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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win Get Back
on DVD

Win Get Back on DVD

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Bulldog Distribution to offer three lucky readers the chance to win Get Back on DVD.

The greatest myth in pop music history is that in Liverpool everything began and ended with the Beatles. It didn’t.

Get Back documents the real story of Liverpool’s music outpourings, from post war years to present day. It’s a story of a city where literally thousands of bands and artists, hundreds of clubs, promoters and managers put on the biggest, loudest and longest party in history.

The Beatles

This eye-opening documentary film features definitive interviews and live performances from bands, club owners and managers including previously unseen footage of Sir Paul McCartney.

Liverpool’s contribution to world culture is arguably as important as the Renaissance artists of Florence or the Elizabethan playwrights in London. In the golden period of Merseybeat in the 1960s, the city was host to over 1,000 bands and 500 venues as well as being the home of the UK’s largest C&W scene, a hundred Skiffle groups, jazz bands and folk.

Bigger than anything that had gone before, Merseybeat generated the greatest tectonic shift in popular culture in the last 1000 years with a music revolution that rocked the world.

Merseybeat still continues in Liverpool

In the 1970s it started again with a new scene and yet another cellar club at its heart – Eric’s. Here, the new wave owed nothing to Beatles. Bands such as Deaf School, Echo and the Bunnymen and OMD led the way. Then Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the Farm, the La’s, the Christians.

And even now it continues, always inventive and always re-inventing with the Wombats, Zutons, Coral and more. The story is unending. But in Get Back music fans can now enjoy and appreciate what had previously been airbrushed out of music history; a city whose cultural legacy has changed the world forever.

 Watch our video trailer

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For Your Chance to Win

     Tell us the name
    of the music sound
   which evolved in the
   1960s in Liverpool

    a) Beatbox
    b) Liverock
    c) Jivemania
    d) Merseybeat

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of the music
which evolved in the 1960s
in Liverpool?
Then send in your answer, together with your full name, address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry Get Back DVD Competition

* This competition is open to
our UK visitors only


 Strictly Come Dancing

Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly

             Watch it on BBC ONE

The line-up of celebrity contestants for the brand new series of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One is now complete, with the final three contestants revealed on The One Show.

Actress Lesley Joseph, best known for her role in Birds of a Feather; World Champion long jumper Greg Rutherford, who has just returned from the Olympics in Rio; and EastEnders star Tameka Empson joined presenters Alex Jones and Patrick Kielty on The One Show on BBC One for a special Strictly-themed edition of the popular magazine programme.

“Strictly is an iconic show and I have always loved the glamour and the dedication and the entertainment, and this year it suddenly seemed right to take part. I am scared and excited and apprehensive and thrilled to be a part of this wonderful show and I will try my best and enjoy this amazing experience!” says Lesley.

“I love being challenged and taking to the Strictly ballroom is like nothing I have ever done before - doing this is definitely a long jump from my day job for sure!” says Greg.

The Strictly Come Dancing line-up includes Lesley Joseph, Greg Rutherford, Tameka Empson, Ed Balls, Will Young, Laura Whitmore, Ore Oduba, Melvin Odoom, Louise Redknapp, Danny Mac, Daisy Lowe, Naga Munchetty, Anastacia, Claudia Fragapane and Judge Rinder.

Strictly Come Dancing - The Launch Show will be broadcast on BBC One on Saturday 3rd September as the 15 celebrity contestants will discover which professional dancer they will be paired with as their journey towards the famous Glitterball Trophy begins. Once the pairings have been announced the celebrities and professionals will join together and take to the dancefloor for an eye-catching group performance as Strictly 2016 blasts off in style.

 Poldark Series Two

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark

    Starts 4th September BBC ONE

Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson are back on BBC One this September 4th at 9pm with a second series of the Cornish saga Poldark, adapted from Winston Graham's Poldark series.

It's 1790 and there is riot and revolution in the air. Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) must fight for his freedom when George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) tries to have him hanged as a revolutionary. While Francis (Kyle Soller) and Elizabeth (Heida Reed) watch on in horror, can Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) save Ross from himself?

Crippled by debts, Ross and Francis try to heal old wounds by joining forces in a new mine free of the Warleggans. Ross and Elizabeth are thrown together by unforeseen circumstances, and Ross risks everything in a desperate smuggling venture.

