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Rowena Harker Leder

   By Rowena Harker Leder
        Easier Life Expert 

Rowena Harker Leder was born in Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales. She always knew she wanted to travel and see the whole world. In this article, Rowena tells us about her life and travels, and shares her top tips for an easier and healthier life.

"At the age of 19 I went to France as an au pair and then pottered around Europe," explains Rowena. "Then I desperately wanted to go to America and in the winter of 1958, I saw an advertisement in 'The Stage' theatrical newspaper saying Miss Bluebell would be auditioning girls to go to Las Vegas to open a new hotel. This huge show would become the very first European show to go to America from Europe.

"The Lido de Paris with the world famous Bluebell Girls opened the Stardust Hotel in July 1958 and with my stage name, Lyn, I was one of the 28 girls to head out West. After 1 year and 20 days in Las Vegas the show returned to Europe. The next show came in and stayed for more than 3 years and this continued for more than 25 years.

"Still wanting to see other places, I went to Beirut in the Lebanon and opened the Casino du Liban in January 1960 with Les Doriss Girls – again from Paris. This show stayed open for 10 months and was again highly successful. The following show lasted more than three years again."

By now Rowena had reached the ripe old age of 25 and decided to put Plan B into action which was to become and air stewardess.

"Because of the dreadful discrimination laws in place at the time, I was rejected by Pan Am airlines because I was 5 feet 10½ tall," admits Rowena. "You had to be between 5'4 and 5'8 and anything above or below was unacceptable!

"Fortunately BOAC or British Airways as it now is, were not so narrow minded and I started flying in 1962 and flew for 10½ years internationally. At this time I was living in Prince of Wales Drive in London and even though I say it myself, I helped to make the Swinging Sixties swing, being one of the first customers at Biba and the first to ever wear a mini skirt!

"Discrimination reared its ugly head again when in those days, all stewardesses had to stop flying at the age of 36. At 35 I did not really know what to do and decided the best thing would be to get married!. Fortunately I met a very charming American gentleman on a blind date at the Dorchester Hotel and I lived in New York for over a year and then returned to England. A son was born which I felt was a miracle as 'we were the guinea pigs of the jet age and so many flying friends had to adopt'. I am still married to 'the charming gentleman' after 45 years."

Returning to Grassington, Rowena became the Artistic Director of the Grassington Festival a role she held for 18 years. She received an MBE from the Queen in 2005 for this work and her work as Concert's Secretary of Skipton Music Society.

"During this time I started public speaking talking about my Bluebell Days, then my Flying Days and finally running a big music and arts Festival," continues Rowena. "I have spoken in Ayr, Plymouth, Colchester, Southport and all places between and am still available for talks and I love to talk to large groups.

"Health and exercise have been an automatic essential in my life and my top tips and video show that I still have a zest for life and I want others to feel the same way. I have put these tips together and hope Sixtyplusurfers readers will benefit as much as I do.

12 Tips for an Easier Life

1. Drink a glass of warm water before anything else in the morning.

2. Eat something green every day.

3. If you are not a 'smiley person' make a concerted effort to smile at everyone and notice the difference to your day.

4. A nap in the afternoon will make you sleep better at night.

5. When talking too much, stop and ask the other person how they are.

6. When an older person enters the room, always stand up as a gesture.

7. Do not always think people are talking about you. If they are, just think they are giving someone else a rest.

8. For young people. If you are being bullied on line, always feel sorry for the person bullying. They are far more unhappy than you.

9. For the more mature – try and stand tall, sit up and do not slouch.

10. If you have a favourite restaurant, over tip.

11. Never over dose on vitamins.

12. Laugh every day, sing every week and pray all the time – it helps.

    Now enjoy Rowena's
fabulous exercise video

   Click on arrow to watch

  Preventing Falls

Preventing falls

One in three elderly people will have a fall this year, but would you know what to do?Approximately 30% of those aged over 64 falling at least once a year, half of these having falls frequently. In the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury related deaths in people over the age of 75. Although most falls don’t result in serious injury, risks can include broken bones, a loss of confidence and feeling withdrawn.

Older people are more likely to have a fall because they may have balance problems and muscle weakness, poor vision, a long-term health condition, such as heart disease, dementia or low blood pressure (hypotension), which can lead to dizziness and a brief loss of consciousness. In older people, falls can be particularly problematic as osteoporosis develops.

