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And Win a Spring Puzzle Bundle from Ravensburger

Could your letter be the Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter? This month we’ve teamed up with Ravensburger to offer one lucky reader the chance to win two fabulous new puzzles – Porsche 911 3D jigsaw puzzle and Walking World No.1 – South Downs jigsaw puzzle.

Ravensburger 12528 Porsche 911 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Anyone who has a soft spot for the sought-after Porsche 911 R will be unable to resist this élite model. The legendary 911 was built for racing in 2016 and production was exclusively limited.

With this stunning Ravensburger 3D Puzzle, your dreams of owning this impressive engine will come to life with this authentic design. Created on a scale of 1:18, the Porsche 911 3D Puzzle is the perfect miniature, with elegant lines and a classically white design appealing to any racing enthusiast.

The Porsche 3D Puzzle includes 108 sturdy plastic puzzle pieces which are individually shaped, partly bendable and fit perfectly together with Easyclick technology. There’s no need for glue!

An automotive experience that makes the pulse of motoring fanatics beat faster, the rotating wheels on this 3D Puzzle add the final touch. With the help of the illustrated instructions, this sleek structure will be suitable for beginners or advanced puzzlers from the ages of 10 and up and will guarantee a sense of achievement and hours of puzzling fun.

This puzzle uses unique plastic pieces, which slot together to build this sturdy and strong model. No glue required! Each puzzle piece is printed with a number on the reverse side, so you can either assemble the puzzle by eye, or just by following the numbers.

The Ravensburger 12528 Porsche 911 3D Jigsaw Puzzle is suitable for ages 10 years and up. RRP is £21.99.

Available from

Ravensburger Walking World No.1 – South Downs

This beautiful puzzle has been illustrated by Anne Searle who attended the central school of art, London and now works from her studio in Staffordshire.

First in a series highlighting wonderful walking routes, this high quality 1000 piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle measures 70cm x 50cm when complete. Suitable for ages 12 years and up, the puzzle is made from strong premium grade cardboard, with linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image.

The images shows two walkers making their way up a steep hill in the South Downs National Park with the Seven Sisters behind them and the Long Man of Wilmington, keeping a check on their progress. Their pathway is packed with flora and fauna, quaking grass, scabious, thistle, yarrow, vetch, and harebell.

Foxgloves and red clover provide nectar for the marbled white, adonis blue, chalkhill blue-pearl bordered fritillary, brimstone butterflies and the six-spot burnet moth. A skylark’s nest is hidden in the grass, a hare and a nightjar take a quick rest and a common lizard peeps out of the undergrowth. They’ll all vanish by the time the walkers reach them!

The South Downs National park stretches from Winchester to eastbourne, through the counties of Hampshire, west Sussex and East Sussex. Over 2000 miles of footpaths, bridleways and byways are just waiting to be discovered.

Ravensburger Walking World No.1 – South Downs is suitable for ages 12 years and up. RRP is £11.58.

Available from

For more information about Ravensburger visit

Please send in your letters, photographs, recipes, poems, and handy tips, for your chance to win this fantastic prize. Or write a letter using one of the suggestions in our list below.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, where you come from and where you live