Aidan Turner says, "When audiences last saw Ross Poldark he was facing trial and possible hanging. Aidan Turner reveals there are dark times ahead for our hero - but with Ross you never know what to expect...

"We pick up with the opening of the second series exactly where we left off. It’s an incredibly hard time for Ross and Demelza, having just lost Julia, as well as having trouble with his company and potentially having to face execution. It’s as bad as it’s ever been for them both.

"Ross needs to be in command, to be the leader or the captain of every situation, but this is completely out of his control. They are broke and you see Ross and Demelza selling their furniture in the first few episodes, which is a humiliating and desperate situation to be in."

Although series two does not bring about much initial joy for Ross, Aidan reveals it was an amazing feeling coming back to work after the success of the first series.

Entertainment & Travel

Sixtyplusurfers Interview

Sharon Marshall

Sharon Marshall

By Jenny Itzcovitz

This Morning's resident Soaps Reporter Sharon Marshall is a key part of the ITV daytime family. Her warm personality and in depth knowledge of television, drama and the stars has played a key part in the show's award-winning success. She is also a scriptwriter for Emmerdale. We caught up with Sharon to find out more about the show, how she prepares for her day, and what we can look forward to in the soaps this autumn.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where do you come from and how did you first get started in your television career?

"I’m originally from Lancashire and worked on my local paper the Blackburn Citizen alongside taking my 'A' levels before coming to London and working on the national newspapers as a Showbiz reporter and TV Critic. That lead to a few radio spots and an ITV2 show called SoapFever before, in 2003, I was asked to come on for just one guest appearance on This Morning talking about soaps.

"Fern Britton was the presenter then and asked if I’d stay and I loved the show so much I’ve never left! A few months later I quit the tabloid world. I remember my newspaper boss at the time telling me I was mad to leave newspapers for the uncertain world of TV - but I wanted to. It was a tough decision to change career in later life but one I’ve never regretted."

What do you enjoy most about being part of the This Morning team?

Sharon Marshall

"I feel like we’re a genuine family at This Morning - and our experts are genuine experts. I’d go to Denise Robertson for advice all the time and miss her every day. The Speakmans have counselled and helped several friends of mine and I’m forever asking Dr Chris to have a look at a bump or a rash!

"What you see on screen is exactly what you get off screen - that’s why I love it here. I also love that we’re trusted as a brand - we’re always fair with guests. If someone is getting a rough ride over something, they feel if they speak on our show they’ll be given a fair hearing. Phil, Holly, Ruth and Eamonn research everything so thoroughly and treat every guest with respect."

When does your day start? And how do you prepare for the show?

"As I also work as a scriptwriter for Emmerdale my day varies. I’m freelance and have to fit everything in. But, to give one example, for my most recent filming day I was up at 5.30am - travelled from London to come live from a location in Somerset for Soapbox, then popped over to the nearby set of Broadchurch for a behind the scenes chat with David Tennant and Olivia Colman which will go out next year. I then spent the train journey back to London writing a script for Emmerdale to hit my 10pm deadline for that!

"On studio days I’ll arrive in the This Morning studio at about 8am, view and choose clips for the segment and then do a quick phone round all my soap contacts to see if any news is being released that day or check to facts behind anything that appears in the newspapers. I like our gossip to be as up to date as possible. My main preparation for This Morning is to make sure I’ve watched every episode of every soap I talk about - I make it an absolute rule. I could never admit on live TV to not knowing my subject."

I understand that you have just moved house and have made it comfy so that you can watch TV and write. Can you tell us about it, and what your working space and television room is like?

"I have to watch hours of TV each week for research and the best way through is to multi-task as I watch, so I cook, clean, iron or even garden as they are playing. At home I contacted a firm called Richer Sounds who do a home visit service to plan out a room for TV. I think I might have sounded slightly mad as I explained I wanted to fix up a telly which I could angle to watch as I work in any area of the room or garden but they worked it out for me and built me a rotating hinge for the telly!