If you fall – advice from the experts

If you fall, it's important to keep calm. If you're not hurt and you feel strong enough to get up, don't get up quickly. Roll onto your hands and knees and look for a stable piece of furniture, such as a chair or bed.

Hold on to the furniture with both hands to support yourself and, when you feel ready, slowly get up. Sit down and rest for a while before carrying on with your daily activities.

If you're hurt or unable to get up, try to get someone's attention by calling out for help, banging on the wall or floor, or using an aid call button (if you have one). If possible, crawl to a telephone and dial 999 to request an ambulance.

Try to reach something warm, such as a blanket or dressing gown, to put over you, particularly your legs and feet. Stay as comfortable as possible and try to change your position at least once every half an hour or so.

Preventing a fall

There are several measures you can take to help prevent a fall. Simple everyday measures around the home include:

· Using non-slip mats in the bathroom

· Mopping up spills to prevent wet, slippery floors

· Getting help lifting or moving items that are heavy or difficult to lift

· Removing clutter and ensuring all areas of the home are well lit can also help to prevent falls.

How your GP can help

If you’re worried you might be susceptible to falls, visit your GP, who may carry out some simple tests to check your balance and can also review any medicines you're taking, in case their side effects may increase your risk of falling.

Your GP may also recommend

· Having a sight test if you're having problems with your vision, even if you already wear glasses

· Having an electrocardiogram (ECG) and checking your blood pressure while lying and standing

· Requesting a home hazard assessment, where a healthcare professional visits your home to identify potential hazards and offer advice

· Doing exercises to improve your strength and balance

For more advice on preventing falls, or what to do if you or your loved one has a fall, visit
Age UK or AXA PPP healthcare

     Like Minders
  Elderly Care and

Like Minders Elderly Care and Companionship

Like Minders Elderly Care & Companionship, the brainchild of the directors behind one of the UK’s most successful childcare agencies, is now offering ‘nannies for grannies’ to help fill the gap in the market for elderly care across the UK. With childcare far more accessible compared to elderly care, the service aims to offer the same access and flexibility to elderly care that many parents in the UK enjoy for their children.

It comes at a time when Government cuts have all but halted free care for low or non-medial elderly people, and therefore offers a low-cost solution for elderly people who require companionship and help around the home. The number of people aged 65+ is projected to rise by over 40 per cent in the next 17 years to over 16 million (ONS 2015) and over a third of these people live alone.

Commenting on the launch Director Georgie Jones says, “We believe that there is no black and white solution to elderly care and there seems to be this void between elderly people who are self- sufficient, to those needing full time medical care. Those who just need help around the home or simply companionship, tend to be the ones who are neglected.

“Our nannies for grannies service aims to bridge the huge void for non-medical care in the UK. Our services are aimed at people who need a little extra help, whether that is personal care, help around the house or garden or just someone to chat to or have a cup of tea with. Through our research we found that one of the biggest problems elderly people face in our society is loneliness. We hope that by putting people in touch with local companions we hope they can build friendships and local contacts.”

About Like Minders Elderly Care

Like Minders is one of the UK’s leading care agencies. It is founded on the same principles as its sister childcare business – safe and flexible care from the very best carers. We specialise in homecare and aim to promote independence, dignity and privacy as people grow older and need some extra help at home.

"We are dedicated to finding the right carer for each person based on their needs, their situation and also their personality. For longer term and regular care placements we always recommend you meet or at least speak with the chosen carer so you can be 100% comfortable with your choice. We want you to be happy with our service and it is our aim to find the right carer for you.

"We offer companionship and non-medical homecare for older people who want to maintain their independence, but need a little extra help. Whether you are looking for yourself, or a loved one, we can help. We care for both individuals and couples, and we offer ad hoc care, regular care, live in/live out care both short and long term care, and emergency last minute care. We are also happy to deal with unusual requests and will always go the extra mile to try and find a solution for you and your family."

For more information about Like Minders click on


Retirement Living

Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Holiday for Two

Win a Holiday for Two with Cohabitas

Answer a Survey about
House Sharing in Later Life
for your Chance to Win!

There is a lot of talk these days about the 'sharing economy' - for example renting out your house or flat when you don't need it through companies like AirB&B, or car-sharing in bigger cities rather than owning a car – cost benefits and flexibility are driving this idea.

But what are your thoughts about house sharing on a permanent or semi-permanent basis in later life?

As housing costs continue to rise and we are all living a bit longer, so the opportunity for some people to share in order to not only save money, but also to have company each day and to maintain their independence at home is becoming more and more relevant and attractive.

