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Win 4711 Original
Eau de Cologne

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with 4711 UK to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a bottle of 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser Original Eau de Cologne.

Are you looking for a new scent? Recognised worldwide as one of the oldest cologne brands, 4711 has amassed a loyal following that spans over 200 years. The traditional German fragrance is available in a range of products including: Eau de Cologne (50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 400ml and 800ml), Care Shower Gel, Cream Soap and Cool Stick.

The hidden formula of the aqua mirabilis, also known as miracle water, has been a well-kept secret for centuries and emphasises the actuality of its historic roots. Perceived as invigorating and soothing in equal measure, ingredients include the unmistakable aroma of bergamot, lemon and orange to revitalise your mind, body and soul.

With blends of lavender and rosemary to relax and steady any nerves and a note of neroli to soothe and guarantee a positive attitude. The secret formula of 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser is still appreciated across the globe to this day and makes the aqua mirabilis an absolute classic without comparison.

Lather up your 4711 Cream Soap and Care Shower Gel to leave your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth. Adding to the sensational floral scent and historical qualities of the iconic fragrance, douse yourself with the original 4711 Eau de Cologne, or refresh your body with Nouveau Eau de Cologne Splash & Spray.

If you’re feeling fruity, spritz yourself with modern scent of 4711 Lemon and Ginger or Blood Orange and Basil Spray Cologne. Beat the heat with the soothing 4711 Cooling Stick, a concentrated cologne stick designed to revive the senses.

So what are you waiting for? Add some tradition to your perfume collection today!

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser Original Cologne is available from Boots and online from Amazon. RRP is £17.49, 100ml.

For Your Chance to Win

Tell us which ingredients in 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser Original Eau de Cologne help relax and steady your nerves?

a) Rose and Marigold
b) Jasmine and Violet
c) Chamomile and Mint
d) Lavender and Rosemary

To Enter the Competition

Tell us which ingredients in 4711
Echt Kölnisch Wasser Original Eau de Cologne help relax and steady your nerves? Then send in your answer, together with your name, address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry
4711 Eau de Cologne Competition

* This competition is open
our UK readers only

* Names and addresses of entrants will not be shared by third parties and will be deleted after the prize draw has been made

Beauty Gifts for Christmas

Beauty Gifts from Marks & Spencer

Check out the spectacular range of beauty gifts from Marks & Spencer.

This beautiful Blush Fragrance Set is a wonderfully unique gift. The set includes the refreshingly captivating Blush fragrance and matching soap flowers.

Float these beautiful soap flowers in the bath and sink back while feminine floral notes like bergamot, cassis and violet fill the air. The perfect way to revive your spirits and lift your mood. Price is £20.

The Ultimate Skincare Gift Set is the ideal choice for when your skincare collection needs an update. This beauty gift pack comes with everything needed to establish an amazing morning and evening facial routine.

A wonderful way to try out the Formula Absolute range, this skincare set comes with a hot cloth cleanser and cloth, elixir, neck and décolleté cream, all in one SPF day cream and sleep cream. Give your skin the nourishment and love it deserves with this Formula Absolute gift set, presented in a gold box with a bow. Price is £30.

Indulge the senses with this luxurious Red Luxe Hand Duo. This gorgeous set includes a cleansing hand wash and moisturising lotion both infused with the delicate and enticing scent of rose.

Housed in a decorative box with a beautiful ribbon, this set of hand wash and lotion is perfect for gifting to a loved one. Price is £12.50.

This pretty Florentyna Cosmetic Purse little travel set will make a charming Christmas present for all ages.

This cosmetic purse gift set comes with a mini Florentyna eau de toilette and a 50ml Florentyna hand and nail cream.

Presented in a little purse, this fragrance gift set will leave your wonderfully scented like a medley of gardenia, jasmine lily of the valley, orange blossom and musk. Price is £12.50.

M&S also offers a fabulous selection of gifts for men. This Woodspice Grooming Gift will make a lovely gift for a loved one.

This classic fragrance set includes Woodspice original aftershave, soap, talcum powder and a pocket comb. The perfect gift set for use at home or to take travelling with you. Price is £12.50.

