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Write our Star Letter

And You Could Win a Fabulous Set of Stationery Goodies

Win a fabulous set of Stationery Goodies

Get Britain Writing

We want to hear from Sixtyplusurfers! Write this month's Star Letter and you could win a fabulous set of Stationery Goodies to celebrate National Stationery Week.

National Stationery Week reminds UK why handwriting is important

With letters, poetry and memoirs playing such a crucial part in keeping the memory of World War I alive, this year’s National Stationery Week is emphasising more than ever the importance of the written word. Britain is being urged to pick up their pens and practice their handwriting and Sixtyplusurfers is backing the campaign to get the nation writing by giving one lucky winner the chance to win a bumper prize of stationery!

This fantastic prize features great products from the National Stationery Week sponsors Faber-Castell, Sheaffer, Letts Filofax, Zebra pen and 3M Post-it worth £70.

As 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, the third annual National Stationery Week campaign will be dedicated to encouraging Brits to write to one another, rekindling the notion that receiving a handwritten letter is as uplifting experience today as it was 100 years ago.

This year’s celebration of the written word and all things stationery takes place from 31st March - 6th April, and is organised by the London Stationery Show. The week is the culmination of the year round campaign to Get Britain Writing, when the nation can send letters to one another and focus on communicating via cards and notes.

Organiser Chris Leonard-Morgan says, “With the nation sending millions of emails and even more texts every single day, receiving a handwritten note is becoming a rare treat, and one that many young people in the UK are yet to experience! Penning a letter is as good for the sender as it is for the recipient, lifting spirits and inspiring creativity as we take more time out of our day to savour and enjoy communication with friends and loved ones.

“Technology is fantastic and the ability to get in touch quickly and instantly is allowing us to engage with one another more than ever before. But the power of the written word cannot be overestimated and we hope that more people will reopen these channels of communication during National Stationery Week”.

The campaign to Get Britain Writing will include a special focus on getting kids writing and it is sponsored by leading brands Post-it, Sheaffer, Faber-Castell, Letts Filofax and Zebra Pen.

High street names such as Paperchase, Ryman, Sainsbury’s, the Post Office, Fortnum & Mason and John Lewis are among those backing the campaign along with the Handwriting Association, the Gift Card Association and many more.

To discuss how you can get involved with National Stationery Week visit, tweet @NatStatWeek or @GetBritWriting using the hashtags #NSW14, #GetBritainWriting, #LoveStationery.

 To Enter the Competition

Send in your letters, photographs,  recipes, amusing stories, poems,  and handy tips, for your chance to win this fantastic prize.

Or write a letter using one of the suggestions from below. The best letter will win the prize!

This month you can write in about the following subjects
or choose one of your own:
1. Tell us about a recent holiday or day out including photos
2. Share a favourite family recipe or a cookery idea
3. Tell us about where you live and what you like about it
4. Have you recently moved home or downsized? We'd love to hear your experiences
5. Tell us about a prize you have won from Sixtyplusurfers
6.Tell us about your pets. And include a couple of photos
7. Tell us about something amusing that has happened to you or a member of the family
8. Tell us how you spend your retirement or leisure time
9. Tell us about an evening class or activities you enjoy
10. Tell us a funny story about your grandchildren
11. Tell us about your favourite hobbies and pastimes
12. Share your handy tips and money saving ideas
13. Have you met anyone famous? Tell us about it
14. Tell us what makes you happy and how you stay full of fun and energy
15. Tell  us something special that has happened to you
16. Tell us about a birthday, anniversary, wedding or family occasion you have celebrated
17. Tell us about your garden and what you have grown in it
18. Tell us about your first job or an unusual job you have had
19. Have you appeared on a quiz show, talent show, or on TV? We'd love to hear about it
20. Tell us what you like about Sixtyplusurfers!

Please send your letters, pictures, poems, recipes and funny stories to clearly marked Readers' Letters, together with your name and postal address. Any attached photographs should be sent in jpeg format and you could win this month's fabulous Star Letter Prize!

Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet!

Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet

Sixtyplusurfers is giving away these great Fridge Magnets! We are offering all runners up to the Star Letter Competition one of these fantastic Fridge Magnets.

Stick it on your fridge to keep all your messages together - and use it to remind you to look at the Sixtyplusurfers website.

So get writing. Now! Everyone who writes a letter and gets it published on this page wins a prize!

We can send magnets anywhere - within reason! So don't worry if you live overseas!

Readers' Letters
Have Your Say!

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

"He's looking for tupperware in hedges," is my usual response to enquiries about where my husband is. All the warnings about the likelihood of being bored in retirement have proved unfounded. One of the retirement gifts George was given was a handheld GPS system and a magazine with an article about geocaching.