Clearly interest in sharing would also depend on finding the right person or people to share with, finding the right sort of house or flat and of course working out the finances and house rules for sharing.

That is what Cohabitas offers - help and advice about sharing in later life. But what are your views? If you were going to share what would the main attraction be for you?

  Complete the Survey to win a Holiday

Complete the survey to win a holiday

   For Your Chance to Win

Click Here to take you to the Survey page and fill in the form

For more information about Cohabitas click on


      New Richmond
   Retirement Village
     and Care Home
    Opens in Witney


Richmond Witney retirement village

The new Richmond Witney retirement village recently held its launch and information open day and welcomed some 750 people interested in finding out more about the new facility at Coral Springs Way, Witney, Oxfordshire.

The event was designed to give a real insight into what stress-free living at the retirement village could be like, with Champagne and refreshments served throughout the day to visitors.

Open Day at Richmond Witney

Guests had the opportunity to view the new Village suites, meet David Westerby, the village manager and his team, find out what accommodation is available and view the facilities which include a wellness spa, pool & gym, quality restaurant, a library, IT room and terrace café.

Escorted tours of the care home for those looking for 24-hour nursing and dementia care were also held.

Trying the activities at Richmond Witney

“We were absolutely delighted by the number of people who came to see us,” said David Westerby, “and hugely encouraged by their positive reaction. We even had several people putting down deposits on properties, as well as making reservations for care home bedrooms.

“We are immensely proud of what we have achieved at Richmond Witney,” said Paddy Brice, managing director of Richmond Villages, “and I am confident it will become the benchmark for retirement villages in the UK.”

The swimming pool at Richmond Witney

Village suites start from £235,000 and include a bedroom with en-suite shower room, sitting room and a fully fitted kitchenette.

Village suites provide assisted living for those who wish to retain their independence but require some assistance with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and laundry, and come with an emergency 24-hour call system to the on-site care team, plus wellness spa membership.

“We wanted to give people a real flavour for what living at this all new Richmond village is like, to see what a fantastic social community is developing here, and the exceptional care that is available for those who might need it,” concluded Mr Westerby.

About Richmond Villages

The Reception at Richmond Witney

One of the pioneers in bringing the retirement village concept to the UK, Richmond Villages has been designing, building and operating its own villages for almost 20 years.

The company currently operates five luxury retirement villages located in Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, with its new village at Witney, Oxfordshire now opening, and construction at Aston-on-Trent, Derbyshire already well underway.

Richmond Villages is one of the leaders in the retirement living sector, and has an established reputation for the provision of quality service and care, and won numerous awards.

The Café and Bar at Richmond Witney

For further information about Richmond Villages, please visit

Telephone 0800 0987 094.


For Richmond Witney call 01993 768557.

Retired Pilot Keeps Flying with TGA

David Bell, retired farmer and pilot

Retired farmer and active pilot, David Bell who has Muscular Dystrophy, is  still able to enjoy his flying hobby thanks to his ‘Harley Davidson’ TGA mobility scooter. Despite living with disability, ex-farmer David Bell, 58 from Retford in Lincolnshire, continues to fly light aircraft from his airfield thanks to the assistance of a rugged TGA Supersport mobility scooter.

Before taking early retirement due to walking and mobility difficulties, David was a dedicated arable and cattle farmer. During this time, he managed the small family-run 120-acre farm and was fully fit – regularly climbing ladders, machinery and scaffolding.

However, when David reached 50 he started to experience more and more mobility difficulties and after tests, was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Even though his condition is progressive David continues to be highly active these days and manages his land thanks to ownership of a powerful 3-wheel mobility scooter.

His TGA Supersport is nicknamed the ‘Harley Davidson of scooters’ as its black and chrome styling resembles more of a motorbike than a traditional mobility vehicle. This scooter has also allowed David to continue with his other passion – flying light aircraft.

The Supersport is well known for its off-road capabilities and with its robust and reliable design, David uses his scooter to manoeuvre his planes out of the hanger and position them ready for taxiing.

David has been a qualified pilot for 12 years and is fully able to fly competently despite his condition

David has been a qualified pilot for 12 years and is fully able to fly competently despite his condition. He houses several planes in his hanger, they include a vintage 1920’s RAF Tiger Moth which was recently featured on ITV when Britain’s oldest man, Jack Reynolds aged 104, took a flight in it from David’s farm and runway.

