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Win a Deluxe Assortment of Guylian Chocolates

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Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet

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Thank you for your wonderful letters

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We always try and include as many letters and pictures as we can so if you don't see your letter this month, look out for it next month!

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   Readers' Letters
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Dear Sixtyplusurfers

A Russian Odyssey

The Russian Federation is not perhaps on everyone's priority list as a must see destination, although tourism continues to grow apace here and many more European travellers in particular are venturing over its borders. Most appear to be genuinely surprised by a country that has so much to offer the discerning traveller, not least its vibrant cities, absorbing history, striking architecture and the real warmth of welcome offered by its people. My wife and I recently settled on a river cruise as a means of exploring just a fraction of some of the fascinating sights this immense country has to offer.

The starting point is usually the entry visa, a compulsory requirement unless you are perhaps just visiting St Petersburg for one day as part of an ocean cruise. Obtaining this is not the easiest of tasks, as it involves a voucher or letter of invitation from an accredited third party, followed by personal attendance at a Russian consulate in one of either London, Manchester or Glasgow for the purposes of a biometric record.

Multiple entries into Russia over a longer holiday period, may involve obtaining more than one tourist visa. Once obtained, the amount of red tape is kept to a minimum and one is left to tour the country without further difficulty. Points of entry are usually Moscow or, as in our case, the imperial capital, St Petersburg. River cruises are widely available through a number of British tourist companies who merely adopt a Russian based vessel and book you onto its itinerary including its on board host director and guides.

A typical journey between St Petersburg and Moscow will cover several hundred kilometres and last around 11 days. Travelling is shared between day and night time cruising and there is always plenty to see both with onshore visits and from the ship's viewing lounges. Although the Volga is Russia's best known river and the longest in Europe, most cruises take in also the Rivers Neva and Svir, the Volga Baltic canal system and the Ladoga and Onega Seas. The latter are really immense lakes (Europe's largest) and, at times, the river boats appear to take on the role of an ocean cruise. On one occasion, 4 metre waves caused the Captain to drop anchor for several hours until the storm abated.

Our Russian boat, Nikolay Chernyshevsky can accommodate almost 250 passengers and is rarely not full on most of its voyages. We shared the vessel with some six other nationalities including Chinese, Icelandic tourists as well as French and Spanish people. Announcements are therefore made in several languages, but English is widely spoken and understood, especially by the ships Reception and crew.

One is encouraged to try a little Russian oneself and classes are held on board to try out some very basic Russian vocabulary You even get a certificate for trying! Meals on board are pretty appetising and include many typical European meals as well as traditional Russian dishes especially salads and soups. Life on board is very relaxing with no formal evenings and a wide range of entertainment including discos, on board singers and musicians. At least one included excursion ashore is available daily and there are a few optional tours to take you further afield.

Think Russia and inevitably you think St Petersburg and Moscow and these are two remarkable cities. St Petersburg is a lovely blend of the old and the new and cries out to be explored on foot. The Cazan Cathedral, the Winter Palace and the Peter and Paul Fortress are hugely impressive. The city is often called the Northern Venice because of its intricate and attractive system of canals and small islands.

The architecture within the city is striking to the eye and you get a real sense of what life was like under the early Tsars. No visit is complete without tasting the delights of The Hermitage, one of the world's greatest and most visited art museums. Here there are over three million exhibits and one can casually get close to the great works of Leonardo de Vinci, Raphael, Rubens and Rembrandt among others.

Moscow is an expanding and in many ways an already overcrowded city. Some estimates think the overall population including tourists, residents and students could be as high as 20 million at any one time. A growing numbers of car owners ensure the city centre has a rush hour lasting for several hours, although the expanding and ever reliable Metro system is beginning to take much of the strain from the roads. The trains run only seconds apart and many stations are historical artefacts in their own right, decorated with beautiful frescoes and sculptures built up over many years.

Many casual visitors expect Moscow to be something of a fortress with heavily guarded secrets and tight security at every corner. Instead, you will find a welcoming and proud people who are anxious to share their historical past and yet hopes for the future. Inevitably, one is drawn to Red Square (its actually quite grey) and the magnificent Kremlin. The latter has so many facets it is quite overwhelming and demands a second visit, particularly at night when the lights of Moscow give the city a truly different look and dimension. The Kremlin contains a former military fortification, a magnificent palace and is the workplace of the Russian President. Within its walls there also beautiful churches and some fascinating architecture.

