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Win RosehipPLUS
Oil and Day Cream

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with RosehipPLUS to offer one lucy reader the chance to win a bottle of RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil, together with a tube of RosehipPLUS Day Cream, to help your skin look fresh and glowing in the Autumn.

With A listers like Miranda Kerr and David Gandy still swearing by the benefits of Rosehip Oil it’s no wonder this most sought-after ingredient is still a huge skincare buzz in the industry. The benefits of Rosehip Oil are endless; from reducing the appearance of stretchmarks to soothing sun burn, and it can be used as part of a daily routine for both men and women of all ages, even those with the most sensitive skin. 

With so many products on the market, there’s only one which stands out from the rest…. the RosehipPLUS range, hot off the shores of Australia.

Certified organic cold pressed, every product in the RosehipPLUS range is sourced from the Southern regions of Chile. The oil is extracted from the seeds without heat, solvents or chemicals, guaranteeing the oil’s purity and quality.

Rosehip PLUS only uses the seeds from the rosehip berry, but some other oils can have a dark reddish hue, this is mainly due to the flesh from the berry being used.

Rosehip Plus is the ONLY range to remove the flesh from the berry before pressing, hence its warm golden colour. This one-of-a-kind technique means that the maximum levels of nutrients are retained, ensuring that skin gets all the goodness from Rosehip Oil.

RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil

This luxury oil is enriched with Vitamin A which works to fight the signs of ageing, Vitamin E – a powerful anti inflammatory, Vitamin C – this gives skin antioxidant benefits, Omega 3,6 & 9, Lycopene and Beta-Carotene.

The wonder oil also reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars with its hydrating properties while also working to fight the signs of ageing by minimising the appearance of fine lines and promoting skin elasticity.

RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil is £10.00 for 15ml and £25 for 50ml.

RosehipPLUS Hydrating Day Cream

RosehipPLUS Hydrating Day Cream, is a daily moisturiser enriched with pure Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, as well as chamomile, avocado and rose geranium.

These ingredients work together to support and encourage healthier looking skin. The day cream maintains skin hydration and softness while also protecting your complexion against fine lines. 

Price is £24.00 for 75ml.

Every product in the RosehipPLUS range is certified organic, so you know that only the best ingredients go into each product, meaning you get the best results for your skin.   

The RosehipPLUS range is available to buy from the following stockists:

John Bell & Croyden    

For Your Chance to Win

Tell us where are the individual ingredients
for the RosehipPLUS
range sourced from?

      a) Southern Italy
      b) Southern Chile
      c) Southern Spain
      d) Southern Mexico

To Enter the Competition

Tell us where are the individual ingredients for the RosehipPLUS range sourced from? Then send in your answer, with your name, address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

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Rosehip Goodies Competition

* This competition is open
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Beauty Products for Autumn

Best New Buys from The Body Shop

Turn your shower into a tropical delight when you use the new soap-free Mango Shower Gel from The Body Shop. This exotic bodywash will leave you feeling fresh, fruity and wonderfully soft.

With a sweet fresh tropical scent, this delightful gel features mango essence and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia. Price is £2.00.

The Body Shop also offers this luxurious Mango Softening Whipped Lotion. Lightweight, yet incredibly hydrating, this tropical mango scented lotion is sure to whip up your moisturising routine.

Use daily for skin that feels smoother and silky-soft. The lotion is easily absorbed and includes mango seed oil from India. With a fruity, tropical scent. Price is £8.50.

Jump straight into your jeans with Moringa Body Yogurt. With a lightweight formula, it absorbs into the skin instantly and provides up to 48 hours of moisture. Apply to damp skin straight after showering for skin that feels smoother and never sticky.

With the floral scent of moringa, this gel-cream is 100% vegan and enriched with moringa extract from Rwanda and Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain. 100% vegan, price is £8.50.

Hydrate dry lips with Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter.

This buttery balm melts onto the lips for instant moisture. It contains zesty pink grapefruit seed oil and has a lovely buttery texture.

It leaves lips feeling soft and smooth. Price is £4.50.

For more information about The Body Shop visit

The Ferrari of Tweezers

Rubis Classic Rose Gold Tweezers

MUA Bobbi Brown has just announced her favourite tweezer brand, the Rubis Classic Rose Gold Six Stars.

The Classic Rose Gold Six Stars is a high-quality cosmetic tweezer that facilitates a comfortable and precise use.

MUA Bobbi Brown states these are the ‘Ferrari of tweezers’

The slanted tips are ideal for plucking eyebrows, the removal of facial hairs and epilating unwanted hairs in other body zones.

The tweezers come complete with a pretty six star design on rose gold coloured steel. Price is £29.00.

