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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win Twist & Spritz
and Alesha Dixon
Amethyst Perfume

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with The Fragrance Shop to offer one lucky reader the chance to win Twist & Spritz and Alesha Dixon Amethyst Perfume. 

The perfect “fragrance anytime, anywhere”, the Twist & Spritz filling system makes it incredibly easy to fill from a wide range of bottles in just two steps.  Beauty addicts can simply remove the inner bottle from their Twist & Spritz, before placing the valve over the exposed nozzle of the fragrance bottle to fill it up with perfume.

Twist & Spritz bottles hold 8ml of fragrance, which equates to 100 sprays, guaranteed to last your whole holiday, keep you fresh  and fragrant on a long day out, or for repeated use at a formal occasion.

To fill your Twist & Spritz we are also giving away Alesha Dixon’s signature fragrance Amethyst which represents the calming Amethyst crystals at the core of precious stones.

Opening with a light citrus sparkle of orange flower, bergamot and a touch of neroli and pear on top the heart of the fragrance combines orange blossom with red rose, pink pepper, black pepper and cinnamon.

The base is rich in resins and woods spirals amber, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, cashmeran, tonka, olibanum, heliotropin and oudh.

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For Your Chance to Win

Tell us the name of
Alesha Dixon’s
signature fragrance?

          a) Crystal
          b) Emerald
          c) Diamond
          d) Amethyst

To Enter the Competition

Tell us the name of Alesha Dixon’s signature fragrance? Then send in your answer, with your name, address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

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Twist & Spritz Competition

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Hair Care Products

Design.ME Hair Care Range for Salon Quality Hair Styles

Want a new hair styling range that offers top salon quality formulations and benefits?   Want a styling range that will breathe life into your mane, but at prices that won’t make your hair stand on end? 

Take a look at the Design.ME Hair range, from one of the fastest growing professional hair companies in North America.

Used by hairstylists and consumers worldwide and housed in fun, colourful and fresh packaging, with playful names like Puff.ME, PowerDRY.ME and Fab.ME. This imaginative, innovative and ground breaking hair styling and care range is guaranteed to liven up your hair and your shelf.

Offering the very best formulations to give hair sheen, oomph, volume and styling speed, these high quality styling products are cruelty-free, sulphate, paraben and gluten free.  


Their fantastic 18-in-1 Multi Benefit Fab.ME spray is the mother of all hair treatments. Breathing new life into your mane with the spritz of a bottle, this versatile product has 18 amazing benefits in just 100ml making it the perfect travel essential.

This fabulous four defence formula will give you back your youthful, fabulous hair in a matter of seconds!

18 Product Benefits


1. Colour fade protection

2. Split end smoother

3. Breakage prevention

4. Free radical and heat damage protection

5. Revitaliser for hair’s natural protective layer

6. Protection against environmental damage


7. Detangling

8. Enhanced manageability

9. Reduced blow-drying time

10. Static reduction

11. Frizz control

12. Porosity control


13. Light conditioning

14. Shine and lustre

15. Hydration

16. Hair strengthener

17. Enhances volume

18. Silky feel

How to Use Fab.ME

Mist on clean damp hair, comb through, blow-dry, and style.  Fab.ME is all kinds of fabulous on all kinds of hair types.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I really like this neat little hair revitaliser. I have long, unmanageable hair which can look a real mess in the morning, and this fabulous spray is a great way to revive it when I don’t have time to wash it.

I can just spray it on the tangles and then brush it into my hair or work it in with my fingers, and then it brings my hair back to life making it look fresh and shiny.

It’s also great to use on damp hair after washing as a styling spray. Simply towel dry your hair, spray a little on your hair where it needs it, and then comb or brush it through. Then dry your hair as usual. Fab.ME gives your hair a lovely shine and luxury feel. A great buy for the summer. Price is £18.09.

The Design.ME hair styling range is available in Sally stores nationwide and online at

Great Beauty Product

New NIVEA Sunshine Love Shower Gel

Many of our cherished summer holiday memories involve relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and the unique smell of our favourite sun cream. How many times have you wished that you could bottle up that moment, to enjoy your favourite traces of summer all year round?

Introducing Sunshine Love from NIVEA Shower – the UK’s number 1 sun cream scent now in a shower gel format. Now you can bring that nostalgic scent of summer to your everyday routine and re-ignite those sunshine-infused holiday memories.

NIVEA Sun is the UK’s number 1 sun cream scent and people just can’t get enough of the heavenly smell, with mega fans using their sun cream all year round!

Now sunshine lovers can enjoy the holiday feeling every day, whatever the weather, with a feel-good shower experience with NIVEA Sunshine Love Shower Gel. The product does not provide sun protection.

NIVEA Sunshine Love Shower Gel is available nationwide. RRP is £1.99.

For information click on

Haircare Advice for the Summer

How to Have the Best Hair Possible

By Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley

Anabel Kingsley looks at how to get the BEST hair possible, how to ensure that your hair gets all that it needs for healthy growth, the impact that dieting has on it and what you can do to can help reduce thinning.