For information about Marks & Spencer visit

Best Buy for Youthful Skin

L’Oreal Revitalift Smoothing Serum

Over time, the skin becomes less firm and less elastic. Two types of wrinkles can line your face: horizontal wrinkles and vertical wrinkles. They harden your expression, making you look sad or tired.

For 20 years the L’Oréal laboratories have developed formulas for anti-wrinkle and firming efficacy as part of the Revitalift range. Discover its serum formula, ultra-concentrated with anti-ageing actives for an immediate and intense action.

This formula is enriched with Adenosine, a powerful anti-wrinkle active to combat the signs of ageing and Fibrelastyl, a firming complex that helps to reinforce for extra-firm skin. Benefits include anti-wrinkle, extra firming, hydrating and smoothing. Skin is immediately hydrated and looks smoother.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I was recently given L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Hydrating Smoothing Serum as a gift from a friend. I was a little sceptical at first, but am now a big fan and it’s an essential product in my makeup routine.

Simple to use, use the handy dropper to deliver a small amount of serum in the palm of your hand. Then dab a little on your laughter lines, forehead and anywhere else you get wrinkles.

The results are instant and it’s a lovely way to revive you when you look tired at the end of the day and want to go out.

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Hydrating Smoothing Serum is available from Superdrug. Price is £12.99 for 30ml.

For details visit

Beauty and Wellbeing Advice for Christmas

Top Tips for a Happy and Healthy Christmas

By Dr Hilary Jones, GP & Health Broadcaster

Christmas is notoriously about indulging and ‘getting merry’ with those close to you – but it’s important to take a step back and think about your health, as well as the health of your family and friends, before the festive season commences.

We asked Dr Hilary, GP and Health Broadcaster, to share his top tips.

1. Avoid the temptations

Did you know, the average British person consumes 6,000 calories on Christmas day, three times the average daily amount for women? And let’s not forget the calories of alcohol.

Despite its association with merriment, alcohol is actually a depressant – and it lowers your sleep quality. Its weekly recommendation is 14 units a week which equates to seven 175ml glasses of wine or seven pints of lager, so don’t be afraid to say no to that extra glass of mulled wine!

Top Tips to Try

There are some easy ways to eat healthily over the holidays. Choose anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate over the super sweet liqueur filled selection; seek vitamin rich foods such as sweet potato, spinach and broccoli to keep your energy levels up. Limit your alcohol intake and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

2. Keep an eye on loved ones

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to organise a gathering and catch up with friends and family.  It also gives you the chance to ensure your relatives, friends and neighbours, who you may not have seen in a while are healthy and happy.

Look out for any changes – for example, feelings of lethargy or weakness may be an indicator of type 2 diabetes; physical unsteadiness may be an indication of osteoporosis; and being asked to repeat what you have said may highlight a hearing problem. So, be alert to even small differences, as latest research shows that hearing loss can increase someone’s chance of developing dementia by 2-5 times if left undiagnosed.

Key Issues to Look For

Be attentive to any deterioration in your loved ones’ health – you are much more likely to notice any changes than they are, especially if you haven’t seen them for a while.  It might be a good time to gently suggest a health check-up.

If you notice your family member or friend is having difficulty following the conversation, suggest they get their hearing checked by booking in for a free hearing test at their local Hidden Hearing branch by calling 0800 037 2060 or visit

3. Stay physically active

A shocking survey by the British Heart Foundation revealed that British people spend an average of 178 hours sitting down over the festive period.

Make sure you’re not one of them by staying active this Christmas! 

Top Tip to Try

Something as simple as a daily walk has been shown to improve your health. A study by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress found that just 15 minutes of brisk walking a day can add up to seven years to your life4, so why start your daily walks before the Christmas season commences?

Alternatively, if you want to stay indoors and avoid the cold weather, get in some exercise by playing games with your younger family members, whether that be a kickaround with a football or an exaggerated version of classic charades!