2. Tell us about something important that you have achieved in your life

3. Tell us who or what inspires you and how this has affected what you do

4. Tell us about a recent holiday or a family day out

5. Tell us about something romantic that has happened to you or a friend

6. Tell us about your garden or allotment and what you like to grow

7. Share a funny story about your grandchildren or share some family photographs

8. Tell us about your pets. And include a couple of photos

9. Share a favourite family recipe or a cookery idea with a picture of the finished dish or meal

10. Tell us about something you have something you have baked, cooked, sewn or made for your family as a gift

11. Have you had a cooking disaster? Tell us about it with lots of funny pictures

12. Have you recently moved home or downsized? We’d love to hear about your experiences

13. Tell us about a prize you have won from Sixtyplusurfers or another competition win

14. Tell us about something amusing that has happened to you or a member of the family

15. Tell us how you spend your retirement or leisure time

16. Tell us about your favourite hobbies, pastimes and interests

17. Share your tips about how you stay happy, healthy and fulfilled 

18. Tell us about a bargain or something you have bought which has given you good value for money

19. Tell us about your first car, school days or something unusual or exciting that has happened in your life

20. Share your handy tips and money saving ideas

21. Tell us about a birthday, wedding anniversary or family occasion you have recently celebrated

22. Tell us about your school days or wartime memories

23. Tell us about your first job or an unusual job you have had

24. Have you appeared on a quiz show, talent show or on TV? We’d love to hear about it

25. Have you done any fund raising, charity work or helped someone in need?

26. Has anyone in your life helped you, inspired you or given you something special that you would like to tell us about

27. Tell us about any DIY or creative projects with photographs that you have completed and made yourself.

28. Tell us about your best buy and a bargain you have bought.

29. What makes you happy? Share your tips and advice for feeling positive and contented.

30. Tell us what you like most about Springtime and the warm weather

31. Tell us about a challenge you have undertaken and what it involved, with plenty of photographs

32. Tell us what you like best about Sixtyplusurfers!

Please send your letters, pictures, poems, recipes, handy tips and funny stories to

This should be clearly marked Readers’ Letters, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number. Please include plenty of colourful photographs to illustrate your letters. 

The best letter will win the Porsche 911 3D Jigsaw puzzle and Walking World No.1 – South Downs puzzle from Ravensburger.

* Your data will not be shared by any third parties and then deleted after the winner has claimed their prize.

* This competition is open to our
UK visitors only

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I was sitting on the side of the bath chatting to my two mischievous grandsons and the two little tinkers decided to pull me in with them ha ha.

They thought it was absolutely hilarious to see Nana soaking wet!

My pyjamas were dripping, and the more I was trying to get out, the more I kept falling back.

Of course my lovely daughter had to run in and capture the moment on camera.

Ann Nesbitt, Sunderland

Dear Ann

Thank you telling us your funny story, and sending in your fabulous photograph.

You look like such a fun Nana! I’m sure your little grandsons have such a great time with you.

We‘d love to see photographs of other readers with their grandchildren. And hear your amusing stories.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

This is my wonderful new granddaughter. Aaaahhh

Claire Nutman, Weymouth

Dear Claire

Thank you for sending in your beautiful granddaughter, she’s adorable. I hope she brings you and your family lots of happiness.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Thank you very much for the Bundle of Nairn’s Food Goodies which I won as my prize for the January Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter Competition.

The bundle includes a wonderful selection of oatcakes, crisp breads and biscuits. All the family are delighted and cannot wait to eat them. You have certainly extended my Christmas for me.

I do enjoy reading the Sixtyplusurfers website, it’s so varied and interesting.

Colette Sharp, Rotherham

Dear Colette

Thank you for letting us know you received the prize safely. 

We hope you enjoy sharing it with your family and visiting Sixtyplusurfers.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Hello, I’m Timmy. I’m the Sixtyplusurfers cat. I love playing with ribbon and string.

Don’t tell Jenny, but I think this might belong to her? It’s mine now. Purrrrrr.

Dinner time now. 

Jenny? Where are you? I’ll have some chicken please ….

Please …. You can have your ribbon back!

Timmy the Cat

Dear Timmy

It’s a deal. You can have some dinner.

I’ll have my ribbon back now. Thank you. 

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I love recycling, so I found a great way to use an old box and scrap paper to make a Paper Holder.

I cut the front off an old tights box and covered it with wrapping paper, and a little bit of old ribbon, to cover the joins.

Then I cut some plain paper into strips with crinkly scissors and put it in the box.

I have one of these Paper Holders beside my phone, and now I can write down phone messages and telephone numbers or any other notes when I need to. Family members also use it to write messages.