Anabel explains, “Our hair is a non-essential tissue; while it has huge psychological importance, we could easily survive without it. This means the body never prioritises its energy requirements and when we restrict nutrient intake, hair is first to take a hit.”

She advises, “A balanced diet containing all food groups is key as hair is made of protein, making adequate daily consumption of protein highly important. At our Clinics in London and New York, we encourage clients to eat an 120g portion of a ‘complete protein’ (approximately a palm sized amount) with breakfast and lunch when nutrient requirements are greatest.

“Good examples are eggs, fish, lean meat, poultry and low-fat cottage cheese. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you must be mindful of food combination, as well as quantity, to make sure you are taking in all essential amino acids and in great enough amounts.”

The most common problem seen in Trichological Clinics is telogen effluvium (increased diffuse daily hair shedding). This is a reactive type of hair loss that occurs 6-12 weeks after a physiological, although sometimes psychological, upset or imbalance. It can be triggered by similar things in men and women, the most common being a high fever or illness, a dietary deficiency or following a bereavement or period of intense stress.

Certain causes are more common in women like iron and ferritin (stored iron) deficiency. Anabel Kingsley comments, “This is because women lose blood, and therefore iron, once monthly when they have their period. Restrictive eating habits may also affect a woman’s hair more readily than a man’s as women need a higher percentage of body fat to keep their systems healthy. There are also triggers of increased hair shedding that are specific to women – for instance, hair loss occurring after having a baby (post-partum hair fall).”

Taking a holistic approach, Philip Kingsley supplements are formulated specifically for the hair’s unique nutritional requirements. They must be taken alongside a healthy diet for maximum benefit. Split into multivitamins; Tricho Complex (for hair) and Root Complex (for scalp), to get the most out of your hair and boosters; PK4 Soya Protein Boost and Biotin Boost, to provide additional nutrients which may be lacking in diet. 

Root Complex for Scalp Concerns – Two a Day

Root Complex is the ultimate scalp multivitamin, a rich anti-inflammatory formula with anti-oxidant properties.  Ideal for those with problematic scalps, this innovative supplement contains the scalp and hair follicle essential nutrients, Omega 3, Silica, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E, to achieve optimum scalp conditions. This dual capsule tackles dandruff, eczema, scalp flaking, irritation and dryness with a unique combination of ingredients.

The first delivery system of its kind with this blend, Root Complex is contained within an ultra-modern ‘pill in a pill’, where an inner capsule of dry ingredients lies suspended in an outer encasing of oil ingredients. This ensures optimum absorption and maximum effect. Each ingredient works to keep the scalp environment supple and healthy from within.

Omega 3 – key ingredient for reducing inflammation whilst nourishing the hair follicles and adding shine

Collagen – rich in amino acids, the building blocks of hair to strengthen and add elasticity

Silica – an anti-oxidant to improve blood circulation stimulating flow to the scalp • Vitamin E – an anti-oxidant to maintain healthy skin and help boost the immune system

Vitamin D3 – essential for cell turnover

Co-Enzyme Q10 – an anti-oxidant to neutralise free radicals

Selenium – contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair

BIOTIN BOOST  for Maximum Hair Strength – One a Day

Biotin Boost helps bolster the strength and resilience of the hair with essential components Biotin (Vitamin H), Zinc and Vitamin B12 which are prescribed in the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics daily. It is ideal for those who wish to maximise the strength of their strands. It is recommended for those who have a low protein diet, as well as vegans, vegetarians and those who are gluten free. It can be taken in conjunction with the other supplements to boost nutrient levels where Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin B12 are low.

Biotin – contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair

Zinc – contributes to the maintenance of normal hair strength

Vitamin B12 – helps keep red blood cells healthy which carry oxygen to tissues Addressing hair and scalp problems from the inside out, this complements the PK4 Soya Protein Boost and Tricho Complex multivitamin.

Alongside these supplements Trichotherapy includes: Stimulating Scalp Mask, Exfoliating Scalp Mask, Scalp Toner, Tricho 7 Daily Scalp Drops as well as the Tricho Pro Volumizing Protein Spray. The Stimulating Scalp Mask stimulates the scalp to help improve hair texture and manageability, whereas the Exfoliating Scalp Mask removes dead skin cells, counteracts the build-up of flakes, calms and soothes whilst the Scalp Toner energises to create the optimum scalp environment.

The Tricho Pro Volumizing Protein Spray and Tricho 7 Daily Scalp Drops are each designed to help maximise fine & thin hair.  Best results are seen after 12 weeks of taking the pills and using the Trichotherapy products, in line with the cycle of hair. Biotin Boost is £30 for a four-week supply, Root Complex is £38 for 60 tablets, Tricho Complex is £45 for a 60 day supply and PK4 Soya Protein Boost is £30 for a four-week supply. 

About Anabel Kingsley

Anabel Kingsley is a Trichologist at Philip Kingsley, the leading authority in hair and scalp health, what she doesn’t know about hair probably isn’t worth knowing!  As well as overseeing all the communications for the Philip Kingsley brand, she has made multiple appearances on QVC, and has written hundreds of articles for international magazines and websites ranging from Harpers to Tatler, Good Housekeeping to Huffington Post to InStyle and Women’s Health.