For more information about Rubis Tweezers  click on

Wellness Beauty Products

MAGNETIX Wellness Perfumes

MAGNETIX is a jewellery and wellness product for men, women, children and pets that uses the powerful and positive effects of magnets! Travel, celebrations, emotions – perfumes revive the most memorable moments.

They emphasise our personality, give it a new facet. Their exclusive fragrances have been created by famous perfumers. They develop elegance, harmony and sensuality.

The essential oils of the Wellness perfumes have a positive effect on body and soul as the sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, the control point of our emotions. Seek out your personal, everyday fragrance. Every fragrance is dedicated to one of the MAGNETIX jewellery lines, making each truly unique.

The Flower of Life 50ml – a wonderful protective symbol that harmonises and strengthens. The perfect symbol for this fragrance which takes us in its arms like a good friend.

Light, warm and gentle, the perfume envelops and pampers us, particularly at stressful times. Gardenia and jasmine fragrances reduce anxiety and relax, rose gives us elegance, and vanilla gives us sensual warmth.

Balance of Life 50ml – Perfect balance, who does not want that? This fragrance symbolises the many facets of life that we so often lack in our daily life: warmth, sensuality, harmony and relaxation.

The perfume symbolised by the stylised jasmine flower envelops us in floral, cheerful fragrance: jasmine fragrance calms and reduces anxiety. Sandalwood has also been used for centuries for stress because of its calming effect. Rose, ambergris and musk in contrast are said to counter listlessness – their fragrance is reputed to have an aphrodisiac effect

Tree of Life 50ml – A fragrance that surprises and gives new life! Bergamot has a long-established use for anxiety, mandarin is said to cheer you up: their fragrance note refreshes and lifts the mood for many people.

Jasmine, sandalwood and leather envelopes us in a warm, sensual cloud of well-being that completely relaxes and re-energises. A positive fragrance with the tree of life symbol. It stands for a positive future – and that’s what we all wish for!

For more information about MAGNETIX visit

Beauty and Wellbeing Advice for October

Beauty and Hair Care Advice for October

By Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor, Sixtyplusurfers

It’s October and the weather is getting colder and the evenings are getting darker earlier. So how can you stay feeling happy, healthy and looking your best?

Here are my ten top tips for October.

1. Dress Up and Go Out Somewhere Special 

Life can often be hard, with tiring jobs, endless housework, bills to pay, families to look after, and the stress of everyday life. But everyone deserves a treat. So put a date in your diary to do something nice that you can look forward to and dress up for. You don’t have to work all the time!

It might be a meal out with your family or friends, a trip to the theatre or cinema, or why not plan a few days away at a lovely hotel or spa, where you can get away from it all and take a break.

If you don’t have the time or the money, then keep it simple. Have a meal at your local restaurant or go to the pub with your partner, a good friend, or family member. Whatever you prefer as your treat.

Take the chance to dress up, let someone else do the cooking, and forget your troubles for a few hours. You’ll feel great, and ready to face your daily routine again.

2. Eat Healthy Foods and Cut out the Junk from your Diet

It’s easy to get in a habit of eating junk food, especially if you’re often in a rush and don’t have the time to prepare  home cooked food. But get into a habit of eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, and you’ll soon see the benefits in your hair condition, skin tone and general wellbeing.

The occasional takeaway or burger is not a problem, we all enjoy it once in a while. So don’t feel guilty for a rare meal. But try and eat at least one nutritious meal a day if you can. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, a healthy lunch, or a good evening meal.

My favourite way to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables in one hit is what I call my ‘Power Salad’ and I try and have it for lunch most days if I can. (You can prepare it the night before and leave it in the fridge or a Tupperware container if you are busy during the day).

The salad is really easy to make – I vary it every day, and you can pile it high with lots of tasty things according to your preference. I like to fill mine with lettuce, spirilized carrots, some sort of fish for example sardines, salmon or mackerel, a few slices of avocado, some egg or low fat cheese, and a few pieces of fresh fruit such as grapefruit, raspberries and blueberries. The more colourful – the better!

This is all topped with a vinaigrette made with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar drizzled on the top. And if it’s nice weather, I take it in the garden and enjoy it. 

All the ingredients should be fresh and healthy. And you’ll feel the benefits.

3. Fresh Air and Exercise

It might be colder in October, but don’t forget to get some fresh air and exercise.

Walk to the shops sometimes instead of taking the car. Take a stroll or jog around your local park and enjoy the wildlife. Walk the dog, or join a Nordic Walking Club. The exercise will put some colour in your cheeks and make you feel less stale and stressed.

Try and find a sport or exercise class that you enjoy. I particularly like ballroom dancing as it’s a great way to dance, socialise and burn off a few calories. I also feel great and invigorated afterwards. I’ve made some lovely friends too.

Other things you might enjoy could be swimming, bowls, pilates, badminton, tennis, cycling or yoga. Or join your local gym and use the apparatus. If it’s something you love doing, you’re more likely to stay with it. Take it slowly if you are new to it. And always seek advice before trying anything strenuous if you haven’t exercised for a while.