Geocaching is a form of treasure hunt using a Global Positioning System. An item (cache) - usually a box with a logbook and small items for finders to exchange or a cylinder containing a scroll to sign, is hidden somewhere and the coordinates of the hiding place are posted on the Internet so that GPS users can find it.

More details are on

If you are unfamiliar with geocaching you would probably be amazed at how many items are hidden near you.

George has been happily trekking about the countryside regularly searching out caches for five years. Of course there is nothing of value in the caches. The value of the hobby is in the side effects. Walking is super exercise and George takes an interest in buildings with a long history, plants and wild animals so he has plenty to talk about when he returns home.

Yes I go geocaching sometimes - particularly if we are on holiday. We thus explore interesting places and paths off the normal busy routes. I'm not fond, however, of following my husband into fields where there seems to be way out without retracing our steps whilst my husband stares at the GPS now on his mobile phone or of standing rather conspicuously in drizzling rain whilst George looks under stones or behind trees.

Geocaching is a hobby that appeals to families - grandchildren love exploring with granddad. It is certainly worth considering if you are retired and enjoy walking. I really need to finish my knitting though that's why I'm at home answering the phone call with, "Oh he's looking for tupperware...."

Have other readers taken up new hobbies since retirement?

Joy Owen

Dear Joy

Geocaching sounds a fascinating hobby. What a great way to enjoy the outdoors and find out more  about your local history and wildlife.

We'd love to hear from other readers who have interesting hobbies.

Murray Jacobs, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

A Warning to Cat Lovers

A simple scratch can land you in hospital! I have had cats and scratches for years and never had a problem until a few days ago, when my cat attacked my arm.

I must have stroked her in a place she did not want. The little bleeding was not too bad and  I put Savlon on it.

Wrong! Because Savlon covers up the wound. My whole arm hurt. We were out looking at the storm damage in Cornwall in Port Wrinkle. So we were out all day.

That night it was so bad I went to the cottage hospital and  they gave me antibiotics and told me to watch out for the red swelling creeping up the arm. In the morning it had, so back I went to the little hospital who could not have been more caring.

My temperature was taken and I was told that I was a very sick woman! This panicked me. I was told to go to A&E at Derriford immediately and pack an overnight bag.

A&E were wonderful, there was plenty of waiting time but attention also. Finally I got taken up to a main ward but had to wait all day for a bed. It was chaos with so many patients waiting, not enough staff, and too many of us oldies. It was a real eye opener.

Eventually I was put on an intravenous drip and found a bed. The swelling was worse, the pain bad and the worry it would reach my armpit, which is dangerous.

There was plenty of monitoring and drugs. But 24 hours later my bed was needed for a more serious patient so I was sent out with a packet of antibiotic tablets. My arm is still painful and it will take time to be back to normal.

Cats and dogs can carry disease and infect you but it is unusual and I had a lucky escape.

Now, when my cat cuddles up to me I make sure my arm is under the duvet!

Susie Groom, Devon

Dear Susie
Thank you for the warning. Many of us have cats and dogs, but never think about the dangers of scratches.

We hope you are feeling better now and your arm is less painful.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Apple and Beetroot Soup

I just love this soup. I have lots of stewed apples frozen still left (it was a bumper harvest last year) and I am still pulling up beetroot.

It’s good for you (all those anti-oxidants and apples are natures answers to statins) but don’t worry if, erm, your wee is a bit tinged pink a few hours later. It’s perfectly normal, called beeturia and about 10% of the population get it.


· 500g/4 medium raw beetroot, grated
· 1 tsp caraway
· 2 large desert apples, cored and quartered, leave peel on and cook for a few minutes and puree.
· 750mls ham or chicken stock
· 1 tsp cider vinegar
· Creme fraîche and chopped dill to serve


1. Put beetroot, and caraway and stock into a medium sized pan. Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

2. Add the apple and blitz with a hand blender until smooth.

3. Add the vinegar and adjust seasoning and temperature putting a little more vinegar in if a tarter flavour is required.

4. Serve with creme fraîche and dill with rye bread.

Romana Richards

Dear Romana
Thank you for sending in your recipe and photograph. It looks delicious. We'd love to hear from other readers with great tasting recipes.

Kitty Jacobs, Letters & Admin

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

This month I am going to show you a picture of my recent holiday in Switzerland. I have always wanted to visit this country.

When I was there I visited a mountain that I have always wanted to climb.  The image I have include shows the mountain that I visited.

Kiran Parry, Aberdare

Dear Kiran
What a beautiful photograph. It looks a lovely place to visit. Did you get to climb the mountain?

Melissa Braiden, Competitions & Admin

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I was surprised to learn from a survey recently that one in 15 Britons now in their mid-80s will live to be more than 100.

Of course we‘d all fancy joining them and I'm certainly going to try!

My Mum‘s friend celebrated her 102nd birthday recently. She attributes her long life to doing the Guardian crossword every day.

