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And Win a Wine Goblet and Red Wine Set

Could your letter be the Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter? This month our lucky winner will win a Wine and Goblet Set from 

This stylish Blenheim Goblet Gift Set comes with an 18.7cl mini bottle of red wine. The lead crystal goblet is personalised with the recipient’s name surrounded by an ornate design.

It has a versatile design that could be used for many special occasions such as Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Father’s Day, Retirement, Welcome to Your New Home, or a Thank You gift.

Anybody who likes good red wine will be delighted with the quality of this gift set with its diamond cut detail and blue satin lined gift box. Price is £32.99.

For more information about the prize visit the website at

To Enter the Competition

Please send in your letters, photographs, recipes, poems, and handy tips, for your chance to win this fantastic prize. Or write a letter using one of the suggestions in our list as shown below.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself , where you come from and where you live

2. Tell us about something important that you have achieved in your life

3. Tell us about a recent holiday or a family day out

4. Tell us about special afternoon tea or meal that you have had in a hotel or restaurant

5. Tell us about something romantic that has happened to you or a friend

6. Tell us about your garden or allotment and what you like to grow

7. Share a funny story about your grandchildren or share some family photographs

8. Tell us about your pets. And include a couple of photos

9. Share a favourite family recipe or a cookery idea with a picture of the finished dish or meal

10. Tell us about something you have something you have baked, cooked, sewn or made for your family as a gift

11. Have you had a cooking disaster? Tell us about it with lots of funny pictures

12. Have you recently moved home or downsized? We’d love to hear about your experiences

13. Tell us about a prize you have won from Sixtyplusurfers or another competition win

14. Tell us about something amusing that has happened to you or a member of the family

15. Tell us how you spend your retirement or leisure time

16. Tell us about your favourite hobbies, pastimes and interests

17. Share your tips about how you stay happy, healthy and fulfilled 

18. Tell us about a bargain or something you have bought which has given you good value for money

19. Tell us about your first car, school days or something unusual or exciting that has happened in your life

20. Share your handy tips and money saving ideas

21. Tell us about a birthday, wedding anniversary or family occasion you have recently celebrated

22. Tell us about your school days or wartime memories

23. Tell us about your first job or an unusual job you have had

24. Have you appeared on a quiz show, talent show or on TV? We’d love to hear about it

25. Have you done any fund raising, charity work or helped someone in need?

26. Has anyone in your life helped you, inspired you or given you something special that you would like to tell us about

27. Tell us about any DIY or creative projects with photographs that you have completed and made yourself.

28. Tell us what you like about Sixtyplusurfers!

Please send your letters, pictures, poems, recipes, handy tips and funny stories to 

This should be clearly marked Readers’ Letters, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number.

Any photographs should be sent in jpeg format and you could win this month’s fabulous Star Letter Prize! 

The best letter will win a Wine Goblet and Red Wine Set from 

* Your data will not be shared by any third parties and then deleted after the winner has claimed their prize.

* This competition is open to our UK visitors only

Readers' Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I thought I would write to tell you of my recent experience with my dog and in a way point out my experiences, in a hope that if there is one person that learns from my letter, it has helped at least one dog.

I have had Lizzie for about 6 years and she was about 5 years old when we got her and she was a rescue dog who was found abandoned in a lay-by in a very bad shape both physically and mentally. She has over the years learnt to trust and love us and is now a very important and adored member of our family.

When we got her from the kennels it was pointed out that she may have already been spayed as she had a scar in the right place so it was possible we might not need to spay her, however we waited to see if she came into season. She didn’t and it was the same for a few years to come.

Then when she was about 9 to our surprise she had a season and then another one about 6 months later. We didn’t know that for all those years she had had what is known as a ‘silent season’ and she had not been spayed. I didn’t know this existed! We discussed it and decided that at her age spaying would be dangerous due to the general anaesthetic.

