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Write our Star Letter

Win an Afternoon Tea in the Country Hamper of Food

Win an Afternoon Tea in the Country Hamper of Food

Could your letter be the Star Letter of the month? Come on Sixtyplusurfers we want to hear from you! Why not try and win our fabulous Afternoon Tea in the Country Hamper from worth £48.98 and enjoy a countryside teatime treat for four with friends or family, packed with the flavours of Devon.

Purely Devon Hampers “Afternoon Tea in the Country Hamper” is a selection of delicacies made from the countryside, wild berries, fruit and vegetables: Elderflower, blackberries, apples and carrots for the scrumptious Carrot Cake from Clive's Organic Bakery in Buckfastleigh. Four large handmade scones with blackberry and apple jam, lashings of the creamiest Langage Farmhouse Devonshire Clotted Cream made from herd of Jersey Cows at Langage Farm in Devon, together with a refreshing cup of the finest hand-blended proper tea from Teas’me Tea, a real afternoon teatime treat. The lucky winner will also be the proud owner of a stylish green jute bag, perfect for shopping when all the tea has been demolished.

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Take a look at some of our recent testimonials:

· “Just wanted to say a big thank you for the hamper you sent my family, they love it. I am currently in Australia and wanted to send my mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend 1 gift that they would all enjoy it’s so nice to be able to pick each item that goes into the hamper, it makes it feel more personal especially when you’re on the other side of the world! Thank you again. Have a nice Christmas, Megan”

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To find out more about Purely Devon Hampers click on or call 01626 864915.

 To Enter the Competition

Send in your letters, photographs,  recipes, amusing stories, poems,  and handy tips, for your chance to win this fantastic prize.

Or write a letter using one of the suggestions from below. The best letter will win the prize!

This month you can write in about the following subjects
or choose one of your own:
1. Tell us about yourself and where you live
2. Tell us about a recent holiday or day out
3. Tell us a funny story about your grandchildren
4.Tell us about your pets. And include a couple of photos
5. Share a favourite family recipe or a cookery idea
6. Tell us about something you have baked, cooked, sewn or made for your family or as a gift
7. Have you had a cooking disaster? Tell us about it with lots of funny pictures
8. Have you recently moved home or downsized? We'd love to hear your experiences
9. Tell us about a prize you have won from Sixtyplusurfers
10. Tell us about something amusing that has happened to you or a member of the family
11. Tell us how you spend your retirement or leisure time
12. Tell us about your favourite hobbies and pastimes
13. Share your handy tips and money saving ideas
14. Tell us about someone famous you have met
15. What makes you happy?
16. Tell  us something special that has happened to you
17. Tell us about a birthday, anniversary, wedding or family occasion you have celebrated
18. Tell us about your garden and what you have grown in it
19. Tell us about your first job or an unusual job you have had
20. Have you appeared on a quiz show, talent show, or on TV? We'd love to hear about it
21. Tell us what you like about Sixtyplusurfers!

Please send your letters, pictures, poems, recipes and funny stories to clearly marked Readers' Letters, together with your name and postal address. Any attached photographs should be sent in jpeg format and you could win this month's fabulous Star Letter Prize!

Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet!

Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet

Sixtyplusurfers is giving away these great Fridge Magnets! We are offering all runners up to the Star Letter Competition one of these fantastic Fridge Magnets.

Stick it on your fridge to keep all your messages together - and use it to remind you to look at the Sixtyplusurfers website.

So get writing. Now! Everyone who writes a letter and gets it published on this page wins a prize!

We can send magnets anywhere - within reason! So don't worry if you live overseas!

Readers' Letters
Have Your Say!

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Hi, I have found a great way to get through a cold, wet and windy January (maybe February too).

I have joined a Competition site and started entering quite a lot of Competitions online.

I try to be a little ‘choosey’ and only enter those that I would like to win or win for Family and Friends.

I started in earnest in December and entered many of the Advent Competitions that are available at that time of year, hosted by companies wanting to promote their Goods and Services'.

Success has come my way in the form of many little ‘treats’ and a few good prizes.

So  far  I  have  managed to  win  a   Hamper, T-Shirt, DVDs, Steak Stone Grill, Perfume, etc.

My best prize to date has to be a Lovely Red Duffle Coat, which will keep me warm and cosy through the Winter (see photograph).

I recommend this fun and lucrative hobby to your readers. It keeps the brain active too, as there are many questions to answer and clever slogans to make up along the way.

Happy New Year and Happy ‘Comping’ to you all

Lynne Collins

Dear Lynne

Thank you for telling us about your comping hobby. You have already won lots of fantastic prizes. I love your beautiful red coat.

We'd love to hear from any other compers who have won interesting prizes.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

This is Ronni Barker showing off some of her rosettes won during Summer 2014 at one of our local shows.

This year we're working hard on obedience, hoping to enter some obedience classes and UK Rally classes.

Hopefully the rosette collection will grow!

