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An Armful of Animals By Malcolm Welshman

Review By Jenny Itzcovitz

Malcolm D. Welshman has had a lifetime filled with exciting encounters with animals. As a lad in Nigeria he’s been attacked by solder ants and terrified by a snake  in his treehouse. 

His treasured companion, Poucher, an African bush dog prevents him and his mother from being savaged by baboons. And once qualified as a vet, Malcolm has to attempt life-saving surgery on his beloved parrot.

On a road trip across the Sahara, there is a tussle with a lame camel and an operation on an ostrich gored by an antelope.

Settling back in West Sussex in England, he tackles a cow that’s got stuck in a tree, wily cats and battles with cunning badgers and baby bats.

He shares all these fascinating experiences in this gently humorous memoir that will guarantee to tug at your heart strings while bringing a smile to your face. Anyone who loves animals will be enchanted and enthralled.

I enjoy reading about animals, but this new book by Malcolm Welshman is really something special and personal.

Malcolm tells you about the early days of his life and what inspired him to become a vet. He describes some of the animals he has saved along the years, including his own pet, tropical animals, farm animals, cats, dogs and unusual pets. There are also lots of amusing anecdotes about their owners.

Warmly written, Malcolm has had a fascinating career and taken care of so many people’s beloved animals. The interesting personalities of the pets and all their owners make this a joy to read, I was completely enthralled and very impressed by his compassion.

This is a must read book for any animal lover. A great gift for Christmas. I would heartily recommend it.

Author, Malcolm Welshman

Malcolm Welshman is a retired vet and author. He was the My Weekly vet for 15 years and has written many features for magazines such as She, The Lady, The People’s Friend, Cat World, Yours, and newspapers such as The Sunday Times and the Daily Mail.

He is the author of three pet novels, the first of which, Pets in a Pickle, reached number two on Kindle’s bestseller list. His third novel, Pets Aplenty, was a finalist for The People’s Book Prize 2015.

Malcolm is also an international speaker on cruise ships, a regular BBC Radio Somerset panellist, and a bi-monthly contributor to a local community radio, Keep 106 in Dorset

An Armful of Animals by Malcolm D. Welshman is published by Midas Touch Books. Price is £7.99 for the paperback or £2.99 for the Kindle.

An Armful of Animals, is available from  

Sixtyplusurfers Book Review

The Younger Next
Year Back Book

Review By Simon Fine

At some point in our lives, most of us will suffer from back pain. Many people’s lives are blighted by chronic back pain. It limits our movement, keeps us awake at night and affects our quality of life and productivity. It also costs the health service many millions each year. But in their new book, The Younger Next Year Back Book, Chris Crowley and Jeremy James offer a behavioural and whole-body approach to help most sufferers reduce and even eliminate back pain forever.

The book begins by explaining the workings of the spine and surrounding muscles and this provides a helpful understanding of the authors’ reasoning that back pain is more often the result of long term poor behaviour than a sudden mishap which is usually the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Bad habits such as walking or sitting with poor posture, sitting still for hours on end, especially at your computer, or regularly putting strain on your back when exercising cause weaknesses which over time can result in an acute or chronic condition. There are accounts of several interesting case studies of Dr James’ patients with back problems, describing their root causes and explaining which conditions can be remedied by behavioural change rather than surgery.

They then go on to show how to change our behaviours, reduce pain in the short term, find a neutral spine, and begin a regime of simple exercises to realign our core to reduce back pain for the long term. The exercises take about ten minutes each day and there is a step by step guide for each exercise plus clear illustrations. There is also advice on how to build up endurance and strength in the core and how to move while maintaining a neutral spine and bracing the core.

This book offers hope to the majority of back pain sufferers. But that hope can only be fully realised if we follow the exercise regime and maintain other good habits about movement, posture and avoid doing “dumb stuff”. I found this book offers grounds for optimism, great advice which is based on sound science and communicated clearly to readers.

Author, Chris Crowley

Chris Crowley, a former litigator, is the co-author, with Henry S. Lodge, of the Younger Next Year books, and the co-author, with Jen Sacheck, PhD, of Thinner This Year. Though in his eighties, he fully lives the life, skiing black diamonds and routinely doing fifty-mile bike rides.