The box is easily stocked up with more scrap paper whenever it gets empty. And it’s so easy to make.

Diana Harvey

Dear Diana

Thank you for your handy tip. The Paper Holder is a great way to recycle an old box and paper.

We’d love to see crafts and things that other readers have made.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I wanted to let other readers know about a recent phone scam.

There is a company who phones up and tells you that your washing machine repair contract has run out and do you want to renew it?

Then they start asking questions about your money and how you want to pay.

I caught them out when they phoned and asked for my daughter, Sarah. And whether her washing machine contract was running out?

“Not possible,” I said. “Sarah is 12 and doesn’t have a washing machine.”

There was a pause, and a click and then the caller hung up!

Don’t fall for this scam. Never give out any bank or personal details to cold callers about washing machines. Or anything else for that matter!

Anna Smith, Manchester

Dear Anna

Thank you for the advice. We get a lot of cold calls and junk mail at Sixtyplusurfers.

I set Timmy, the office cat on them, and they soon leave us alone!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Competition Winners!

Competition Winners
List February 2019 issue
of Sixtyplusurfers

The Winner of the Buyagift Two Night Holiday Break at a Choice of Hotel and Location is:
Catherine Whitlow, Warrington
The answer is: Valentine’s Day

The Winner of the Cello HD Smart Traveller Television is:
Brian Hartshorn, Kenilworth
The answer is: It weighs 2.4kg

The Winner of the Satchel Bag from Damart is:
Debbie Timms, Birmingham
The answer is: Gold Style Hoop

The Winner of the Different Dog Hamper of Dog Food and Treats is:
David Allen, Mill Hill
The answer is: Comforting Chicken

The Two Winners of the Delicious DVD Box Set are:
Caroline Shepherd, Bromley and Stuart Bayley, Stoke-on-Trent
The answer is: Dawn French

The Winner of the Set of Four UXB Shower Creams is:
Lynne Scott, Wetherby
The answer is: Citrus

The Two Winners of the Bundle of John Adams Games including Slam It!, Grabolo, Pointz, and Sneak Peak are:
Jill Waterworth, Shropshire and Frank Bonelli, Sawston
The answer is: The Spinner

The Two Winners of ‘Echoes of Our Times’ on CD by Shakin’ Stevens are:
Michael Gerrie, Alford and Suzanne Jackson, Southampton
The answer is: March

The Winner of the Star Letter Competition is:
Audrey Clark, Dundee
The Prize is a Lindor Sweet Tree from

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition is:
Anne Bardsley, Oldham
The Prize is a Bonne Maman Valentine’s Day Gift Set

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition to win a Handy Heater from JML is:
Sandy Ralph, Sussex

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise Competition to win a Pink Velvet Oyster Chair from Sue Ryder is:
‘Sunshinewey’ (Chat & Socialise Name)

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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win an Overnight Stay at The Woburn Hotel

With Tickets to the Woburn Abbey Garden Show

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with The Woburn Hotel, to offer one lucky reader and a guest the chance to win an overnight stay in a suite at The Woburn Hotel situated in the Georgian village of Woburn.

Staying in a luxurious suite, with a bottle of house Champagne on arrival. You will enjoy a three-course dinner at the hotel’s 2 AA-rosette restaurant, Olivier’s.

In addition, the prize includes one day entry to Woburn Abbey and Garden Show (now in its 10th year) which will once again feature the popular Adam Frost & Pippa Greenwood as well as concessionary rates to visit Woburn Safari Park.

The Woburn Hotel is part of the historic Woburn Abbey Estate; The ancestral home of the 15th Duke of Bedford and his family.

Guests can explore 22 rooms within Woburn Abbey and over 28 acres of award-winning Humphry Repton inspired gardens, all set within 3,000 acres of deer park.

The Woburn Estate has a long and royal history. During the time that she was a Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria, Duchess Anna Maria, wife of 7th Duke of Bedford, popularised the custom of afternoon tea at 5 o’clock, both at Woburn Abbey, her home in Belgrave Square and in the Royal Palaces.

