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Shaun Evans and Roger Allam star in Endeavour

Marking the 30th anniversary of Morse on ITV, popular detective drama, Endeavour, returns for a highly anticipated fourth series, penned by acclaimed writer Russell Lewis.

Reprising his role as the young Endeavour Morse, Shaun Evans stars alongside stage and screen actor Roger Allam as mentor, Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, for a brand new set of complex cases.

Shaun Evans in Endeavour

The fourth series begins in the summer of 1967, barely a fortnight having passed since the events of the Series 3 finale, and we find Oxford’s finest picking up the pieces of their lives, both personal and professional.

Whilst Thursday and wife, Win, struggle to process the departure of both their daughter Joan and son, Sam, who has joined the army, Endeavour waits nervously to hear the result of his Sergeant’s exam.

Shaun Evans and Dakota Richards in Endeavour

Throwing himself into his work to mask the heartache of Joan leaving, Endeavour is quickly consumed by his duties with an array of new, perplexing cases landing on his desk.

The new series of Endeavour starts on 8th January on ITV1.


  Britain’s Best Walks
  With Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury

    Starts Friday 6th January ITV1

“Outdoor girl” Julia Bradbury takes us on an insightful, watchable guide to the best of walking Britain. Showing us her personal favourites, the walking queen reveals breath-taking landscapes, colourful local characters and the best watering holes along the way.

Julia is always on the lookout for great walks, and with thousands of routes across the UK to choose from, this series offers her insider’s guide to those well-known and lesser known gems – from coastal drama trails to epic mountain fells.

Using her expert knowledge and experience, each week, she chooses her favourite walk from a distinct type of British landscape - ranging from islands, lakes, fells, countryside, coastal and riverside walks.

Julia Bradbury

With six great walking options across the country, the series offers an unmissable outdoor adventure, as well as revealing Julia’s secret insights into each landscape category. As walking is the nation's most-loved outdoor activity - with a staggering 24 million of us heading to Britain’s hottest walking spots – Julia explores why we love walking and what we can discover from these very different landscapes.

Julia says, “It’s always a great feeling to tog up and get the walking boots back on. In this series I get to explore some of our most distinctive landscapes and show off the enormous variety of our countryside. For a small island we sure have a lot to boast about. Walking is for everyone, so I’m hoping to show viewers some of Britain’s best in this series and inspire them to get out there and have fun.”

Britain’s Best Walks sees Julia showcase our nation’s top landscape trails - guiding viewers to well-known, iconic walks, as well as those more surprising, hidden gems – and reveals our breath-taking diverse landscapes, with spectacular aerial photography that makes you want to get off the sofa to join her.

Julia Bradbury

In Episode 1 Julia goes to Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. A top coastal walk to one of the most famous landmarks on the Jurassic Coast - the Old Harry Rocks chalk stacks on Studland. Julia’s trail offers up views to the Needles and the Isle of Wight, along the ancient Dorset coastline and inland over the Purbeck Countryside.

Taking in miles of golden sandy beaches, the dramatic history of the bay and internationally important heathlands, Julia’s walk offers a fantastic example of the British Coastline at it is best.

      Martin Clunes
 Islands of Australia

Martin Clunes

         Starts 10th January ITV1

Martin Clunes is on a quest to explore the islands of Australia in this three part documentary series for ITV. With more than 8,000 islands to choose from, Martin visits sixteen which provide a fascinating insight into the diversity, history and challenges of island life in Australia.

“I’m on an 8,000 mile odyssey right around the continent, to discover what these far-flung places tell us about Australia and its people,” explains Martin.

“Each island is a microcosm that tells us something different about our world. Australia’s islands have it all: exotic creatures, spectacular marine life, and of course the different people who inhabit them.

“Whether they’re relative newcomers or they’ve lived there for generations, these are the resourceful, extraordinary people who call these islands home. This is my voyage around the adventure playgrounds, the best-kept secrets and the astonishing surprises of the Islands of Australia.”

Martin begins his odyssey by flying 600kilometres east over the Pacific Ocean to Lord Howe Island. It’s his first experience of Australia’s remote island communities: the pace of life is slow and the population is a steady 350. Jack Shick introduces Martin to the treasures of a place that was untouched by humans until Europeans accidentally stumbled across it in 1788, just three weeks after the first mainland colony was founded where Sydney is today.

