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Win a Cheese and Wine Hamper

Win a Cheese and Wine Hamper

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5. Share a favourite family recipe or a cookery idea
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9. Tell us about a prize you have won from Sixtyplusurfers
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15. What makes you happy?
16. Tell  us something special that has happened to you
17. Tell us about a birthday, anniversary, wedding or family occasion you have celebrated
18. Tell us about your garden and what you have grown in it
19. Tell us about your first job or an unusual job you have had
20. Have you appeared on a quiz show, talent show, or on TV? We'd love to hear about it
21. Send in a photo of the wildlife in your garden
22. Tell us what you like about Sixtyplusurfers!

Please send your letters, pictures, poems, recipes and funny stories to clearly marked Readers' Letters, together with your full name
and postal address.

Any attached photographs should be sent in jpeg format and you could win this month's fabulous Star Letter Prize!


Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet!

Win a Sixtyplusurfers Fridge Magnet

Sixtyplusurfers is giving away these great Fridge Magnets! We are offering all runners up to the Star Letter Competition one of these fantastic Fridge Magnets.

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So don't worry if you live overseas!

Readers' Letters
Have Your Say!

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

I wanted to give my dad Francis a big shout out for being so fabulous. It was his birthday last week and he let the grandchildren decide the theme.. they went with Pirates!!!

He didn't disappoint in his efforts, here he is as mad Frankie the Pirate, with Maddie the pirate princess. Also my partner Dan and daughter Mabel :)

Eva Trelfa, Derby

Dear Eva

Thank you for sharing your photos. Maddie and Mabel are adorable. It looks like you had so much fun.

We wish your dad a very Happy Birthday.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

When my cat Sparky died I was devastated. I had tamed him from a stray in the garden and it took 9 months before I could touch him and a year before he moved in but he turned into the most amazing, much loved pet and family member.

In his memory I wanted to give a home to another unfortunate cat and chose the most terrified, depressed cat in the rescue centre. He was only 19 months but had spent most his life as a stray.

Those who had tried to help had found him impossible as he hid all the time. I have had Teddy for 7 weeks now. For days he hid under blankets in his igloo, only coming out to eat and use the litter tray when we were in bed. I discovered an amazing secret though - during the night he was happy and played madly with all his toys.

Seven weeks later and Teddy is much improved. He will come when called, eat from my hand, and absolutely loves to play and search for treats which I hide around his safe room. I still can't touch him and he is very jumpy and nervous but every day he improves.

I was so daunted after bringing him home and worried I had taken on a challenge too far but whereas with Sparky I acted on instinct, this time I scoured the Internet for help and it has been invaluable. I am now working on being able to touch him and pick him up.

Probably the most difficult challenge as he has no concept of the pleasure of being stroked. He does not meow or purr but does now talk in tiny little beeps. I look forward to the day he can go out and enjoy the garden but for now it is lovely to see him basking in the sun streaming through the window, something I think he has seen little of in his life of hiding away.

Julie Smith, Harpenden

Dear Julie
Teddy is a beautiful cat. I'm so pleased he has brought you so much happiness after Sparky died. I am sure after time and your love and care, he will become more confident and affectionate.

I have a similar story, our beloved Putchkin passed away in November. I was distraught just like you and thought I would never get over it or have another cat. And then a stray cat, who we named Timmy kept visiting our garden and 'adopted' us.

He was also very scared and frightened, but with a lot of encouragement he lives happily in our home, we have just had him chipped and he has become our new cat. He loves to be stroked but doesn't like to be lifted or sit on our laps yet. He meows back 'hello' when we call him, and we have taught him to give us his paw when he wants a cat treat.

He has brought us so much happiness. Although we will never forget Putchkin.

I hope your story helps other readers get over the loss of a beloved pet.

Do let us know how Teddy gets on. We'd love to see more pictures and news about how he is settling in.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers 

Do you ever grow tired of the British safety rules? The Canadians seem to have a more direct, approach to safety than we do. Very refreshing!