Without his TGA Supersport David would struggle to move his plane independently before take-off and after landing – this high performance mobility scooter ‘has never got stuck or let me down’ according to David. He says: ‘I have flown all over this country and around Europe as far away as Malta, Italy, Germany and Poland’.

David says, “I first discovered the TGA Supersport when I saw someone driving one in town. It looked really sturdy and nothing like a mobility scooter. Since having my own Supersports, here and in Switzerland, you wouldn’t believe the number of amazed people who have come up to me asking about my scooters. When I am not using a scooter to move planes around I take one on holiday and to agricultural shows.

"One time at the Lincolnshire County Show I managed to drive one of my Supersports up a really steep muddy bank to get a better view of the main ring – the incline must have been around 45 degrees! Not the safest thing to do and I wouldn’t advise anyone else tries it but my Supersport just shot up there and it did not falter once…its traction is amazing.”

David continues, “Back on the farm I also use my Supersport for lots of jobs including towing trailers full of logs and can take it further afield as it fits in the back of our Mercedes Vito. We love to holiday in Devon, Cornwall and also more locally in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire where we recently visited Whitby on the coast.

"All these places are really hilly but no problem for my scooter. Even if you need to drive through thick mud or sludge, this brilliant scooter will not stop.

"I have also just bought heavy duty batteries for it so I have a range of 30 miles on one charge. Over in Zurich my other Supersport gives me independence when I'm visiting my daughter. I’ve pushed this scooter to the limit up rocky Swiss mountain tracks and trials and when driving around towns. When I’m with my grandkids I do doughnuts on the beach, all great fun.”

David concludes, “My TGA Supersport does the job. I would recommend it to anyone. It is so easy to step on and step off the scooter and the big wheels give you so much grip. It is an added bonus that I can tow the planes, I probably use it for things that it really wasn’t designed for but saying that, whatever I have asked of it, it has never let me down.”

TGA Mobility Limited

TGA is based in Sudbury, Suffolk and has been a respected supplier of mobility products for over 30 years with a specialty in mobility scooters.

TGA is renowned for its high quality, diverse range that includes the Breeze S4 that is the nation’s favourite, the revolutionary folding Minimo through to the funky cutting edge Vita family and market-leading wheelchair Powerpack.

As a family-run business with a proven manufacturing heritage, TGA is dedicated to quality, innovation and service with all of its products undergoing rigorous testing before delivery ensuring peace of mind and trouble free ownership.

For details visit  

    Idyllic Hampshire
Homes Available Now

Wickham Court in North Boarhunt near Fareham

Wickham Court, in North Boarhunt, near Fareham, Hampshire, is a residential park that offers great facilities in a fantastic location.

Just six miles from Portsmouth harbour, Wickham Court is ideally located within easy reach of both countryside and coastline. The nearby village of Wickham and town of Fareham offer a range of local amenities, including tea rooms and coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and a wide variety of shops.

On-site, Wickham Court offers an indoor swimming pool, spa facilities and bar.

Wickham Court offers an indoor swimming pool, spa facilities and bar

Residential park homes have undergone somewhat of a makeover in recent years and now offer a highly attractive, viable alternative to costly bungalows.

Quick Move Properties’ Sales Director, Patrick Chambers explains, “There are many reasons why residential park homes are a tempting prospect, especially for those who are retired or approaching retirement.

“Residential park homes have seen some fantastic developments in recent years, and now offer aspirational homes to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements.

Residential park homes have seen some fantastic developments in recent years, and now offer aspirational homes to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements

“As homeowners approach retirement it’s the ideal time to think about what your future needs might be. Many homeowners begin to think about the idea of downsizing from the larger family home to something that may require a little less maintenance and upkeep.

“Moving to a smaller property will undoubtedly mean less maintenance and lower costs, which is something many approaching retirement are looking for.

“The opportunity to release some of the equity tied up in your current property is also a big draw for homeowners, with many of our customers telling us they want to move to a park home in order to live mortgage-free, or to release some of the capital tied up in their existing property. Some use this equity to treat themselves in retirement, others use it to relieve some of the day-to-day financial pressure, while others like to give family members a bit of a helping hand financially.

Residential park homes also have the added benefit of a ready-made, secure community

“Residential park homes also have the added benefit of a ready-made, secure community. Because many parks are age-restricted, there is often a great sense of community and shared investment in communal areas. Loneliness can be a real issue in retirement, but knowing you’ll be living in a community of other residents at a similar life-stage can offer great reassurance.”