I was very wrong not to get her spayed then, as recently Lizzie had to go through a life saving operation suffering with Pyometra. This is something older unspayed bitches will get and it is a common rapid killer. She underwent a major operation at the age of 11 from an infection that nearly killed her.

I was lucky that I was told the symptoms to look for by my sister and got her into the vets just in time. If I had known about silent seasons, I would have made more investigations into whether she had been spayed or not, although it can be difficult even for vets to tell.

I would urge any person with an unspayed dog to read up on silent seasons and Pyometra as it is so so common and a deadly killer of older bitches.

Lizzie is fine now and although grumbling about the lampshade collar she has to wear, she is back to her fun loving self.

Kim Styles

Dear Kim

Thank you for sending in pictures of your beautiful dog Lizzie and raising awareness about Pyometra in dogs which haven’t been spayed. 

We are so glad to hear that Lizzie is recovering and hope she will be able to take off her lampshade collar soon. 

We have also featured a picture of Lizzie on our Pet Care page in our Super Star Pet Picture Frame.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Readers' Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

This is my 2 and a half year old great granddaughter hovering her mum’s bathroom.

According to my granddaughter, she did a great job and was so proud.

Pauline Crosby, Norfolk

Dear Pauline

Thank you for sharing yours photograph of your great granddaughter hoovering. She’s adorable.

You must have been very proud of her too. 

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Readers' Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

On Easter Monday me and my partner and children went to Chepstow Racecourse and met Mister Maker who was performing there.

My daughter Sheriah 5 loves watching him on TV but unfortunately was so shy on every picture we have she is looking away.

But she enjoyed the show which was the main thing and in August we are going back to see ChuckleVision and Andy Day from CBeebies.

Jeanette Leighton

Dear Jeanette

Thank you for sending in your lovely photograph. It must have been very exciting to meet Mister Maker. It sounds like you had lots of fun with your family at Chepstow.

We hope you have a great time when you see ChuckleVision and Andy Day from CBeebies. 

We’d love to see more photographs of readers and your days out.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Readers' Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

This Spring I wanted to add some colour into my garden so I painted the shed purple.

Sobia Naseer

Dear Sobia

I love your purple shed. It adds a lovely burst of colour into your garden and brings it to life.

I hope you enjoy sitting out in the sunshine in the Summer.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Readers' Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Cooking Disaster

A few years ago, my family decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve by making some popcorn. I was much more confident in my culinary skills than I should have been, and thought I’d whip some up on the stovetop.  How hard could it be?

I poured oil into a saucepan and added popcorn kernels.  But the silly corn wouldn’t pop!  I tried shaking the pan while holding the lid as tight as possible.  All I accomplished was making a mess, ending up with oil everywhere.  And no popcorn!

The next morning, I began to heat the skillet to make some breakfast. Our stove was electric, with little metal drip pans under the coils. Without thinking of the mess from the night before, I cranked up the heat and put on some bacon.

A few minutes later, I was folding some laundry in the next room when I smelled something odd.  You guessed it – I had set the oil in the drip pan on fire.  Flames were shooting up around the skillet!  I ran over, grabbed the pan, and tossed it into the sink, fortunately remembering that you can’t toss water on a grease fire.  I tried smothering the flames with the metal skillet lid, and luckily, it worked!

But that was not to be the last time I caused catastrophe in the kitchen.  Early one morning, I decided to make biscuits for the kids’ breakfast.  I set the oven to 400 degrees and started gathering ingredients.

A few minutes later as I mixed the dough, I began to smell something odd.  I thought to myself, “I really need to clean those crumbs off the oven floor.”  If only it were a few leftover crumbs!

Actually, I had left an omelette skillet and a baking dish in the oven, along with its plastic lid – which was melting down in strings all over the racks and everything!

Once again, I tossed my ruined pans into the sink, fusing the skillet into the plastic.  By now the whole kitchen was filling with acrid smoke. The smoke detector began to beep, and I ripped out the battery, fearing that it would wake the kids.