4. Take it easy

Try not to stress out too much over fitting in every dinner or party invitation, or the seasonal strain on your finances – you don’t have to say yes to everything. Enjoy the holidays by spending time doing what you want to do rather than constantly catering for the needs of others. 

A survey of 1,000 Brits revealed that 81% of people find Christmas stressful, so it’s important to switch off and take some time for yourself.

Top Tip to Consider

Stop thinking about your Christmas checklist and schedule in some quiet time to de-stress, either by reading a book, relaxing in a bubble bath or just by sitting down and watching a movie.

It may be a good idea to do your Christmas shopping in advance to avoid the crowds, freeing you up to spend more time relaxing with or without friends and family. If you feel as though stress might be getting on top of you, visit your GP for advice and support.

5. Set yourself a New Year’s resolution

See the New Year as an opportunity for re-evaluating where you are in life, and where you’re headed. Set yourself some goals to make 2019 your happiest and healthiest year yet.

New Year’s resolutions are a great opportunity to infuse your brain with extra motivation, but it’s important not to be too ambitious when setting your resolution – make sure it’s something you really want to achieve. 

Top Tip to Consider

Take time to really consider areas in life you wish to improve – perhaps you want to start a new fitness regime, get a promotion at work or write a book – create a realistic timeline for yourself to make your goal achievable. 

This could also be made fun for the whole family, a friendly competition to keep you all motivated. Each member of the family can choose one or multiple goals and together you can check-in regularly on your progress, with rewards being offered at each milestone.

6. Hydrate your skin and eyes

Our skin contains mostly water so keeping it hydrated inside and out is essential for preventing premature ageing and promoting a healthy glow. During the winter, the cold weather can cause your dry patches to intensify and become flaky, so it’s important to moisturise.

It’s not just your skin that gets dehydrated during the festive season, your eyes do too. As the cold wind blows on your face, your eyes often think they’ve got something in them and try to flush the irritant out with watery tears. These tears aren’t the kind that hydrate the surface of our eyes, and instead they become drier as a result!

Top Tip to Try

Try a moisturiser that smooths and supports the skin’s natural protective barrier – every day we lose dry or dead skin cells, so using rich moisturisers on flaking skin is often too little, too late. Using a lighter moisturiser will have the dual benefit of boosting protection from cold weather without being too heavy on the skin and will also allow light to reflect from a more even surface, giving a more radiant complexion.

To keep your eyes hydrated, the new OPTASE Eye Spray (£15.99 available in Boots) has a unique composition of sea buckthorn seed oil rich in omega-3s, and hydrating sodium hyaluronate to soothe the delicate skin around the eyes and boost elasticity.

Hair Care Products

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil with Tea Tree, Borage and Rosemary

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil is a totally natural hair & scalp treatment, formulated as an alternative to synthetic treatments and shampoos which can strip natural oils from the skin and dry out sensitive scalps, aggravating conditions such as scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema or dandruff.

This gorgeous blend of different oils – herb-infused oils of nettle, calendula and chickweed, antimicrobial and stimulating essential tea tree and rosemary oils, incredibly nourishing hemp and borage seed oils – gives hair and skin exactly what they need to stay clean, healthy and hydrated. You can use Skin Salvation Scalp Oil as an intensive overnight conditioning treatment for the whole scalp or apply just to areas that need some extra care.

Although it’s called Scalp Oil, this is actually a brilliant oil which has so many other uses all over the body!

As a beard oil: with its invigorating, herbal scent of tea tree and rosemary, it makes a really great conditioning beard or ‘tache oil, smoothing, moisturising and softening facial hair of any shape or size!

As a foot rub: because we use naturally antimicrobial rosemary and tea tree oils, this blend makes a fantastic massage oil for feet that get hot, sweaty, itchy and tired! Keep toes and other areas clean and fresh with daily applications of the oil.

As a topical rescue oil: fantastic for all kinds of skin emergencies because it’s so incredibly rich in nutrients and is packed full of naturally anti-itch, antiseptic, antibacterial essential oils. Dab onto areas that need some TLC without the harsh synthetic ingredients. Great for reducing blemishes or purifying the skin.

