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This month you can write in about the following subjects
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1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you live
2. Tell us about something special or important that you have achieved in life
3. Share your New Year's Resolutions and hopes and challenges for the year
4. Tell us about a special afternoon tea or meal that you have had in a hotel or restaurant
5. Tell us about a recent holiday or a family day out
6. Tell us about your garden and what you like to grow
7. Tell us a funny story about your grandchildren or share some pictures
8.Tell us about your pets. And include a couple of photos
9. Share a favourite family recipe or a cookery idea and include a picture of the finished dish or meal
10. Tell us about something you have baked, cooked, sewn or made for your family as a gift
11. Have you had a cooking disaster? Tell us about it with lots of funny pictures
12. Have you recently moved home or downsized? We'd love to hear your experiences
13. Tell us about a prize you have won from Sixtyplusurfers
14. Tell us about something amusing that has happened to you or a member of the family
15. Tell us how you spend your retirement or leisure time
16. Tell us about your favourite hobbies and pastimes
17. Share your handy tips and money saving ideas
18. Share your tips about staying happy and healthy
19. Tell us about someone famous or inspiring that you have met
20. Tell  us something special that has happened to you
21. Tell us about a birthday, anniversary, wedding or family occasion you have celebrated
22. Tell us about your first car, school days or something unusual or exciting that has happened in your life
23. Tell us about your first job or an unusual job you have had
24. Have you appeared on a quiz show, talent show, or on TV? We'd love to hear about it
25. Tell us what you like about Sixtyplusurfers!

Please send your letters, pictures, poems, recipes and funny stories to clearly marked Readers' Letters, together with your full name
and postal address.

Any attached photographs should be sent in jpeg format and you could win this month's fabulous Star Letter Prize!


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Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet!

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So don't worry if you live overseas!

Readers' Letters
Have Your Say!

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Helping a Cat in Need

Our cat, Teddy from a rescue centre
            is now bright and playful

When I starting feeding a mangy old cat who was clearly a long term stray I didn't realise how much we would come to adore him and what a character he was. After 9 months he agreed to move in, was neutered and given dental treatment and we enjoyed six very happy years. When he died I was heartbroken and lost.

I decided to help another cat in need. I found Teddy (shown above), in an animal shelter, hiding under blankets. He was terrified of all humans. He had been rehomed and returned within a week as all he did was hide behind the sofa.

I eagerly prepared a room for him and home he came. I then didn't see him for three weeks as he hid under blankets in his igloo and only came out at night to eat and use the litter tray. He also played with all his toys as they were all over the place by morning.

After two months, Teddy is still very
        shy and hiding in his igloo

It was a long, slow and often frustrating process and patience was the key factor. There is no short cut. We have invested as much time and effort into him as he could handle and now 18 months on he is a happy, lively cat who stays very close to home and who loves doing tricks for treats.

He purrs and enjoys being stroked but can still be incredibly nervous and hides if we get visitors, but is finally overcoming his shyness to greet regular family members. A breakthrough indeed.

After 8 months, Teddy is inquisitive and his personality is developing

I feel that there is still so much more to discover about gentle sensitive Teddy and I look forward to seeing his personality develop as his confidence grows.

Julie Smith, Harpenden

Dear Julie

Thank you for telling us about Teddy, he is a beautiful cat. It's lovely that you have been able to rescue him and give him confidence and a happy loving home.

I'm sure as you watch his personality develop and he gains assurance he will give you lots of happiness and become a happy and healthy member of your family.

We had a similar situation with our cat 'Timmy'. After the sad loss of my previous cat Putchkin, he miraculously appeared at our back door. He was nervous, scared, hungry and clearly abandoned.

We fed him, checked him out at the vet, and gave him lots of love and cuddles and a warm home. He is now confident, full of fun, loves being stroked and made a fuss of.

We've trained him to give us a 'high five' when he wants food, and he's quite a personality. It's hard to believe this scared 'timid' cat has become so confident and full of affection.

We wish you all the best with Teddy. He's gorgeous. And I can see he's found a happy new home.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

Elsie, 94, is one of six children to parents Lilian and William, 4 girls and 2 boys, and she was born in 1922. She is the second eldest. During the war they all had to go into different shelters in case they were all bombed together. Elsie was 17 when WWII started and 23 when it ended.