Even though it was cold, I opened the windows and patio door to wave the stench outside.  I’m luckier than I deserve, because it cleared out pretty quickly.  I was so worried that we would all be poisoned by the fumes!

I must have been quite a sight, waving a big piece of cardboard over my head wildly, tears running down my face, while smoke poured out the window and plastic dripped down into the depths of the oven.

In the end, there were no injuries – except to my pride!

Xania Williams

Dear Xania

Thank you for telling us about your cooking disasters. It’s lucky you have a smoke alarm and a good sense of humour!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Competition Winners!

Competition Winners
from the May 2018
issue of Sixtyplusurfers

The Winner of the RCA Viking Touch Screen Tablet is:
Ruth Dawson, Nottingham
The answer is: Six hours

The Winner of the Alcatel U5 HD Smartphone is:
Ian Bradbury, Leeds
The answer is: 300 minutes

The Winner of the Vileda Easy Sweep is:
Elizabeth Pullman, Preston
The answer is: Under 1kg

The Winner of the Rosewood Catwalk Collection Scratcher Post is:
Peter Hadland, Somerset
The answer is Sisal

The Winner of the Case of Echo Falls 0% Sparkling Infusion is:
Mary Baldwin, Worthing
The answer is: Grape juice

The Winner of the Floral Printed T-Shirt from Damart is:
Rosalind Linton, London
The answer is: Ecru Print

The Winner of the Accessorize Happy Daisy Eau de Toilette is:
Jean Woodward, Stockport
The answer is: Raspberry and Orange

The Two Winners of the Fuzzy Felt Farm Animals Set are:
Caroline Bourne, Birmingham and Martyn Pugh, Barnet
The answer is: A postage stamp

The Three Winners of ‘Don’t Stop This Now’ on CD by Finbar Furey are:
Ronald Williams, Milton Keynes; Sally Turner, Weymouth; and Maria Gellar, Kent
The answer is: Ireland

The Winner of Blue Planet II on DVD is:
Rodney Mowe, Derbyshire

The Winner of the Star Letter Competition is:
Leanne Cody, Cardiff
The Prize is a Bundle of STABILO Stationery

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition is:
Jessica Nightingale, Cumbria
The Prize is a Bottle of British Cassis Liqueur

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition to win the LOGO Picture Game from Drumond Park is:
Maureen Williams, Nottingham

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise Competition to win a Colin Montgomerie Umbrella and Dean’s All Butter Shortbread from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill is:
‘wallers6’ Is it a Unicorn!

Sixtyplusurfers Competitions

This month our competitions close on June 30th. So don’t forget to enter.

With new GDPR laws, we will delete your information after each competition has closed and the prizes have been safely dispatched.

The Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter is sent out once a month only.

If you would like to be taken off the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter mailing list please send an email to: and let us know if you do not wish to receive it any more.

Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Luxury Break at Combermere Abbey

Combermere Abbey, the award winning historic estate steeped in a thousand years of history, is offering one lucky reader and a guest the chance to win an overnight bed and breakfast stay in the fabulous North Wing of the Abbey. Located on the Cheshire/Shropshire border, this stunning venue was recently restored to its former glory following a major restoration project and is now one of Cheshire’s best recognised historic landmarks.

Combermere Abbey was built as a Cistercian monastery in 1133, before Sir George Cotton was gifted the estate following Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536 and a Tudor manor house was added to the original building. Throughout the years, the house was remodelled in the Gothic and Jacobean style, making the Abbey a jewel of historic interest and a living timeline of English style.

As the winners enter the gates of the estate, they will be enveloped in the peace and quiet of the English countryside as the private driveway winds its way through hundreds of acres of parklands bordered by ancient woods. As the North Wing comes into view, guests will be able to take in the stunning Gothic architecture as the Abbey stands proudly next to the tranquil mere.