Whilst on a ferry between Vancouver and Vancouver Island there was an announcement which, in the UK, would have been something along the lines of "Would passengers travelling on deck please be aware that the ship’s whistle will be sounded as we are leaving port, in approximately 3 minutes. Please take young children inside as the whistle is rather loud and may damage their hearing if they are too close to the source of the noise."

The Canadians simply say: "OUTSIDE PASSENGERS – SHIP’S WHISTLE – LOUD!"

Three seconds later they sound the whistle, and yes, it was LOUD.

We also saw this sign at a lake on Vancouver Island which gets the point across with minimal fuss.

Deborah Gilbody, Northamptonshire

Dear Deborah
It does sound like the Canadians are more 'direct' than the British. And the Canadian instructions are easy to follow and clear.

I'm not sure which I prefer? What do other readers think?

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Thank You

Scruffs Cooling Mat

I just wanted to let you know I received the Scruffs Cooling Mat yesterday!

Thank you for running the competition!

Winie Yick

Dear Winnie

Thank you for letting us know you received the Scruffs Cooling Mat safely. We hope it helps your dog keep cool in the hot weather.

have passed on your thanks to Scruffs, the sponsor of the competition.

Melissa Braiden, Competitions & Admin

* Picture posed by
Scruffs dog

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Thank You


Many thanks for the Articulate! Board game which was waiting for me when I returned from holiday.

We are looking forward to playing the game together on Sunday afternoons.

Linda Macdonald

Dear Linda

Thank you for letting us know you received Articulate! safely. We hope you enjoy playing it with your family and had a lovely holiday.

have passed on your thanks to Drumond Park, the sponsor of the competition.

Melissa Braiden, Competitions & Admin

Competition Winners From the July
issue of Sixtyplusurfers

The Three Winners of the iBeani iPad and Tablet Holder are:
Patricia Edwards, St Austell; John Atherton, Preston; and Judith Rodgers, Loughborough
The answer is Britain

The Five Winners of the GreenVale Potato Pals Goody Bag are:
Rebecca Shelton, Shropshire; Sarah Mcknight, Darlington; Sylvia Burrows, Malvern; Mark Barber, Cheshire; and John Dean, Bournemouth
The answer is Jelly

The Winner of Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition  from  Esdevium Games is:
Ingrid Warren, Oxford
he answer is Circus Railway

The Winner of the Intense Overnight Renewal Cream and Hydrating Day Cream from The Jojoba Company is:
Catherine Owen, Saltash
he answer is Argan Oil

The Three Winners of the Linda Barker Limited Edition Scarf are:
Jane Roberts, Doncaster; Carole Currie, Cheshire; and Katherine Audus, Norfolk
The answer is 10th July

The Winner of the Button Through Skirt from Damart is:
Pat Stubbs, Surrey
answer is Silver

The Three Winners of LOGO Best of TV and Movies are:
Josie Williams, Nottingham; Simon Maisey; Swindon; and Alan Webber, Cardiff
The answer is Phillip Schofield

The Three Winners of 'Here's to Change' by Josh Taerk are:
Angela Thompson, Newcastle Upon Tyne; Gillian Hitchen, Manchester; and Barry Page, Horsham
The answer is Canada

The Winner of the Star letter is:

Rose Janes, Monmouth
Rose wins a St Kew Teacup Hamper from Rainbow Flowers & Gifts

The Winner of the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition is:
Bob Clark, Suffolk
The prize is a Traditional Case of Bitter from Best of British Beer

The  Winner of the Summer Goody Bag from OXO Good Grips for the Best Photograph of the Month on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page is:
'Stillahippie' for Sunlight Shining Through Cow Parsley

The Winner of the Dessert Bullet from Tesco in the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition is:
Suzanna Gentle, Plymouth

The Winner of the Scrabble Prestige Edition from Esdevium Games from the Sixtyplusurfers Reader Survey is:
Geoff Green, West Midlands

The Winner of the Primary Science Outdoor Discovery Bundle from Learning Resources
® is:
Helen Battle, Lincolnshire

The Winner of a Pair of Tickets to an Elvis Tribute Cruise from City Cruises
Michelle Banks, Amersham

Now enter our brand new August competitions!