Lord Howe Island is home to several species of flora and fauna that occur nowhere else on earth. Proud locals call it “the Last Paradise”. Jack shows Martin how to shimmy up the Kentia Palm, the island’s most famous and only export, and one of the world’s most popular indoor plants.

Martin Clunes

Martin says, “Lord Howe Island matches many people’s idea of a dream island, and landing on it is like discovering a hidden garden of Eden. A place where you can imagine what it must have been like before mankind arrived.”

Norfolk Island is Martin’s next stop. It is Australia’s most easterly territory, and the remotest island on Martin’s journey; nearly 1,500 kilometres from the mainland in the middle of the Pacific. Martin arrives in time for the annual Foundation Day ceremony, when islanders re-enact the landing of the First Fleet boatload of convicts in 1788.

Though to all appearances it’s a serene island paradise today, Norfolk’s past is darker and more colourful than Lord Howe’s – a past that lives on in Norfolk’s unique customs, culture and language. In the early 19th century it became a byword for the worst horrors of exile: one of the most notorious prison islands in the British Empire, where convicts could expect to end their days in a living hell.

Like many of the island’s modern day inhabitants, Sarah Randall traces her ancestry back to Norfolk’s next wave of settlers: the descendants of the legendary Bounty mutineers, who took Tahitian wives and lived on Pitcairn Island until they outgrew it and relocated to Norfolk Island in 1856. As a result, the distinctive Norfolk dialect is a fusion of 19th century English and Tahitian.

The younger generation also take pride in their roots. Under the enthusiastic tuition of Maree Reynolds, the Baunti Byuutis learn to perform Tahitian dances to ukuleles and drums.

On Restoration Island Martin meets Dave Glasheen who is a modern day Robinson Crusoe. He was a high-flying businessman with a big mansion in Sydney. Then the stock market crashed, and Dave was ruined.

In 1993 Dave decided to transform his life utterly by leasing an island and giving up all the trappings of high-powered urban life for self-sufficiency and solitude. His partner persuaded him to move to Restoration Island, but after six months she couldn’t hack it and left.

Dave decided to stay on, and has been there for 20 years. Martin learns how Dave survives off the land and gets to swim in crocodile infested waters, which he’s reliably informed by Dave are safe at the right time of day.

Dave says, “I was the chairman of a public company and lost it all. I had properties and debts and mortgages and all those normal things which the bank took, and the family walked.

“I met a new bird and she wanted an island so here I am, and that was the dream.

“I grew up, as a kid, on the beach and we grew up with simple life like this. You know all I needed was an oyster bottle and a stale bit of bread and a hook and a line and I’d be out all day. “I wish I was born here and didn’t know about the city, that would be even better.”

At the heart of the Torres Strait, Thursday Island is a true Ocean crossroads with a cultural mix all of its own; influences come not only from mainland Australia but also nearby Papua New Guinea, ancestral Melanesian settlers, and Japanese pearl divers.

Martin Clunes

From the cultural mix comes a love of music. Martin meets Seaman Dan, an 87 year old former pearl diver who late in life shot to international fame with his gently lilting music that draws heavily on Torres Strait calypso.

Martin finds Dan sitting outside a record shop on Thursday Island’s main street, where he sits every day. They’re accompanied by Dan’s grandson Patrick Mau, who inherited Dan’s music gene and fuses hip hop with Torres Strait themes.

From Thursday Island Martin takes a boat to Friday Island where he meets Kazu Takami, a former pearl fisherman, who now runs the only remaining cultivated Pearl Farm in Queensland. It’s a reminder of the days when these islands were the centre of the world trade for pearl shell, attracting a generation of Japanese divers to settle here and make a living. Martin is shown how pearls are formed with surgical precision in farmed oysters.

Martin Clunes Islands of Australia is a three part documentary and starts on 10th January on ITV1.

Entertainment & Travel

The Halcyon

The Halcyon starring Steven Mackintosh and Steven Mackintosh

New 8 episode drama on ITV1

Two of the UK’s most acclaimed actors, Steven Mackintosh (Luther, The Sweeney, Inside Men) and Olivia Williams (Anna Karenina, Hyde Park On Hudson, The Sixth Sense) join forces in a brand new ITV drama series, The Halcyon.