As an inhalation oil: add several drops to a bowl of steaming water to clear stuffy heads and noses.

Pro-parent anti-nit tip: it can even help ward off those annoying little visitors and is excellent for smoothing hair out for comb-throughs.

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil is totally free from parabens, petrochemicals, preservatives or perfumes, which makes it perfect for dry skin and also suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, itchy, flaky or sore scalps, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and other dry skin conditions.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I have a very dry scalp and often have to resort to prescription steroid creams, which I particularly want to avoid, so I was delighted to try Skin Salvation Scalp Oil, a natural alternative.

I loved the pleasant fragrance of the oil and handy dropper so I could decide how much oil to dispense. I used a little in the problem areas I have behind my ears and more generously on my scalp and massaged it gently in. It was lovely and soothing, and there was no sting, as with many of the other products I use.

In the morning, I washed my hair and my scalp was lovely and smooth, much of the dryness and problem areas were so much better. I’ve been using it regularly whenever I get a flare up. The area around my ears has completely healed, and my scalp is now feeling more moisturised and less itchy.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who has an issue with eczema and dry scalp and is looking for a natural alternative to prescription products.

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil  is available in 50ml (£14.99) and 100ml (£25).

 Find the full Skin Salvation Range For Dry Skin at Holland & Barrett, Ocado or online at

Winter Skin Care

Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment from Purepotions

Award-winning Skin Salvation is a fantastic, hemp-based, all-natural and all-purpose salve. A go-to skincare gem for those in the know, it will soon be a staple in every household!

Skin Salvation is one of those cult products that those canny enough to own can feel a certain amount of smug pride in discovering! It works as a brilliantly effective ointment for kids and adults of all ages and skin types.

One Balm: So Many Uses

Skin Salvation works as a fantastic nappy salve or protective balm for chapped baby cheeks and dribble rash, and is now gaining renown as the best new balm on the market for tattoo aftercare.

The ointment has been a staple of professional makeup artists’ toolkit for years because of its extraordinary powers to calm down inflamed or blotchy skin before big events.

It’s even a great salve for chefs to put on cuts and burns, for mountaineers to use on cracked, dry hands, or outdoorsy types to use as an emergency balm for chafing, cuts, grazes or wind-burn.

Made with simple, no-nonsense, biodegradable and sustainable ingredients – beeswax, organic hemp seed, olive and safflower oils plus biodynamic herbal tinctures of chamomile, calendula, chickweed and nettle (grown for us in the UK) – Skin Salvation leaves out the perfumes, preservatives, petrochemicals, parabens and PEGs of other high street moisturisers and unlike most skincare, is genuinely, 100% natural.

Although Purepotions have been around for a while, their much-loved pure and gentle natural skincare catering for those living with eczema and other chronic skin conditions, they’re now under exciting new ownership and are on the up and up.

Rich in essential fatty acids, the balm nourishes thirsty skin, locks in vital moisture, and keeps external irritants out. It softens, soothes and protects dry skin, forming a semi-occlusive barrier to support the skin’s natural cycle of regeneration and repair.

It’s eczema-friendly and hypoallergenic, perfect as a natural emollient for those who can’t tolerate paraffin-based creams or moisturisers with potentially-irritating synthetic ingredients.

Follow the expert lead of beauticians, chefs, nurses, gardeners, athletes, MUAs, tattoo artists and mums; this is definitely a product to watch!

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I tend to get dry hands, particularly after cooking, so I was delighted to try Skin Salvation.

This rich, moist balm has a lovely olive fragrance and is absorbed quickly into the skin. It leaves your hands feeling moist and protected. And it’s perfect for reviving it after you’ve been outside in the cold weather.

My skin can be sensitive so I prefer to use natural products, and this is gentle to use and very soothing. It’s ideal to use at bedtime, and then you wake up in the morning with lovely soft hands.

I also found Skin Salvation very effective on my feet. It was lovely to massage it into my heels and dry skin on my feet after my ballroom dancing class. I would also recommend it for people who enjoy walking to soothe tired and aching feet.

Skin Salvation is available from

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