When she was 24 she was working in handbag factory and she was head machinist in Queensbury North London. Another girl in the factory bought a tree and showed Elsie, and Elsie asked her to get her one as it was only 21 Schillings. She took it home to her parents and younger sisters Doris and Joyce.

Every year they had the tree up. Her dad used to put it up from the cupboard. Her dad died and Elsie stayed with her mum and a little dog. The tree became Elsie's responsibility.

When Elsie retired she went to stay with her sister in Wales for 2 weeks and bought a bungalow for £35,000 and so the tree moved to Wales for 3 years.

She then moved to Northampton where her brother lived for 3 years and then she moved to Norfolk to be near another brother! It's a very well travelled tree.

We met Elsie through neighbours because we wanted to help somebody walk their dog. Over the years we see her occasionally and a few years ago we persuaded her to have her cataracts done on Christmas Eve, as she was having difficulty reading, but she was very worried and scared about the operation.

My husband is an eye surgeon and so we knew she would get her drops put in if she spent Christmas day with us. Since then she has visited for Christmas day lunch each year and the boys help her with her tree which they love because it is very unique.

Ailsa Sheldon, Belton

Dear Ailsa

That's a
wonderful story. Christmas must be very special with Elsie, her magical tree, and your husband so kindly helping her out with her eye drops.

It's so lovely to be able to help someone out and it sounds like she brings a special touch to your Christmas for you and your boys. Thank you for sharing your photos and your heart warming story.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Sixtyplusurfers Ditty

Just a little ditty about why Sixtyplusurfers is a great read all year!

S-anta’s been, and, gone, grandkids bored once more…
I-n my favourite read, ideas to entertain em’ galore !
X-tra info for us granddad’s to digest,
T-ips for healthy living, ideas for looking after my bad chest!
Y-outhful, does your mag keep me..
P-lenty of great recipes, I love cooking you see!
L-earning new hobbies, making new friends..
U-ber fashion news, to making do, and, mend!
S-ilver surfers like us, encouraged to tweet…
S-o we keep up with the world, Twitterers to meet!
U-seful travel tips for our summer holidays..
R-etirement living, thanks to you, now jolly days!
F-rom music gigs, to , choosing a pet..
E-ven money advice, and, coping with debt!
R-eally look forward to every new ‘issue’! ..Yay!!
S-ane, you keep me! In work, rest, and, play!!

Paul Swain, Malton

Dear Paul

Thank you for sending in your great ditty about Sixtyplusurfers. We're so glad you enjoy our website and it brings you lots of joy.

It's wonderful that you're enjoying all our content and you've put it all into such a fabulous rhyme.

Happy New Year to you and all our loyal readers.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I donated a kidney to my son 14 years ago so attend regular check ups to see my renal doctor.

When I was at my latest appointment there was only me and another lady in the waiting room. A nurse appeared and put a plate of mince pies near to where we were sitting, so we helped ourselves to one.

A while later the same nurse came back in and put a sign up on the wall that said "Drivers please help yourselves to a mince pie."

They were actually for the drivers that bought the dialysis patients in!

We tried to pretend we hadn't had one but we had crumbs round our mouths! We were busted! And very red faced!

Jane Whittaker, Margate

Dear Jane

What a funny story. But I think the nurse might have wanted you to have a mince pie too, as you've been so brave and strong giving your kidney to your son.

I definitely think you deserved the mince pie! And hope you didn't feel too badly about it.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers


Christmas comes but once a year,
It starts in early December,
With Trees and Lights,
And all delights,
It gives us things to remember,

Some people love the time so much,
They decorate their houses,
Inside and out, a lovely sight,
A passion .. it arouses.

The weather can be icy too,
And snow may on us fall,
At Christmas time the weather's cold.
The wild birds visit and call,

Feed them seed and bread,
Put water out,
A gift to them all year ..
The sight of them visiting, is cute and nice
And to you they will endear.