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Contact Sixtyplusurfers

Contact Sixtyplusurfers

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We want to keep this page buzzing with letters. So keep writing in with your news! Just take a few minutes to tell us about yourselves, where you come from or where you live.

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The Sixtyplusurfers Team

The Sixtyplusurfers Team

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FREE of Charge to Join

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To fill in your profile just enter a 'chat name' then tell us a little bit about yourself. For example your hobbies, interests, favourite music and pastimes. You can also include a recent photograph of yourself.

If you don't have a camera you can use a picture from Google images. These can be found at

Message Board

Once you have filled in your profile then you can take part in some of the conversations on our Message Board. We've already started some threads. But if there's a topic you want to talk about why not start your own conversation!

Chat & Socialise page also allows you to share your favourite photographs with other readers. So if you have been on an interesting day out, have some holiday photographs, pictures of your grandchildren, pets or garden, then send them along to the chat page.

Put up a Blog

Why not send us a Blog and tell us about something interesting that has happened to you. Or share your views and thoughts with other readers.

We have an Events page where you can tell us about your local events, social gatherings and meetings. You can also join one of our Groups and take part in one of the conversations about your hobbies and interests.

We also have a Live Chat Room where you can chat to other readers and tell them about your news - Live! It's great fun.

     Win a Set of Six
  Cascade Mugs from
       Denby Pottery

Win a Set of Six Cascade Mugs from Denby

This month we've got a brand new competition on the Sixtyplusurfers
Chat & Socialise page. We're giving away a Set of Six Cascade Mugs from Denby Pottery.

How to Enter the Competition

For your chance to win a Set of Six Cascade Mugs from Denby Pottery, we're looking for the Best Poem of the Month in the Poet's Corner Group on the Sixtyplusurfers
Chat & Socialise page. The best entry will win the prize!

Your poem might be about your garden, a local park or the beauty of nature.

You could write about a recent holiday and describe the beautiful things you saw.

You could write a poem about a close relative or friend that you have special memories about.

Perhaps you could write about your childhood, schooldays or your wartime experience.

You might like to write a poem about your pets, wildlife, the sea or nature.

You could write a poem about society, technology or the environment and how you feel about the world around you.

Or how about friendship, love, romance, loyalty, or betrayal.

Maybe something witty to make us all laugh.

* Please note - all poems must be your own work and not published elsewhere!

For full details about how to enter the competition click on the Our Friends page.

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To enter the competition you must be a member of the Chat & Socialise page, so if you haven't already done so, don't forget to sign up and join in. It's FREE OF CHARGE!

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Check to see if you have won a prize

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Thank you for your wonderful letters

Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in a letter to Sixtyplusurfers this month.

We really appreciate your letters, poems, funny stories, photographs, recipes, thoughts and handy tips.

We always try and include as many letters and pictures as we can so if you don't see your letter this month, look out for it next month!

It's always great to hear from you, and do include photographs with your letters if you can.

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Questions & Enquiries

Questions & Enquiries

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Jenny Itzcovitz
Tel: 0208 357 2540

Murray Jacobs
Tel: 0208 440 3340


                Competitions & Letters

Win Lucille Gold Dinnerware from the Monsoon Home Collection by Denby

Win a beautiful Lucille Gold Dinnerware Set from the Monsoon Home Collection by Denby

Sixtyplusurfers has  teamed up  with Denby to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a beautiful Lucille Gold Dinnerware Set from the Monsoon Home Collection by Denby.

This fabulous prize includes a Cake Stand with matching Teapot, Pastry Plates, Teacups and Tea Saucers to create afternoon tea for two, worth £132.75.