The Halcyon tells the story of a bustling and glamorous five star hotel at the centre of London society and a world at war.

Kara Tointon in The Halcyon

The eight-part drama series also features Kara Tointon (Mr Selfridge, Sound Of Music Live), Alex Jennings (The Lady In The Van, The Queen), Matt Ryan (Constantine, Arrow), Hermione Corfield (Knights Of The Roundtable: King Arthur, Pride and Prejudice And Zombies) and Mark Benton (Eddie The Eagle, Waterloo Road).

The drama, set in 1940, shows London life through the prism of war and the impact it has on families, politics, relationships and work across every social strata with a soundtrack of music from the era. Multi award-winning singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum.

Steven Mackintosh in The Halcyon

In the first episode, an American arrives in town and makes his way to the Halcyon Hotel. It’s raining hard, and he’s distracted by a line of smart black cars that snake their way around the back of the hotel. Meanwhile, the manager, Richard Garland and concierge Dennis Feldman group outside the hotel to greet Lord Hamilton, the owner.

Garland registers with some surprise the addition of Charity Lambert, a young, glamorous blonde. But ever diplomatic, he masks the initial shock, and welcomes them in – they’re followed by several other mystery men, all upper class and white haired.

Matt Ryan as Joe O'Hara

The handsome American, Joe O’Hara checks in, immediately asking questions about the “serious cars” coming in earlier. Receptionist Emma Garland only just manages to field them, it’s clear he smells a rat. And he’s right to, as Lord Hamilton kicks off a closed meeting, it soon becomes clear why sneaking in the back of the hotel has been necessary.

Lords, MPs and influencers are plotting how to instate Halifax as PM, but it’s clear that the room contains more than its fair share of appeasers and Nazi sympathisers.

Olivia Williams as Lady Hamilton

A surprise guest arrives, in the form of Lady Hamilton. It's panic stations, she’s a day early, and presumably unaware that her husband lies in wait upstairs…with Charity Lambert on top of him. Staff frantically collude to keep her out of the Royal Suite, but she’s fast approaching.

As her key fits into the lock, Garland manages to cut her off at the last – but only just. She departs, but an unspoken humiliation has occurred and she won’t easily forget it.

Informed of the earlier drama with his wife, Lord Hamilton commiserates in the bar

Informed of the earlier drama with his wife, Lord Hamilton commiserates in the bar. Joe O’Hara introduces himself and they’re making chit-chat when Freddie and Toby arrive, Lord Hamilton’s twin sons. Lord Hamilton clearly favours his eldest, Freddie. He leaves them to it to find a room to stay for the night, rightly suspecting he won’t be welcome in the Royal Suite where Lady Hamilton has finally taken up residence.

Freddie’s just got his wings and he and Emma go down to their childhood haunt in the basement. Emma senses a moment between them, but brushes it off and hurries away. She confides in Betsey who tells her to put it out of her head,  he’s an aristocrat, and she’s just the manager’s daughter. They may be old friends, but there surely won’t be any romantic spark.

Jamie Blackley as Freddie

The next day at breakfast, the Hamiltons are dining in the restaurant when Charity Lambert arrives, despite Emma’s best efforts to fend her off. Lady Hamilton is appalled, her husband’s indiscretions under cover of darkness is one thing, but this is affirmably public humiliation.

Freddie ushers her out, and Toby snaps at his father, who responds by giving him a disproportionate, angered dressing down. All witnessed by Mr O’Hara who finds Toby smoking outside and strikes up conversation.

Edward Bluemell as Toby

Toby is naively indiscreet about his father’s business interests, and Charity Lambert’s connections to the Fuhrer. Upset and embarrassed, he doesn’t seem to notice O’Hara’s unnatural interest.

Garland has a hostile visitor, Lady Hamilton who is attempting to get the names of every mistress that Lord Hamilton has ever brought to the hotel. Garland declines, which she takes as a direct slight against her. He tries to protest that he is loyal to the hotel rather than her husband, but it’s clear he’s made a powerful enemy.

The Halcyon

Freddie’s party begins and Emma’s perceptions about their romantic tensions are confirmed as they almost share a kiss on the way down in the lift. And Freddie chastises his father for his behaviour, he can’t continue to humiliate his mother like this.

To his astonishment, his father agrees: his reaction is melancholy, a man facing a series of bad decisions he has made throughout his life.