My favourite season,
My hearts delight,
I love it now I'm old,
Gut to me I'm still a child at heart
Or so it is I'm told.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Viv Allman, Wolverhampton

Dear Viv

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year to all our readers. Thank you for sending in your delightful poem.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Competition Winners From the December
issue of Sixtyplusurfers

The Winner of the Polaroid Zip Printer is:
Hazel Wright, Buxton
The answer is 12 colour filters

The Winner of the Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo Mop and Bucket is:
Shona Jones, Preston
The answer is 500 - 1,000 times a minute

The Winner of the Beauty Goody Bag from the Direct Selling Association is:
Cathy Overgage, Redditch
he answer is Work for themselves

The Winner of the Fluffy Sequin Cardigan from Damart is:
Sarah Bond, Sussex
The answer is Sequins

The Winner of the Cotswold Mantel Clock from Thomas Kent Clocks is:
Janet Donbavand, Twickenham
The answer is Metallic silver

The Winner of the FixMeStick USB stick with a lifetime licence is:
Dave Higgins, Guisborough
The answer is Removes viruses and malware

The Winner of the Meaco Dehumidifier is:
George Johnson, Heckmondwike
The answer is Cuboid

The Winner of a Set of Boules from Big Game Hunters is:
Jayne Kohli, Huntingdon
The answer is Jack

The Three Winners of the HEXBUG Mouse Toy for your Cat are:
Simon Wallace, Bedfordshire; Stephanie Green, Portsmouth; and Heidi Stuart, Hove
The answer is Pink

The Three Winners of the Swallowtail Butterfly Mirror from Jane Vanroe are:
Natasha Gandy, Stockport; Victoria Middleton, Bristol; and Coleen Allison, Leeds
The answer is Echinacea

The Winner of Six Visits to the Plaza Premium Airport Lounges at London Heathrow Airport is:
Keith Dixon, Colchester
The answer is London Heathrow

The Winner of Northern Lights Elsa Doll is:
Katie Witherington, Bournemouth
The answer is Snowflake

The Three Winners of Rummikub Twist are:
Ruth Newport, Somerset; Annaloa Hilmarsdottir, Cornwall; and Mark Barber, Cheshire
The answer is Jokers

The Three Winners of the Smart Eggs from Esdevium Games are:
Elvina Ebrahimifar, Sutton; Steve Weaver, Manchester; and Barry Page, Horsham
The answer is Alexander Armstrong

The Three Winners of The LOGO Board Game from Drumond Park are:
Marissa Wright, Bushey; Peter Hall, Norwood; and Sara Macey, Chatham
The answer is Homepride

The Three Winners of the Signed Copy of the Album 'Harriet' and 'Maybe This Christmas' Single is:
Bronwen Roome, Wrexham; Leonard Wells, Inverness; and Jeff Hoyle, Norfolk
The answer is Maybe This Christmas

The Winner of the Star letter is:

Christopher Harris, Sheerness
Christopher wins a Festive Hamper from the RSPB worth £120

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition is:
Loral Fay, Hayling Island
The prize is a Silent Night Deluxe Gift Box from First4Hampers

The Winner of the Bellaire Bird Table, Bird Food and Vivara Binoculars from CJ Wildlife is:

Ruth Dawson, Nottinghamshire

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition to win a Betti Bossi Vegetable Spiralizer is:
Jennifer Howell Gillies

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise Competition to win a WV2 Kärcher Window Vac for the best entry in the Kärcher Window Vac Group on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page is:
Tina who would like to use it in her cottage

Now enter our brand new January competitions!

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If you have problems or questions about entering any Sixtyplusurfers Competitions just contact us at:

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The Sixtyplusurfers Team

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

Contact us by email:

Jenny Itzcovitz

Tel: 0208 357 2540


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     from Sue Ryder

Win a Storage Bench from Sue Ryder

This month we've got a brand new competition on the Sixtyplusurfers
Chat & Socialise page. We're giving away a stylish Upholstered Navy Geometric Storage Bench with Arms from Sue Ryder worth £89.99.

How to Enter the Competition

For your chance to win this fabulous prize, we're looking for the best Handy Tip of the Month in the
'Handy Tips' Group on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page.

It could be a money saving suggestion such as a shopping tip or ways of reducing the money spent on your household bills. Or perhaps an inexpensive way to entertain the grandchildren or children during the long, cold winter days.

It could be a health, beauty or safety tip. Or perhaps a fashion idea? How about a cookery tip, your favourite recipe, or healthy eating idea.

Perhaps you have some household cleaning advice or a DIY idea. Maybe you have some craft and hobby ideas. Or things to make and do with your grandchildren.