But Russian cruises take in much more than just St Petersburg and Moscow, impressive though these cities might be. There is the fascinating village of Mandrogul, really a museum of Russian folklife as it used to be, still located today in its original idyllic setting.

Then there is the much visited Kizhi Island with its open air museum of architecture and the breathtaking Church of the Transfiguration, featuring five tiers of 22 domes and dating back to the early 18th century.

Many aboard our ship also loved the small town of Uglich, with its many ornate churches and rich historical past. Sometimes in these beautiful places, it is best to put your camera away and just walk to one side in temporary solitude and let the past sweep over you, before rejoining ones fellow travellers.

The Russia of soviet times is still fresh in the mind of many people whom we met up with. Some saw advantages in its discipline and organisational rigidity. Others see the new emerging Russia coming more under western influence and ideas and want to embrace the new vision, not least the many new opportunities being given to the young in modern schools and universities.

To the first time visitor, this remains a vast country where one visit is hardly enough and there is so many more places to explore and delight in. Now where was that visa again!

George Brown, Whitley Bay

Dear George

Thank you for telling us about your Russian River Cruise and sharing your wonderful photographs.

It looks like you had a fabulous holiday and one you'll never forget.

We'd love to hear about other readers travels and holidays.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

The New Puppy Helping Herself to Pears

I thought this might amuse you.

Susie Groom, Tavistock

Dear Susie

Thank you for sharing your amusing picture.

It looks like your new puppy is having lots of fun in the garden.

Hopefully, she didn't steal too many pears!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Thank You

Monotheme Mandarino fragrance

I just wanted to say thank you very much, my delicious Monotheme Mandarino fragrance from the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition has arrived and is wafting around me as I type!

I love it, thank you, and yes, it really does remind me of happy holidays in Corfu!

Pam Lawrence

Dear Pam

Thank you for letting us know your Monotheme Mandarino fragrance arrived safely. We hope you enjoy using it.

We have passed on your thanks to Marks & Spencer, the sponsor of the competition.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Competition Winners From the October
issue of Sixtyplusurfers

The Two Winners of the Doro Mobile Phone and a Year's Service from Fuss Free Phones  are:
Colin Marner Runcorn and Gill Bond, Nottingham
The answer is 80% of people

The Winner of the Zippo 12 Hour Blaze Orange Hand Warmer is:
Ronald Williams, Milton Keynes
The answer is 12 hours of heat

The Winner of the Flexi Bracelet and a Power Heart from Magnetix is:
Joan Apperley, Bristol
he answer is Magnet

The Winner of the Monotheme Pompelmo Fragrance from Marks & Spencer is:

Charmaine Hammond, Dover
he answer is Grapefruit

The Winner of the Dremel Hatch Kit is:
Joanne Thomas, Powys
The answer is Eiffel Tower

The Winner of the Fluffy Jumper from Damart is:
Debbie Skerten, Norfolk
The answer is Sparkly icicle

The Three Winners of Catch Phrase from Drumond Park are:
Matthew Bryant, Bournemouth; Claire Cook, Staffordshire; and Barry Allan, Lincoln
The answer is Stephen Mulhern

The Three Winners of Rory's Story Cubes from Esdevium Games are:
Mark Mccaffery, Glasgow; Mary Cooper, Surrey; and Lauren Turner, Hull
The answer is J.K. Rowling

The Winner of the Hagen Catit Senses Food Maze from Feedem is:

Sally Rowland, St Ives
The answer is
Cat Treats

The Three Winners of the 'On Stage' CD by Paul Potts are:
Glynis O'Halloran, London; Richard Randall, Co. Durham; and Maggie Volland, Peterborough
The answer is: Britain's Got Talent

The Three Winners of the signed copies of 'Dizzy' by K-Syran are:
Nicholas Bootle, Northampton; Val Hartley Wakefield; and Ian Davidson, Billericay
The answer is Norway

The Winner of the Star letter is:

Lesley Smith, Alcester
Lesley wins a Sheaffer Calligraphy Set

The Two Winners of the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition are:
Dennis OConnor, Liverpool and Pieter Johnson, Northampton
The prize is a Glen Moray Classic Gift Pack including a Bottle of Glen Moray Classic Single Malt Whisky and two branded Glen Moray Tumblers

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition to win an amplicomms Shake Awake Alarm Clock is:
Cherry Edwards, Cornwall

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise Competition to win a Kobold VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner from Vorwerk is:
Roger, Lifeboat Manager, RNLI St Ives

The Winner of the field fare Luxury Food Hamper filled with a multitude of scrummy frozen food delights is:
Ann Pierce, Rochdale

Now enter our fabulous new November competitions!

If you would like to write a Star Letter for Sixtyplusurfers or enter one of our competitions please use our NEW email address to enter:

If you have problems or questions about entering any Sixtyplusurfers Competitions just contact us at:

We'd also love to hear from you if you have any article ideas, pictures, funny stories, poems, or handy tips.


Contact Sixtyplusurfers

Contact Sixtyplusurfers

We really enjoy reading your letters, poems, recipes and stories. It's great to hear from you with all of your news and photographs. We want to keep this page buzzing with letters.

So keep writing in with your news! You can send in a funny story, a recipe, poem, handy tip, or photographs. Or if you've been on holiday or had a day out, then tell us all about it!  Don't forget to include plenty of photographs too.

Email it to with the header Readers Letters. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

Contact us by email:

Jenny Itzcovitz

Tel: 0208 357 2540


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 from Nevada Radio

Win a Perstel DAB Alarm Clock from Nevada Radio

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Chat & Socialise page. We're giving away a fabulous Perstel DAB Alarm Clock from Nevada Radio.

For your chance to win this fabulous prize, we're looking for the Best Photograph of the Month in the Photo Gallery on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page.

For example you could send in a photograph of the beautiful autumn leaves and trees, perhaps you have a lovely picture of your garden, maybe you have recently been on holiday or a cruise and have taken some scenic photographs.

You could send in a picture of yourself, your partner, your grandchildren, a family occasion, birthday party, your pets, anything you like to brighten up our photo gallery.

Your photograph must be original and all your own work!

How to Enter the Competition

Win a Perstel DAB Alarm Clock from Nevada Radio

For your chance to win, just add your photograph to the
Sixtyplusurfers Photo Gallery on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page.

For a super quick link to the Photo Gallery
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The best entry will win the prize!

For full details about how to enter the Competition click on the
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Join the
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                Competitions & Letters

Win a TWO Night Stay for Two Thanks to Squire Hotels!

Win a Two Nights Holiday with Squire Hotels

With grand hotels in picturesque settings and charming Georgian hotels packed full of character, Squire Hotels has it all!

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with the group of contemporary, independent hotels to offer one lucky reader the chance to win two nights of luxury for two which includes breakfast both mornings and a three course meal with a bottle of house wine on the first night at their choice of one of three Squire Hotels, all unique in their own way.

The Hydro, Windermere

The Hydro, Windermere

First up is The Hydro, a luxury hotel nestled in the thriving community of Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District, boasting striking views over the stunning Lake Windermere.

Whether it is walking, exploring or simply relaxing that you’re looking for you’ll find it all in this hotel which has just undergone a massive £1.5 million refurbishment program, including a complete revamp to its newly opened restaurant, 1881.

The 1881 restaurant at The Hydro, Windermere

Open to both hotel guests and neighbouring towns, 1881 specialises in serving local, British cuisine and is open from breakfast until late evening.

Delicious and traditional meals are served and the restaurant also hosts weekly offers and specials that coincide with seasons and the British food calendar meaning bottomless brunches, afternoon teas and curry nights regularly grace the menu and there is definitely an option to suit everyone!

The reception at The Hydro, Windermere

With the finest of scenery and picturesque views, as well as relaxing surroundings like the Sun Room and Orangery, a stay at The Hydro in England’s largest national park won’t disappoint.

Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel, Lancashire

Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel, Lancashire

Next up is the Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel, located in the hot pot that is Preston, Lancashire.