Lucille Gold Cake Stand from Denby

We Brits LOVE a spot of Afternoon Tea. In fact we love it so much that we have an entire week dedicated to it! The 10th-16th August is annual Afternoon Tea Week, created to celebrate this truly British tradition.

At Denby we'll definitely be doing it in style and with our Lucille Gold range you can too!

Lucille Gold Teapot from Denby

A 1950's lace panel was the inspiration for Lucille Gold, an elegant collection of shimmering, delicate gold on fine cream china. Known for its feminine and exclusive eclectic designs, the Monsoon Home Dinnerware Collection by Denby blends together the exotic allure of eastern colour and prints with a western bohemian style and influence.

With Denby's expertise in manufacturing ceramics for over 200 years, the Lucille Gold Dinnerware Collection is stylish, practical and durable. So much so, the entire range can be used in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer.

Lucille Gold Teacup and Saucer from Denby

The ‘Lucille Gold’ Collection includes attractive items to cover a wide range of mealtimes from a relaxed lunch to a formal afternoon tea. The subtle cream base of Lucille Gold enables the table to be dressed and themed with different colours to meet different occasions.

With everyday essential pieces such as plates, bowls and mugs, the range also includes an attractive two tier cake stand, a round serving platter and set of three dipping bowls. To create a complete look for your table, the Lucille Gold Collection also includes sophisticated matching placemats, coasters and handmade lustre drinking glasses.

Lucille Gold Pastry Plate from Denby

Prices for Lucille Gold start at £6.75 for a Tea Saucer up to £44.75 for a Teapot.

Lucille Gold from the Monsoon Home Dinnerware Collection by Denby is available to purchase online from

For further information about the collection or stockist details call the Denby consumer services team on 01773 740899.

   For Your Chance to Win

Tell us what we will be celebrating from 10th-16th August?

 a) British Wine Week
 b) Open Garden Week
 c) Afternoon Tea Week
 d) Fish and Chips Week

To Enter the Competition

Tell us what we will be celebrating from 10th-16th August? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers address below:

* Please label your entry
Denby Dinnerware Competition

Note: You do not have to be aged over 60 to enter our competitions!


You can also go in for more than one competition on this page (but do make sure each one is clearly labelled).


We do not accept automated entries to Sixtyplusurfers Competitions

* This competition is open to our
UK readers only


Readers' Letters

Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter 

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



On the 28th June my husband Brian and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. We decided just to have a quiet day and many of our family and friends were unaware of this special occasion.

My husband has suffered from Bi-Polar for approximately 30 years and at present is on an even keel due to his medication. Unfortunately on the day before our anniversary I realised that we had a problem!! His face had drooped on one side. We rushed off to hospital and we missed going to the show that we had tickets for that night.

After many hours in A and E and then having to go to a second hospital we were assured he had not had a stroke. He has been diagnosed with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. This is a form of shingles that affects the one half of the face.

He is still suffering with facial paralysis which makes eating and drinking difficult.

The photo is of us when we went on The Coronation Street tour last year.

We have one grandchild and will have another two this year. One grandchild will be born in Switzerland!

Thankfully with today's technology I will be able to Skype and Facetime.

Hoping you enjoy my letter.

Rose Janes, Monmouth

Dear Rose

Thank you for sending in your letter and sharing your lovely photograph of you and your husband on The Coronation Street tour last year. We wish you many congratulations for your Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

We are so sorry to hear your husband has been unwell and wish him a good recovery. And we hope you have much pleasure and joy from your grandchildren and family.

We are delighted to let you know that you are the winner of this month's Star Letter Competition. The prize is a St Kew Teacup Hamper from Rainbow Flowers & Gifts.

Murray Jacobs, Managing Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



My Mum came to visit me a few years ago. I had a stray cat who I was feeding each day and it was the first time Mum had seen him.