It could be a gardening tip. Or pet care advice that you might be able to pass on. Perhaps you have a photography hint to help other readers to take better pictures. Or maybe you have some words of wisdom that have been passed on from a wise member of your family.

Whatever your handy tips, we'd love to hear about them.

Just send in your entry to the
'Handy Tips' Group which can be found on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page. The best entry will win the prize!

For full details about how to enter click on the Our Friends page.

Join the
Chat & Socialise page

To enter the competition you must be a member of the Chat & Socialise page, so if you haven't already done so, don't forget to sign up and join in.

click on Chat & Socialise and follow the prompts.

                Competitions & Letters

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Win a Poppy Mug in a Box from Dotcomgiftshop

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Floral patterns always bring happiness and cheer, so this pretty Mid Century Poppy design Mug in a Presentation Box will make a welcome gift for friends and family or a lovely way to enjoy a hot cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee.

The Mug measures 9cm in height and 7.7cm in upper diameter. Dishwasher and microwave safe. The Mug is presented in a matching gift box with Poppy design. Price is £6.95.

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The Mid Century Poppy Cake Carrier has its own metal handles for secure transportation. Decorated with delightful poppies. Price is £29.95.

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  For Your Chance to Win

Tell us what does the Mid Century Poppy Cake Carrier use for secure transportation?

Tell us what does the Mid Century Poppy Cake Carrier use for secure transportation?

   a) Plastic hoops
   b) Metal handles
   c) Leather straps
   d) Wooden wheels

   To Enter the Competition

Tell us what does the Mid Century Poppy Cake Carrier use for secure transportation? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email
address as shown below:

* Please label your entry
Poppy Goodies

          * This competition is open to
                   our UK readers only

Readers' Letters

Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter 

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I’ve had a very interesting and enjoyable hobby since 1995 that has given me some fabulous memories. The hobby of which I speak is ‘Comping’.

Back in ’95 you would see entry forms for competitions in supermarkets and other stores that usually required a tiebreaker consisting of a few words, answering a question like ‘Kellogg’s Cornflakes are the best because…’. Finding the entry forms was half the battle as they could be very hard to find, so I subscribed to Competitors’ Companion, a magazine where you could swap entry forms and find out about competitions being run.

After a few months I was starting to lose faith as I hadn’t won anything, but one morning as I was unblocking a drain, my wife, Suzy gave me the post, that included a LWE (Comping speak for a Long White Envelope. A good indicator of a possible prize win!) I opened it up and I’d won a £50 voucher at Somerfields! I’d answered the question ‘Florida grapefruit is good for you because…’ with

‘Sunshine breakfast, Tropical tea,
Essential in your diet, Packed with Vitamin C’

I was delighted with my first win and back then £50 meant filling a trolley up with all sorts of goodies. This spurred me on and over the next few months prizes were regularly rolling in. These included a washing machine, portable TV, sports bag and kit, and in 1996 a Quarter Final football ticket at the 96 Euros!

There also used to be back then a lot of Radio comps and one on LBC was to win £1000 by ringing in with a message that a celebrity may have on their answerphone. Each day was a different celebrity. I tried to get through for Father Christmas on Monday, Michael Jackson on Tuesday and The Queen on Wednesday, but couldn’t get through. Finally, on the Thursday, I managed to get a ringing tone for Miss Marple and immediately started writing a rhyming poem. The phone answered and they said I’d be on air after the ad break. In that time I managed to write this:

Thought I’d take a break and escape for a while,
A holiday in Egypt, solve a murder by the Nile,
‘Cos it really is no joke, it always seems to be,
That someone always croaks it, if they get too near to me,
So if you leave your number, I’ll get right back to you,
But, if you need a murder solving, three nines is your clue!

On the night it won me a Betacom answerphone and on Friday was picked as the winner of £1000! We were really on our uppers at that time and that Grand was really appreciated!

Since then I went on to win lots of prizes from a weekend in Florence to a Christmas Turkey! But, the pinnacle was in 2002. I’d had a terrible motorcycle accident whist working as a courier. I’d broken my left shin bone and right kneecap and thigh bone. I was off work for 10 months and unable to walk unaided for well over a year.