Based just minutes from the M6, junction 31, means the north can be your oyster and you can see all that it has to offer with the bright lights of Blackpool and Manchester not too far away so a short drive to a seaside day out or an evening in the city isn’t out of the question.

This impressive and perfectly presented hotel features an array of en-suite bedrooms, from double, twin and family rooms to club rooms and a signature suite. The Club Rooms exude luxury and are all located on their own floor boasting revitalizing power showers and Hypnos beds for a great night’s sleep.

Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel, Lancashire

Featuring everything of a Club Room, The Signature Suite has an extra air of luxury. A magnificent space that possesses a separate dining and sitting room meaning those wanting to really spread out and make the space feel like home can, whilst the dining table comfortably seats four, for a more intimate dining experience.

Guests in both Club Rooms and The Signature Suite are treated to bathrobes, slippers, in-room Nespresso coffee machine and complimentary mineral water and snacks so the Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel really can feel like a home from home and a welcome break.

Merchants Bar & Grill at the Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel, Lancashire

Great food and fantastic service also go hand in hand with this hotel and both are at the heart of the onsite restaurant, Merchants Bar & Grill.

Serving local cuisine and seasonal dishes with a twist, the hotel’s Head Chef freshly prepares all culinary delights along with his dedicated team who are as passionate about food as they are about a high level of service.

Etrop Grange, Greater Manchester

Etrop Grange, Greater Manchester

And last but certainly not least is the beautiful, Grade II listed, Georgian Manor House, Etrop Grange. Located on the outskirts of Manchester, the charming hotel is just a short distance from Manchester Airport, so is an ideal place to kick start your holiday, with the hotel’s ‘Stay, Park and Fly’ package or even a city visit with great transport links nearby to Manchester City Centre.

Diverse, different and full of life, Manchester has something to offer everyone. From unique shops and vibrant art galleries, to bouncing music venues and plenty of restaurants to brunch, lunch and dine the night away in, Manchester really is a city for everyone and only 30 minutes away! But don’t worry, if a relaxing retreat is more your thing. Direct links to Cheshire and Lancashire ensure you can explore the wonders of the British countryside.

Etrop Grange is impressively unique with a beautifully presented garden and courtyard to relax in as well as the Grange Bar & Grill where you can experience not only great food but fantastic service too. From hearty full English breakfasts and mouthwatering continental buffets to Afternoon Teas, Fizz Fridays and traditional evening meals, this restaurant ensures you certainly won’t go hungry and there is something to whet the appetite of everyone!

So what are you waiting for, now is your chance to get involved and win this fantastic two night stay for two with breakfast, dinner and a good bottle of wine!

For more information about Squire Hotels click on  

And to be in with a chance to win simply answer the question below.

   To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of the restaurant at
The Hydro hotel
at Windermere?

       a) 1881
       b) 1971
       c) 2001
       d) 2017

Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to Luisa at the special blue email address below:

* Please label your entry Squire Hotels Competition

     Competition Terms and Conditions

The Hydro Windermere

1. Please send your entry to

2. The prize is a two night stay for two at The Hydro, Windermere, Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel, Lancashire OR Etrop Grange, Manchester, all part of Squire Hotels, in a twin or double room on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis.

3. The prize is as stated and is non-transferable with no cash equivalent. Travel to and from the hotel that is chosen is not included.

The Hydro, Windermere

4. The prize is subject to availability at the hotel and also in the restaurant. The three course meal offered is from the normal dinner menu and includes one bottle of house wine and is to be redeemed on the first night only. Breakfast is available on both mornings.

5. The prize is to be taken before 31st May 2018. The prize is not valid on bank holidays or bank holiday weekends. Prices are correct at time of print, based on figures from

6. By entering the competition you agree to receive further information from field fare.

7. Closing date for entries is 30th November 2017.

8. We do not accept automated entries.

9. This competition is open to our UK readers only

Readers' Letters

Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter 

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

On a recent family holiday to Devon we heard about an incentive supported by The National Trust, a big beach clean on Woolacombe Beach.

As a family we are always keen to do our bit for the environment in whatever way we can and thought it would be a great way for the whole family to spend a morning together doing our part to keep the beach looking lovely.