But I’m afraid I am going to have to give that one a miss - I'm not that clever !
Daisy David, Barnet

Dear Daisy
I like those statistics! Your mum's friend certainly keeps her mind active by doing the Guardian crossword everyday.

Do any readers have any tips about staying young at heart?

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Nelson Mandela

What can you say that hasn't already been said about Nelson Mandela? Without a doubt he was a man of many achievements ...

What I admired most about Mandela firstly was that he was always humble even when things were very tough for him, and secondly his utmost faith that one day his country would be at peace and be a better place to live.

He stood up for what he believed in - never backing down. Even in prison he continued his fight. Who could fail to admire his braveness, confidence, ability and determination to transform his dreams into reality.

He was one of the greatest leaders of our time.

Jenny Hawarden, Denbighshire

Dear Jenny
Thank you for sharing your tribute about Nelson Mandela. He was truly one of the greatest leaders of our time.

Melissa Braiden, Competitions & Admin

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I just found this site recently and loved it!!

I really enjoyed looking at the photos your members submitted on your Chat & Socialise page. Beautiful scenery and cute animals...(especially Poppy the Psycho Cat) and the Peacock Butterfly.

Too bad I can not enter the contests.. I am from Massachusetts. That would be a long journey to pick up the prize. (Ha ha) I'm not a swimmer.

I think your discussion topics are very interesting and include everyone. I liked "What was your first memory" Very touching responses we can all relate to.

I don't usually write emails to people I don't know but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my "visit" to your site.



Dear Carol

Thank you so much for writing in and telling us how much you enjoy Sixtyplusurfers and our Chat & Socialise page.

We'd love to hear from other overseas readers, and what you like about our website.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I answered the phone and a female voice said "This is the Dr's Nurse. Are you Mr. Ellis?"

I explained that NO Mr. Ellis lived at my address.

There was a silence then she spoke, "Oh dear, I'm sorry. I must have dialled his National Insurance number."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy David, Barnet

Dear Daisy

What a funny story. I'm not sure what you could answer to that call!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Thank You

Just to say I received the Dremel Multi-Max MM40 Tool Kit and to thank you for running the competition. It’s a fantastic tool.

Sixtyplusurfers is a great website and I will recommend it to my friends.

Martin Stevens

Dear Martin

Thank you for letting us know you received the Dremel Tool Kit safely.

We have passed on your thanks to Dremel, the sponsor of the competition.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Pet Hate

My pet hate is people that phone me in the middle of dinner and ask me to complete a survey, tell me I have been involved in a car accident (I don't drive) or ask me if I want to save money on my phone bill ... etc.

I know they're just doing their job, and a thankless one at that, but somebody needs to stop some of these callers - especially the nasty ones that try and frighten you.

What do other readers think?

Linda Jones

Dear Linda

Yes, these callers can be very annoying. Have any readers found a good solution to this type of 'crank call?

Murray Jacobs, Editor

Competition Winners
From the March
issue of Sixtyplusurfers

The Winner of the Bella Kettle and Toaster Competition is:
Deborah Burland, Huddersfield
The answer is David Tennant

The Winner of the Tesco Hair Styling Competition is:
Cherylyn Waite, Barnsley
The answer is Tess Daly

The Three Winners of the Damart Sailor Neck T-Shirt are:
Ann McDougal, London; Margaret Hardman, Manchester; and Sheila Coulson, Hartlepool
he answer is a Mock Pocket

The Three Winners of the Hotel Tycoon Board Game from Esdevium Games are:
Rachael Smith, Bristol; Tony Sansom, Nottingham and Kathy Williams, Liverpool
The answer is Richard Branson

The Three Winners of A Year in Provence DVD are:
Christine Allum, Northampton; Paul Stanley, Worcester; and Malcolm Carrott, Warwick
The answer is Lindsay Duncan

The Three Winners of Rapidough from Drumond Park are:
June Munday, Leeds; Anthony Bravender, Manchester and Susan Miller, Darlington
he answer is Twiggy

The  Winner of the Marc Bolan and T.Rex Albums is:
Richard Rowley, West Bromwich
The answer is
Ride A White Swan

The Three Winners of Belinda Carlisle 'The Collection' CD/DVD Set are:
Hayley Wynn, York; Philip Honour, Exmouth and Keith Osborne, Norfolk
answer is Goodbye Just Go

The Winner of the Star letter is:

Heather and George Brown
Heather and George win an Inverawe Weekender Bag full of delicious food and drink

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition is:
Marilyn Pascoe, Gravesend
prize is a Cheese and Chutney Hamper from Devon Hampers

The Winner of the 3 Night Weekend Break at Bembridge Coast Hotel, Isle of Wight is:
Carolynn Woodland, St Albans

The Winner of the River Cruise Holiday for Two aboard the Edward Elgar is:
Lynn Bright, Sutton