Anabel graduated from Canterbury University with a First Class Degree with Honours in History, specialising in the History of Medicine. She started her career at Philip Kingsley in 2006, moving to New York to manage the New York Trichological Clinic for 3 years. In 2009 she returned to London to become part of the Philip Kingsley Marketing and New Product Development Team. Anabel has grown up among trichologists, and is qualified and practises herself. She is an Associate Member of The Institute of Trichologists, graduating with a distinction, as well as receiving ‘The Award of Excellence’. She has a vast interest and knowledge of the hair and scalp, with a particular interest in nutrition.

For more information about the Philip Kingsley range click on

Pampering Collection

Ragdale Hall Spa
Time to…Be Happy Pampering Collection 

We could all do with a little lift sometimes, and the new Ragdale Hall Spa Time To…Be Happy range is the perfect excuse to take some ‘me’ time and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Refreshing and revitalising, the collection is bursting with invigorating scents of passionfruit and lemon peel extracts to really uplift and awaken the senses.

Exclusively created and approved by expert therapists at the award-winning Ragdale Hall Spa, the Time to…Be Happy Collection features five uplifting products to recreate the most luxurious spa-at-home experience:

Time to…Be Happy Nourishing Hand Cream, £5.00 

This rich, conditioning hand and cuticle cream, with a unique moisturising complex, will leave your hands feeling noticeably soft and smooth. With this non-greasy formula, enriched with almond oil, hands will feel nourished and moisturised

Time to…Be Happy Refreshing Shower Burst, £6.00

Feel revived and refreshed with this luxurious shower burst, enriched with passionfruit, lemon peel extracts and Vitamin E Beads to give you a boost for the day ahead. Its rich and creamy lather will make your skin feel soft and gently cleansed

Time to…Be Happy Aromatherapy Body Mist, £6.00

Elate your senses with happy, sparkling citrus notes. This uplifting fragrance blend complimented by mandarin, geranium and eucalyptus essential oils has been formulated to promote a happy and joyful atmosphere  

Time to…Be Happy Softening Body Sorbet, £8.50

This light and airy softening body sorbet with a cooling and non-greasy texture will leave skin feeling quenched and silky smooth

Time to…Be Happy Radiance Polish, £6.00

Skin feels smoother and softer with this luxurious radiance polish. Exfoliating natural bamboo micro grains leave skin looking radiant and feeling satin soft and hydrated 

The launch follows the opening of Radgale Hall Spa’s NEW Rooftop Infinity Pool, which features reclining underwater massage jet seating, coloured underwater lighting, an infinity edge and is heated to a soothing 35 degrees – yet another reason to be happy!

The Ragdale Hall Time to…Be Happy collection is available now exclusively in M&S stores nationwide and

Great Beauty Products

NIVEA Body Mousse

While it’s nice to take care with your body routine to ensure skin is nourished and well moisturised, sometimes thick lotions and creams are just too sticky and don’t absorb quickly enough. That’s why NIVEA has launched its new Body Mousses.

Not only do they provide deep and long-lasting moisture, they are also super easy to apply and absorb immediately, so you can get dressed quickly and get on with enjoying your day. Available in three new variants, NIVEA Body Mousses will be your new summer essential!

How do they work?

*  New Innovative aerosol technology – delivers a highly caring emulsion formula via a fun and new application format with a lightweight fresh feeling. The weightless mousse formula melts into the skin to reveal a smoother, softer skin texture.

* 48 Hours hydration – the formula is infused with NIVEA Deep Moisture Serum, a unique composition of carefully selected, superior ingredients including a moisturiser identical to the one naturally found in the skin. It also contains moisture-locking lipids that help lock moisture into the skin, while a blend of rich, caring oils delivers a smooth skin result.

* Free From Tensides – the formula is also free from tensides (foaming ingredients often used in shower products), thickeners and parabens.

To apply, simply shake the can to activate the mousse, and then dispense the mousse upright into the palm of your hand. Apply the mousse to the body to reveal smoother skin with 48 hours of moisturisation. The fast absorption ensures you can then get dressed immediately with no waiting around for thick lotions to sink into the skin – perfect for the warmer summer months when all you want to do is spend time outside!

Choosing the right Body Mousse for you

With three new variants to choose from, you’re sure to find a NIVEA Body Mousse to leave you feeling confident in your skin and ready to enjoy whatever your day holds.

For a summer scent explosion try NIVEA Body Mousse Wild Raspberry & White Tea:

* Infused with a floral and fruit scent, NIVEA Body Mousse Wild Raspberry & White Tea is suitable for those with dry skin and is sure to invigorate the senses with its unique new fragrance. The colourful design will also ensure that the product looks great on your bathroom shelf!

NIVEA Body Mousses are available in a choice of NIVEA Body Mousse Wild Raspberry & White Tea, NIVEA Body Mousse Nourishing and NIVEA Body Mousse Smoothing. RRP is £3.99 for 200ml.

For details visit

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