"I also download Hollyoaks and watch that on my iPad through tube or car journeys. My other half has a separate telly in another room as my TV memory is clogged up solidly with soap and he likes to watch the Tour de France and sport in peace. I write away from the telly in my upstairs office - nothing fancy - just a desk and a laptop and a map of the Emmerdale set.

"You don’t need a fancy place to write - you can go to wherever you need to in your head."

Can you give us a taster of what to expect in the soaps such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Hollyoaks?

Sharon Marshall

"Watch out for a big Autumn in Corrie and Emmerdale - a supersoap week with lots of twists and turns.

"In EastEnders I’m glad we’ve finally acknowledged the secret which has been there for decades - that Michelle had a secret son with Grant.

"And keep an eye on Duncan James in Hollyoaks - he’ll have a groundbreaking storyline with the character Ste next year."

Are there going to be any romantic or dramatic storylines? Will there be any shocks or surprises in store?

"There’s romance, drama and some big twists in Emmerdale. We’re actually enjoying keeping things secret but when we worked out our storylines for Autumn there were gasps in the room."

What do you enjoy most about watching the Soaps? Do you feel they have evolved over the years? Are they tackling more serious and important issues?

"People knock the soaps but they shouldn’t - I’ve learned so much through watching them. They educate and explain issues. You care about the characters so you care about what they go through. I’ve learned about dementia through Ashley’s storyline in Emmerdale, I understand male depression better thanks to Steve McDonald, and, thanks to EastEnders I reckon I could help with someone having an epileptic fit, and could spot the early signs of a stroke.

"The thing I love about the soaps is that everyone seems to watch them - from royalty through to the stranger on the bus. I think my most humble moment was when a lady came into the studios - I won’t give her name - but she had gone through the most harrowing personal experience and was on the front page of every newspaper that day. I wasn’t really that sure how to say hello to her or if she would want leaving alone in peace as she had her make up done. But she sat down, asked me about a Corrie storyline and we were off on a half hour chat and gossip.

"Afterwards she said she’d loved having a normal conversation and laughing for the first time in ages - and that’s the power of soaps. Soaps are escapism. I think as things get darker in real life we need them all the more. And sometimes you bottle up what’s happened to you but then you see it on screen and it’s a chance for a good cry. We cry all the time writing scripts - it’s good to have a good sob."

You always look stunning on This Morning. How do you decide what you will be wearing? And do you have any hints and tips about your hair, fashion and makeup?

Sharon Marshall

"It’s very lovely of you to say I look nice but if I do, that’s down to brilliant lighting and good make-up artists! The best tip I’ve had - given by our This Morning make-up artist - is to get a multi magnifying make-up mirror at home to apply your make-up and tidy up your eyebrows and any stray hairs on a hugely magnified image. It might be a bit frightening to see yourself that magnified but apply make-up using that and you will be big screen high-res ready.

"Another wonderful tip - given to me by Lorraine Chase - is to then switch all your bulbs at home to low wattage candle glow. Catch yourself in the mirror first thing and you’ll look about 14. Confidence comes from within.

"Oh. And always go in the middle of a group in a photograph - you’ll look thinner. Have you noticed how no female presenters ever like to go closest to the camera - they always make the man sit there?"

How do you relax when you’re not working or watching television? Do you have any interesting hobbies?

"I’ve studied ballet as a young kid - I was far too tall and gawky to make it as a career - but I’m still a regular at Pineapple Dance Studios."

I understand you are close friends with the cast of This Morning? Do you meet up after the show or socially?

"The This Morning crew do party together. We have tequila nights - another top tip is that if you buy a bottle marked ‘100% agave tequila’ it’s really pure and you’re hangover free the next day. That’s got us through a few award ceremonies on school nights.

"I recently took a bottle on our celebrity booker’s hen night and have introduced Alison Hammond to it. Not that Alison ever needs to drink to get into the party spirit. That girl gets up party ready."

Do you have a special message for readers of Sixtyplusurfers?

"My only message would be that when I tried to start in TV I was 32 and one agent told me I was far too old. Well I’m 44, I’m still working, still here, and I’m one of our younger presenters at This Morning - so that age stuff is nonsense.

"It’s never too late to make a change of career - one of our Emmerdale scriptwriters just celebrated his 71st birthday - so go with your dreams.