During this time, being pretty much house bound I entered lots of comps. One was in the local paper the Kent Messenger. You had to describe in 15 words or fewer how you’re environmentally friendly. The prize was a Honda Insight hybrid car worth £20,000! During this time we’d moved house and so I was shocked when one day I received a letter that had been redirected to our new address that said I’d won the star prize! I rang the number and was shaking as the lady on the other end of the phone told me I’d won and how they’d had trouble contacting me.

We collected the car from Howlett’s Wildlife Park near Canterbury as they were a sponsor of the competition. I couldn’t walk at the time but could stand up on my own for the picture that appeared in the paper. It was a really super car and we kept it for 6 years. My entry? It was:

Environment friendly products we choose,
Carefully considering (the) power we use,
Recycling, bicycling, supporting good zoos!

Other prizes I’ve won over the last 20 years include a Rolex watch, £333.33 cash (a 3rd share of £1000) Eurocamp holiday in the Loire, a Fitbit watch, electric toothbrush, Two nights in Stratford-upon-Avon, Luxury stay at the Gilpin Hotel, Tour of the Concorde and a go on the flight simulator with over night stay at a Hilton Hotel and lots of other smaller prizes too.

People often say “You’re so lucky”! But when you ask them how many competitions they’ve entered they invariably say “Oh, I never enter any competitions, I’m not lucky”. Luck plays a part but, you have to be in it to win it! I had a bad bike crash, that wasn’t very lucky but, I used that time to win a car, so maybe it was!

Comping now is a lot different. The internet has made a lot more comps available, but equally led to a lot more people entering them. Most comps are now simply require an email and name to enter, but ones that require the written word are still around. My wife and I compete with each other and in recent years she has been more successful than me!

This year alone she has won amongst other things a new kitchen sink and taps worth £750, £130 of unusual alcoholic drinks (handy for Christmas) and £450 worth of designer cushions, all with just an email and name to enter.

If you’re thinking of entering some online comps like this, it’s a good idea to create a separate email account as you will get a lot of spam, but hopefully a few winning emails too! It’s a really lovely hobby as you always have a little hope in your heart that a prize may come your way.

Despite entering hundreds of comps I’ve had a comping drought for over a year now, but I won’t give up. You never know what’s around the corner.

Christopher Harris, Sheerness

Dear Christopher

Thank you for telling us about your 'Comping' hobby and your amazing prize wins. Thank you also for sharing your advice and tips to help other readers to win prizes. It sounds like a very exciting hobby, especially when you have big wins or something you didn't expect.

Thank you also for sending in your photographs. It looks like you've had some great memories from comping and it's been lots of fun. I'm happy to tell you that your 'comping' drought is now over and you can celebrate 2017 with our prize.

We are delighted to let you know that you are the winner of this month's Star Letter Competition. Your prize is a Festive Feast Hamper from the RSPB worth £120.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers


I just wanted to tell you about a magical visit to the tropical island of Martinique to visit my younger sister who I had not seen for 5 years. There was a promotion on an airline leaving from Paris to Martinique.

There were no flights direct from the UK. Sadly my partner needs a new hip, so did not want to come. But I begged him as I felt it was our last chance.

We arrived with a French Football team onboard! The heat hits you as you descend the plane stairs and the airport is a heaving mass of relatives come to greet their families. The French seem more family minded than us.

We were met by my sister and husband and taken to their home in the hills. They suggested a Rum Punch in the pool and forget about the time change of 5 hours. We did and relaxed finally. It was so beautiful waking up to all the birds calling and seeing the Hummingbirds dive in for their nectar feed. The plants grow so well and looked colourful and vibrant. The only danger is the mosquito with the Zika disease prevalent. So we covered up and sprayed ourselves accordingly.

We were taken to the beach & swam in the sea for an hour. The sea temperature being 28 degrees. We had a lovely picnic and more sightseeing of Mt. Pelee and the awful volcano eruption that killed everyone except the man in the stone jail. He lived to tell the tale. The capital was never the capital again but there is a very good museum there.

We did so much in our 2 weeks. Swimming in Josephine's bath, a safe shallow place where Josephine is meant to have bathed. We visited the Balata tropical gardens which were stunning.

We drove to the South and looked at the amazing H.M.S Diamond Rock where the British held out against the French. There was a superb viewing point for photos. Then on to the best beach to my mind, Les Salines, with crystal clear waters, golden sand and a huge bay to walk all that delicious food off. Swimming, floating, looking at the swaying palm trees seemed a different world from the winter in the UK.