It was traditional at this time to eat a large breakfast, light lunch and late supper. This created a ‘sinking feeling’ in the afternoon and Duchess Anna Maria felt that there was a need for something extra to eat and drink at this time. Afternoon Tea became a popular part of the day and has, indeed remained so ever since.”

The prize is valid to stay on either Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2019 with one day entry to Woburn Abbey Garden show on the Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2019.

For more information about The Woburn Hotel visit

For more information about the Woburn Abbey Garden Show please click on

For Your Chance to Win

Just tell us which English treat was popularised
at Woburn by Duchess Anna Maria?

  a) Afternoon Tea
  b) Victoria Sponge
  c) Cucumber Sandwich
  d) Strawberries & Cream

To Enter the Competition

Please fill in the form below with your answer, full name, postal address, email address and telephone number. Then press submit when you have finished.

Competition Terms & Conditions

1. No purchase is necessary to enter the Sixtyplusurfers prize draw.

2. This prize draw is open to UK residents aged 18 years or over, with the exception of employees of The Woburn Hotel, Sixtyplusurfers, their families, agents and anyone else connected with this promotion.

3. The Woburn Hotel accepts no responsibility for any entries that are incomplete, illegible, corrupted or fail to reach the Promoter by the relevant closing date for any reason. Proof of posting or sending is not proof of receipt. Automatically generated entries and entries via agents or third parties are invalid and will not be counted.

4. Only one entry per person.

5. The Woburn Hotel cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of entries due to technical problems or network difficulties.

6. The winner will have 14 days to confirm acceptance of their prize otherwise The Woburn Hotel reserves the right to reallocate the prize to a reserve winner.

7. Once the winner has accepted, their contact details will be passed onto The Woburn Hotel so that they can organise their stay directly with them.

8. The prize is valid to stay on either Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2019 with one day entry on the Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2019.

9. The winner will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of The Woburn Hotel before, during, and after their stay.

10. The prize for the winner is an overnight stay as defined in the content

11. By taking part in the Promotion, the winner acknowledges that they may be required to take part in relevant publicity without further consent or payment. Such publicity may include, without limitation, the winners’ name and/or image, statements made by the winner concerning the Promotion and/or prizes obtained as part of the Promotion.

12. Prizes are subject to availability. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, The Woburn Hotel reserves the right:

(a) To substitute an alternative prize

(b) In exceptional circumstances to amend or foreclose the promotion without notice.

No correspondence will be entered into.

Star Letter Winner!

Our Star Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

My husband Bill and I often discussed driving Route 66 across USA when we retired.

Several years ago the opportunity finally presented itself, but my husband decided he didn’t feel confident enough to drive in America.

In order to fulfil our dream I made an instant decision to do the driving.

I had never driven abroad before but I am so glad I did.

We planned the trip over a month with no more than 4 to 5 hours driving each day with plenty of stops.

Every 3 or 4 days we stopped for a few days with no driving involved.

Picking up the car and leaving Chicago was nerve wracking but once we hit the open road it wasn’t too bad.

We bought a satnav which was invaluable.

My confidence soared, the further we travelled west, and even driving the final leg into LA with its horrendous traffic was within my capabilities.

Stepping out of my comfort zone was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Audrey Clark, Dundee

Dear Audrey

Thank you for telling us about your fabulous trip to the USA driving Route 66. What an amazing experience, and how exciting.

Your photographs are fabulous. The whole holiday looks like it was a great challenge, and an incredible achievement. 

We are delighted to tell you that you are the winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter Competition. Your prize is a Lindor Sweet Tree from

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I love the springtime, when you see the first flowers in bloom.

This pretty camellia bush at the front of my house always make me smile.

This lovely iris appeared in my lawn at the beginning of February. I don’t want to mow the lawn now!

And this sweet little daffodil in my rockery, hopefully is the start of more to come.