The Halcyon

We leave the Halcyon with both families wondering – what does the future hold, for Emma and Freddie’s burgeoning romance, and Garland and Lady Hamilton’s declared rivalry?

The Halcyon is a brand new eight episode drama. Watch it in January on ITV1.

Dance Dance Dance

Alesha Dixon and Will Best

Coming soon to ITV1

Dance Dance Dance is a brand new primetime entertainment series that will celebrate the most iconic pop video and dance movie sequences of all time. On a truly epic scale celebrities, together with a partner of their choice, will reimagine dance performances audiences will know and love.

Hosted by Alesha Dixon and Will Best the series will employ amazing state of the art special effects to re-enact legendary routines from Michael Jackson’s Bad and Madonna’s Vogue to Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time.

In a truly spectacular celebration of dance and music, each week the celebrities and their partners will perform and be marked by a panel of three expert judges. World famous choreographer, Tina Landon, has created routines for global superstars including Michael and Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Martin. Dancer, choreographer and judge on Dance Dance Dance across Europe, Timor Steffens has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé and Usher; and finally dancer, choreographer and creator of BGT winning street dance crew, Diversity, Ashley Banjo, completes the trio.

Celebrities taking part are Coronation Street and Wild at Heart actress Lucy Jo Hudson, TOWIE star Jessica Wright, JLS singer JB Gill, EastEnders actor Jonny Labey and Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade.

The Great Indoors

Stephen Fry stars in The Great Indoors

Starts on 9th January, ITV1

The Great Indoors stars Joel McHale and Stephen Fry in a comedy about a renowned adventure reporter for an outdoor magazine who must adapt to the times when he becomes the desk-bound boss to a group of millennials in the digital department of the publication.

Jack (Joel McHale) has led a thrilling “outdoorsy” life exploring the edges of the earth while chronicling his adventures for Outdoor Limits. But his globe-trotting days end when the magazine’s charismatic founder and outdoor legend, Roland (Stephen Fry) announces the publication’s move to web-only and assigns Jack to supervise their online team of “journalists.”

Jack’s eager 20-something colleagues include Clark, a tech nerd who knows everything about surviving on Mars and a zombie apocalypse; Emma, their social media expert who views Jack as the human version of dial-up; and Mason, a hipster-lumberjack who hasn’t spent any actual time outside.

Stephen Fry stars in The Great Indoors

Jack reports to Roland’s daughter, Brooke, an ex-flame who caters to the sensitive staffers by giving them all trophies just for working hard.

Jack’s best friend, Eddie, runs the local dive bar that’s popular with the younger set and helps Jack “decode” his co-workers.

Jack is baffled by the world of click-bait and listicles, but if he’s patient, he may be able to show these kids that the outside world is much more than something on a screen…if he doesn’t beat them with their selfie-sticks first.

Catch Some Last Minute Sun on the Deck of a Boat

Catch some last minute sun with Beds on Board

Grey winter skies getting you down? We understand. But it doesn't have to be like this. Right now you could be sipping a frappe or an ice-cold beer overlooking the sparkling blue seas of The Bahamas, The Canaries, or Florida. Yes. Really.

And the best thing of all is that you'll be paying far less than a hotel or self-catering in the same area.

Through you can book yourself some winter sun in some of the world's top locations.

There are boats waiting for you to stay on in Florida – the sunshine state – or Brazil, home to the Rio Carnival.

If long-haul doesn't grab you, how about a short hop to Mallorca's stylish capital, Palma? Or Malta in the amazing historic harbour of Valletta?

Polenca, Mallorca

There's no chartering, just laid-back luxury. And with the money you save you'll have more in your pocket to enjoy your surroundings.

Take a trip up Rio's Sugarloaf Mountain to enjoy one of the world's stand-out views and maybe try and spot your own Beds on Board boat, bobbing away below. Enjoy a famous Painkiller Cocktail in the British Virgin Islands, or explore one of the ancient sites of Malta, before setting down to some of their signature shellfish dishes.

Whatever you decide, the fact that you're on a boat will make your experience unique. And wherever you go you'll be shortening the winter. Which is the best thing of all.

To find your perfect boat, visit the website at

 The Grand Hotel &
         Spa, York

The Grand Hotel & Spa, York

Start the New Year as you mean to go on with a luxury break at The Grand Hotel & Spa, York's only five star hotel. The Spa & Stay package from £155pp* includes one night's B&B accommodation as well as a delicious Grand Afternoon Tea at the 3AA Rosette restaurant.

Enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating treatment at the hotel's luxury vaulted spa. Enjoy a swim in the pool, a dip in the jacuzzi and beat the winter blues in the warmth of the aromatic steam room or Nordic dry sauna.

Enjoy a spot of Gindulgence and treat yourself to a Hendrick's Gin & Tonic Afternoon Tea, available throughout January. Experience the infusion of two great British tastes; gin and The Grand's renowned afternoon tea. We bet you've never had a gin and tonic cupcake before!

Enjoy a spot of Gindulgence and treat yourself to a Hendrick's Gin & Tonic Afternoon Tea

Stay in one of the 107 elegant guestrooms at The Grand Hotel & Spa and experience true luxury, opulence and style.

Housed in the iconic former headquarters of the North Eastern Railway Company, The Grand is the only five star hotel in York, offering the very best in traditional English style and service, set off with a friendly Yorkshire welcome. History and heritage combine with everything a modern traveller could wish for in this iconic Edwardian building.

Spa at The Grand is set in the hotel's atmospheric vaults, where the North Eastern Railway company once stowed its millions, and is the perfect choice for your Spa break.

For further information visit the website at

Or call
01904 380 038.

     An Unbeakable
 Birdwatching Cruise
    With City Cruises

Birdwatching Cruise with City Cruises

Beat the January blues and channel your inner David Attenborough with City Cruises' quacking Winter Birdwatching Cruise, new for 2017.

Following the success of the Summer Birdwatching Cruise, which saw passengers enjoy sightings of Puffins, Guillemots and Kittiwakes, guests will be taken on England's coastal answer to the safari to spot up to 15,000 wintering birds, including the Grebe and the Red-breasted Merganser.

The two hour cruise welcomes professional and amateur twitchers alike to enjoy stunning views of the harbour and views of over 300 rarely seen species. On-board commentary is available throughout to point birdwatchers in the right direction, whilst teaching passengers about the colourful birds soaring above them.

Go on the Birdwatching Cruise with City Cruises

The cruise will sail from Poole Quay, through the harbour and towards Brownsea Island Lagoon; home for thousands of birds every winter who arrive to lay their eggs and rear their offspring. Those with an eagle eye may even catch a glimpse of the mischievous Common or Grey seals that can be seen bobbing off the shore.

It may be winter, and wrapping up warm is essential, but bracing the cold is worth it for an unbeatable brush with nature.

Price are from rom £14.85 for adults
(17+) and from £7.43 for Children (5-16). The cruise departs on various dates throughout January.

For details click on

Discover the Secrets
of Britain's Much
Loved Waterways

Discover the secrets of Britain's much loved waterways with Canal & River Trust

Take a sneaky peak behind the scenes and discover the unique craftsmanship and engineering skills that keep the nation's beautiful waterways open for everyone to enjoy. Throughout the winter the Canal & River Trust will be holding free open days so that you can delve deeper into history.

For budding builders, engineers and architects it's a chance to pull on your wellies and get muddy discovering how the canals were constructed, walk in the footsteps of the original Victorian engineers and try the traditional construction methods of puddling or mixing lime mortar.

Each open day is unique and you can enjoy taking a walk through a drained canal lock, journey by boat looking at local features or stroll along an empty channel talking to volunteer lock keepers, heritage experts and ecologists about how historic locks, bridges and aqueducts are cared for.

The open days are a great way for both adults and children to see the Canal & River Trust's 'hidden shallows', uncover the ingenious engineers of 200 years ago and admire the precise workmanship that went into making the historic canals.

Open days are free and will take place across England and Wales this winter until March 2017. To find out more about your nearest open day visit

New Year, New You Walking Holidays

Take a walking holiday in the New Year with VisitEngland

As Jingle Bells fades, bubbly runs dry and suddenly eating seven mince pies and a box of chocolates a day is no longer acceptable, Christmas becomes a distant memory as we prepare to 'de-sin' and carry out those New Year resolutions – cue the fitness retreats, cleansing juice, yoga sessions and wellness spas. Here, VisitEngland rounds up the top places in England to detox and find your zen.