Walking through the historic doors of the North Wing, guests will be transported back to the elegance of earlier centuries as they are welcomed by their very own butler, who will show them around the two floors of the Wing, arrange their dinner reservation and settle them in.

The lucky winner (and their even luckier guest!) can expect to wake up to a delicious breakfast made with locally sourced ingredients served in the elegant Dining Room – including apple juice from Combermere’s very own fruit tree maze.

World-renowned interior designer Nina Campbell was appointed to design the North Wing with its two luxurious boutique bedrooms with en-suite bath and shower rooms: The Salamanca and The Bhurtpore.

The Tudor study offers the perfect place to relax and unwind with a good book, before venturing out to one of the local eateries for a spot of supper – whether you’re looking for comforting gastropub classics or modern haute cuisine, Combermere Abbey is perfectly located within easy reach of a range of restaurants.

The beauty of a stay at Combermere lies in the freedom to explore. Whether it’s a walk through the rolling countryside, an adventure into the ancient woodland or a stroll around the mere and through the restored Walled Gardens, it is there to enjoy. Redolent in history and elegance, guests enjoy total privacy on this 900-year old estate and live the ‘Downton Abbey’ dream with modern amenities.

Guests who would prefer to bring their four legged friend along with them will also have the chance to instead choose one of Combermere Abbey’s ten luxury self-catering courtyard cottages.

Converted from former 19th century stables, each beautifully appointed and individually designed – the cottages are dog friendly and very popular.

Guests can choose either a one night midweek stay for two in Combermere Abbey’s North Wing or a two night midweek stay in a self-catering cottage.

For further information about Combermere Abbey and its faciliites visit the website at

For Your Chance to Win

Tell us when was Combermere Abbey originally built?

     a) 1066
     b) 1133
     c) 1221
     d) 1376

To Enter the Competition

Tell us when was Combermere Abbey originally built? Then send in your answer with your full name address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address below:

* Please label your entry
      Combermere Abbey Competition 

Competition Terms & Conditions

1. The winner can choose between a one night overnight midweek stay for two at the North Wing B&B, or a two night midweek stay in a self-catering cottage (where dogs are also allowed – should winners like to bring their dog to the cottage please inform the team when booking) with continental breakfast hamper.

2. Stays can be booked midweek only.

3. The break is subject to availability.

4. Stays must be booked before 31st December 2018.

5. Entrants must be aged 18 or over.

6. This competition is open to our UK visitors only.

7. Your data will not be shared by any third parties and deleted after the winner has claimed their prize.

Star Letter Winner!

 Our Star Letter 

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Let me tell you a story about cats. Yes, yes I am a self confessed Cat Lady.

Back in 2014 my life seemed pretty good, I had a job managing a day care nursery, I had my little flat and life was generally good, I would hop on a couple of buses during the weekend and visit fayre’s and walk along the bay, in general I really was happy.

As the months went by, work was becoming very stressful and I was beginning to struggle. After months of pushing and pushing myself as I was undertaking more responsibility, my doctor prescribed me anti-depressants but only a few weeks later the owner of the day care nursery texted me on pay day and told me that they had resigned their registration – closing the nursery down and it would be illegal to operate from that day forward.

The owner not only vanished from the face of the earth but also took all of our wages for the month and the parents nursery fees. I can honestly say my life came crashing down. My first concern was keeping a roof over my head but depression took over. I lay on the sofa and spent my days crying.

I didn’t apply for housing benefit or any benefits. I wasn’t in a place to do so and nor did I tell my family. It didn’t take long for my gas and electric to run out. I had no food in the cupboard and after several nights on a cold November I attempted to take my own life with medication.

Days later, I miraculously woke up, I’m not sure how….but that day I washed and walked in to the local Job Centre and broke down to the employee on the door and explained what had happened. That lovely man wrote down everything I needed to do and where to go and even drew me directions. By the end of the day, I had emergency money for food, gas and electric. The next day I contacted my mother who all helped me out.

