminality and while some of them change there are others that don’t. What I have found from the prisoners here is that the only person who can truly change them, is themselves. The big question has to be, are we as a society, doing enough to allow that change to happen?”