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Family Day Out

Have a Perfect Day Out with Treasure Trails 

Discover the perfect family day out this Father’s Day (17th June) and explore the UK with Treasure Trails.

Designed to appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure from young detectives to budding spies, Treasure Trails are perfect for Dads who haven’t grown up.

There are sports themed trails ‘Wimbledon’ and ‘Epsom’ for the more competitive Dads or ‘Abbey Road & Lord’s’ and ‘Liverpool – A Taste of The Beatles’ for the music-loving father’s. Each trail can be purchased as a hard copy or downloaded as a printable PDF from

We’ve put together our Top 10 Treasure Trails for Father’s Day below with over 1200 more trails to discover all over the UK! Where ever your Dad is celebrating this 19 June, take him on a family adventure.

1. St Andrews – West Sands (of Chariots of Fire fame)
Price £6.99
St Andrews

2. 5 Pubs in 5 Miles, rambling through London’s centre
Price £6.99
London History and Pubs

3. City of Durham Pub Trail
Price £6.99

4. North Yorkshire Moors Railway Trail
Price £6.99
North Yorkshire Moors

5. Liverpool – A Taste of The Beatles
rice £6.99
Merseyside Liverpool

6. Abbey Road & Lord’s
Price £6.99
Abbey Road

7. Wimbledon Trail
Price £6.99

8. Piddletrenthide – Pub to Pub Trail
Price £6.99 

9. Epsom Trail
Price £6.99 
Surrey Epsom 

10. East Lancashire Railway Trail
Price £6.99 
East Lancashire Railway

Follow a Treasure Trail through the winding backstreets and hidden corners of villages, towns and cities around the UK. Crack the clues along the route to unlock incredible stories from the past and solve the mystery at the end.

The Trails cost £6.99 (plus P&P if required), are suitable for groups of up to five and, compared to the average family day out at a theme park or visitor attraction, represent amazing value for money.

Lasting around two hours, the aim is to solve clues on a circular route of approximately two miles incorporating plaques, signs, statues, monuments, images, engravings or any other unique or quirky features found in the area.

There’s a rarely-used, SMS ‘Stuck on a Clue’ helpline to ensure no Trail ever goes unsolved and there’s also a chance to win £100 if you enter the answer to your Trail online where you can also download free certificates.

Around 85% of the Trails are walking versions but there are also cycling and driving Trails available.

There are more than 1,200 themed treasure hunts to choose from across the country with Trails perfect for Dads like ‘Liverpool – A Taste of the Beatles’, ‘5 pubs in 5 miles’, ‘St Andrews – West Sands’ and ‘North Yorkshire Moors Railway Trail’.

Treasure Trails are a fantastic way for families and groups to explore towns, cities and villages across the UK with a self-guided themed walk.

Price: Treasure Trails cost £6.99 (plus P&P if required)

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Family Day Out

Coronation Street Set Opens to the Public

Calling all Corrie fans! Coronation Street’s set at MediaCityUK has opened its doors to the public.

Tours will offer the chance to explore many of the locations seen on the show, from the famous houses and shops, to the Rovers Return and the newest addition, Victoria Street. Be one of the first to see it on a new coach tour from Shearings Holidays.

Each break includes a visit to the current Coronation Street set, which moved here from Granada Studios in 2013. Visitors can unleash their inner Liz McDonald in the Rovers or Norris Cole in the Kabin and enjoy the surreal experience of walking the famous cobbles, taking a closer look at the lives and tales of the UK’s longest running soap.

Two-day package – from £99pp – including one night’s half-board accommodation, the Coronation Street Tour, a visit to the city of Manchester and all coach travel. Available on selected dates between June and November from Yorkshire pick up points.

Three-day package – from £149pp  – including two nights half-board accommodation, the Coronation Street Tour, a visit to the city of Manchester and all coach travel. Available on selected dates between June and November from South East pick up points.

Four Day package – from £199pp – including three nights half board accommodation, the Coronation Street Tour, a visit to the city of Manchester and all coach travel.

Available on selected dates between June and November from various pick up points around the UK.

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Or call Tel: 0344 874 8220

Family Day Out

Blenheim Palace

Celebrate Father’s Day, Sunday 17th June at Blenheim Palace. 

Private Apartments Tour

Treat your Dad to a tour of the 12th Duke & Duchess of Marlborough’s private apartments. Imagine living as aristocracy as you wander through rooms that have housed the Marlborough family for over 300 years Explore a mix of priceless antiques, incredible heritage pieces and historical items amongst modern living. Opt to take the extended tour through the Grand Cabinet to see treasures and the infamous private guest book

Blenheim Palace Flower Show

Perfect for gardening enthusiasts, Dads will love tickets to the Blenheim Palace Flower Show. It will be opened by Carol Klein who will join visitors in celebrating the very best of gardening. The Grand Floral Pavilion will be full of the UK’s finest nurseries and growers giving you expert advice and ideas for your garden. There will also be 250 stalls in the Shopping Village to enjoy.

Pre’50 American Auto Club ‘Rally of Giants’

For the motoring enthusiast Dad why not get tickets to Blenheim Palace’s Auto Rally? See over 400 vehicles, including some of the finest and most valuable examples to be found anywhere in Europe, dating from the early 1920’s through to the seventies, the Rally of the Giants is the must- visit event for anyone with an interest and passion for American motocars, trucks, military vehicles and bikes.

Battle Proms Picnic Concert 

Pack up a picnic, stock up on fizz and join the party for the Battle Proms Concert. Enjoy an exceptional evening of classical music, carefully choreographed Spitfire and cavalry displays, dramatic cannon fire and a stunning firework finale. The concert will take place on 21 July 4pm – 10.15pm.