Deborah Gilbody

Dear Deborah
Thank you for sending in your photograph of Ronni Barker - she's a gorgeous dog.

You must be so proud of her that she has won so many rosettes.

Good luck with the obedience classes. Let us know how you get on.

Kitty Jacobs, Letters & Admin


Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

Hi there. Wishing you a very Happy 2015.

This is my cat Alfie. I got him the day I divorced 11 years ago. He's survived cancer and more recently a stroke.

My constant companion and I don't know what I would do without him!

Best wishes

Suzi Yadallee

Dear Suzi
Alfie is absolutely adorable. It's wonderful he has brought you so much happiness over the years.

We'd love to hear about other readers' pets.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Sometimes cows interrupt your picnic and steal your ball.

Emma Holness, Netherton

Dear Emma

What a funny photo. It looks like the cows are having great fun with your football.

I hope you didn't try to tackle them.

Kitty Jacobs, Letters & Admin

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Every New Years Eve my cousin hosts a family party and it's a great event. At midnight he dresses in full Scottish regalia and plays his bagpipes in the road and all the neighbours come out and sing and dance. It's a wonderful time.

Unfortunately this year my 88 year old Mum wasn't well enough to attend and so we settled in for a "quiet night in". She was getting into bed at 11pm when the door bell went and there was my cousin on the driveway all dressed up playing his bagpipes for her. He had brought the party to her!

She was so delighted and it gave her such a lift. It made me think of a famous saying that I hope to adopt for this year. "As one person I can't change the world but I can change the world for one person."

My cousin certainly changed my Mum's world that night.

Pam Ridgway, Hampshire

Dear Pam

What a lovely story, how wonderful that your cousin made New Year's Eve so special for your mother. I'm sure it gave her a real lift.

We'd love to hear from other readers about how someone has brought happiness to you with something really personal and special.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Thank You

BLAKE In Harmony

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for my BLAKE CD which I won as a prize in the December issue of Sixtyplusurfers. It arrived very quickly and is brilliant.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year.

Michelle Orchard

Dear Michelle

Thank you for letting us know that you have received the BLAKE in Harmony CD.

I am so glad you are enjoying listening to it.

I have passed on your thanks to our sponsor, Republic Media.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I have always enjoyed doing various crafts as a hobby. I have tried all sorts of crafts over the last fifty odd years. The problem I find is that my hobby always seems to invade my house.

For the last twenty years I have been into card making. I have boxes of cards stashed away, but the main problem is all the equipment needed to make them, the papers, card, ribbons, the rubber stamps, inks, powders, dies, the list is endless.

I am addicted to craft supplies and there are new "must haves" being brought out all the time. I have craft things in nearly every room of my house, as I try to find somewhere to store things out of sight. It was the same with other crafts such as candle making, sewing, patchwork, painting and soft toy making. It was fun making all these things but I never knew quite what to do with all the finished projects.

The charity shop has done quite well out of my hobbies. However I did make a patchwork quilt by hand, from all my dressmaking scraps of material and I still have it on my bed some thirty years after its completion. Each piece represents a piece of clothing that I had made and it brings back happy memories whenever I take a good look at the quilt.

I suspect other crafter's have a similar problem unless they are lucky enough to have a special room that they can craft in.

Norma Reed, Surrey

Dear Norma

It's lovely to hear about your hobby. It seems like you have tried a lot of different crafts over the years. The patchwork quilt sounds beautiful.

Crafting does take up a lot of space, but it's lucky your charity shop has benefited too!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I have a recipe idea to use up any left over Baileys from the festive season, not that there's often very much left in my house ha ha!

Baileys and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Ingredients for the Cakes

· 175g sugar
· 175g self raising flour
· 110g butter
· 60ml baileys
· 2 eggs

Ingredients for the Frosting

· 250g Icing sugar
· 250g butter
· 30ml baileys
· 30ml milk
· White chocolate to sprinkle on top

1. Whizz the cake ingredients together and spoon them into cupcake cases.

2. Bake for 15-20 minutes on 180

3. Let the cakes cool them make the frosting. Whizz the frosting ingredients together, pipe on and decorate with white chocolate.


Kate Hitchens, Essex

Dear Kate

Thank you for sending in your recipe, it sounds delicious.

We'd love to hear from other readers with easy to make recipes.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I wanted to give my mother-in-law a makeover during the Christmas period, but I don't think this was the kind she had in mind!

Emma Sterry, Aylesbury

Dear Emma

Your poor mother-in-law! Were you going for the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer look?