I can’t wait to see more flowers appear as the weather warms up!

Liz Collins, Kent

Dear Liz

Thank you for sending in your beautiful flower pictures.

We would love to see pictures of flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables that other readers are growing in their gardens, balconies, window sills or flower pots.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Reader's Letter

Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

One of my favourite television programmes is Room 101, where people nominate things they’d like to put in a vault and never see again.

I’d like to put in forms to fill in! There seem to be so many complicated forms to fill in nowadays – and they are almost like encyclopaedias. After filling them in I get such a headache, and then usually find I’ve made a mistake.

And call centres … that keep you hanging on for hours! The list is endless.

Steve Richards

Dear Steve

I heartily agree. Forms and call centres can drive you mad. Especially that annoying music that call centres play.

Someone warned me, that call centres can hear you talking when the music is playing. So be careful what you say.

We’d love to hear what other readers would put in Room 101.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

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Sixtyplusurfers Competitions

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Jenny Itzcovitz

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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Vileda and Marigold Spring Cleaning Bundle

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with the cleaning giants, Vileda and Marigold to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Spring Cleaning Bundle worth over £90.

This fabulous prize includes a Vileda Easy Sweep Cordless Vacuum, a Vileda Radiator Airer, and the full range of Marigold cloths, scourers and gloves to help you get your home in tip top shape for the Spring.

Top tips to get your house shipshape this spring with Vileda and Marigold

Vileda and Marigold have also ensured you are fully equipped with handy hints and tips this season, ahead of the big spring clean.

Whether you need to tackle the polishing, scrubbing, sweeping or mopping, they’ve shared their top tips and recommended products for ensuring your house is sparkling in no time.

Tip 1 – Easy, peasy lemon squeezy

If one of your spring cleaning missions is to make your shower doors shine, try rubbing them with half a lemon before wiping down with Marigold Squeaky Clean (RRP £1.99) to remove water marks. This microfibre cloth deep cleans with its unique super-absorbent coating, and locks in liquids to ensure even the glossiest of surfaces are left streak-free.

Tip 2 – Tackle those cupboards

Are your kitchen cupboards getting out of hand? 82%* of us prioritise a good de-clutter as part of our deep clean.  To get cupboards gleaming again, mix 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water and use Marigold Cleaning Me Softly (RRP £1.19) to scrub away dirt.

Why use Marigold Cleaning Me Softly? The unique Teflon approved coating is easy to rinse and breaks down stubborn dirt and burnt on food easily, without damaging delicate surfaces.

Tip 3 – Embrace the Figure of Eight

Save yourself from putting in too much legwork by mopping in a clever figure of eight pattern, which will not only give you the best results, ensuring dirt particles are picked up effectively and easily, but will also get your floors spick-and-span with minimal time and effort.

For best results, use the Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action XL Mop and Bucket with Torsion Wringer (RRP £6.99 each). Why? It’s the number one best-selling mop and bucket in the UK** and offers the ultimate in dirt removal, plus hair and particle pick up, while the bucket and torsion wringer twists and compresses the mop head, removing excess water easily.

Tip 4 – Energy-free drying

Are you part of the 39% of Brits who rely on a tumble dryer to get clothes dry? If so, you could be spending over £80 a year on drying alone***

Cut down on tumble dryer use, save money and energy with the Vileda Premium 2-in-1 Indoor Airer (RRP £29.99), which boasts 18m of line length. Ideal for large laundry items, it has thick wires to help reduce creasing and, for smaller wash loads, it has a detachable wing to hook onto radiators. What’s more, the airer has wheels so when the weather is fine outside, you can easily move it outdoors so your clothes can dry in the fresh spring air.