Author, Jeremy James

Jeremy James, DC, CSCS, is Director of the Aspen Club Back Institute. He became a Doctor of Chiropractic because of his own struggles with sports-induced back pain as a young athlete, and developed his behavioural/whole body method while working with serious athletes for over a decade.

The Younger Next Year Back Book by Chris Crowley and Jeremy James is published by Workman Publishing. Price is £11.99 for the paperback.

For more information about the book visit

Sixtyplusurfers Book Review

Must I Repeat Myself…?

Review By Simon Fine

The tenth anniversary edition of this delightful series of books featuring unpublished letters to the Daily Telegraph is every bit as entertaining as its predecessors.

Any quality newspaper receives a substantial quantity of correspondence from readers keen, or possibly desperate, to see their opinions published in the following day’s edition of the Telegraph. Inevitably many do not make the final cut because they arrive too late for the daily news cycle, or do not quite fit with the rest of the day’s selection.

Others are just a little too flippant, or indeed too controversial, to publish in a serious newspaper. And plenty more are completely off the wall, being as eccentric as some of the readership of the esteemed publication.

One of the most appealing qualities of the unpublished letters series is that the contributions often reflect the hot topics of the previous twelve months. So there are plenty of witty letters about the aftermath of the 2017 general election, with all sides facing the acerbic pen of the authors, events involving the royal  family, sporting highlights of the past twelve months (not much sympathy for the Australia cricket team) and of course Brexit.

Many of my favourite letters come from pedantic observers concerning the use and abuse of the English language. Some of these letters could have been written by me! There are also plenty of amusing, forthright and indignant observations on family life, getting old disgracefully and the perils of modern technology.

One thoughtful contributor from Norfolk showed particular concern about the obligations placed upon one of our senior citizens asking “Could no one from Help the Aged step forward to prevent a 92-year-old lady being subjected to the two-hour ordeal of the Royal Variety Show”.

So we should be thankful that Iain Hollingshead is once again on-hand to give the authors of the best unpublished letters the stage they so richly deserve. I found this particular collection of letters amusing, sharp-witted and often downright funny.

Iain Hollingshead spent two years on the Letters to the Editor desk before becoming a feature writer for The Daily Telegraph, interviewing everyone from Michael Atherton to Miss England contestants.

He now teaches History and Politics in a secondary school in London and has edited eight bestselling collections of unpublished letters to The Daily Telegraph. His second musical, The End of History, opens in the West End in November.

Must I Repeat Myself…? edited by Iain Hollingshead with Kate Moore is published by White Lion Publishing. Price is £9.99 for the hardback.

For more information about the book visit  

Get Crafty at Christmas

Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book

Get colouring and release your inner fashionista with The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book by Natasha Itzcovitz. The perfect colouring book for Christmas whatever your age!

This unique colouring book includes 100 beautifully drawn fashion illustrations to spark the imagination of everyone who enjoys fashion, history and style. 

Illustrations in the book include  historical characters, cute animals, fairytale princesses, pirates, people with interesting pastimes and professions, and fashionable street style characters.

A great gift for children and adult relaxation. Enjoy colouring on a rainy day, on the train, while you wait for a meal in a restaurant, or sitting at an airport. Just pop it in your bag with colouring pencils.

Author, Natasha Itzcovitz

Natasha Itzcovitz is a fashion artist and stylist. She also designs her own clothes.

The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book is published by Troubador. Price is £8.99.

Buy it now at Amazon


Sixtyplusurfers Book Review

Eric, Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

Review By Simon Fine

During the 1960s as a student at Cambridge University and in the years that followed, Eric Idle discovered a talent for writing what could be described as subversive comedy. He also met and collaborated with future Pythons and Goodies John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman, Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor and wrote and performed on great shows including I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, The Frost Report and Do Not Adjust Your Set.

In his autobiography, Idle explains the enduring success of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. “We were young. We were ready” and “We were digital, and we were in colour”. It was also “executive-free comedy” as the BBC left them alone to get on with making thirteen programmes. Python became an iconic comedy success worldwide and is still shown on television nearly fifty years later.