Great British Garden Party

Celebrate “all things British” at the Great British Garden Party on 14th July from 5.30pm – 10pm. Explore the palace, bump into James Bond and dance the lindy hop, jive and waltz. Unwind at the South Lawn BBQ and indulge in cream tea, strawberries, Pimms and ice cream. Walk in the footsteps of Churchill on a guided tour and enjoy champagne while listening to a string quartet. Then watch vintage cricket with live commentary from Henry Blofeld. Finally watch a firework finale set to the words of Sir Winston Churchill and Land of Hope and Glory .

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Generation Why Not

Plenty of Socialising, a Tipple Every Day
and Minimal Exercise

Why the over 60s are living life faster than 30-year olds

  • Nearly 40% of people over the age of 60 admit to socialising regularly to help keep healthy and active
  • Over 76% feel younger than they actually are
  • A shocking 62% admit to not exercising regularly

Forget OAPs, today’s over 60s are truly a ‘Why Not’ generation as they party the night away, enjoy a few cheeky tipples and spend plenty of downtime relaxing.

And while this might sound like the average weekend for a 30-year-old, new research* by Camping in the Forest has revealed this is actually the average lifestyle for over 60’s as they enjoy letting loose in later life.

The results of the survey by Camping in the Forest revealed 76% of over 60’s in the UK have a much younger outlook on life than their biological age and are more active than their 30-year old counterparts when it comes to socialising, getting new hobbies and travelling the world.

Fully embracing all that life has to offer, this age group is making the most of their twilight years with going on holiday (16%) and visiting a new country (12%), a number one priority for them over the next 10 years. ‘Generation Why Not’ also admitted to trying out more new experiences, such as learning to fly a plane, parascending, learning to ride a motorbike and white-water rafting.

Proving they are young at heart, 76% said they feel younger than their true age and 44% said they feel between 10-15 years younger than they actually are. Furthermore, a whopping 49% admit they only stay active in order to have fun and socialise, compared with just 23% of 30-year olds. And, it seems that over 60’s like a drink, with 23% claiming a daily tipple helps keep them in top physical and mental shape, whilst only 5% of 30-year olds enjoy a daily drink and 21% avoid alcohol altogether.

Those over 60 also think keeping an active mind (73%), meeting up with friends (47%), watching TV (48%) and getting fresh air (74%) are essential ways of staying youthful. On the other hand, only 38% of 30-year olds believe keeping an active mind is important, preferring a healthy diet (47%) and taking vitamins (37%) to keep in good shape.

However, despite this active social life and sense of adventure, a whopping 61% of adults over 60 admit to not exercising regularly with 13% never exercising at all. So it’s not surprising that 65% don’t achieve the recommended 10,000 steps per day, demonstrating that while ‘Generation Why Not’ may feel young at heart, they need to ‘fit-proof’ their bodies and balance their wellbeing with fitness.

The survey was commissioned by Camping in the Forest – which offers a collection of 15 beautiful caravan and camping sites set among the woodlands of the Forestry Commission – alongside celebrity ambassador, Janet Ellis, to find out how active the nation’s over 60’s really are.

Janet Ellis says, “As someone who is just 62 years young, I’m enjoying all life has to offer. Some of my favourite activities include going on walking holidays and hiking, anything where I’m outside being active. 60 really isn’t old, so it’s great to see ‘Generation Why Not’ dispelling the stereotypical views of this age group.

The truth is, we’re all having more fun, being more adventurous and trying new things, which is fantastic! However, it’s important that as part of this, we remember to get outdoors in the fresh air, keep fit and active, whilst keeping our mind and our souls happy too.

“It seems this is especially important given that these findings showed 79% of us suffer with joint or bone pain, with knee (22%), hip (10%) and neck pain (7%) all ranking top in the list of ailments experienced by the UK’s over 60’s.”

Bob Hill, sites director at Camping in the Forest adds, “At 60 you know what you enjoy doing, you have less responsibility and you’re likely to have more financial freedom than you’ve had before. Being 61 myself, it’s no surprise that this survey has shown adults over 60 feel young at heart, enjoy new experiences and socialise more than ever, which is brilliant to see.

“Nonetheless, as much as this generation are mentally active, we need to ensure this is balanced with keeping physically fit. A great way to do this is by cycling, walking or hiking in the great outdoors. We’re all about embracing nature at Camping in the Forest, and we hope that we can encourage ‘Generation Why Not’ to do the same and use it to keep themselves fit and active.”

Most adventurous things done by adults when they turn 60 (as revealed by survey respondents):

  • Learnt to ride a motorcycle    
  • Tobogganing
  • Learnt to fly
  • Went to a naturist camp
  • Bobsleighing
  • Started or set up a business
  • Started/achieved a degree
  • Became a film extra
  • Camped in a forest
  • Ran a marathon
  • Sky diving
  • Travelled the world

More Information about Camping in the Forest

Camping in the Forest offers a collection of 15 beautiful caravan and camping sites set among the woodlands of the Forestry Commission. Sites can be found in the New Forest, the Forest of Dean, Wiltshire and Scotland.

Camping in the Forest is passionate about creating unique and memorable holiday experiences for all customers. The venture is a partnership between the Forestry Commission and The Camping and Caravanning Club.

Camping in the Forest’s caravan and camping sites leave most of the ground untouched, which means they remain a friendly environment for birds, animals and plants, giving guests the opportunity to share their holiday locations with both flora and fauna.

There are also recycling schemes in place at all campsites that mean any waste produced by visitors is dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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* April 2018 survey by Camping in the Forest of 4,000 adults in the UK.

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