* Survey taken from Facebook

** Source: IRI Value Sales, Floorcare Category, Total UK, 52 Weeks Ending 5th January 2019

*** Research conducted by Which

For Your Chance to Win

Just tell us what coating in Marigold Cleaning Me Softly, helps break down stubborn dirt and burnt on food to help you clean your cupboards and delicate surfaces?

       a) Tartar
       b) Teflon
       c) Tin foil
       d) Tyrolite

To Enter the Competition

Tell us what coating in Marigold Cleaning Me Softly, helps break down stubborn dirt and burnt on food to help you clean your cupboards and delicate surfaces? Then send in your answer together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address below:

* Please label your entry
Vileda and Marigold Competition 

* This competition is open to our
UK readers only

* Names and addresses of entrants
will not be shared with third parties
and will be deleted after the
prize draw has been made

Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition

Win a Bottle of
Angels’ Nectar

If you enjoy visiting the Sixtyplusurfers website and entering our competitions, then why not subscribe to the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter.

Free of charge, we send out the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter once a month to keep you up-to-date with all of our news. Find out about all the new competitions running on Sixtyplusurfers and all the latest features and articles we have planned.

To receive the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter once a month, just email your name, postal address and email address. And you can receive a regular update of all our news.

If you are already receiving our Newsletter, you might like to recommend a friend or someone from your family – so they can also keep in touch with Sixtyplusurfers on a regular basis.

This month Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Angels Malt Whisky to offer one lucky reader who joins the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter mailing list or recommends a friend the chance to win a bottle of Angels’ Nectar Whisky – Blended by Angels, Shared with Friends  

Inspired by the Angels’ share, the traditional name given to the whisky lost to evaporation during the maturation of Scotch Whisky, Angels’ Nectar presents a new range of Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies.

At any one time there are twenty million whisky casks maturing across Scotland, all exposed to the full thirst of the Angels. The Angels take their pick; selfishly enjoying some casks more than others, whilst hard working distillers watch their efforts disappear. The Angels’ share is a wonderful term, for what is in effect evaporation, but this delightful story is very much at the heart of Scotch whisky folklore.

Angels’ Nectar Original (or First Edition) has been carefully blended from a selection of the finest Speyside and Highland malt whiskies, and bottled, without additional colouring, at 40% vol.. On the nose this dram is sweet and fruity, reminiscent of an apple pie in the oven. A sip brings forward hints of heather honey and lemon, with a touch of spice on the finish. 

Angels’ Nectar Original is a delight served straight up, but for a longer drink do not be afraid to add ice, a little water or ginger ale. As for cocktails, try as a ‘Rob Roy’, that’s with sweet red vermouth, a drop of bitters, served over ice, garnished with orange.

Angels’ Nectar also offer their Rich Peat Edition, bottled at the higher strength of 46% vol., and created from a marriage of two heavily peated highland malts. This oozes a welcoming wood smoke, like the chimney of a country pub on a rainy day. Don’t be frightened by the peat, unlike some heavily peated malts this is not aggressively medicinal. It’s a lovely full bodied whisky, and last year was awarded two stars in the Great Taste Awards, the criteria for which is ‘above and beyond delicious’. The smoky flavour comes from the traditional method for drying the barley in the malting process, from firing the kiln with peat.  

Blended Malts are a relatively new category of Scotch Whisky, having only been legally defined in 2009. The production is the same as per Single Malt, from malted barley distilled in a pot still, except that they comprise casks from more than one malt distillery, as opposed to ‘Blended Whisky’ where the bulk of the volume in the blend is grain whisky, distilled in a continuous still, flavoured with a series of malt whiskies.

Angels’ Nectar was launched in 2014 by Robert Ransom, who has fifteen years experience in the Scotch Whisky trade. The company is based in Grantown-on-Spey, on the banks of the River Spey, appropriately in the heart of whisky country.

Coming up, for the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival in May, is ‘Angels’ Nectar Whisky Caching’. Similar to geo-caching, but with whisky, a trail of Angels’ Nectar Whisky Caches will be laid across Speyside, and the first to find each cache will receive a 200ml bottle of Angels’ Nectar. Everybody should be a winner though, as guests are asked to leave a miniature of their choice in place of the dram they find.