I hope you made it up to her with a nice Christmas present!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Competition Winners
From the January
issue of Sixtyplusurfers

The Winner of the Aurora Colour Changing Alarm Clock from Find Me a Gift is:
Robin Price, Cornwall
The answer is Delia Smith because all the other celebrities are from The Apprentice

The Winner of the Jam Classic Wireless Speaker and Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones is:
Heidi Stuart, Hove
The answer is Rod Stewart

The Winner of the Set of Bed Linen from the Secret Linen Store is:
Mary Baldwin, Worthing
he answer is Pink thread

The Two Winners of the Glamorous Blouse from Damart are:
Marilyn Webster, Sheffield and Helen Swales, Yorkshire
The answer is Paisley

The Two Winners of the Enhanced First Aid Kit from Premier Healthcare & Hygiene are:
Steve Knight, Milton Keynes and Rita King, Leeds
The answer is Saline

The Two Winners of the Borderfields Rapeseed Oil Gift Set are:
Lydia Frew, Surrey and Judith Rodgers, Loughborough
he answer is Mary Berry

The Ten Winners of a Month's Supply of Betavivo Breakfast Cereal are:
Jayne Voisey, Plymouth; Peter Sellers, Worksop; Allan Wilson, Edinburgh; Eva Appleby, High Wycombe; Helena Dale, Nottinghamshire; Stewart Fox, Bournemouth; Louise Evans, Blackpool; Micki Hobbs, Norfolk; Bill Andrew, Poole; Jonathan Bullen, Chippenham
The answer is Oat Cereal

The Winner of the Home Essence Veterinary Pet Bed from is:
David Bailey, London
The answer is Faux Suede

The Winner of the treaclemoon Honeycomb Secret Goodies from Tesco is:
Jessica McGlynn, Southport
The answer is Barbara Windsor

The Two Winners of Dixit from Esdevium Games are:
Russell Ballen, Ilford and Susie Betts, Kent
The answer is Storytelling

The Two Winners of LOGO The Best of TV & Movies and Catch Phrase are:
Helen Schofield, Lancaster and Tim Woolfenden, Redditch
The answer is Stephen Mulhern

The Three Winners of Foyle's War The Complete Series Eight on DVD are:
Maureen Moss, Dorchester; John Pepworth, Ayrshire; Patrick Aiken, Chelmsford
The answer is Michael Kitchen

The Winner of Lisa Stansfield The Collection 1989 - 2003 Boxset is:
Kathryn Beer, Chichester
The answer is Seven

The Winner of the Star letter is:

Cheryl Myers
Cheryl wins a Wicker Picnic Basket Made for Two from

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition is:
Rachael Heap, Rossendale
The prize is a Large Print Scrabble from Esdevium Games

The  Winner of the Karcher Window Vac WV2 for the Best Handy Tip of the Month on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page is:
To be announced

The Winner of the Balvi Ceramic Flower Pot from The Gift Oasis in the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition is
To be announced

Now enter our brand new February competitions!

If you would like to write a Star Letter for Sixtyplusurfers or enter one of our competitions please use our NEW email address to enter:

If you have problems or questions about entering any Sixtyplusurfers Competitions just contact us at:

We'd also love to hear from you if you have any article ideas, pictures, funny stories, poems, or handy tips.

Contact Sixtyplusurfers

Contact Sixtyplusurfers

We really enjoy reading your letters, poems, recipes and stories. It's great to hear from you with all of your news and photographs.

We want to keep this page buzzing with letters. So keep writing in with your news! Just take a few minutes to tell us about yourselves, where you come from or where you live.

You can send in a funny story, a recipe, poem, handy tip, or photographs.

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

Contact us by email:

Murray Jacobs

Jenny Itzcovitz
Deputy Editor

Kitty Jacobs
Letters and Admin

Melissa Braiden
Newsletter, Competitions & Admin


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 and Socialise Page

Visit the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page

We are delighted to announce that we have a brand new Chat & Socialise page for Sixtyplusurfers. Bright, fresh, modern and easy to use, why not take a look and join in the fun.

The Chat & Socialise page offers you the chance to meet other readers, take part in live conversations, put up a blogs, send in your photographs, add a thought to our message board, or join a group of like-minded readers.

FREE of Charge to Join

It's easy to join in, and FREE of charge too! Just click on Chat & Socialise and this will take you straight to the log in page. Then fill in your profile and you're ready to get started.

To fill in your profile just enter a 'chat name' then tell us a little bit about yourself. For example your hobbies, interests, favourite music and pastimes. You can also include a recent photograph of yourself.

If you don't have a camera you can use a picture from Google images. These can be found at

Once you have filled in your profile then you can take part in some of the conversations on our Message Board. We've already started some threads. But if there's a topic you want to talk about why not start your own conversation!

Chat & Socialise page also allows you to share your favourite photographs with other readers. So if you have been on an interesting day out, have some holiday photographs, pictures of your grandchildren, pets or garden, then send them along to the chat page.

Why not send us a Blog and tell us about something interesting that has happened to you. Or share your views and thoughts with other readers.

We have an Events page where you can tell us about your local events, social gatherings and meetings. You can also join one of our Groups and take part in one of the conversations about your hobbies and interests.

We also have a Live Chat Room where you can chat to other readers and tell them about your news - Live! It's great fun.

 Win a Stellar Premium
    Three Tier Steamer

Win a Stellar Premium Three Tier Steamer

This month we've got a brand new competition on the Sixtyplusurfers
Chat & Socialise page. We're giving away a Stellar Premium Three Tier Steamer.