When we arrived we all thought the beach looked lovely and it didn't look like there would be much cleaning up for us to do. How wrong we were. On the surface what looked like a clean and pleasant beach was in fact awash with litter discarded without much thought.

In just a couple of hours we had collected three large bags of rubbish, plastic bottles, fishing line, sweet bags, plastic bags, string, bottle tops, metal tent pegs, a toothbrush and three odd socks!

The campaign aims to make everyone more aware of the damage littering our beaches like this has, when the tide comes in it is carrying out all that litter to our oceans, killing and harming marine life.

I would like, with the help of Sixtyplusurfers, to make people aware of the 2 Minute Beach Clean Campaign. It's called #2minutebeachclean and encourages everyone to spend 2 minutes each time they visit a beach cleaning up.

It is immensely satisfying, simple to do and a great way to do your bit for the environment. We will be making it a regular family activity.

Lesley Smith, Alcester

Dear Lesley

Thank your for telling us about the 2 Minute Beach Clean Campaign and sharing your fabulous photographs. Every little bit helps, to make our beaches safe and clean.

We are delighted to tell you that you are the winner of our Star Letter Competition. The prize is Sheaffer Calligraphy Set.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



Due to various reasons, my father had not been able to see our kids for 7 years. As our kids are the only grandchildren, you can imagine just how hard this was for him. The last time he had seen my daughter she was 5 and excited about the bright yellow dress she was going to wear at my wedding to my husband in Barbados. She was twirling in circles...

Imagine our delight when they recently travelled to see us. It was a week filled with so many precious memories. As the reality of their declining health with their advancing age, tugged at my heart. But the memories we made were so sweet. My dad had said that the only two things he really wanted to do when he came to see us was have some fish and chips, and go out for ice cream. So that is what we did... and the smiles say so much more about the joy and the lingering sweetness that will forever stay with us.

Our parting hugs were peppered with promises and pleads not to leave it so long to our next meeting.

May we all celebrate each moment we are given, as they pass so quickly.

Jenn Gillies, Kent

Dear Jenn

Thank you for sending in your lovely picture and telling us about your father's visit to see you and your children. It looks like you had a fabulous time.

We'd love to see other readers' family photographs and hear your stories.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


  Dear Sixtyplusurfers


I downloaded some pictures of my friends and family's pets and bought some frames from the charity shop.

I'm going to give them out as Christmas presents. I'm sure they will love them.

Jane Whitaker, Kent

Dear Jane

That's a great idea. They look lovely. Really special and thoughtful.

I'm sure your friends and family will really appreciate them. Have a fabulous Christmas.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

How I spend my Retirement and Leisure 

Well I am retired - not quite at the State Pension Age yet but on my way, but I have decided to self impose retirement on myself.

Sadly, my son died 5 years ago and it has completely changed my attitude to life now.

I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy myself as much as I can (finances allowing).

I spend my time taking my labrador for walks in the countryside. My husband and I drive to different places and then we go for a lovely walk when we get there so we do not get bored with the same scenery.

I try to go away as much as I can because I love to travel and I also try to enter lots of competitions because it is a hobby that takes my mind off things and one that is sometimes profitable when I am lucky enough to win.

I have won a few prizes and I continue to be spurred on in the hope that I will win a big one - a luxury holiday!

Beryl Barlow, Stoke on Trent

Dear Beryl

It sounds as if you have had a tough time, but have slowly pieced your life together.

It's wonderful that your labrador, and going for walks with your husband have helped you enjoy your life. The comping also sounds great fun.

Good luck, I hope you win a holiday soon!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Competition Wins

I love entering competitions, especially this time of year, as the little prizes I win go towards presents for friends and family.

It reminded me today of a competition I entered to name the worst ever Christmas present, and thought, well we all have them, but I think mine could be one of the worst no not worst, but funniest.