Sadly it was time to fly back. My poor husband had terrible cramps and a sleepless night. Then we had to change airports and take the Navette shuttle and finally walk miles to the Flybe terminal. I had to get Wheelchair assistance for him. They are marvellous and if you need them, they are there for you.

Susie Groom, Devon

Dear Susie

Thank you for
sending in your lovely letter and sharing your photographs of Martinique. It looks like you had a fabulous time and it must have been wonderful for see your sister after so long.

We'd love to hear from other readers about their holidays, family and interesting places they have visited.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



In 2012, I won a poetry competition, which was run by a local bus company, here in Dorset. Entrants were asked to come up with a light hearted poem for Valentine's Day and the winning poem was going to be printed on thousands of cards and distributed to bus passengers on Valentine's Day.

I was over the moon when my poem was picked as the winning entry. I was presented with an array of prizes, which included Chocolates, flowers and free bus travel for a month. Most importantly, it was so exciting to see my poem printed on Valentine's Day cards.

It was a wonderful idea to run such a competition and it certainly made my Valentine's Day a memorable one. Here is my winning poem; I hope that you all enjoy reading it.

On this, the most romantic day,
This heartfelt message comes your way,
Because we feel the need to say,
You're special to us, in every way.

Whether you're a mother, a student, or an OAP,
If you're eighteen, sixty, or ninety three.
We think you're great, we love you dearly
And hope this little rhyme, expresses it clearly.

So, as you go about your day,
We hope we've sent some love your way.
Now there only remains one thing to say,
We wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Alison Nuorto, Bournemouth

Dear Alison

Thank you for telling us about your prize win and sharing your fabulous photograph and poem.

It must have been so exciting to win the prize and see your poem printed on Valentine's Cards and distributed to bus passengers. The flowers, chocolates and free bus travel also sound a wonderful prize.

We'd love to hear from other readers who have won prizes, awards or made other special achievements.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

'Tis the season to be jolly

A proud Grandparent watches her Granddaughter take the lead role in a new edition of the Angels in Bethlehem.

Whoops Daisy Angel with her halo askew she gets a little lost on the way to Bethlehem. Very good carol singing too.

It was a joy to watch all the little ones bravely on stage in front of quite an audience.

Susie Groom, Devon

Dear Susie

What an adorable photo. How lovely to watch your granddaughter take the lead role in her nativity play. It must have been very special, and brought a tear to your eye.

Thank you for sharing your cute picture. You must be so proud.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I thought I'd share my wintery snap of a seaside Robin with you all.

It was so good of him to pose in front of the sea view for me...!

Rachel Brown

Dear Rachel

Thank you for sharing your lovely winter snap of a seaside robin. What a friendly, cheery bird he is!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Normally these deckchairs look so inviting. Not today, though, as the bitter east wind swept along the front at Seaford, urging my husband and me to keep walking, heads down, hands in pockets, until we reached Splash Point.

We enjoyed our winter walk more in retrospect than in reality, back home in the comfort of our own fireside.

Anne Bostwick

Dear Anne

It looks like you had quite a bracing walk! I'm sure Seaford is lovely in the sunshine. But at least you had some fresh air and a chance to admire the sea and the beach.

There's nothing better after a long walk then sitting in front of the fireside with a hot cup of tea and some biscuits, and relaxing knowing that you've had some fresh air and exercise.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I just thought I would write and tell you
About something I received in the post
It's nothing exciting or glamorous
Just something that excited me most.

Now I know what your probably thinking
Is it a Xmas prezzy come early?
Gut it was nothing like that at all
Though it did make me feel very "girly".

It's been a while since I've had one of these
In fact it's been many a year
They just don't make them like this any more
I say while shedding a tear

I wonder if you've guessed what it is yet?
It's something that's made me feel better
What with all our technology and emails
It's a real handwritten letter!

Patricia Pacewicz, High Wycombe

Dear Patricia

Thank you for sending in your wonderful poem. How true, it's so rare that we get handwritten letters any more, and they are definitely a real treat.

I used to love writing to my step-grandmother as a child who lived in Italy and receiving her handwritten letters which often included little carefully chosen gifts.

Does anyone write to each other any more? Is it a lost art? What do other readers think?