How to Enter the Competition

For your chance to win this fantastic prize we want you to tell us why you would like to win the Steamer and post your answer in the new 'Love to Cook' Group on Sixtyplusurfers
Chat & Socialise page.

For example you might like to win the Steamer because you enjoy making dinner parties and this would help you cook a delicious meal for your friends.

It might be because you are looking to prepare healthier food due to a change in your lifestyle. Perhaps you have a large family with grandchildren and this would help you cook a delicious meal for them.

Maybe you are celebrating a special birthday or a wedding anniversary. And you are planning a meal with family and friends.

Perhaps you have moved into a new home and want to have a housewarming party.You might want to surprise a friend or partner with a romantic meal for Valentine's Day.

Or perhaps you have had a hard Winter and are looking for a fabulous prize to cheer yourself up.

For full details about how to enter the competition click on the Our Friends page.

Join the
Chat & Socialise page

To enter the competition you must be a member of the Chat & Socialise page, so if you haven't already done so, don't forget to sign up and join in. It's FREE OF CHARGE!

click on Chat & Socialise and follow the prompts.

Thank You for Your Wonderful Letters!

Thank you for your wonderful letters!

Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in a letter to Sixtyplusurfers this month. We really appreciate your letters, poems, photographs, recipes, handy tips and stories.

We always try and include as many letters and pictures as we can so if you don't see your letter this month, look out for it next month!

Please keep your letters coming in to email:

All letters should clearly be marked 'Readers Letters' and pictures should be sent as jpegs.

Don't forget to include your photos

And don't forget to include some of your photographs too! We love to see your pictures. These should be sent as jpeg attachments, rather than embedded in your email.

But if you have any questions please email Jenny Itzcovitz at: 

And this month, we're giving away an Afternoon Tea in the Country Hamper for the winner of our Star Letter Competition - so don't forget to enter.

Check to See if You Have Won a Prize!

Check to see if you have won a prize!

Don't forget to check our Winner's List at the beginning of every month to see if you have won a prize!

Please allow at least four to five weeks to receive your prize. 

If you have any questions about Sixtyplusurfers Competitions email:

The closing date for this month's competitions is 28th February.

                Competitions & Letters

Win a Sony Xperia
M2 Mobile Phone

Win a Sony Xperia M2 Mobile Phone

This month, Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Sony Xperia M2 Mobile Phone. In addition, all readers can save money on their mobile phone bill using the new service 84800.

The Sony Xperia M2 Mobile Phone includes an 8 megapixel camera with great low light pics, camera effects to make your pictures even better, 50GB Box cloud storage and a 4.8 inch display.

Expensive mobile phone bills?

Many banks, energy providers, insurance companies and other service providers still use non-geographic business numbers such as 0800, 0808, 0870, 0845 and 03 for their customer services. Research from Makemobilecalls4less.comhowever shows that when phoning these companies from their mobile, 66% of consumers have admitted to ending the call after hearing a message stating that the call would cost ‘considerably more’; showing that many are frustrated at the costs they are being charged when phoning these companies.

Almost half of mobile phone users (48%) have also been shocked when they saw their mobile phone bill and how much a call had cost them.

Although consumers on pay monthly phone contracts may find that some of these business numbers, for example those starting 03, are included within their allowance, those on Pay As You Go (PAYG) will be paying quite a lot.

Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries Ofcom, is looking to improve the transparency of call charging to the consumer this year. So in theory, calls to 0800 numbers should become free from mobiles. However, the date for this change remains uncertain.

Saving money in 2015

Until now, consumers have been paying up to 35p per minute to call some of the business numbers used by UK companies, however has launched a new mobile phone service 84800 and ensures calls will cost consumers no more than 10p per minute.

84800 is a new way for consumers to know exactly what they are paying and helps them to make significant savings – up to 70%!

With many of us trying to spend less, you may decide this year will be the year you shop around for a new deal on your car or home insurance, save money on your gas or electricity bill by switching providers, or change your bank. If you do, savings cannot only be made on these but with your monthly mobile phone bill too.

Importantly, consumers also no longer need to know the difference between *all the business numbers and best of all, they will have the reassurance of knowing exactly how much each call will cost them. This means not having to worry about being charged ‘considerably more’ or being shocked when they their mobile phone bill arrives.

Unfortunately we can’t connect to premium rate numbers. These start * 09, 0871, 0844 or 0843 that some companies use to generate a rebate and you should always try to avoid these when using your mobile phone.

Using 84800

It’s simple to start making savings today. If you already have the business number for the company you want to call (for example from a bill or statement, all you have to do is:

1. Dial 84800 from your mobile
2. When prompted enter the number you wish to dial
3. Your call will automatically be connected

If you do not have a number for a company, simply search the business directory on the website.