He was a real scaredy cat and only trusted me to go near him, he just ran away if anyone else tried to approach him. Mum decided to try to stroke him but he just turned tail and ran away.

As he turned away Mum had a look of horror on her face and said, "Oh Liz, he’s got terrible haemorrhoids".

To which I cracked up laughing and said, ‘No Mum, he just hasn’t been neutered,"

The stray cat eventually trusted me enough to move in and I had him neutered so he was ‘haemorrhoid’ free. I named him Biggles and he had a very happy life with me and my other cats but sadly I lost him to cancer a couple of years ago. But this story always makes me smile when I think of him.

Liz Denial, Nottingham

Dear Liz

Thank you for sending in your funny story and sharing your photo of Biggles. He was a beautiful cat. I can see he has brought you and your family much happiness.

What a shame that you lost him to cancer. But lovely to hear that you have other cats and so many happy memories.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

  Dear Sixtyplusurfers



I really enjoy writing poems for children and taking photographs to complement them. Here is an example.

I think it is very important for grandparents to encourage their little ones to learn by heart as a great memory booster and if they can learn some natural science too, even better.

The Hole

I found a hole,
A deep dark hole,
In the trunk
Of an old oak tree.
I wondered who could live there
And peeped inside to see.
But it was dark and secret
And all that I could see
Was just a hole,
A deep dark hole
In the trunk
Of an old oak tree.

May Fenn, Hornchurch

Dear May

How lovely to write poems for children and illustrate them with photographs. I do like your poem, 'The Hole' and the excellent picture that goes with it.

I do agree it's a very good thing to encourage creative writing and learning by heart for young children. And also to teach them about nature and the world around them.

We'd love to hear from other parents ad grandparents about how they entertain and educate their children and grandchildren.

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

Lemon Drizzle Cake

I'd like to share a recipe that I use time and time again to make lemon drizzle loaves. Following this recipe, they always come out absolutely perfect and I always get plenty of complements.

I often make these lemon drizzle loaves as gifts for friends and family, which are always appreciated and enjoyed.

Here is a photograph of one I made recently using Extra Special Sicilian lemons that I picked up reduced from Asda. These made it even more tasty!

The recipe is as follows:

Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake

Ingredients for the cake

· 125 g unsalted butter
· 175 g caster sugar
· 2 large eggs
· Zest of 1 lemon
· 175 g self raising flour
· Pinch of salt
· 4 tablespoons milk
· 23 x 13 x 7 cm loaf tin buttered and lined

Ingredients for the syrup

· Juice of 1½ lemons
· 100 g icing sugar

Ingredients for the glaze

· Juice of ½ a lemon
· 150g icing sugar

Method for the cake

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C/ gas mark 4 / or fan 160°C

2. Butter and line your loaf tin well.

3. Cream together butter and sugar and add eggs and lemon zest, beating them in well.

4. Gently fold in the flour and the salt, mixing thoroughly and then add the milk.

5. Spoon the batter into your prepared tin and bake for 45 minutes or until the cake tester comes out clean.

Method for the syrup

1. Put the lemon juice and icing sugar into a small saucepan and heat gently until the sugar dissolves.

2. As soon as the cake is out of the oven, puncture it all over with a skewer and pour over the syrup.

3. Leave the cake to cool completely before removing it from the tin.

Method for the glaze

1. Combine lemon juice and icing sugar until smooth and white, add a little more icing sugar if needed.

2. Make sure your cake is completely cool before drizzling with the glaze.

Richard Moore, Wolverhampton

Dear Richard
Thank you for sending in your recipe. It looks delicious.

We'd love to hear from other readers with tried and tested recipes.

Kitty Jacobs, Letters & Admin


Dear Sixtyplusurfers

We have some lovely buddleias growing in our garden this summer. They attract butterflies and lots of different insects. I love looking at them through my kitchen window as they have such a beautiful colour.

There's even a few roses too. Even though I'm not the best gardener. I hope you like my picture.