"If you fancy getting in scriptwriting then perhaps have a look at the BBC Writersroom website - there are loads of tips in there on writing, and advice on upcoming competitions and scheme to get your scripts read. That’s how I started. Good luck!"

Catch Sharon Marshall on This Morning, weekdays, 10.30am on ITV.

For more details visit

    Visit the Treasure
   Houses of England
       in the Autumn

Visit the Treasure Houses of England in the Autumn

From 1st September autumn in England officially begins. Dubbed the second spring the Treasure Houses of England would like to invite you to immerse yourself in russet tones and see spectacular autumn colours in the floral displays as well as cultivated and wild parkland.

Where else than Beaulieu, meaning 'beautiful place' to admire autumn? Find peace and tranquillity in the walled cloisters and herb garden. Take a tour of the Ornamental Kitchen Garden complete with 1870's restored vine house. Walk hand-in-hand along the scenic Mill Pond walk and wander into the natural splendour of the Wilderness Garden. Don't miss the Fireworks Spectacular, lighting up the autumnal parkland on 29 October. Choreographed to music this is one of the biggest events in the South.

Walk hand-in-hand along the scenic Mill Pond walk

As autumn sets in at Blenheim Palace, 2000 acres of parkland will be transformed with an array of warm colours, making this a beautiful time of year to come and take in the stunning landscape and views. Celebrating 300 years of 'Capability' Brown, visitors can take the Viewpoints Trail and see the best of Brownian views in all their autumnal glory. Other highlights include Michelangelo Pistoletto at Blenheim Palace, Art Exhibition (14th September – 31st December) and the Blenheim Palace Festival of Literature, Film & Music (13th-16th October).

Don't miss the Burghley Flower Festival (1st - 9th October) an autumnal celebration which will transform Burghley's State Rooms with floral displays created by local flower societies. Be inspired by the botanical theme 'Royal Households of Europe' in celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday, with the 17th Century art situated under opulent painted ceilings. Plus explore the 'Capability' Brown landscape and deer park as well as the Garden of Surprises and Sculpture Garden until Sunday, 30th October.

Take a stroll through Ray Wood at Castle Howard and marvel at the season's striking tones and resplendent autumn colour

Take a stroll through Ray Wood at Castle Howard and marvel at the season's striking tones and resplendent autumn colour, from the many shrubs and trees, and huge array of ripened fruit and berries. Crunch through the leaves before enjoying tea and cake in one of the cafés and heading into the house to warm up by a crackling log fire. During half term, from 22nd - 30th October, children will be able to enjoy outdoor adventures too with seasonal activities.

Having evolved over more than 450 years, the 105 acre Chatsworth Garden continues to change today. There is plenty to discover at every turn, including the Lancelot 'Capability' Brown talk and guided tour on 17 September. This talk and guided tour will explore Brown's involvement in the landscaping of Chatsworth during the 18th century.

There are over 100 acres of gardens at Harewood. They are full of variety, with plants from all over the world - all in the setting of a landscape created by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown. Harewood's renowned Bird Garden is home to exotic species including penguins, owls, flamingos and parrots and the Himalayan Garden is an extraordinary world in miniature, a plant-hunter's paradise. There's also scarecrow trails around the grounds.

Hatfield House forms the centre-piece of the largest private estate in Hertfordshire, with the woodlands covering an extensive spread across the county. Thus they offer a rich diversity of habitat and species. The woodland types range from the traditional coppice with standards, woodland and include commercial conifer broadleaved mixtures, continuous cover systems and minimum intervention woodlands.

Stock up on garden essentials and a great array of plants at Holkham Hall's Plant Fair from 24th - 25th September. A highlight of this year's fair will be a series of gardening 'Masterclass Talks', where Holkham's gardeners will teach green-fingered visitors how to truly get the most from their gardens. Or for a chance to see the spectacular arboretum with its many unusual and rare specimen trees resplendent in their autumn foliage, book onto one of the Autumn Tours of the Private Gardens on 16th October.

Set in 500 acres of picturesque parkland, Leeds Castle is the perfect setting for an autumn day out

Set in 500 acres of picturesque parkland, Leeds Castle is the perfect setting for an autumn day out. Take a stroll through the Wood Garden, which follows the curve of the River Len to the Pavilion Lawn. The Festival of Flowers returns to the Castle from 24th – 28th September with the theme of 'A Queen's Castle'.