The success of Python expanded into the hugely successful and sometimes controversial films Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life Of Brian and The Meaning Of Life. For Idle personally it transformed his life after a difficult childhood, losing his father in a motoring accident returning from World War II which meant that young Eric spent his childhood at a boarding school where bullying was the norm.

Achieving a place at Cambridge was the turning point. Following Python, Idle describes how fame and success went to his head and cost him his first marriage. His personal life was transformed by his second marriage and his career prospered into television successes including Rutland Weekend Television and the hit musical Spamalot which won a Tony and other awards. 

Idle spent an increasing amount of time in America and relocated from St John’s Wood to California in 1994. The autobiography features many stories about stars of music and film such as George Harrison, David Bowie and Robin Williams, all of whom became lifelong friends. Harrison even mortgaged his home to fund The Life of Brian and worked on The Rutles which was a parody of The Beatles’ story. His death, and that of Robin Williams, affected Idle greatly

In Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, named after the song he wrote for Life of Brian which has since become the number-one song played at funerals in the UK, he shares the highlights of his life and career with the kind of offbeat humour that has delighted his audiences for five decades.

As Eric explains, “I write, act, sing, perform, direct, produce and generally show off in all sorts of desperate ways”. He has written a highly entertaining and personal account of his life which will appeal to Python fans and beyond.

Eric Idle by Robyn Von Swank

Eric Idle is a comedian, actor, author and singer-songwriter who found immediate fame on television with the sketch-comedy show Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Following its success, the Pythons began making films that include Monty Python and the Holy Grail(1975), Monty Python’s Life Of Brian (1979) and The Meaning Of Life (1983). Eric also wrote the award-winning musical Spamalot.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography by Eric Idle is published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in hardback at £20.

For more information about the book visit the website at  

Sixtyplusurfers Book Review

Oxford College Gardens by
Tim Richardson

Review By Simon Fine

Tim Richardson has written what can confidently be described as the definitive guide to Oxford’s college gardens. The author devotes a complete chapter to each of more than thirty colleges plus the Oxford Botanic Gardens and the University Parks, home of the university cricket team.

Each chapter is filled with the history of each college, accounts of the development of the buildings and the gardens reflecting on how the architecture has influenced the design and planting of the gardens over the centuries.

Oxford has been a place of learning for several hundreds of years, with the earliest, University College, dating from 1249. Colleges generally grew from medieval ‘halls of residence’ and each of the colleges is highly distinct with its own customs, reputations and atmosphere.

Whilst many of the colleges are built of local Cotswold stone, often with gothic influences, some are constructed from brick and St Catherine’s has a very 1960s design which is not to everyone’s taste. The growth of colleges and their gardens can best be described as haphazard. The history of each is fascinating plus there are many amusing stories of college life, none better than the Corpus Christi tortoise race.

A common feature of college design are the quads which nowadays mostly comprise sweeping lawns, laid in front of at least one substantial college building, often surrounded on all four sides. Quads are often connected by narrow alleyways, staircases or subterranean paths which create dramatic views as a visitor emerges into the heart of the college.

Architecturally there are libraries, chapels, croquet lawns, tennis courts and bowling greens. Christ Church features a cathedral, Green Templeton an observatory. For the lover of conventional garden features, there are spectacular borders, such as at Worcester College. Some of the older buildings are clad in long established climbers such as wisteria and Virginia creepers.

Oxford College Gardens is rich in colour and in detail. The combination of Tim Richardson’s well researched and informative text and Andrew Lawson’s beautiful photographs make this a perfect book for anyone with an interest in gardens or in Oxford.

The book can be enjoyed at anytime but to get the most from this book, you will want to visit the college gardens, probably in summer. A perfect gift for Christmas and a high quality volume to keep on your bookshelves.

Author, Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson is a writer in garden and landscape design and history. He has been gardens editor at Country Life, and landscape editor at Wallpaper magazine, and was founding editor of both the award-winning gardens magazine New Eden and Country Life Gardens.

He contributes to the Daily Telegraph, House and Garden, Gardens Illustrated and Country Life. Andrew Lawson is widely regarded as England’s leading garden photographer. He holds the Royal Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal for Photography and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Garden Writer’s Guild.

Oxford College Gardens by Tim Richardson is published by White Lion Publishing. Price is £25 for the hardback.