Hilary James, Birmingham

Dear Hilary
Thank you for sharing your photograph of the buddleias growing in your garden. They're really pretty.

We'd love to see pictures of the flowers and plants that grow in other readers' gardens.

Murray Jacobs, Managing Editor


Please use our New Email address for Competitions

Don't forget to use the NEW Sixtyplusurfers email address for our competitions.

It is:

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  Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win an Overnight Stay
   for Two at Melville
 Castle & Dinner with
 Wine at The Magnum

Melville Castle

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Melville Castle and The Magnum Bar and Restaurant in Edinburgh to offer one lucky reader and a guest the chance to win an Overnight Stay at Melville Castle and a Three Course Dinner for two with a Bottle of House Wine at The Magnum Bar and Restaurant.

Melville Castle, situated just 20 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh, provides luxurious accommodation within the elegance of an 18th century castle. Nestled within 50 acres of sprawling woodland only 6 miles from the city centre of Edinburgh you can feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With thirty two stylish en-suite bedrooms, accommodation ranges from classic double rooms, grand four posters to intriguing gallery rooms. The classically furnished bedrooms are complete with crisp linen sheets, fluffy white towels and enchanting views of the surrounding woodland. The next morning after a comfortable night’s sleep a wholesome Scottish or Continental breakfast is served to fuel your day.

A bedroom at Melville Castle

The Brasserie at Melville Castle serves seasonal, modern Scottish Cuisine with a strong focus on locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality, which is combined with a carefully thought out wine and local beers list.

Open every day, morning until night for breakfast, mid-morning refreshments, lunch, afternoon tea or À la carte dining… offering elegance, style, fantastic service and gourmet fare to their customers.

Whatever the occasion, Melville Castle will leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay in a Scottish castle and sample a variety of Scottish Cuisine at its best.

To find out more about this glorious Scottish castle visit


Melville Castle
Gilmerton Road
EH18 1AP
0131 654 0088

The Magnum Bar and Restaurant

The Magnum Bar and Restaurant is situated in Edinburgh’s Albany street just a short walk from the city centre in The New Town.

The food at The Magnum is exceptional. Chef Paul Dow combines Scotland’s best local ingredients with traditional flavours and serves classic Scottish dishes alongside fresh seasonal game and seafood. Diners have the option to mix and match from the a la carte and the bar menu, both of which offer excellent choice and even better flavour.

Haggis Spring Roll at The Magnum Bar and Restaurant

Another highlight at The Magnum is the wonderful array of whiskies on offer. Here you will find over 70 whiskies to choose from, this includes a wide range of whiskies from a variety of different regions. Highlights include a smoky Islay Malt and a deliciously big bodied Highlands single malt scotch whisky, as well as these you will also find varieties from the Lowlands and Speyside.

If you love whisky, The Magnum is the place for you, they happily invite you to try something new or take part in a taste test! Not much of a whisky drinker? The staff at The Magnum will happily recommend a dram to suit. There is also a wide array of wines on their exquisite wine menu and also many beers and spirits on offer as well.

Cranachan Cheesecake at The Magnum Bar and Restaurant

Setting the mood, the walls are decorated with whisky-inspired poetry from a local writer, fairy lights adorn the windows all year round and as you enter be drawn into the dark, seductive dining room - filled with candles. The cosy, comfortable vibe is very inviting and you can easily lose a few hours enjoying the food, drink and atmosphere.

If you enjoy good food and drink this is the ideal venue for you to visit.

To find out more information about The Magnum visit:


The Magnum Bar and Restaurant
1 Albany Street

0131 557 4366

  For Your Chance to Win

Tell us how many different whiskies can you choose from at The Magnum Bar and Restaurant?

  a) Over 40 whiskies
  b) Over 50 whiskies
  c) Over 60 whiskies
  d) Over 70 whiskies

 To Enter the Competition

Tell us how many different whiskies you can choose from at The Magnum Bar and Restaurant? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number to the Sixtyplusurfers email address as shown below:

* Please label your entry
Melville Castle

        Competition Terms & Conditions

Win an Overnight stay for two at Melville Castle and a Three Course Dinner for Two with a Bottle of House Wine at The Magnum Bar and Restaurant

The prize is for one reader and a guest to win a an Overnight Stay at Melville Castle and a Three Course Dinner for two with a Bottle of House Wine at The Magnum Bar and Restaurant.