The Winner of the £40 Marks & Spencer Voucher from Balcombe Care Homes is:
Sandra Goodson, East Grinstead

The Winner of the Tidlo Fire Engine Toy from John Crane is:
Peter Cleasby, Middlesbrough

The Three Winners of the Vapourlites Goody Bag are:
Sherri Fordham, Suffolk; Richard Whelan, Bristol; Naomi Buchan, Hemel Hempstead

The  Winner of the Vintage Red Portable Clock Radio from Dotcomgiftshop - for the Best  Photograph of the Month on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page is:
'Wallers6' for 'Up the Alps at Greoliere by Old Church'

The Two Winners of the 'Around Britain - Summer Haze' and 'Through the Cottage Door' Falcon Jigsaw Puzzles in our Facebook Competition are:
Debby Brown, Kent and Wendy Mann, Dunstable

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Contact Sixtyplusurfers

Contact Sixtyplusurfers

We really enjoy reading your letters, poems, recipes and stories. It's great to hear from you with all of your news and photographs.

We want to keep this page buzzing with letters. So keep writing in with your news! Just take a few minutes to tell us about yourselves, where you come from or where you live.

You can send in a funny story, a recipe, poem, handy tip, or photographs.

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

Contact us by email:

Murray Jacobs

Jenny Itzcovitz
Deputy Editor

Kitty Jacobs
Letters and Admin

Melissa Braiden
Newsletter, Competitions & Admin


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Visit the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page

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The Chat & Socialise page offers you the chance to meet other readers, take part in live conversations, put up a blogs, send in your photographs, add a thought to our message board, or join a group of like-minded readers.

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But if there's a topic you want to talk about why not start your own conversation!

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We also have a brand new Events page where you can tell us about your local events, social gatherings and meetings.

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We also have a Live Chat Room where you can chat to other readers and tell them about your news - Live! It's great fun.

Win Tea Time Goodies
 from Dotcomgiftshop

Win Tea Time Goodies from Dotcomgiftshop

This month we've got a brand new competition on the Sixtyplusurfers
Chat & Socialise page. We're giving away a selection of delightful Tea Time Goodies from Dotcomgiftshop including a Regency Rose Teapot, Three Tier Regency Style Cake Stand and matching Roses Regency Teacup and Saucer.

Tell us about your favourite place to visit in the 'Favourite Places' Group on the Sixtyplusurfers
Chat & Socialise page. The best entry will win the prize.

Some ideas to get you started

You might enjoy visiting a particular museum such as the Science Museum in London because the exhibits are so high tech and your grandchildren enjoy coming along with you.
You might enjoy going to a wonderful art gallery such as the National Gallery because you like seeing all the different paintings. Or perhaps you had a lovely time with your partner here.
 Maybe there is a favourite stately home such as Blenheim where you had a memorable visit recently. Or perhaps Bletchley were you found out about the code breaking during the war.
You might enjoy something more simple such as a walk in your local park, a visit to the seaside or a stroll by the riverside.
Or perhaps you saw something amazing on a recent holiday such as the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or the Colosseum.
Whatever your favourite place, we'd love to hear all about it and why you like it so much. You can also include photographs with your entry or in our photo gallery to illustrate your answer.

Don't forget to post your entry in the Favourite Places Group on the Chat & Socialise page
Don't forget to post your entry in the new
'Favourite Places' Group in the 'Groups' section on the Chat & Socialise page to be in with a chance of winning the prize.

For full details about how to enter the competition click on the
Our Friends page.

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Chat & Socialise page

To enter the competition you must be a member of the Chat & Socialise page, so if you haven't already done so, don't forget to sign up and join in.

click on Chat & Socialise and follow the prompts.

Thank You for Your Wonderful Letters!

Thank You for Your Wonderful Letters

Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in a letter to Sixtyplusurfers this month. It's always wonderful to hear from you.

Please keep your letters coming in to email: clearly marked 'Readers' Letters.

We always love to see all of your letters, photographs, poems, handy tips, recipes, jokes, anecdotes, and amusing stories.

And this month, we're giving away a
a fabulous set of Stationery Goodies worth £70 to the writer of our Star Letter.

So don't forget to write in and tell us your news.

Check to See if You Have Won a Prize!

Check to see if you have won a prize!

Don't forget to check our Winner's List at the beginning of every month to see if you have won a prize!

Please allow at least six to eight weeks to receive your prize. 

If you have any questions about Sixtyplusurfers Competitions email:

The closing date for this month's competitions is 29th April.

                Competitions & Letters

          Win a Prestigio 
     MultiPad Tablet

Win a Prestigio MultiPad Tablet

Just look at the pictures below and tell us which one is the Odd One Out!