For further information about using the 84800 service click on

   For Your Chance to Win

Tell us what is the maximum charge for making calls on the new 84800 mobile phone service?

  a) 25p per minute
  b) 20 per minute
  c) 15p per minute
10p per minute

 To Enter the Competition

Win a Sony Xperia M2 Mobile Phone

Tell us what is the maximum charge for making calls on the new 84800 mobile phone service? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers address below:

* Please label your entry Sony Xperia Mobile Phone Competition 


Note: You do not have to be aged over 60 to enter our competitions!


You can also go in for more than one competition on this page (but do make sure each one is clearly labelled).


We do not accept automated entries to Sixtyplusurfers Competitions

* This competition is open to our
UK readers only


Readers' Letters

Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter 

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



I would love to enter your competition to win a picnic basket.

For the first time in over 20 years I was able to go out on Christmas Eve thanks to having a double lung transplant due to having Cystic Fibrosis. I normally avoid going to crowded places at Christmas and New Years Eve as the cold and flu is all around and can be fatal when you have very damaged lungs.

This year I was well enough to go to my sister's local pub and stayed till 11pm. It was great to be in and amongst other people celebrating Christmas and joining in the festive spirit. Not only did I go to the pub, but we had a 20 minute walk to the other side of the village.

On Christmas day I was able to join in with the preparations for Christmas dinner, instead of just sitting attached to my oxygen concentrator whilst everyone else was running round. It was a joy to be involved with the mass washing up session after lunch. Simple things that most people take for granted meant so much this Christmas.

I can’t wait for the summer and nice warm days when we can get out and go for long walks in the countryside, impossible before as was on 24 hour oxygen and in a wheel chair. This picnic basket would just add to the experience of being able to walk for miles.

I’m sorry I don’t have any photos of me doing the above things, however I do have a photo of me 3 days after my transplant, please excuse the state of my hair and no makeup lol.

I have included a happier one of me completing the donor 3km walk on behalf of my donor Marylin in 44 minutes at the transplant games in Bolton in 2014.

Happy New year to you all and have a wonderful new year.

Cheryl Myers

Dear Cheryl

Thank you for writing in to Sixtyplusurfers. I am so glad you were able to have a happy Christmas and go to the pub with your sister and join in the festivities.

We hope you enjoy the Spring and warmer weather which is not too far ahead, and can take some nice walks in the countryside.

We are delighted to let you know that you are the winner of our Star Letter Competition. The prize is a Wicker Picnic Basket of Food for two from

Murray Jacobs, Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



This delicious Christmas Cake was baked and decorated by my granddaughter.

She has been offered a place at Oxford Brooke's to study nursing and becoming a Paediatrician.

Susie Groom

Dear Susie

Thank you for sharing your lovely picture of your granddaughter. You must be so proud.

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and we wish her all the very best for her nursing and paediatrician course at Oxford Brooke's.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers

This month I have spent quite a few hours writing a story and I would like to share it with you.

On a Friday morning Annie looked out of her window and saw the sunrise. The sky was all different colour. And it was a lovely view for her to look at out of the bedroom window.

Annie decided to get up early and get ready. Annie was not working that day because it was the first day of the Easter holidays. She woke up her husband early and demanding that he was to get out of bed and spend time with her. Eventually he got out of bed yawning and sighing and was really unhappy.

She had already planned the rest of the day and decided to take her husband to a local bird watch place where it looks on to a lake. Annie loves the view from this place and really wanted to spend a good few hours in this bird watch house. Annie was the boss for the day and made sure her husband did exactly what she says.

The husband was grumpy because he isn't in to wild life and bird watching. He hates birds and finds the bird watching hobby that Annie has to be really boring. The only thing that the husband does like however is hunting.

The husband will hunt for everything for food. He doesn't like any bird or animal therefore he would kill anything and in anyway. This husband loves hunting and the only thing that would make him smile is when he actually has food as a result of hunting. He will hunt anything from rabbit, deer and birds.

Annie finally gets him to give in and come with her to bird watch and enjoy the spectacular views. The lake that Annie can see from the bird watch house is only a 10 minute walk from her home and on a nice sunny day she will always go to this place. Every Wednesday she will have a day off work, she will always get up early and will look out of her bedroom window to see how the weather is.

If it is sunny she will always go out to watch the birds and the nature in this place.

On the Friday morning when she went with her husband to bird watch there was a lot of life. This day she made pack lunch to spend a lot of time in the bird watch house and walking around the lake. In this place there is a lot of walks which Annie likes doing because she also loves to walk miles.

She wants to do a walk in the Friday afternoon after she had spent at least three hours enjoying the sound of the singing birds. Once again walking is something that the husband is not looking forward to. He believes that he isn't fit enough to do the walk and he doesn't really enjoy any form of exercise either.
He feels there is no point of walking miles because his wife won't allow him to hunt. Therefore, he believes that he will get nothing out of the walk other than being achy and bored because it feels like the walk wouldn't end.