2. Travel is not included.

3. The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for a cash value.

4. The competition is open to our UK readers only.

5. All entrants must be aged 18 or over.

Closing date for entries is 31st August 2015.

Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter Competition

Win a Cool Bag Full of Primula Cheese Tubes

Win a Cool Bag Full of Primula Cheese Tubes

If you enjoy visiting the Sixtyplusurfers website and entering our competitions, then why not subscribe to the
Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter.


Free of charge, we send out the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter once a month to keep you up-to-date with all of our news. Find out about all the new competitions running on Sixtyplusurfers and all the latest features and articles we have planned.


To receive the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter once a month, just email your name, postal address and email address. And you can receive a monthly update of all our news.


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Win a Cool Bag Full of Primula Cheese Tubes


This month, Sixtyplusurfers is offering one lucky reader who joins the Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter mailing list or recommends a friend, the chance to win a Cool Bag Full of Primula Cheese Tubes.

If you like picnics then you will love this month’s prize!

We’re giving away a cool bag full of the entire Primula Cheese tube range. We thought some cool, creamy, squeezy cheese would make the perfect summer prize.

Original Primula Cheese

In fact, if you’re thinking of organising a picnic soon, then look no further.

The Primula team have created a Primula Cheese hub filled with everything from the UK's top picnic spots to handy recipes and ideas.

Win a Cool Bag Full of Primula Cheese Tubes

To take a look click on

Need more reasons to love Primula? Their profits go to charity and good causes. Squeezing never felt so good.

    For Your Chance

to Win a Cool Bag
Full of Primula Cheese Tubes

Win a Cool Bag Full of Primula Cheese Tubes

To enter the Newsletter Competition just send us your name, postal address and email address and then tell us if you would like to join our regular mailing list.

Then send your contact details to us at:

One lucky winner chosen from 'the hat' will win a Cool Bag Full of Primula Cheese Tubes.

* Please Note - this competition is only open to those readers who are not yet on our mailing list but would like to receive the monthly Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter.

You can also recommend a friend to sign up for the Newsletter for your chance to win the prize!

* To ensure that your email server does not reject the monthly Sixtyplusurfers Newsletter, we suggest you add the email  to your contacts list or your safe list of senders.

Sixtyplusurfers Facebook Competition

Win a 3D Minions Big Ben Puzzle

Win a 3D Minions Big Ben Puzzle from Ravensburger

This month we've teamed up with Ravensburger  for
  our Sixtyplusurfers Facebook competition.

We're offering one lucky reader the chance to win this stunning 3D Minions Big Ben Puzzle.

When you think of London you think of Big Ben! But when you think of the Minions in London what would happen if they redesigned the world famous landmark?

This colourful and humorous 3D puzzle shows utter Minion chaos on the UK's most famous building! Includes unique hinged plastic pieces, which slot together to build a sturdy and strong "building" with no gluing required!

Win a 3D Minions Big Ben Puzzle from Ravensburger

This fantastic 3D puzzle features 216 high quality plastic pieces and measures 41cm tall when complete. Each puzzle piece is printed with a number on the reverse side, so you can either assemble the puzzle by eye, or just by following the numbers.

The puzzle also includes a printed base board, so it can be displayed on a shelf or table top.

Enjoy one of the world's most famous buildings in your own home. This is a must-have for any Minions fans. It's also a unique souvenir of London.