Sign up to Load Off Your Back's new walking holidays for 2017, The North Down Way Self-guided walking experts, Load Off Your Back have launched their latest choice of holidays for 2017. Appealing to all levels of fitness, rambling or ambling, clients can tailor make their own walking holidays to suit their specific needs, with luggage taken on to the next overnight stop ready for arrival.

The 2017 programme includes The North Downs Way – A walk tailored to suit a range of walking abilities in some of the most beautiful views of the English countryside stretching from Farnham to Canterbury. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the path was opened in 1978 and runs along the ridge of the North Down Hills – partially following the Pilgrims Way where the faithful have followed since 1100AD. A five-day walk covering 60.5 miles costs from £495pp based on two sharing – the walk can be extended up to 123 miles over 11 days (additional costs apply).


Relax with a coastal retreat at the House of Liz Earle Beauty, The West Bay Club & Spa, Isle of Wight

On the island that's home of the original Liz Earle store, have a fresh start at the House of Liz Earle, a coastal hideaway that became part of The West Bay Club & Spa in September 2016. The interiors have been curated by the Liz Earle Naturally Active team as a home-away-from-home, reflecting their commitment to wellbeing and a gentle and healthy lifestyle.

The Island Wellness Spa is a short walk from the house through the gardens, so you can unwind, sleep and be pampered. With over 60 fitness and holistic classes a week, an indoor heated pool for your daily dip, private tennis coaching and 1-2-1 tuition in yoga and Pilates, you'll enjoy every moment of getting fit.

The Country Club also features a West Bay Kids programme and gives visitors a great base from which to explore the whole of the Island. A two day retreat costs £398.50 per person and includes a night's stay in the House of Liz Earle Beauty and select treatments and sessions.


Raw Horizons, Yoga, Juice and Healing Break, North Yorkshire

Shake off winter with a Raw Horizons Break in North Yorkshire. Combine a diet of gourmet raw food or cleansing juice with private 1:1 life coaching and yoga sessions. In between, soak in the hot tub, sweat in the sauna and relax with a spa treatment or a good book in the library at Split Farthing Hall.

The 3-night retreat costs from £575 for a shared twin room including all freshly prepared juices; mid-morning yoga & meditation to harmonise body and mind; an afternoon energy workshop to help rebalance and calm you; use of the infra-red sauna and outdoor hot tub and pick-up & drop-off at the local train station (if required). Retreat dates are currently available in January and March.


Mindfulness for Beginner's Retreat, Sharpham House, Devon

The Sharpham Trust's retreats aim to help you to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. The Mindfulness for Beginner's Retreat teaches guests to appreciate and be mindful of the natural world in a setting of wild, beautiful countryside of south-west England. Other retreats include Creative Writing & Nature or even singing.

The three-night beginners retreat costs from £315 per person including accommodation in a Grade II listed house set in a Capability Brown-designed landscape with stunning views over the steeply-wooded River Dart; full-board (healthy and vegetarian); 3 daily guided meditation sessions both indoors and outdoors, and optional yoga with periods of silence to help strengthen the practice.

There will also be question-and-answer sessions and guidance in bringing mindfulness, compassion, joy and equanimity into daily life.

Detox and venture into the wild at Great Langdale Campsite, Cumbria

Open year-round hardy campers can start the New Year getting back to basics in the great outdoors. Complete with double glazing and sheep wool insulation in the walls, the cosy camping pods will keep you warm but are still rustic enough to feel like camping. The campsite nestles below the towering Langdale Pikes, in one of the best walking and climbing areas in the Lake District.

There's lots to see and do in the valley, and should the weather turn nasty, you can retreat to the cosy warmth of their pub, Sticklebarn. Heating and lighting are provided in the pods - great for cold nights. A standard pod starts at £35 per night.


Four days New Year Meditation Yoga Retreat in working eco community, Oxfordshire

Enjoy a deeply nourishing few days of yoga and wellbeing at this working eco community with sheep, chickens, a walled vegetable garden and an ancient orchard. As well as traditional Hatha yoga sessions to nurture the mind, daily activities include peaceful nature walks and silent meditation.

The winter months can be a treat at the manor house as you have the beauty of log fires to curl up with a book or have a chat over a cup of tea, as well as inspiring cinema and chanting in the evenings.

Prices are from £395 per person, including three night's accommodation and wholesome vegetarian meals.