Annie sees a lot of life during the morning and it was the most wildlife she had ever seen at this lake. She got to see birds that she hadn't seen before and didn't know what they were. Luckily Annie had remembered to take her bird book so she was able to find out what new birds she had discovered.

The three hours that she was in the bird watch house for bird watching she was able to see birds such as wrens, nuthatches, goldfinches, weed buntings and sparrows. Annie was able to also see ducks in the distance but they were too far for her to be able to tell what they were. She however had her binoculars therefore she was able to find out that the ducks she was seeing in the distance were coots and mallards. She was also able to see another duck which she wasn't sure what it was.

She was noticing this duck was going under water a lot and there was occasions where this particular duck was going under water for a long period of time. With the help from the bird book that she had in her bag she was able to find out that this duck was called the great crested grebe.

She happened to later on see this duck again and this time it appeared to be with a smaller duck which happened to be the baby.

After Annie had spent three hours bird watching she was getting a bit hungry so it was time for her to have the pack lunch that she had made on the morning. She decides to have her pack lunch with her husband in the bird watch house where she could look at the life outside over by the lake for a little longer.

After she had her food she decides to go for a walk around the lake. The husband now is praying for the day to be over pretty soon because this is another hobby that he doesn't like. But when he thought it couldn't get any worse she decided to go on the green lane river walk which takes 4 hours to complete. This walk takes you by a river and you can keep going until you get to the woodland.

It then joins on to a country walk so far before taking Annie and her husband back to the river. This is one of Annie's favourite walks because there is a lot of wildlife by the river the woodland place and in the countryside but this walk is too far for her husband.

When Annie and her husband complete the walk Annie is ready to go home to have her evening meal because she was getting a bit hungry.

This was the best part of the day for the husband.

Finally Annie and the husband gets home. The husband is really tired so he goes to bed after a really long day.

Annie is feeling generous and decides to make food and allow him to have it in bed. This was one of the husband's worse day ever but Annie has now been forgiven by him after making food for him and bringing it to him.

Kiran Parry, Aberdare

Dear Kiran
Thank you for sending in your lovely story. I'm so glad that Annie and her husband managed to sort out their differences. Good food always seems to make things better. Especially after a day of bird watching!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor


  Dear Sixtyplusurfers


We overheard our seven year old granddaughter explaining to her friend why we don't pay on our local buses anymore, "because they're senile citizens now."

Anita and Mervyn Saunders, Mid Glamorgan

Dear Anita and Mervyn

Children say the funniest things. I hope you put her right ....

Murray Jacobs, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Pet Hates – we all have them, but my current ones are:

1. The Medical Profession referring to Blood as Bloods – would Farmers refer to Sheep as Sheeps?!

2. UK based websites with form-filling drop boxes that, in the country name section, list the United States before the United Kingdom – it’s not even alphabetically correct.


Yours faithfully

Ed Wright, Fleetwood

Dear Ed

Thank you for sending in your pet hates. I can see why you find those things so annoying.

We'd love to hear from other readers who have pet hates or particular things that annoy them.

Melissa Braiden, Competitions & Admin

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

My three year old granddaughter's cat died recently and her mother told her that he had gone up to heaven.

A few days later she said to me, "Granny, I want Hugo to come down from heaven now!"
Susie Groom, Tavistock

Dear Susie
Awww, your poor granddaughter. She must have been very upset.

I hope you were able to give her a big hug and make her feel better.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

My friend never having meet my 11 year old grandson invited us to lunch as she had heard how lovely and polite and well mannered he was.

My grandson insisted we took my friend some flowers as a thank you so we turned up for lunch.

I introduced them to each other he handed over the flowers looked round her lounge and said, "What a fine Establishment you have."

We did chuckle.
Christine Hall, Sussex

Dear Christine
What a funny story. It's lovely to hear your grandson has such good manners.

But it sounds like he was really practising for a visit to Buckingham Palace!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Deputy Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I am writing to let you that I received the Rukka Raincoat as featured in the Sixtyplusurfers December competition.

Many thanks for the excellent prize.

David Warner
Dear David
Thank you for letting us know you received your Rukka Raincoat. We hope you enjoy wearing it.

We have passed on your thanks to our sponsor, Sunproof Ltd. (Photo posed by a model).

Melissa Braiden, Letters & Admin


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Win a pack of Radflek
  Radiator Reflectors

  and a Kindle Touch

Win a pack of Radflek Radiator Reflectors and a Kindle Touch

   Worth more than £100!

Is your idea of heaven staying toasty and curling up with a book at home during the cold, dark winter months? If so, we have the perfect prize to help you beat the chill and get lost in a good read…

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with
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Win a Pack of Radflek Radiator Reflectors

The most efficient radiator reflector on the market, Radflek hangs discreetly behind your radiator and is a quick, easy and low-cost way keep your home cosy and save on heating bills. Made from a highly efficient aluminium material, Radflek sheets take just minutes to fit and work by reflecting an impressive 95%
¹ of the wasted heat from behind your radiator back into the room.