Months later I was still struggling to cope and my little sister adopted two goldfish and in my excitement for her, I impulsively emailed my landlady and asked if I could adopt a cat and she said, “Yes!”

I adopted this little man called Milo who has turned into my best friend. As time went by I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and even as I lost friends due to isolating myself…Milo was there for me.

He gave me a reason to get up in the mornings. When I cry myself to sleep he climbs up the bed to my pillow and lays beside me purring to soothe me, and after one particularly bad night…my little buddy reached over and put his precious paw on my face.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much he moved me and I will always be so grateful for his care and companionship.

It’s not all sadness either, Milo loves to play and he has me up on my feet and moving around. He makes me laugh when the days are tough and when I would prefer to go hungry rather than venture to the local shop.

I would never ever let my boy starve and he motivates me to go out.

I am not completely better, not even close. It’s been a long roller-coaster of emotions but while I am on the road to recovery I have my Mr. Milo Bear here to help me every single day, I couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Leanne Cody, Cardiff

Dear Leanne

Thank you for sending in your letter to Sixtyplusurfers. It sounds as if you’ve had such a difficult time, but we are so pleased to hear that you were able to get through it with the help of the kind man at the Job Centre, the support of your mother and your dear cat, Milo. 

He’s beautiful, and I can see that you have a very special relationship. I’m so glad he’s helped you get through the hard times and given you comfort, love and affection. 

Hugs from everyone at Sixtyplusurfers. Timmy (the Sixtyplusurfers cat) sends you his love too. 

We are delighted to tell you that you are the winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter Competition. Your prize is a Bundle of STABILO Stationery.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Readers' Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

My local WI and I have just returned for a great break in Jersey.  

We flew from East Midlands and spent four days at the Merton Hotel. The hotel had delicious food and a great Aquadrome. We enjoyed exploring the island, shopping and spending time with friends.

Bridget Johnson, Whiston 

Dear Bridget

Thank you for sending in your fabulous photograph.

It looks like you had a great time at the Merton Hotel in Jersey with your friends from the WI.

We’d love to hear from other readers who have had recent holidays or outings with their clubs or social groups.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Readers' Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

Like most people I am shocked by the amount of plastic that is found in our oceans. Shocked but not surprised. Some people think nothing of throwing their empty plastic bottles on to the ground or out of their car windows. It’s absolutely disgusting.

After picking up a plastic bottle the other day, which was lying in the grass, I decided to do my bit for the environment. Each day when out walking the dog, if I see a piece of plastic on the ground I pick it up and take it home for recycling. Just one piece. No more. (Unless I feel inclined to pick up any more).

No matter how big or small it is I take it home. What goes through my mind is “That’s another piece of plastic that won’t find its way into our oceans”. If everybody did the same there will be a lot of pieces of plastic that won’t find their way into the oceans.

I’m not suggesting that everybody should pick up all litter in the street. Just do their bit. We shouldn’t have to do this but we live in a throwaway society so, no matter how small, every little helps. 

I hope other readers think the same and do their bit for the environment.

Stuart Cooper, Staffordshire 

Dear Stuart

It’s terrible that you are seeing so much litter while you are out walking your dog. 

That’s a wonderful thing you are doing, collecting one piece of litter or more on your days out and taking it home for recycling. 

I hope your letter will encourage other readers to do the same thing while they are out and about. And others will think more carefully before throwing their litter in the countryside and destroying its appearance and our environment.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Sixtyplusurfers Enquiries

For Sixtyplusurfers Enquiries Contact

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts about Sixtyplusurfers articles, competitions and advertising.

We are always happy to help you.

Jenny Itzcovitz

Direct Tel: 0208 357 2540
Main Line: 0208 866 3686
Mobile: 07889 980 457


Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Polaroid to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera. 

The Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera has a beautiful, sleek and modern design that fits right in your pocket as well as having a little bit of fun by allowing you to print your photographs.

The fun gadget captures every magical memory for keepsake in perfect 2×3” ZINK prints (which is the same size as a credit card, so will fit perfectly in your purse or wallet!) and save on an SD card to upload and share with friends and family later.

The camera has some fun features, such as Photo Booth, where you can take four photos within a few seconds and have them all printed on the same page and adding image enhancements before you even take the picture! Meaning all photos will be picture perfect.

Enter our competition and be in with a chance of winning a super cool Polaroid Snap before Summer greets us and we head on our holidays, and make your memories last a lifetime.

Polaroid Snap Cameras are available from Argos in a selection of seasonal shades. Our two lucky winners will receive a surprise shade as their prize!

For more information about Polaroid Snap click on

 For Your Chance to Win

Tell us what fun feature on the Polaroid Snap Camera allows you to take four pictures and have them printed on the same page?

     a) Photo Call
     b) Photo Booth
     c) Photo Frieze 
     d) Photo Jamboree

To Enter the Competition

Tell us what fun feature on the Polaroid Snap allows you to take four pictures and have them printed on the same page? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address below:

* Please label your entry
      Polaroid Snap Competition 

   * This competition is open to our
UK visitors only

* Your data will not be shared by any third parties and deleted after the winners have claimed their prizes.

Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition

Win a Gardener’s Trug Hamper from Dobies

If you enjoy visiting the Sixtyplusurfers website and entering our competitions, then why not subscribe to the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter.  

Free of charge, we send out the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter once a month to keep you up-to-date with all of our news. Find out about all the new competitions running on Sixtyplusurfers and all the latest features and articles we have planned.

To receive the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter once a month, just email your name, postal address and email address. And you can receive a regular update of all our news.

If you are already receiving our Newsletter, you might like to recommend a friend or someone from your family – so they can also keep in touch with Sixtyplusurfers on a regular basis.

This month, Sixtyplusurfers is offering one lucky reader who joins the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter mailing list or recommends a friend, the chance to win a fabulous St Kew Gardener’s Trug Hamper from Dobies.

This delightful hamper of food and teatime treats from St Kew is presented in a classic garden trug.

Ideal for anyone with green fingers and a sweet tooth, the trug includes Cheese Oatcakes (300g), Strawberry and Vanilla Conserve (227g), Cranberry Crunch (250g), Stem Ginger (250g), and Blackcurrant & Rum Coulis 300g. Contents are suitable for vegetarians.

Everything is beautifully presented in an attractive rustic trug and decorated with a red and gold ribbon, making it a lovely gift. After you have enjoyed the contents of the hamper, the trug can be used again in your garden. RRP is £19.99.

* Please note basket design and contents may vary.

For more information about the Trug click on

For Your Chance to Win the St Kew Gardener’s Trug Hamper from Dobies

To enter the Newsletter Competition just send us your full name, postal address and email address and then tell us if you would like to join our regular mailing list or recommend a friend.

Then send your contact details to us at:

One lucky winner chosen from ‘the hat’ will win a St Kew Gardener’s Trug Hamper from Dobies.

* Please Note – this competition is only open to those readers who are not yet on our mailing list but would like to receive the monthly Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter.

* You can also recommend a friend to sign up for the Newsletter for your chance to win the prize!

* To ensure that your email server does not reject the monthly Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter, we suggest you add the email  to your contacts list or safe list of senders.

Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition

Win a ‘Wipe Your Feet’ Hug Rug Barrier Mat

This month we’ve teamed up with The Rug Seller for our Sixtyplusurfers Facebook competition.

We’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win a sumptuous ‘Wipe Your Feet Or Scrub The Floor!’ Hug Rug Barrier Mat.

Barrier mats are a summer home essential as homeowners throw open their doors to enjoy inside/outside living.