When I was a bit short of cash one year, I asked my Grandma if she would buy me the ingredients for a Christmas Cake, so that I could do stir up Sunday with the children, she didn't buy them, so I presumed the letter (yes it was in the days when we could only contact relatives without a phone by letter!!) no facebook/twitter then had got lost in the post

The days passed and Christmas arrived, a box of neatly wrapped Christmas packages arrived by post on the 24th December. It was the last post of the day and around 2.00 my postman delivered me the package, all neatly wrapped in brown paper and string with red wax seals on each knot.. (loved those parcels!) We opened the parcel and all the presents were neatly wrapped in Christmas paper with little tags with each name on it

How lovely... and exciting.... bedtime arrived .. and off to bed we all went the children had been extra eager to go to bed.... early next morning.... we were up... Santa had been and the stockings were bulging.

So as normal we all took it in turns to open the presents, my turn came and I opened the present from Grandma , ... flour, mixed fruit, black treacle in a nice big tin!, mixed spice, cherries, ground almonds.... everything you needed for a Christmas cake... (except eggs!!) so she had got the letter... however, 'twas a little late for me to bake the cake for Christmas.

We still laugh about it, even though she is no longer with us. It still gives us happy memories of the brown paper package that was tied up with string .

Vivian Allman, Wolverhampton

Dear Vivian

That's a great story. It sounds like you were given the funniest Christmas present ever!

Our most amusing, and talked about wedding present, was a used barbecue with old bits of meat still stuck to it, from a rather eccentric aunt! We still laugh about it now.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

  Handy Household Tip

was fed up with not being able to find anything in my food cupboard, so I bought some cheap containers and labelled them. Now I have everything to hand.

Lee Hall, Sittingbourne

Dear Lee

Thank you for sending in your handy kitchen tip. That's a great idea and so easy to do.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


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This high quality stainless steel 6-ounce flask features the iconic debossed Zippo logo. It also has a secured lid to ensure the contents stay safely inside and to avoid spillage.

The Hip Flask has a slim, slightly curved shape for comfortable carrying. It comes packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box, making it the perfect, ready to give present.

Fill the hip flask with your favourite tipple, soothing honey drink or cool water

Fill the hip flask with your favourite tipple, soothing honey drink, or cool water to take with you while you are
out walking, rambling, camping or working in the garden. Dimensions of the flask are 9.5cm x 13cm x 2cm. Price is £15.90.

For more information about the Zippo Hip Flask click on

   For Your Chance to Win

Tell us what is the Zippo Hip Flask made from?

a) Copper plate
b) Aluminium foil
c) Stainless steel
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Zippo Hip Flask Competition

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The Prosecco Queen Champagne Flute Gift Box from

The champagne glass has diamond cut detail and is presented in a deluxe blue satin lined gift box. To make it even more special, the glass can be engraved with the recipient's name and a short message - for example - 'Happy Birthday'. The flute height is 210mm and 50mm wide.

'The Prosecco Queen' Champagne Flute Gift Box is lovely premium quality gift set that will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. RRP is £29.99.

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Win an LED Lantern from Sue Ryder

Win an LED Lantern from Sue Ryder

Give your home some festive sparkle with this beautiful lantern


This month we've teamed up with Sue Ryder for our  Sixtyplusurfers Facebook competition.

We're offering one lucky reader the chance to win this gorgeous LED Lantern with warm lights to bring joy and sparkle into your home for Christmas.

Create a stunning centre piece in your home and make it sparkle with this elegant 40cm tall micro LED Lantern. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, this medium silver polished lantern will add a warm, soft and gentle glow, and create a beautiful relaxing atmosphere for you and your family.

Win an LED Lantern from Sue Ryder

Use the lantern to add festive atmosphere to your Christmas gatherings and bring a welcoming cheer to your home. The perfect way to light up a dark room, cold conservatory or hallway. Gather a few lanterns together around the room for extra sparkle.

The LED Lantern is suitable for both indoor use and occasional use outside, and is also perfect for use in porches, at garden parties and lighting up the driveway to your home when your guests arrive. Prolonged outdoor use may result in rusting, so it is advised that the lanterns are brought inside after use and stored in a dry place.

Win an LED Lantern from Sue Ryder

The LED Lantern is available to buy from Sue Ryder. Price is £24.99.

For more information about the LED Lantern click on

About Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder provides incredible hospice and neurological care for people facing a frightening, life-changing diagnosis. It’s not just expert medical care. They also offer emotional support and take care of the practical things too.