For more information about the book visit

Sixtyplusurfers Book Review

Irreplaceable, A History of England in 100 Places

Review by Simon Fine

Historic England presents an illustrated book of 100 historic places where remarkable events have happened across England, divided into ten categories including Science and Discovery, Music and Literature and Faith and Belief.

The 100 places have been chosen by public nominations and a panel of expert judges, including Robert Winston, Mary Beard, Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson and Bettany Hughes. The author Philip Wilkinson, a specialist writer on history, architecture and religion, explains why each of these 100 places is so important and, in the process, brings our nation’s story to life.

Each of the 100 places is given equal prominence. For each place there is a page of fabulous photographs, modern and historical, plus a page describing the events and historical significance of each chosen place.

Every reader will have their own favourite category. Mine is Sport and Leisure which features contemporary stadia such as the Olympic Park, built for the 2012 Games, alongside traditional venues Aintree, Lords and Wimbledon.

The choice of places is very imaginative, so the inclusion of the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool, featured in Strictly Come Dancing, comes as a quirky but welcome surprise in this category. Similarly the Homes and Gardens category features not only Windsor Castle and Blenheim Palace but also the Park Hill housing estate in Sheffield and a row of prefabricated bungalows in Birmingham. Each has played a significant, if sometimes surprising, role in England’s history and is deserving of its place among the 100.

One of the strengths of this book is the diversity of the 100 places. The selection of the ten categories includes every conceivable aspect of historical places. The combination of public nominations and experts to choose the 10 places within each category also provides many contrasts. So we learn about Shakespeare’s birthplace and the Bronte Parsonage at Haworth but also about the disaster at Hillsborough stadium and the Monument in the City of London which marks the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Irreplaceable: A History of England In 100 Places is both a powerful historical record as well as a fascinating account which both entertains and educates. A terrific book to read and keep for future generations.

Philip Wilkinson is the author of non-fiction books for children and adults. He specialises in works on history, the arts, religion, and architecture and has written over forty titles. Previous books include, Gandhi (QED Great Lives Series) (2005), English Abbeys: Monastic Buildings and Culture (2006), and Religions (2008).

Irreplaceable: A History of England In 100 Places by Philip Wilkinson is published by Historic England. Price is £20 for the hardback.

For more information about the book visit   

Sixtyplusurfers Book Review

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Review By Simon Fine

The 1001 series was launched in 2003 with 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. In subsequent years, the series was expanded, spanning a whole range of popular subjects and has now been rebranded, updated and relaunched in 2018.

With more than 1.75 million copies sold worldwide in thirty languages, the flagship book, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die celebrates more than a century of extraordinary cinema including the great, the groundbreaking, the popular and the niche. The book is a treasure trove of all that is best in world cinema.

This comprehensive volume brings together the most significant films from many countries, starting with La Voyage Dans La Lune in 1902 through to Black Panther in 2018. Every conceivable genre is featured, from action to Western, through animation, comedy, documentary, musical, thriller, noir, short, romance and sci-fi.

Each film is reviewed by one of a panel of more than fifty of the finest writers, critics, professors and filmmakers from around the world. The book is delightfully illustrated with 500 original film posters and hundreds of stunning stills and features quotes from directors and critics, together with the background stories of each film, interesting facts and figures.

Which films to include in the 1001 is inevitably a matter of judgment and opinion. Whilst the authors do not claim that these are the 1001 best films of all time, it certainly comes close. But more importantly the 1001 have great breadth in terms of geography, genre and the impact that they had on the public and on the development of film making.

The great writers, producers and actors are all featured and I was delighted that my own favourite films such as the Ealing Comedies, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and Groundhog Day are included in the 1001 along with Hitchcock, Bond and even The Beatles.

So, whether your passion is Bride of Frankenstein or Young Frankenstein, Last Tango in Paris or Strictly Ballroom, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die is a fabulous encyclopaedic source of information and the only film book that you will ever need.

As well as 1001 Movies, the other books in the 1001 series being reissued include 1001 Albums, Songs, Books, Guitars, Whiskies, Beers, Wines, Photographs, Paintings, Walks, Road Trips, Quotations, Ideas and Days that Shaped the World. Each volume provides a definitive and entertaining guide to an aspect of popular culture.