Celebrity Odd One

Out Competition

Poirot Mr Carson

     a) Hudson
     b) Jeeves
     c) Poirot
     d) Mr Carson


The Prize for the Winner of the Celebrity Odd
One Out Competition

Win a Prestigio MultiPad Tablet

Win a Prestigio MultiPad Tablet

Prestigio, a leading European smartphone and tablet manufacturer has teamed up with Sixtyplusurfers to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a fabulous Prestigio MultiPad 9.7 Dual Core Tablet.

The 9.7” screen gives a remarkably a crisp and vivid picture making it superb for reviewing photos and playing videos and games. The 16GB memory gives plenty of space for storing movies, music and more.

It comes pre-loaded with 40 apps including; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Office Suite, so is ready to use straight out of the box, with minimal set up time. There is a front and rear 2MP camera and comes with a stylish carrying case.

Win a Prestigio MultiPad Tablet

The tablet comes with a two year warranty and unlimited UK-based technical support.

The tablets have Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades, which include checks for new versions of firmware and download every time the device is connected to the Internet.

Prestigio tablets have built in stereo speakers, and a minimum 5.5 hours battery life.

For more information click on

How to Enter the Competition

When you have decided which picture is the odd one out in our Celebrity Odd One Out Competition  send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers inbox at:

* Please label your entry
Prestigio MultiPad Tablet Competition

Note: You do not have to be aged over 60 to enter our competitions!


You can also go in for more than one competition on this page (but do make sure each one is clearly labelled).


We do not accept automated entries to Sixtyplusurfers Competitions

* This competition is open to our
UK readers only


Readers' Letters

Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter 

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers  


Sri Lanka may not be among the most familiar of destinations for senior travellers but, once visited, it is easy to understand why it conjures up wonderful memories and some life changing experiences. We visited this small but dramatic island earlier this year and were soon captivated by its charm, dramatic landscapes and by its welcoming people, who have learned to be resilient and adaptable, often in the face of civil war and powerful natural disasters.

About the size of Ireland, it is relatively easy to get about and if, as we did, you opt for a ten or twelve day guided tour, then you can visit many of the country's most memorable attractions without mishap. Hotels are often of high quality and the food absolutely delicious. Originally called Ceylon, the modern name 'Sri Lanka', translates as the resplendent island or isle of unexpected pleasures.

An apt choice of name. Shaped like a teardrop off India's western coastline, Sri Lanka has so much to commend it, including magnificent fortresses hewn into solid rock, ruined ancient capitals, dense jungle, cool hillside villages and a culture which at times has been refreshingly slow to embrace the less attractive side of our own modern life.

Added to these qualities, we have a country producing the world's best tea and one possessing abundant wildlife, including hundreds of exotic birds and a wide range of animals including snakes, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles and leopards, many of which can readily be seen in the National Parks. There are also gentle reminders of the island's British colonial past, especially in the cultural triangle, an area of particular historical importance and economic growth.

Like almost all visitors, we made use of Colombo airport, the gateway to the Island. Colombo, the present capital, is a memorable, electric city which can both fascinate and terrify you in the course of one afternoon. Buses, motor bikes and tuktuks abound, skilfully making their way round bemused pedestrians and even the odd cattle. The streets are crammed with stalls and shops interspersed with modern buildings and high rise commerce. As in India, drivers' horns are sounded frequently making for a degree of chaos in which surprisingly there is little evidence of serious accidents.

Our tour made its way rapidly northwards to Anuradhapura, an area ruled by Sinhalese kings for some 1000 years. The landscape here is filled with ancient Buddhist shrines, stupas (Buddhist commemorative stone monuments usually housing sacred relics associated with the Buddha or other saintly persons ) and the sacred 2000 year old Sri Maha Bodi tree, a place of pilgrimage for many modern Sri Lankans. Buddhism is widely followed by most Sri Lankan people, although religions such as Christianity and Islam are also present.

In Habarana, we were able to informally visit a typical Sri Lankan village in order to see indigenous farming practices unaltered for generations, such as the hand grinding of rice. The farming of coconuts is particularly important whereby every part of the fruit is put to good use, with nothing wasted. In the same area is probably Sri Lankan's most famous landmark, Sigiriya, a 182 metre volcanic rock plateau on which the 5th century ruler, Kasyapa, built a fortress and even his own palace containing a wall of mirrors, supposedly reflecting the grandeur of both him and his creations. Part of the spectacular lion rock fortress still remains and the summit of the rock is reached by scrambling up literally hundreds of stone steps, some rather precarious. The views from the top were superb but descending to the car park was made quite hazardous by the onset of a thunderstorm and teaming rain.

Before heading further south towards the mountainous regions of Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, we were delighted to see the serene Golden Temple of Dambulla, famed for its gilded interior and the five awe inspiring caves containing replicas of Buddah in almost every pose. At the entrance, standing guard over all, is the main gold plated Buddha statue, some 100 feet tall and undeniably impressive.