When you buy a gift from Sue Ryder, you are helping to support their ongoing hospice and neurological care programme.

For more information about gifts from Sue Ryder visit

 How to Enter the Competition

For your chance to win the gorgeous LED Lantern from Sue Ryder in the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition just click on the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook page and tell us why you would like to win this fantastic prize!

And don't forget to give us a 'like' and a 'share' while you are there!

The best entry will win the prize.

Once you have entered the Facebook competition just let us know your full name and address to send the prize by emailing:

*  Please label your entry Sue Ryder

* The prize may vary in style and size
       depending on stock availability

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Enter our Chat & Socialise Competition

We've teamed up with Nevada Radio for our Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise Competition. We're offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Perstel DAB Alarm Clock Radio. For your chance to win the prize, we're looking for the Best Photograph of the Month in the Photo Gallery on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page.

Win a Perstel DAB Alarm Clock Radio


Click on the Our Friends page for full details about how to enter the competition.

Win a Short Break in a Woodland Lodge courtesy of Silver Travel

This month Silver Travel are offering one lucky reader and up to three guests the chance to win a short break in a luxury Woodland Lodge, courtesy of Forest Holidays.

This month Silver Travel are offering one lucky reader and up to three guests the chance to win a short break in a luxury Woodland Lodge, courtesy of Forest Holidays

This month Silver Travel are offering one lucky reader and up to three guests the chance to win a short break in a luxury Woodland Lodge, courtesy of Forest Holidays

Click on the
Travel & Holidays page to enter the competition.


A fabulous Bird Feeding Bundle

Win a fantastic Bird Feeding Bundle from CJ Wildlife including a Bird Table, Bird Feeders, Bird Food and a Patio Bird Feeding System.

Win a fantastic Bird Feeding Bundle from CJ Wildlife including a Bird Table, Bird Feeders, Bird Food and a Patio Bird Feeding System


Click on the Homes & Gardens page to enter the competition.


Bring Colour and Style to your Home

Win a Dimplex DXAD100 Electronic Aroma Diffuser.

Win a Dimplex DXAD100 Electronic Aroma Diffuser


Click on the Christmas Gifts page to enter the competition.

A Gorgeous Coat from Damart

Win a Red Parka Coat from Damart.

Win a Red Parka Coat from Damart

Click on the Fashion & Accessories page to enter the competition.


Gorgeous Hair Curling Tongs

Win Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS Salon Collective Hair Curling Tongs. We've got three to give away!

Win Win Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS Salon Collective Hair Curling Tongs


Click on the Beauty & Hair Styles page to enter the competition.

A Fabulous Game for all the family

Win Pandemonio from Drumond Park. We've got three to give away!

Win Pandemonio from Drumond Park


Click on the Retirement & Hobbies page to enter the competition.


A Great New Brain Challenge Game

Win Cortex Challenge from Esdevium Games. We've got three to give away!

Win Cortex Challenge from Esdevium Games

Click on the Our Friends page to enter the competition.

A Great Album by Sarah McGuinness

Win 'Unbroken' by Sarah McGuinness. We've got three to give away!

Win 'Unbroken' by Sarah McGuinness

Win 'Unbroken' by Sarah McGuinness

Click on the Music page to enter the competition.

A Fabulous Album by David Crosby

Win 'Sky Trails' by David Crosby. We've got two to give away!

Win Sky Trails by David Crosby

Win Sky Trails by David Crosby

Click on the Music page to enter the competition.

        The Whimsical   
    Fashion Colouring 
    Book by Natasha  

The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book by Natasha Itzcovitz

Treat yourself to The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book by Natasha Itzcovitz.

Perfect for all the family, this stylish colouring book includes 100 beautifully drawn fashion illustrations to spark the imagination of everyone who enjoys fashion, history, style and fun to colour in pictures.

Illustrations in the book include historical characters, cute animals, fairytale princesses, pirates, people with interesting pastimes and and fashionable street style characters.

Take it with you on holiday, perfect for colouring in while you're waiting at an airport, sitting on the aeroplane, relaxing by the beach or swimming pool. Or on a rainy day indoors!

The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book is published by Troubador and is available to buy now. Price is £8.99 for the paperback.

For more information and to buy your copy click on


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