Steven Jay Schneider, one of the true connoisseurs of movie horror, has written, talked, taught and published extensively on all aspects of film.

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, edited by Steven Jay Schneider, is published by Cassell. Price is £20 for the paperback.

For more information about the book visit   

Seasonal Stationery

Stunning Stationery from Prezzybox

Stock up on your Christmas stationery from Prezzybox and get everything wrapped up in time for the festive season.

Save time on fancy wrapping paper with this eyecatching Personalised Whittington Christmas Sack.

Perfect for stashing the children’s Christmas gifts, this personalised present sack will make their day really special. The sack features your child’s name in bold red capital letters for easy identification and is the perfect way to sort out gifts, especially for large families.

The vintage-style Rudolph Express lettering and reindeer illustration has a charming alpine feel. The sack measures 80cm x 53cm and comes with one metre of branded crimson satin ribbon to tie around the top. Price is £16.99.

Get creative over Christmas with this stylish Personalised Children’s Colouring In Set. Perfect for making home made gifts, decorating Christmas cards and other seasonal craft activities, this high quality colouring set will have any child feeling like a real artist.

This beautifully crafted wooden box includes 63 pieces of artist’s equipment from colouring pencils to felt pens, crayons to paint. The box can also be personalised with your child’s name and first initial.

Perfect for a rainy day and creative activities, the box is fully portable and can be carried around easily with its sturdy handle and clasps which make sure everything stays in place. Price is £24.99.

This Personalised Pink Diamante Pen with a Built in Stylus will make the perfect festive gift for a work colleague or a handy item for your desk.

Ideal for writing Christmas cards, jotting down notes around the home, keeping in your bag, or using at work, this high quality pen features a bottom pink section and a top clear section filled with sparkly gems.

The pen writes in black ink and features a stylus on the end which is perfect for touch screen phones. It can be personalised with any name with up to 14 characters and comes presented in a black pouch, making it a delightful gift. Price is £9.99.

Add some magic and fun to your Christmas gift wrapping with this adorable Unicorn Tape Dispenser.

This cute white unicorn will brighten up your desk and has a rainbow mane and golden horn. Then from his back, you can dispense your tape which is rainbow coloured to match his mane.

Two rolls of tape are included in the set, which are easily dispensed and cut to aid your gift-wrapping. The perfect way to make wrapping your presents more fun and colourful. Price is £4.99.

Sharpen your pencils with this neat little Globe Plastic Sharpener. The perfect gift for any intrepid travellers, you can use it find your bearings and keep your pencils and crayons in tip top shape.

The globe spins on its axis and is exceptionally detailed with every country, sea and ocean labelled and correctly positioned, and is ideal for helping children with geography.

The sharpener is located in the base of the globe and you can stand it on your desk ready for use. Price is £3.49.

This Personalised Floral Notepad is perfect for anyone who needs to make notes and keep information handy at all times.

This pretty vintage floral design A5 notebook can be personalised with the recipient’s name or include a special message just for them.

This handy little notepad is filled with 40 double sided lined pages and is ideal for Christmas planning. Fill it with ideas for your festive gifts, your Christmas card list, shopping list, and important things that you need to do on the big day.

You’ll find it useful for organising your day to day routine and jotting down all those essential things you don’t want to forget. Price is £6.99.

For more information and to view the full range of gifts and stationery from Prezzybox click on

Traditional Stationery

Traditional Stationery from Historic Royal Palaces Shop

Historic Royal Palaces Shop offers a fabulous range of traditional stationery so that you can enjoy writing and Christmas the old fashioned way.

Return to the beautiful art of calligraphy with this timeless Feather Quill Gift Set. This classic feather pen set is the perfect calligraphy starter set and includes everything you need to get you started with beautiful handwriting.

The gift set includes six envelopes and paper, a fleur-de-lis design seal wax stamp, one gold sealing wax stick, one red sealing wax stick, one bottle of blue ink, a genuine further quill pen with calligraphy nib and two spare nibs for a variety of writing styles.

The calligraphy set also includes a guide to calligraphy booklet to help you. The feather quill gift set makes a beautiful and stylish gift. Price is £27.99.

This Personal Seal Set With Wax will make a fabulous gift for someone who enjoys writing letters.