For more information visit the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival website at

Angels’ Nectar, which is now exported to more than a dozen countries around the world, has quickly gained a strong reputation amongst whisky lovers for the quality of their whiskies, which showcase contrasting styles of Scotch Whisky.

For more on Angels’ Nectar, please visit

Amongst others Angels’ Nectar is available online from:


Master of Malt

The Whisky Exchange


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Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition

Win a 1950’s Pink Metal Wall Clock

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Rex London for our Facebook competition.

We’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win an elegant 1950’s Wall Clock to brighten up your home.

Travel back to the 1950’s with this super retro wall clock in pink. This wonderful vintage style clock is the perfect way to keep track of the time and liven up your kitchen, dining room or bedroom.

With clear easy to read numbers, and a red second hand to help you time your cooking, this beautiful clock will make a charming addition to your home.

Simple to use, just pop in one AA battery (not included) and set the time. Made from high quality metal and plastic for strength and durability. Dimensions are width 6cm x diameter 21cm. Price is £19.95.

For details click on Pink Clock.

About Rex London

Rex London aims to put the magic and excitement back into gift and home ware shopping with the most comprehensive range of beautiful, contemporary, kitsch, cool and inspirational products available.

They offer a wide range of gifts exclusively designed or sourced by their in-house team. They are a little bit quirky, often quite kitsch but always incredibly stylish.

This season’s unrivalled collection includes a selection of gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day, children, cat and dog owners, items for the home and garden, and a wide range of gifts for all occasions and ages.

Dotcomgiftshop also offers a range of retro style kitchenware, ‘Make Your Own’ craft kits, kids’ baking kits, vintage games, jewellery and travel accessories.

Visit for the very best selection of gifts and home accessories – fabulous and fun gift ideas for all.

 How to Enter the Competition

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The March April 2019 Complete Competition List

This Month We’ve got 15 Free to Enter Competitions

Here is our Competition List with the pages you can enter them on:

1. Win a Hamper of Easter Treats from Holland America Line in the Silver Travel April Prize Draw including a delicious Easter Egg, a bottle of Champagne, spoil yourself Elemis Toiletries, a Holland America Beach Bag, a Commemorative MS Koningsdam Plate and Art Book plus much more! 
Travel & Holidays page

2. Win an Overnight Stay at The Woburn Hotel and Tickets for the Woburn Abbey Garden Show
Competitions & Letters page

3. Win a Red Volkswagen Campervan Toaster from Prezzybox in the Sixtyplusurfers Best Photograph of the Month Chat & Socialise Competition
Our Friends page

4. Win a Vileda and Marigold Spring Cleaning Bundle including a Vileda Sweep Vacuum worth over £90.
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5. Win a 1950’s Pink Metal Wall Clock from Rex London in the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition
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6. Win a Cattitude Box of hand picked quality food treats, toys, and quirky cat themed gifts for cat owners
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7. Sign up to receive the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter or Recommend a Friend to receive it and Win a Bottle of Angels’ Nectar Scotch Whisky
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8. Win a Set of Four Thai Coconut Bowls with Spoons. We’ve got two sets to give away!
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9. Win a BLOPENS® Spring Bundle including Mini BLOPENS® Kit and BLOPENS® Squeezy. We’ve got two prize bundles to give away!
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10. Win BANANAGRAMS from Asmodee. We’ve got three to give away!
OuFriends page

11. Win Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream
Beauty & Hair Styles

12. Win a Floral Kimono from Damart
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13. Write the Star Letter for Sixtyplusurfers and Win a Porsche 3D Jigsaw Puzzle and Walking World No.1 – South Downs Jigsaw Puzzle.
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14. Win A Place to Call Home: Series Six on DVD. We’ve got three to give away!

15. Win “Well, well,” said the Rocking Chair on CD by Dean Friedman. We’ve got two to give away!
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