Online rug store, The Rug Seller, has just launched some fabulous new 2018 designs from eco-friendly brand Hug Rug that will stop dirty shoes and muddy paws in their tracks.  

With an extra-absorbent cotton surface, these barrier mats trap around 95% of dirt from entering the home. That’s a serious amount of time saved on the perpetual task of mopping floors.

Once they’ve absorbed all the muck, Hug Rug barrier mats can be machine washed in a domestic washing machine.

The Rug Seller’s Hug Rug barrier mats also have a light environmental footprint.  The backing is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and they’re 100% recyclable.

Visit for more information.

 How to Enter the Competition

For your chance to win the ‘Wipe Your Feet Or Scrub The Floor!’ Hug Rug Barrier Mat from The Rug Seller in the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition just click on the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook page and tell us why you would like to win this fantastic prize!

And don’t forget to give us a ‘like’ and a ‘share’ while you are there! The best entry will win the prize.

Once you have entered the Facebook competition just let us know your full name and address to send the prize by emailing:

* Please label your entry
Rug Seller Facebook Competition

June Competition List

This Month we’ve got 13 Free to Enter Competitions

Here is our Competition List with the pages you can enter them on:

1. Win a Solos Holidays Break to Santorini with Silver Travel
Travel & Holidays page

2. Win a Holiday for Two to Combermere Abbey in Cheshire/Shropshire
Competitions & Letters page

3. Sign up for the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter or Recommend a Friend and win a St Kew Gardener’s Trug Hamper
Competitions & Letters page

4. Win a Polaroid Snap Camera
Competitions & Letters page

5. Win a ‘Wipe Your Feet Or Scrub The Floor! Mat from The Rug Seller in the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition
Competitions & Letters page

6. Win L.K. Bennett Signature Fragrance
Beauty & Hair Styles page

7. Win a Case of TopLife Milk for Cats or TopLife Milk for Dogs and Pet Bowl 
Pet Care page

8. Win a Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll from John Adams. We’ve got two to give away!
Our Friends page

9. Win a Bistro Set from Sue Ryder in the Sixtyplusurfers ‘Sue Ryder Bistro Set’ Chat & Socialise Competition
Our Friends page

10. Win a Floral Tote Bag from Damart
Fashion & Accessories page

11. Win a Daewoo Glass Jug Blender from Robert Dyas
Food & Drink page

12. Win ‘Remember’ CD by Military Wives Choirs. We’ve got three to give away!
Music page 

13. Write the Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter and Win a Wine Goblet and Red Wine Set from 
Competitions & Letters page 

Sixtyplusurfers Competition Terms & Conditions

Sixtyplusurfers reserves the right to withdraw any competitions or to substitute a prize in the event of a competition sponsor going into liquidation or administration.

If you have won a prize, please allow at least four to six weeks to receive your gift – as many of the prizes have been supplied by different sponsors.

All competitions must be entered separately. Please label your entries with the correct name of the competition you are entering. All ages can enter Sixtyplusurfers Competitions. Closing date for Sixtyplusurfers Competitions is 30th June 2018.

If you have any questions about Sixtyplusurfers competitions email:

Click here to read the full Sixtyplusurfers Terms & Conditions.

Sixtyplusurfers Liability

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the information on Sixtyplusurfers is accurate, neither the Editor nor contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party to loss or damage caused by errors, views, advice or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause.

Sixtyplusurfers does not officially endorse any advertising material included on this website.

You may be contacted by the sponsors of some of the competitions which are being run independently of Sixtyplusurfers. Please specify on your entry if you do not wish to receive any future marketing information or correspondence from our advertisers.

If you have any difficulties entering any of the  competitions featured on Sixtyplusurfers  please send an email to:

Sixtyplusurfers Contributors

Jenny Itzcovitz – Editor
Simon Fine – Books & Reviews
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Melissa Braiden – Competitions 
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Malcolm Welshman – Pets
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Louise Thomas – Beauty

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