The climb by bus towards the mountain capital of Kandy is well worth the effort and every torturous bend. Here we were rewarded by splendid views, welcome drops in temperature and a panorama of palm free hills looped by the famous Mahaweli River. Whilst lacking the sheer business of Colombo, Kandy is nevertheless an important town with some thriving local industries.

Before leaving, we were able to sample perhaps its two most important attractions, the Botanical Gardens and the sacred Temple of the Tooth. The former is an oasis of plant colour and tranquility just a short distance from the city noise. Rare trees and plants provide a rich contrast to the grime of surrounding streets in which large fruit bats roost overhead.

Perched on the lakeside near to the town centre, are the attractive white buildings of the Temple of the Tooth. This is Sri Lanka's most important and sacred temple, housing reputedly the tooth of Buddah. Thousands of devout Buddhists come from all over Asia to the Shrine . The Relic itself is kept within several closed interlocking gold caskets and is rarely put on display. Whatever its secrets, this an awe inspiring place and well worth a visit. All visitors must shed their shoes and headgear before entry.

A little further south is the famous tea growing town of Nuwara Eliya. For miles around there are terraces of the tea bearing shrubs, many of them being hand picked by local women bearing their famous wicker style baskets on their backs. We were able to visit a tea factory and observe the whole process from leaf picking to packaging and attend tasting sessions. Still proudly called Ceylon tea, the flavours are unquestionably Sri Lankan and can excite the palate without the need for milk and sugar!

The wildlife of the island continues to draw visitors from around the globe. We were particularly drawn to the magnificent array of birdlife (the famous Bundala National Park has 5 wonderful coastal lagoons housing almost 200 species of birds alone, from flamingos to eagles.) This park, together with the neighbouring and most widely visited Yala National Park, are a naturalists' heaven. Taking an early morning safari in Yala , we were delighted to see herds of roaming elephants, endless monkeys, rare deer, giant squirrels, mongoose and many less inviting crocodiles.

The elusive sloth bear and leopard escaped our attention this time round, although Yala has the greatest leopard population per square km in the world. The elephant is highly respected by the islanders and well protected. We were treated to an elephant ride to the edge of the jungle, which was a holiday highlight, particularly for those ladies chosen to ride on the elephant's shoulders. At Udawalawe is the Elephant Transit Home, where younger, injured or orphaned beasts are carefully nurtured until they can be released back into the wild. Seeing baby elephants hand fed with milk, draws admiring crowds on a daily basis.

During our final two days in particular, we saw ample evidence of the sheer might of the tsunami which devastated the coastal parts of the island almost 10 years ago. Over 50,000 are known to have perished but locally they still talk of huge numbers yet unaccounted for, with the possible death rate being as high as 100,000, many of them children and the elderly. Along the coastline around towns like Galle, the debris still lies where it fell and the poignant remains of cafes, flimsy homes and even hotels, are a tragic reminder of the horror that occurred during the Boxing day holiday of 2004.

The devastation stretches well inland, testimony to the sheer destructive power of two massive surges that engulfed local communities early that day. However, the Sri Lankans are a resilient people and they are determined to rebuild their communities and support each other. It was a very sobering experience to visit such areas where cameras were somehow an intrusion and largely unused.

Our lasting memories of this beautiful country were many and varied. An island with a rich array of natural resources, a people who show immense pride in their homeland and a developing country which openly shared its cultures and traditions to any who stopped by and asked. Some day we hope to return.

Heather and George Brown

Dear Heather and George

Thank you for writing in and telling us about your holiday to Sri Lanka and sharing your lovely photographs.

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and visited some beautiful places.

We are delighted that you are the winner of this month's Star Letter Competition. Your prize is an Inverawe Weekender Bag full of delicious food and drink.

Murray Jacobs, Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



I hope that you find my story amusing, this is how I celebrated my 33rd birthday on 1st May 1984.

My 33rd birthday was very special, I had already spent a couple of months in the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, as I was expecting the 2nd set of ”test tube” triplets ever to be conceived. They had been conceived  by  IVF  the previous November at Mr Steptoe's private hospital at Bourne Hall in Cambridgeshire.

My obstetrician reluctantly agreed to me going out for an evening meal with my husband to celebrate my birthday. Trevor did not look thrilled when I told him the good news. Even so early on in my pregnancy I was enormous, it had become obvious that the birth would happen long before the due date of August 8th. I was booked in for an elective caesarean on 4th July if I had not gone into labour before.

The big day arrived and I changed out of a nightdress for the first time in months. I did my best to make myself look presentable, but to describe my appearance as a bit of a mess would have been an understatement. My maternity dress was taught across my belly, my sandals remained unbuckled as my feet were swollen, no tights as I couldn’t buy tights that would fit me, trust me it wasn’t a good look.