For more information about Ravensburger puzzles click on

For your chance to win the 3D Minions Big Ben Puzzle from Ravensburger in the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook competition, just visit the Sixtyplusurfers Facebook page and tell us why you would like to win this fantastic prize!

And don't forget to give us a 'like' while you are there!

The best entry will win
the 3D Minions Big Ben Puzzle from Ravensburger.

Once you have entered the Facebook competition just let us know your full name and address to send the prize by emailing:

     * Please label your entry Minions
           Big Ben Puzzle Competition


 Don't Forget to Enter      our Twelve Other
  Competitions in our
   August 2015 issue

Enter our Chat & Socialise Competition

Win a Set of Six Cascade Mugs from Denby Pottery. Send in the Best Poem of the Month to our Poet's Corner in the Groups Section on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page for your chance to win!

Win a Set of Six Cascade Mugs from Denby Pottery


Click on the Our Friends page for full details about how to enter the competition.

A Mediterranean Cruise with 24 hour room service from Silver Travel

Win a Fantastica Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Cruises with 24 hour room service included for two people, courtesy of Silver Travel.

Win a Fantastica Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Cruises with 24 hour room service included for two people, courtesy of Silver Travel

Win a Fantastica Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Cruises with 24 hour room service included for two people, courtesy of Silver Travel


Click on the Travel & Holidays page to enter the competition.

Win £100 of John Lewis Vouchers

Win £100 of John Lewis Vouchers from Hidden Hearing as part of the Dr Hilary Jones 'Music To Your Ears' hearing campaign.

Win £100 of John Lewis Vouchers with our Hidden Hearing Competition

Click on the Personal Health page to enter the competition.

Win a Portable Barbecue from Tesco

Win a Portable Charcoal Barbecue from Tesco in cool turquoise.

Win a Portable Charcoal Barbecue from Tesco in cool turquoise

Click on the Shopping & Gifts page to enter the competition.


Travel Light with this Cool Hair Dryer

Win a THX Total Hair Experts Limited Edition Pastel Hair Dryer from Tesco.

Win a THX Total Hair Experts Limited Edition Pastel Hair Dryer from Tesco

Click on the Beauty & Hair Styles page to enter the competition.

Win Tickets to Strawberry Hill House

Win Tickets to London's Strawberry Hill House to celebrate 80 years of Yakult. We've got 12 pairs of tickets to give away!

Win Tickets to Strawberry Hill House

Click on the Personal Health page to enter the competition.


A Great Themed Game for the Summer

Win Timeline from Esdevium Games. Choose from one of five different themed versions as your prize including Historical Events, Inventions, Science & Discoveries, Music & Cinema, or General Interest. For five lucky winners!

Win Timeline from Esdevium Games

Click on the News & Book Reviews page to enter the competition.


A Fabulous Summer Family Game

Win Barbecue Party, a great new Summer Family Game from Drumond Park. We've got three to give away!

Win Barbecue Party from Drumond Park

Click on the Our Friends page to enter the competition.

A Fabulous Set of Summer Craft Kits

Win Two Kirstie Allsopp Exclusive Craft Kits including a Mosaic Upcycle Kit and a Flower Press Kit.

Win Two Kirstie Allsopp Exclusive Craft Kits including a Mosaic Upcycle Kit and a Flower Press Kit

Click on the Crafts & Hobbies page to enter the competition.

A Beautiful Scarf for the Summer

Win a chic Printed Scarf from Damart. We've got two to give away!

Win a chic Printed Scarf from Damart

Click on the Fashion & Accessories page to enter the competition.

A Romantic Costume Drama on DVD

Win A Little Chaos starring Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman on DVD. We've got three to give away!

Win A Little Chaos starring Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman on DVD


Click on the Entertainment & Travel page to enter the competition.


A Great New Album by Radio Riddler

Win Purple Reggae, a loving tribute to pop genius Prince by Radio Riddler. We've got three to give away!

Win Purple Reggae, a loving tribute to pop genius Prince by Radio Riddler

Click on the
Music page to enter the competition

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