This means rooms heat up quicker and your heating system doesn’t need to kick in for as long. Unlike ordinary silver foil – which oxidises and loses reflectivity and effectiveness quickly – Radflek has a special, long-lasting laminate coating to protect the foil. As a result, it maintains its reflectivity and continues to reduce wasted heat year after year.

Radflek hangs discreetly behind your radiator and is a quick, easy and low-cost way keep your home cosy and save on heating bills

Our exclusive prize bundle includes a five-sheet pack of Radflek – enough for 5-10 standard radiators – but that’s not all! As an extra treat, the generous chaps at Radflek have also thrown in a brand new Kindle Touch e-reader to encourage you to stay at home and enjoy your newfound warmth.

Lighter than your average paperback, this sleek and slimline gadget has enough storage for thousands of books, as well as a battery life of several weeks. Its user-friendly touchscreen display allows for quick and easy page turning and reads like real paper, with no distracting screen glare – even in bright light.

With Radflek, it’s easy to keep the heat in and save. You don’t need a handyman or to be a DIY expert yourself to install it: regardless of your radiator’s size or style, it’s simply a case of cutting the sheets down to size with a normal pair of kitchen scissors, following the printed guidelines on the back.

Radflek hangs discreetly behind your radiator and is a quick, easy and low-cost way keep your home cosy and save on heating bills

Because Radflek hangs discreetly on the wall brackets behind the radiator, it means no radiator removal or fiddly sticking is required. The sheets are held in place with special heat-proof clips, where they are hidden from view, with no impact on the décor of your room. In fact, apart from giving it the occasional dust, you can forget Radflek is there and just enjoy your warm home and the continued savings.

Radflek is available to buy from  and selected Robert Dyas stores. It comes in three-, five-, and eight-sheet packs (RRP: £21.99, £33.99 and £49.99), which contain everything required for quick and easy fitting with standard wall-mounted radiators: Radflek sheets, Radklips, Radstik tape and instructions. For floor-standing models, additional sticky-back hooks are required (available from and all good DIY stores).

Each Radflek sheet measures 120cm x 60cm. Radflek is also an Energy Saving Trust Listed Product
², and is proven to be at least 23% more efficient than saw-toothed competitors¹.

To find out more, please visit, call 0207 828 8085

Or join the conversation on
Twitter  and Facebook


1. British Board of Agrément testing, 2010
2. Formerly known as the Energy Saving Trust Recommended Product scheme

  For Your Chance to Win

Tell us how much wasted heat does Radflek reflect back from behind radiators into your room?

     a) 80%
     b) 85%
     c) 90%
     d) 95%

 To Enter the Competition

Tell us how much wasted heat does Radflek reflect back from behind the radiators into your room? Then send in your answer, together with your name, address and telephone
number to the Sixtyplusurfers
email address as shown below:

* Please label your entry
Radflek and Kindle Competition


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of ZING Red
Velvet Vodka

Win a Bottle of ZING Red Velvet Vodka

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Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter.


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Sixtyplusurfers is offering two lucky readers who join the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter mailing list or recommend a friend, the chance to win a bottle of ZING Red Velvet Vodka.

Even if you don’t win, EVERY Sixtyplusurfers reader gets 15% off when they order online – see promo code below!

Exclusive vodka straight from the star-studded Beverly Hills nightlife has hit the UK shores. ZING vodka has already become a favourite of double-platinum singer Chris Brown, BBC Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star Louise Zissman and UK rapper and Celebrity Big Brother star Harvey.

Adrienne Maloof – star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - has launched the super-premium vodka brand ZING, which is four times distilled and ultra-smooth. Adrienne has a family history in the spirits industry and is also a Dreamworks movie producer and the lady who brought Palms Casino Resort to Las Vegas!

Adrienne’s ZING bottles illuminate using LED technology, which captures attention at restaurants and bars, and adds a ‘wow factor’ to private events and celebrations. The Premium Vodka illuminates blue and the Red Velvet illuminates red.

Why Red Velvet? Adrienne’s mom’s specialty was red velvet cake! Growing up, the family’s kitchen was a very special place where Adrienne and her family watched their mother bake red velvet cake, which was often served on the children’s birthdays. With these happy, nostalgic occasions in mind, the Maloofs decided upon a red velvet flavoured vodka to launch ZING and carry forward this special tradition in a new way.

ZING Red Velvet is exactly what it sounds like - a delicious liquid version of this classic cake. The crystal clear vodka has a lightweight body and a cherry and vanilla nose with light cocoa notes. It immediately bathes the palate with the flavour of red velvet cake plus a welcome 70-proof ZING on the finish - turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

ZING tastes great on its own

Here are a few cocktails created by ZING’s own mixologist for you to try.