There are currently a number of showhomes available to view at Wickham Court, with several properties available to move into before the Spring. Current availability includes an Omar Regency, a Homeseeker Acclaim, a Stately Albion Wentwood and a Tingdene Haydn.

There are currently a number of showhomes available to view at Wickham Court, with several properties available to move into before the Spring

Have an existing property to sell? No problem! Quick Move Properties’ Part Exchange and Assisted Move services take all of the hassle and uncertainty out of selling a property, and allow you to move in a timescale that suits you.

If you like the idea of moving to a residential park home, but feel Hampshire isn’t the right location for you, Quick Move Properties have homes available throughout the UK, with prices starting from just £149,950.

For more information about buying a residential park home and the homes currently available, contact Quick Move Properties today on Telephone: 01793 840917

Or visit


What Will You Pass
      On to Future

What will you pass on to future generations?

 Article by Louise Pavoni, Digital
      Communications Manager
            Remember A Charity

From ‘live life to the full’ to ‘never go to bed on an argument’, we all have our own pearls of legendary wisdom to pass on to others. If you could pass on one piece of advice to future generations, what would it be?

We posed this very question to the public to inspire conversations about gifts in Wills, for Remember A Charity Week 2016. The campaign celebrated words of wisdom as a way of passing on the values we hold dear, in the same way leaving a gift to charity in our Will can make a lasting impact on future generations.

Avoiding the taboo

Nobody likes contemplating life after we’re gone. Death is a sensitive taboo that most of us avoid talking about openly with friends and family. Making a Will gives us the chance to not only have control over what happens to our possessions, it is also an opportunity to make a difference to the world we will leave behind.

Many of us support charities during our lifetime – 74% in fact. Research shows that 35% of those surveyed say they will leave money to charity in their Will. However, only 7% actually do.

Two out of three guide dogs

Charitable legacies are the foundation for many good causes in the UK and are vital in continuing their work. Did you know that two out of three guide dogs and six out of ten life boat launches are paid for by gifts in Wills? As is over a third of Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

Gifts in Wills are the equivalent of 19 Comic Relief appeals each year, making a huge impact in helping the most vulnerable in society and improving the world we live in. It’s a common myth that only the rich and famous leave money to charity when they die. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The reality is that without gifts left in Wills by people like you, many of the charities we know and support wouldn’t even exist. Every gift, however large or small, makes a big difference to our favourite charities.

Family first

Happiness takes us places money never will

Rest assured, you will never face the decision between family and charity. Family always comes first. By leaving something in your Will to a cause you feel passionate about, after taking care of family and friends, you are ensuring their work lives on.

Including a gift to charity in your Will is very straightforward and the donation can be as small or large as you like. Whether you prefer to leave a cash gift, share of your estate of even physical items, a solicitor or professional Will-writer can advise on adding a codicil to your existing Will.

Will you pass on something legendary?

Gloria Hunniford says having children is the best thing you will ever do

We all want to leave a part of what makes us unique behind, through what we say and do. We take delight in sharing our wisdom with others and passing on our experiences to future generations.

Why not consider how you can leave your mark on the wider world by remembering a charity in your Will. After all, wouldn’t you agree that it’s what you give not what you get in life that’s important.

For more information about Remember A Charity click on


      Time to Buy a  
    Bolthole in Wales

Buy a beautiful bolthole in Wales

A UK holiday home may sound like a luxury but it could be this year's big earner. Surveys from economic consultancy PwC, online lettings firm, and Barclays Bank show that up to 76% of Britons plan a UK holiday in 2017. This is, in part, due to foreign holidays are up to 20% more expensive since last Summer due to the falling pound.

A boost is likely for the self-catering rental market, with Wales being one of the most popular destinations. Carol Peett of West Wales Property Finders has already seen a huge increase in the number of people renting holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion over the past year or so.

This she puts down partly to the falling pound since Brexit, but sadly also to the rise in terrorism effecting many traditional family holiday destinations such as Turkey and Egypt and to queues and delays at airports due to added security measures putting people off travelling abroad, particularly those with small children. Two superb Summers running in Pembrokeshire has also helped attract repeat visitors.

Tenby Harbour

Purchasing a holiday home not only solves the problem of where to spend your family holidays but can also generate a healthy income for the owner through holiday lets and these are also still extremely tax efficient.

For further information visit the website at

Or call 01834 862816.