See the Castle rooms transformed into works of art using displays by international and award winning florists and floral designers

See the Castle rooms transformed into works of art using displays by international and award winning florists and floral designers. Take part in floral workshops, talks and demonstrations throughout the event. The official opening will be hosted by English garden designer and television personality Joe Swift on Saturday 24th September.

Woburn Abbey's tranquil Abbey Gardens are open for everyone to enjoy the brilliance of Humphry Repton. Make your way through approximately 30 acres of serene formal and natural garden environments: from manicured lawns and colourful flower beds to peaceful woodland glades and ponds teeming with life.

Discover the bog garden, a recent addition with it carnivorous plants, the romance of the Doric Temple which was carefully restored last year and watch the recreation work in progress on the rockery and grotto.

For more information about the Treasure Houses of England visit

Take a Break at Castle
     House in Hereford

Castle House hotel in Hereford

Castle House hotel is a Grade II listed Georgian villa, in a quiet part of the city of Hereford, just yards from Hereford Cathedral. The hotel is owned by a local family that has farmed in the county for more than 130 years.

Hereford's only boutique hotel, Castle House has a two rosette restaurant headed by Executive Head Chef Claire Nicholls, who has been at the helm for 12 years. Herefordshire has a plethora of artisan food suppliers, so much of the seasonal produce is sourced locally, or from the family's Ballingham Hall farm and kitchen garden.

Castle House's calendar of events is jammed full of interesting workshops and epicurean evenings from September until Christmas.

Larry Lamb

Take your pick from a celebration of the best Louis Roderer Champagnes to jewellery-making, a private tour of Sir Roy Strong's Laskett Gardens, an exploration of historic textiles, a charity lunch with the irresistible Larry Lamb interviewed by Francine Stock, festive shopping and special Christmas celebrations.

For further information visit the Castle House website at

   Palé Hall in Wales
  Joins Small Luxury
  Hotels of the World

Palé Hall in Wales

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) has welcomed brand new country house hotel Palé Hall into its collection of exclusive, independently-owned hotels around the world. This will be SLH's first hotel in Wales and joins alongside 33 other SLH hotels within the United Kingdom. Palé Hall will open to guests on 1st September 2016.

Palé Hall, a 19th century Grade II-listed country home, is situated on the edge of Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Built in 1871 by Henry Robertson, a well-known railway engineer, the manor house has played host to the likes of Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria.

The hotel's new owners, Alan and Angela Harper, have lovingly restored its 18 bedrooms and suites giving each one its own identity and style with Zoffany furnishings and William Morris prints. Every guestroom offers picturesque views of the rural Welsh landscape and guests can enjoy country walks from Palé Hall's prime position.

Well-loved British Chef, Michael Caines has teamed up with the Harper's bringing his invaluable expertise to the development of the food and beverage offering at Palé Hall, ensuring that fine dining is at the heart of the hotel.

Taking the helm in the kitchen is Head Chef Gareth Stevenson, who has held positions as the Head Chef at Abode in Chester, and has worked at Gordon Ramsay's Maze and with Caines at Gidleigh Park. The three dining areas – the grand Henry Robertson dining room, the Venetian themed dining room and the intimate Library - will serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, each with a unique feel.

Daniel Luddington, Vice President of Development at Small Luxury Hotels of the World says, “Palé Hall perfectly matches all that SLH prides itself on – independently-minded owners who have poured their heart and soul into creating their dream hotel. The hotel's rich history, passionate owners and stunning Snowdonian setting gives it a fascinating story to tell. Palé Hall is a true Welsh gem that we are very much looking forward to promoting."

Alan and Angie Harper, the owners of Palé Hall, say, “We are delighted to have been welcomed into the Small Luxury Hotels fold. Small and independently owned luxury hotels with their own character is their speciality and we feel we fit perfectly within their portfolio."

Palé Hall is available to book online at  and via SLH voice reservation agents from today.

Book a stay at Palé Hall with Small Luxury Hotels of the World from £190 per night in a classic room (with two sharing) on a bed and breakfast basis at

Or call 0800 0482 314