4. Increase Your Energy and Feel Good

For many of us, feeling tired and lethargic half way through the day are sometimes things we ‘put up with’. However, headaches, mood swings and poor concentration can often be a result. But there is something you can do about it.

I’ve recently found a great new product from A.Vogel called Balance Mineral Drink and it’s a great way to increase your energy levels mid-morning when you’re starting to flag, or late afternoon during a long, tiring day when you feel you can’t go on any longer.

This delicious instant drink comes in a box of easy to use individual sachets and includes mineral salts, natural Vitamin D3 and zinc, which contributes to normal acid-alkaline metabolism.

You can either dilute the sachets with water, but I prefer to make it into a super smoothie by adding in half a banana, strawberries or raspberries and a few blueberries (as well as the water) and then popping the whole mixture into my blender for a lovely, nutritious drink.

A.Vogel Balance Mineral Drink  is a great way to give you more energy and reduce fatigue.

Available in all good chemists and the A.Vogel website. Price is £6.99 for 7 sachets or £19.50 for 21 sachets.

For more information visit  

5. Put on Makeup at the Start of Every Day

I make it a rule to put on makeup at the start of every day. Even if I’m not going out. It puts me in a good mood every day, and if I’m working from home, invariably I will see someone, even it it’s just the postman!

I would suggest keeping your makeup subtle but flattering. Just enough to put a bit of colour and life into your face. Start with a light foundation and concealer to cover any blemishes. Use a little blusher on your cheeks, some eyeliner – if you like it, a high quality mascara, and finally lipstick or lipgloss. You’ll then feel great and ready to start your day. It will always lift your spirits and you won’t feel embarrassed if someone visits you unexpectedly.

My favourite foundation is Max Factor Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation which has an easy to use pump action. It helps to protect your skin against the ageing effects of the sun and also keeps it moisturised. Offering UV protection and light reflecting pigments to maintain youthful skin, match the foundation with the skin tone of your jawline to find the right shade for you.

Available from Boots, Superdrug and all good chemists. RRP is £12.99.

For more information visit

6. White Smile and Dental Care

Get in the habit of smiling and laughing. Frowning is ageing and a big smile and a good sense of humour will make you look great, and others will enjoy your company. Have a laugh, don’t always take yourself too seriously.

If you haven’t visited your dentist for a while, now is a good time to book an appointment and keep your teeth in good shape, so you’ll want to show them off and smile.

It’s also important between visits to get into a good habit of flossing, careful and regular brushing and oral hygiene. Treat yourself to an electric toothbrush for an ultra white smile.

Many people don’t realise that smoking can discolour your teeth, give you bad breath and spoil your smile, so quit smoking and give up for good. And now is perfect timing, since it’s ‘Stoptober’ so there’s lots of help and advice available for you to stop.

Click on for help and advice about giving up smoking. 

7. Be More Mindful

If life is getting you down and you’re always stressed and on the move, then it’s likely that you feel shattered and down in the dumps for a lot of the time.

But I’ve found that if you take the time to be a bit more ‘mindful’ and take things a little slower you’ll start feeling more relaxed and find you have more energy to cope. This might sound a little ‘new age’ but it really works. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

So, for example, if you’re out and about, take a moment to admire the roses, listen to the birds, watch the children playing, enjoy the world around you ….

Make an effort, and even say ‘hello’ to a neighbour in your road or the people serving you in the shops. You’ll feel better, you’ll be happier, it will lighten your load, and brighten your day.

If you’ve fallen out with an old friend or member of the family, don’t put off sorting it out. Pick up the phone and make your peace. Being kinder, warmer, light-hearted, more easy going, and ‘letting feuds and vendettas go’, will make you happier, look better, and the people around you will want to spend more time with you. It’s win win!

8. Keep up with Technology and Embrace Change

Several years ago I was lucky enough to interview the talented singer, Lulu, who looks stunning, and I asked her the secret of her youthful looks. She told me that she always embraces new technology and keeps up with the latest trends.

I think we as 50 or 60 year olds really need to get conversant with the internet and social networking because otherwise we can tend to get left behind, she said in our interview. So be challenging and try new things.

I’ve always remembered this and tried to be brave when trying new things on the computer, keeping up with the latest mobile phones, and perhaps trying a new hobby which I didn’t think I would enjoy.

Doing something a bit different can often be lots of fun, challenging, and the start of something new in your life that you might benefit from. So give something new a try!

9. Hair Care for October

Take care of your hair and it will knock years off you. If you haven’t been to the hairdresser for a while, and need a trim or a reshape, then make an appointment and get your hair styled for the Autumn.

Your hairdresser will advise on colour, length or style. They will also give you tips on hair care, and maintaining your hair and scalp. I always go to the hairdresser armed with questions.