Sealing is an art form steeped in history and the use of seals dates back to the Old Testament. The unbroken seal of a nobleman conferred authenticity and security in a world where communication was difficult and safe passage of the utmost importance.

Now you can keep the art alive with this small decorative initial wax seal stamp. Perfect for adding your stamp to letters as a distinctive and attractive way to decorate your correspondence.

The boxed seal set comes complete with a stick of red wick wax and instructions for use. Seals are available in letters A-Z. Diameter of the stamp is 2cm. Price is £12.99 for the set.

Store your key stationery pieces such as your pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, ruler and sharpeners in a regal pencil case with this smart Royal Victoria Luxury White Pencil Case.

Secured in place with a zip, the elegant design features Queen Victoria’s specially created iconic crown (which can be seen at the Tower of London) and a regal print inspired by the Honiton lace from her wedding dress.

A delightful gift for anyone who enjoys arts and crafts. Price is £12.99.

Invite your friends to your Christmas party the traditional way with this stylish Royal Palace China Boxed Party Invitation Set.

Decadent and refined these wonderful party invitations are perfect for party invites and feature 12 beautifully designed invitations inspired by royal palaces.

Taking its inspiration from the palaces in their care, including the delicate details from the rose gardens at Hampton Court Palace, the golden gates at Kensington Palace, the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London and Reuben’s ceiling in the Banqueting House. Price is £3.99.

Give your Christmas tree a fun historic theme with this delightful Henry VIII and Wives Tree Decorations Set.

Henry VIII is one of the most famous English kings, primarily due to his six marriages. The six women to be Henry VIII’s queen were, in order: Catherine of Aragon (annulled), Anne Boleyn (beheaded), Jane Seymour (died), Anne of Cleves (annulled), Catherine Howard (beheaded) and Catherine Parr (widowed).

Henry VIII and all six of his wives are reunited in this splendid set. Each double-sided decoration is beautifully handmade using metal and silk threads on a satin background to create wonderfully detailed ornaments.

These Henry VIII and wives tree decorations would make a fantastically unique addition to your Christmas tree.

Perfect for history lovers and Tudor enthusiasts. Henry VIII doll dimensions without hanging cord are height 12cm x width 6cm. Price is £55.00 for the complete set of six.

This stunning Leather Stationery Box is reminiscent of a bygone age – an attractive piece to be cherished and passed onto future generations.

Open the stationery case to reveal three drawers and six compartments for storing paper, stationery and writing accessories.

The leather stationery case neatly closes and has two brass handles making it easy to carry place to place.

This is a timeless piece and the perfect gift for the keen letter writer. Price is £350.00.

For more information about Historic Royal Palaces Shop visit the website at

Metallic Art Pens

Pen 68 Metallic Pens from STABILO

Add a touch of shimmer to your Christmas crafts with Pen 68 metallic pens.

New from your favourite pen provider, the STABILO Pen 68 Metallic is the latest glistening addition to the range.  With its selection of shimmery colourways and high-shine formula, it’s clear why this pen is the must have ‘tool’ for any writing, drawing or craft enthusiast’s kit. 

At the ready for the festive season, these pretty pens are great for Christmas crafts, from cards to gift tags to calendars.  And guess what? The fun doesn’t stop there!

Add a personal touch to your Christmas cards, wedding invites, party place settings or any other special occasions by showcasing your calligraphy skills to all of your guests in a marvellous, multi-coloured metallic script.

Armed with a robust fibre tip, the Pen 68 Metallic is durable and writes for as long as you need, plus it features a low-odour scent compared to alcohol-based competitors, making it perfect for kids who want to get stuck in to a mega crafting session. 

Personalisation is the craft of choice right now, from metallic monogramming to a note for that special someone.  The STABILO Pen 68 Metallic equips you to add your stamp to anything, whether it’s traditional paper or card, wrapping paper and even plastic or metal!

Available in a stylish presentation tin of six pens in five, watercolour-based colourways including silver, gold, bronze green and blue from priced at: Individual pens: £1.99 each Wallet of 6: £11.95, and Tin of 6: £14.34.

There’s a STABILO Pen 68 Metallic for every occasion! 

For more information about STABILO Pens please visit  

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