At the appointed hour hubby brought the car as close as possible to the hospital door, I waddled to the car and only just managed to fit the seat belt around my huge bump. With Trevor driving as though he was was carrying a basket of loose eggs in the car we eventually arrived at the little Italian bistro which was a favourite of ours.

Bearing in mind that I had been eating unappetising hospital food for over 2 months, which believe me, at that time was a lot worse than it is now. I savoured the menu in great detail. I ordered spaghetti bolognaise, forgetting that as I was so large I couldn’t pull up to the table properly, the result was rather a lot of sauce down the front of my dress, another triumph.

It didn’t take a genius to see that Trevor wasn’t enjoying the meal, he was like a cat on hot bricks absolutely terrified that at any minute I was going to go into labour. When I asked to see the dessert menu he looked desperate, I thought he was going to start crying. So no dessert for Jill.

Back we went to the hospital with once again Trevor driving as though I might break. I could see Trevor visibly relaxing in front of my eyes as we arrived back on the ward.

The whole experience was an absolute disaster, not exactly the sophisticated final meal before becoming parents. My husband had been like a cat on hot bricks the whole time, we had been away from the hospital for all of 45 minutes.

Incidentally I lasted out until the elective caesarean on 4th July.

Jill Hassall, Sheffield

Dear Jill
Thank you for telling us the story of how you celebrated your 33rd birthday and sending in your picture. At least you enjoyed the spaghetti, although it was a shame you couldn't have the desert.

It was lucky you lasted out until the caesarean on 4th July. And what a lovely late present for your birthday.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

What Changed?

Both now retired, so much has changed
I’m demented and my husbands deranged
Never been at home so much together
Stuck indoors in our inclement weather

Working long hours kept us apart
It was an issue; now think it was smart!
Little time spent together each night
Made us too tired to argue or fight

But now we’re together all day long
This retirement malarkey is all going wrong
My routine has disappeared out the door
Motivation is low, concentration is poor

He follows me around, he’s in my face
What I wouldn’t give for my own bit of space
I love to write, crave peace and quiet
If he disturbs me once more, there’ll be a riot

I was good at my job, had career success
But I’m now expected to be a domestic goddess
Hair needs a wash and house needs a dust
Oh go on then, if I really must

Wait is that the sun coming out
Let’s go to the beach I hear him shout
Splashing around in the freezing cold sea
We’re kids again, hubby and me

He’s found the library; he loves to read
Hallelujah, at last, it looks like I’m freed
He now does his own thing and I do mine
We’ve learnt just to give each other some time

Retirement is all about compromise
After a lifetime of work, it’s the ultimate prize
So we’re so lucky, we’re both in good health
Content with each other, that’s the real wealth

In those few years since we retired
I’ve ranted and raved and been hot wired
But I’m more relaxed now and making amends
So hubby and I again are the very best of friends!

Denise Jones

Dear Denise

Thank you for sending in your excellent poem about your retirement.

I'm delighted to hear everything is all 'settled down' now. And great you can just take off to the beach or go out together whenever you like!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers  

  Thank You



Thank you for the Sew Lovely craft goodies, the prize arrived this morning. To start with, I am using it to make some lovely Mother's Day cards.

Here is a photo of one of the cards I made using the Sew Lovely craft goodies.

Thank you for the bundle – I love it.

Anne Nelmes

Dear Anne

Thank you for letting us know your prize arrived safely and sending in a photo of one of the cards you made using the products.

We have passed on your thanks to Do Crafts the sponsor of the competition.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor


  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

  Handy Recycling Tip

The plastic disposable ice cream spoons from Baskin Robbins make great spoons for dishing out cat food, as I don't like to use my own cutlery.

My grandchildren collect them for me after they've had an ice cream and I pop them in the dishwasher to clean them up.

I keep them handy in a washed out Marmite jar (excuse the advertising) and they are ready to use whenever I need them.

Vera Foster, London

Dear Vera

What a great idea. And lovely that you are recycling plastic products and glass jars.

Do other readers have recycling tips?

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor


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No! I Don't Need Reading Glasses! by Virginia Ironside

Plus £100 John Lewis Voucher

To celebrate the publication of No! I Don’t Need Reading Glasses! Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Quercus Books to give away five signed copies of the book plus one lucky winner will also receive a £100 John Lewis gift voucher.

Win a £100 John Lewis Voucher

Virginia Ironside is back with hilarious and heart-warming new tales from Marie Sharp in No! I Don't Need Reading Glasses!

It’s the perfect blend of Grumpy Old Women meets Bridget Jones with the continuing story of Marie Sharp, first met in the bestseller No! I Don't Want to Join a Bookclub!

Marie shows you that getting on a bit does not mean giving up - or growing up.