My lovely hairdresser, Heidi, recently advised me about dry scalp, which can often be a problem if you have the central heating on in the colder weather. She recommended trying a light tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner, rather than using a strong anti-dandruff shampoo, and it’s worked wonders on my scalp and hair condition.

I particularly like Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner, as it’s mild, refreshing and doesn’t strip the natural oil from my scalp. It also has a lovely fresh fragrance too.

Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner is available from all good chemists and Amazon at

10. Pamper Yourself

If you’ve had a long hard day at work or life has been stressful, then treat yourself to a lovely warm bath or a refreshing shower at the end of the day.

Then curl up in bed with your favourite book and have a little ‘me’ time. Spoil yourself for a change.

This gorgeous Pink Bloom Foam Bath from Marks & Spencer is the perfect way to make bathtime really relaxing. 

Beautifully presented in a pretty pink bottle with a pink bow and metallic stopper, this luxurious bath foam is filled with the delicate scents of rose and geranium so that you can dream of far away holidays while you soak in the bath. Price is £15.00 for 500ml or £3.00 for 10ml.

For more information click on

And this month as a special treat, we’ve teamed up with RosehipPLUS to offer one lucky reader the chance to win RosehipPLUS Oil and Cream. A lovely treat for the Autumn. So don’t forget to enter!

Have a great October

Jenny x

Hair Care Products

Design.ME Hair Care Range to Create Salon Quality Hair Styles

Want a new hair styling range that offers top salon quality formulations and benefits?   Want a styling range that will breathe life into your mane, but at prices that won’t make your hair stand on end? Take a look at the Design.ME Hair range, from one of the fastest growing professional hair companies in North America.

Used by hairstylists and consumers worldwide and housed in fun, colourful and fresh packaging, with playful names like Puff.ME, PowerDRY.ME and Fab.ME. This imaginative, innovative and ground breaking hair styling and care range is guaranteed to liven up your hair and your shelf.

Offering the very best formulations to give hair sheen, oomph, volume and styling speed, these high quality styling products are cruelty-free, sulphate, paraben and gluten free.  

Their fantastic 18-in-1 Multi Benefit Fab.ME spray is the mother of all hair treatments. Breathing new life into your mane with the spritz of a bottle, this versatile product has 18 amazing benefits in just 100ml making it the perfect travel essential.

The four defence formula will give you back your youthful, fabulous hair in a matter of seconds! Mist on clean damp hair, comb through, blow-dry, and style.  Fab.ME is all kinds of fabulous on all kinds of hair types.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I really like this neat little hair revitaliser. I have long, unmanageable hair which can look a real mess in the morning, and this fabulous spray is a great way to revive it when I don’t have time to wash it.

I can just spray it on the tangles and then brush it into my hair or work it in with my fingers, and then it brings my hair back to life making it look fresh and shiny.

It’s also great to use on damp hair after washing as a styling spray. Simply towel dry your hair, spray a little on your hair where it needs it, and then comb or brush it through. Then dry your hair as usual. Fab.ME gives your hair a lovely shine and luxury feel.

A great buy for styling your hair professionally at home. Price is £18.09.

The Design.ME hair styling range is available in Sally stores nationwide and online at

Lip Protection for Autumn

Ormedic Sheer Pink
Lip Enhancement

Ormedic Skin Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex from Image Skincare is the perfect way to keep your lips in great shape as the weather cools down.

This new limited edition sheer pink lip enhancement complex is specially designed to enhance the appearance and volume of your lip contours.

This ultra-hydrating, powerful polypeptide lip enhancement complex will add up to 40% of moisture volume with repeat usage.

Diminishing the look of fine lines, it also soothes dehydrated lips. This anti-ageing polypeptide lip complex visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Use it to keep your lips hydrated in the morning and evening while adding volume to your lips. Anti-ageing benefits increase with continued use.

Product benefits:

Nourishing – Organic avocado oil contains high amounts of Vitamin E, an excellent emollient oil

Messenger Peptides – Stimulates collagen renewal by 350%.

Mica – A natural mineral tint provides a sheer pink gloss.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I tend to get dry and cracked lips, particularly in the morning, so I was keen to try Ormedic Skin Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex.

I liked the neat little tube which is perfect for keeping in your handbag or makeup bag ready to use.

The gentle pink gel has a lovely fruity fragrance and you only need a tiny drop to coat your lips. With a sheer pink finish you can wear it by itself as a moisturiser or as a gloss over lipstick.

It’s also very gentle to use at night before going to bed and will leave your lips feeling silky soft in the morning. A great buy for the Autumn.

Ormedic Skin Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex is available to buy from Image Skincare. Price is £25 for 7ml. Proceeds will also benefit the Care for Skin Foundation.

For more information visit the website at

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