Red Velvet Coffee

Red Velvet Coffee


· 50ml Zing Red Velvet
· 50ml Iced Coffee
· 15ml Simple Syrup


Method: Shake and strain over fresh ice
Garnish: Orange slice
Glass: Rocks

Red Velvet Icing

Red Velvet Icing


· 50ml Zing Red Velvet
· 20ml White Crème de Cacao
· 20ml Chocolate Syrup


Method: Shake and strain. Served up
Garnish: Brandied Cherry
Glass: Martini or Coupe

Red Velvet ZINGtini (Birthday Cake Martini)

Red Velvet ZINGtini (Birthday Cake Martini)



· 50ml Zing Red Velvet
· 25ml White Crème de Cacao
· 25ml Heavy Cream (or Half & Half)
· 15ml White Chocolate Liqueur
· 10ml Amaretto


Method: Shake all ingredients together and pour into a sprinkle rimmed martini glass.
Garnish: Sprinkles directly on top, near the edges.
Glass: Martini

Sixtyplusurfers Reader Offer

To redeem your 15% off
ZING Red Velvet Vodka visit and use promo code ZING15 at checkout.

For Your Chance to Win
a Bottle of ZING Red
Velvet Vodka

Win a Bottle of ZING Red Velvet Vodka

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Win a Stylophone

Win a Stylophone

We've teamed up with
 for our Sixtyplusurfers Facebook competition.

We're offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Stylophone - a blast from the past but with extra cool new features.

Introducing the ideal instrument for a retro vibe! The Stylophone has been redesigned to keep all classic features but includes up-to-date technology of the MP3!

Jive and Jam along to your favourite tunes, a new volume control has been added to this quirky device to pump up that Jam! Integrated is a headphone jack so you can travel with your tech and listen to your music on the go!

Win a Stylophone

This amazing piece of kit sold over 3 million from 1969 to 1975 and this was without our new features. When it came onto the scene it immediately became a must have and was even featured in David Bowie's hit track "Space Oddity." This is an instrument that anyone can play and everyone will love!

Stylophone Features:

· MP3 feature
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For more information about the Stylophone and other fabulous gifts from Prezzybox visit the website at

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The best entry will win
a Stylophone from

Once you have entered the Facebook competition just let us know your full name and address to send the prize by emailing:

             * Please label your entry
              Stylophone Competition


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Win a Stellar Premium Three Tier Steamer


Click on the Our Friends page for full details about how to enter the competition.

Win a Fabulous Holiday to Corsica

Win a week's holiday for two to Casa Theodora in Corsica, including flights from Silver Travel.

Win a week's holiday for two to Casa Theodora in Corsica, including flights from Silver Travel

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A Beautiful Cushion for your Home

Win a Vintage Inspired Cushion from Rooi. We've got two to give away!

Win a Vintage Inspired Cushion from Rooi


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Cleaning Bundle worth over £100

Win a Rug Doctor Cleaning Bundle worth over £100 to help you Spring Clean your home and get rid of pet hair and odours.

Win a Rug Doctor Cleaning Bundle worth over £100 to help you Spring Clean your home and get rid of pet hair and odours

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Win a DermaTherapy Pillow Case to help you sleep soundly at night


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Win a Reversible Jacket from Damart.

Win a Reversible Jacket from Damart

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A Great Gift for Gardeners

Win a Gardener's Trug Gift Set from Dobies of Devon.

Win a Gardener's Trug Gift Set from Dobies of Devon


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Transform Your Home with our Kit

Win a Rust-Oleum Craft Kit to help you Transform your home.

Win a Rust-Oleum Craft Kit to help you Transform your home

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Crafts & Hobbies page to enter the competition

Win Calcot Manor Bathtime Goodies

Win Bathtime Goodies from Beauty at Tesco including Calcot Manor Bath Soak and Calcot Manor Bath Gel. We've got two sets to give away!

Win Bathtime Goodies from Beauty at Tesco including Calcot Manor Bath Soak and Calcot Manor Bath Gel

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A Fabulous Game for Valentine's Day

Win Mr & Mrs Family Edition from Rascal Games. We've got two to give away!

Win Mr & Mrs Family Edition from Rascal Games


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Enjoy Night Train to Lisbon on DVD

Win Night Train to Lisbon on DVD. We've got three to give away!

Win Night Train to Lisbon on DVD

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Reader Offer

Oceanwide Properties offers a beautiful selection of fully furnished luxury apartments in Turkey

Has your pension windfall just arrived? Are you looking for a sunny holiday retreat with holiday let income?

Whatever you are looking for, Turkey is your answer. This amazing country has miles of staggeringly, unspoilt, beautiful coastlines and the cost of living is far cheaper than neighbouring countries.

Oceanwide Properties offers a beautiful selection of fully furnished luxury apartments in Turkey.

Go to the Homes & Gardens page for full details.


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blank it may end up in the Junk Box!

The title of your competition entry for example might be
Damart Jacket Competition.

correct title should always be included as the subject heading of your email to avoid it getting lost and help us enter you for the competition.

And be careful to
spell the title correctly too as this will ensure that it is correctly sorted. And this will give you more chance of winning!

And please enter each competition separately, including your full name, address and telephone number.

The closing date for this months competitions is 28th February.

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