Out now in paperback (£7.99) from Quercus Books click on

Quercus Books specialises in commercial fiction, non-fiction and children’s publishing in digital and print formats and incorporates the prestigious MacLehose Press, Jo Fletcher Books and Heron Books imprints.

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  For Your Chance to Win

    Tell us what is the
   name of the book
     that first features
       Marie Sharp?

a) No! I Don't Want a Glass of Sherry!
b) No! I Don't Want to Join a Bookclub!
c) No! I Don't Need an Electric Blanket!
d) No! I Don't Want a Cup of Cocoa!

 To Enter the Competition

Tell us what is the name of the book by Virginia Ironside that first features Marie Sharp? Then send in your answer, together with your full
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1.  Five winners with the correct answer will receive a signed copy of No! I Don't Need Reading Glasses. One lucky winner will also receive a £100 John Lewis gift voucher.

2. Delivery will be within 28 days of Quercus Books receiving the winners addresses.

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4. There is no cash alternative.

5. This competition is open to our UK readers only.

6. Closing date for entries is 30th April 2014.

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Win a Bottle of the Award Winning Cognac Frapin VSOP

Win a bottle of the award winning Cognac Frapin VSOP

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Win a bottle of the Award Winning Cognac Frapin VSOP

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The Frapin family has been established in SW France since 1270. Jean-Pierre Cointreau, CEO of Cognac Frapin, is great-grandson of company founder Pierre Frapin. The company prides itself on the superb quality of its cognacs, all of which are produced entirely from Premier Grand Cru du Cognac from its 315 hectare estate in the heart of the Grande Champagne region.

Chateau Fontpinot

VSOP stands for ‘very superior old pale’ and the producer has to use spirit which is at least four and a half years old. Cognac Frapin’s VSOP is in fact 10 - 12 years old.

It has a delicate amber tint, and on the nose develops a fruity grape and floral characteristic synonymous with Grande Champagne. There is a discreet hint of vanilla - from the tannin in the Limousin oak barrels in which it has been matured - along with a touch of citrus and floral notes. The cognac has a good length in the mouth.


There is a discreet hint of vanilla - from the tannin in the Limousin oak barrels in which it has been matured - along with a touch of citrus and floral notes

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Win a bottle of award winning Cognac Frapin VSOP

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Win a Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter

Win a Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter

This month we've teamed up with The Gift Oasis for our monthly Sixtyplusurfers Facebook competition.

We're offering two lucky readers the chance to win an eyecatching Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter in a choice of red or blue.

This Jay’s pit-stop pizza cutter will stop for nothing less than a deep dish pizza pie filled with rich mozzarella and your favourite topping in order to cut perfect slices through them. This Ferrari of all pizza cutters has a double blade, equivalent to the kinetic energy recuperating system, which means extra neatness while cutting the pizza.

The Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter is available in red or blue

This retro F1 model pizza cutter will intrigue everybody round the table with its sleek look and its sharp design. A throwback to the 30s and 40s, it will delight you with its speed and efficiency. Roar through the final lap to finish first at the podium for dinner!

This speedy little fella has made an impressive appearance on James Martin’s hit programme ‘Home Comforts’ on BBC2, aired on 24th February 2014. Where James goes on to praise Jay and his race car as the pizza cutter that actually works!

Gone are the days of grabbing the old blunt pizza cutter and wresting to slice your pizza. Now you can Mimic James Martin’s delicious chilli tomato pizza, racing your jay pit stop to the scene rapidly cutting your pizza to perfection.

The Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter is available from The Gift Oasis

The Gift Oasis is an online store that sells the type of fun, quirky and totally ace gifts that you won’t find in the high street. Our oasis is located in the deepest, darkest parts of Yorkshire, Huddersfield where we ship to all corners of the globe delivering goods to our gift giving customers.

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Fabulous Features of the Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter

The Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter was featured on James Martin's Home Comforts

· Featured on James Martin’s Home Comforts
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· Available in Blue and Red

For more information about the Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter click on

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 Jay Pit Stop Pizza Cutter Competition

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Win a Regency Rose Teapot, Three Tier Cake Stand and Regency Roses Tea Cup and Saucer from Dotcomgiftshop


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Win a week long holiday for two people at the Hotel Quinta da Bela Vista in Funchal on the Island of Madeira including flights with TAP from Silver Travel

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Win tickets to see Elgar on the South Bank featuring acclaimed cellist Julian Lloyd Webber at the Royal Festival Hall

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Win a La Tasca Goody Bag including a Paella Pan, some Handy Cooking Tips for making your own delicious paella, and a La Tasca loyalty card

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Win Ticket to Ride Europe, a fabulous family board game by Esdevium Games

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Win The Logo Family Game and LOGO What Am I? from Drumond Park

Win The Logo Family Game and LOGO What Am I? from Drumond Park

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Win The Professionals Mk1 on DVD


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