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

A Funny thing happened to me at the Zoo!

Hi, my name is Paul Bennett, aged 67, now retired. I'd love to tell you my story about a trip to Drayton Manor Park with my wife and two friends. We discovered that the park had a zoo, very nice in fact, and whilst walking around we noticed a group of people gathered around a cage, then all of a sudden they would rush back.

Curious to see what all the fuss was about, me, my wife and two friends walked up to the front of the cage whereupon we came across 3 chimpanzees who were strolling around, one large adult male had his hand behind his back. All of a sudden the adult male rushed up to the bars, flung the contents of his hand into the crowd, and thud, to my astonishment a huge amount of chimp pooh landed smack in the middle of my chest.

My wife and friends were in stitches, me with my hands in air, didn't know what to do, the crowd were laughing, it was so embarrassing. We had no tissues, so my wife picked up large amounts of grass and wiped me down.

Unfortunately as it had started to rain I couldn't discard my kagool which meant I was to walk around
smelling of chimp pooh! I shall remember this incident for the rest of my life.

Paul Bennett, Burton on Trent

Dear Paul

What a funny story. I think that chimp had an interesting sense of humour!

It's great that you can remember the incident and laugh about it now.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


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This charming and super-cute scene depicts three tabby kittens investigating the shelves of a pretty blue Welsh Dresser. One kitten sits in a pink mixing bowl, while the other two have found comfy seats amongst the dainty dishes, pots, jugs, tins and storage boxes. The dresser is garlanded with beautiful bunting, and the whole scene has a strong vintage feel. Will it all look so perfect once the kittens decide to move? There's plenty of colour and detail here to entertain and delight puzzle fans and cat lovers!

Ravensburger puzzles are a perfect way to relax after a long day or for family fun on a rainy day. The superiority of a Ravensburger puzzle is renowned. Be one of the millions to experience a whole new world of puzzling fun with Ravensburger quality products. Every one of the pieces is unique and fully interlocking. The quality is enhanced by the vast array of shapes made by specially handcrafted tools, one of the many ways that Ravensburger shows its passion for excellence.

Puzzle Handy

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Win a Speech Bubble Light from Prezzybox

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Win a Speech Bubble Light from Prezzybox

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Win a Speech Bubble Light from Prezzybox

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Win a Navy Storage Bench with from Sue Ryder worth £89.99. For your chance to win, send in the best Handy Tip of the Month to the 'Handy Tips' Group on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat and Socialise page

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This month Silver Travel are offering an 8 day trip for two to the Istrian Riviera, exploring the wonders of Croatia, courtesy of Cosmos Tours & Cruises.

Silver Travel are offering an 8 day trip for two to the Istrian Riviera, exploring the wonders of Croatia, courtesy of Cosmos Tours & Cruises

Silver Travel are offering an 8 day trip for two to the Istrian Riviera, exploring the wonders of Croatia, courtesy of Cosmos Tours & Cruises

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PetSafe® Treats for your Cat and Dog

Win an Automatic Ball Launcher for one reader and a Sedona Pet Fountain from PetSafe® for a second reader.

Win an Automatic Ball Launcher for one reader and a Sedona Pet Fountain from PetSafe® for a second reader

Win an Automatic Ball Launcher for one reader and a Sedona Pet Fountain from PetSafe® for a second reader


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Win a beautiful Printed Wrap from Damart

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Win a 30 Day 'Starter' Perfect Balance Kit including Women's Health Duo and Tummy Tea worth £100


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Win a Fabulous New Year's Family Games Bundle from Drumond Park including Dig In!, All Star Family Fortunes and Wordsearch! We've got two games bundles to give away!

Win a Fabulous New Year's Family Games Bundle from Drumond Park including Dig In!, All Star Family Fortunes and Wordsearch!


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Win a Fresh Breath Goody Bag from The Breath Company including Fresh Breath Oral Rinse Mild Mint & Icy Mint, Fresh Breath Toothpaste Mild Mint, Dry Mouth Lozenges Mandarin Mint, and Fresh Breath Chewing Gum


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Win DYLON Fabric Goodies including Two Pillowcases and a selection of fabric dyes.

Win DYLON Fabric Goodies including Two Pillowcases and a selection of fabric dyes

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Win Cradle To The Grave by Squeeze


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