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Win Twist & Spritz

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with The Fragrance Shop to offer three lucky readers the chance to win the new luxury Twist & Spritz.  

Twist & Spritz is the ultimate handbag essential. It allows you to transport your favourite perfume in a travel-sized 8ml atomizer, and is light and easy to carry.

Elegant and chic, the new stylish, textured bottle design is available is available in a selection of on-trend shades.

To use it, simply remove the inner bottle from their atomizer before placing the valve over the exposed nozzle of the fragrance bottle. Twist & Spritz allows you to hold 8ml of fragrance, equating to at least 100 sprays which is sure to last your whole holiday, weekend away, or day out with family and friends.

How many of us have had broken perfume bottles in suitcases and had fragrances confiscated at airport security? The benefits of using Twist & Spritz mean that you no longer need to worry about this. The atomizer is completely travel-friendly in its compact unbreakable bottle.

Carrying your fragrance in a lightweight container also means that you will no longer suffer from backache by travelling with a heavy handbag. It’s also small enough to slip into an evening bag so you can take it along to a formal occasion.

The brand new, luxurious Twist & Spritz Brushed Metals range is available from The Fragrance Shop, Price is £12 each.

For information about Twist & Spritz click on

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Beauty Gifts for Christmas

The Best Ingredients for the Cold Weather

Winter is definitely here – and Dr Marc Ronert and Janna Ronert, Founders of IMAGE Skincare, tell us the best ingredients to look out for during this season.

Here are four products that pack the punch from IMAGE Skincare.

VITAL C Hydrating Facial Oil

Janna Ronert, Founder and CEO, IMAGE Skincare explains, “Oils help keep water in our skin by forming a barrier water cannot cross. VITAL C Hydrating Facial Oil is a light weight oil infused with botanicals that helps reinforce your skin’s natural lipid barrier.

“A rejuvenating blend of sea buckthorn, moringa, and grapeseed oil help to visibly brighten tired skin. Grapeseed oil has an extra advantage in that it quickly hydrates chapped skin for a soothing effect. Also, argan and avocado oil are powerful skin conditioners which soften skin while preventing moisture loss.

“To really help your skin fight against winter dehydration, there is also squalane in the formula. Squalane is naturally present in your skin’s lipid barrier, and this extra boost not only helps that barrier, but also restores flexibility and suppleness.”

Price is £65.00 for 29ml.

I MASK Hydrating Recovery Mask

Marc Ronert M.D. PH.D, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of IMAGE Skincare says, “The key player in the mask base is an amino acid complex which is a blend of essential and non-essential amino acids. For a quick biology brush-up, essential amino acids are those your body cannot make on its own and non-essential are those your body can make on its own.

“However, stress and other factors can affect your body’s ability to make non-essential amino acids. Why are these molecules so important? Amino acids are the building blocks of peptides, which are molecules that signal our bodies to undergo certain processes, such as collagen synthesis. Amino acids are also an important part of our skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF). While all twenty amino acids are amazing, there are a few that are really beneficial for skin.

“One amino acid in our formula is Lysine, which helps visibly firm skin’s surface. Also, leucine and proline are known to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Next, Methionine neutralizes damaging substances before they can harm skin, and damaged skin shows through the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Price is £40.00 for a pack of five.

VITAL C Hydrating Intense Moisturiser

Janna says, “Hyaluronic acid is not only the gold standard of hydrators, but it’s also the MVP in our moisturiser. The miracle molecule is naturally present in your skin and can bind a thousand times its weight in water molecules, getting to work instantly and pulling water molecules from the air into your skin.

“Unfortunately, hyaluronic acid concentrations decline in your skin as you age. But thankfully, you can supplement these with cremes and moisturisers. Another key player in our moisturiser is shea butter. Soft and supple, shea butter helps keep moisture levels steady while also softening skin. If you have sensitive skin, there’s no need to worry — our moisturiser is physician formulated with sensitive skin in mind.”

Price is £74.00 for 50ml

VITAL C Hydrating Repair Crème

A rich, reparative crème, Vital C Hydrating Repair Crème was made to combat irritation due to dry skin. During the winter months, the wind can be harsh on your skin, leading to redness and uncomfortable irritation. While you may not have needed a thicker creme during summer, using a richer product can help protect against the biting cold and nipping winds.

Dr Marc explains, “Since our product is designed for maximum moisturising and hydrating powers, there’s a whole slew of powerful, beneficial, and natural ingredients in the formula to shield your skin and keep it healthy and hydrated. First up are ceramides, which are lipid molecules found in our cell membranes. They help hold skin cells together, like a glue, which form a shield to retain moisture.

“Since harsh winter weather can accelerate the loss of natural lipids, fortifying your skin’s natural barrier is important to protect it from harm. Ceramides help build the barrier and protect from moisture loss. Of course, there’s also hyaluronic acid, arguably the best hydrator molecule. This super-team helps keep skin moisturised even hours after application.”

Price is £80 for 59ml.

For more information about IMAGE Skincare visit

Sixtyplusurfers Beauty and Hairstyles Interview

Bryony Blake from ITV This Morning

Interview by Jenny Itzcovitz

Recovering from the Christmas festivities and making a fresh new start for the New Year, can be a difficult time with skin looking tired and hair needing extra care and conditioning. Bryony Blake, Beauty Expert for ITV This Morning shares her top tips for Winter Makeup and Hair Care and gives you her expert advice about how to look your best and feel fabulous in 2019.

What beauty trends we can look forward to for the New Year?

“This year I think we’ll be seeing a lot more colour on the eyes. People are getting bolder and more experimental with colour so I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of that. I also think big brows and long lashes are still going to be popular so they will be staying put too.”

Over indulging and late nights over the party season can leave skin looking tired and jaded. What tips would you recommend to renew your skin and bring it back to life?

“It is still so important to always take your make off after a long night. I like to use an oil based cleanser as I feel it my skin feel really clean but also hydrated. The other thing that really helps is to use a face mask once a week. As this can really help to brighten and nourish your skin.”

What beauty essentials should we be carrying in our Winter makeup bags?

“A really good moisturiser with an SPF. People assume you only need SPF in the Summer but the Winter cold can also really burn your face, so I always recommend it to protect your skin no matter what the weather. A lip balm is also essential and I’m obsessed with them!

“I have one in every bag I own. I also love to change my perfume from Summer to Winter and I especially like a mini handbag size one, just in case.”

What do you recommend as the best anti-ageing tip or product? Are there any new products we should look out for?

“I think just looking after your skin and making sure you’re using the right products for your skin type is essential. I like to use a massaging tool before I go to bed to help with blood flow and tighten my skin.

“When it comes to makeup, try and keep everything fresh and not too matte. I find creamy based products are more flattering the older you get. I hate the word anti ageing – we should be embracing our age and having fun with makeup. You’re never too old to look and feel fabulous!”

What beauty advice would you suggest for a special evening out?

“I always try to get people to mix up their beauty routine from day to night. When you’re going out in the evening or somewhere special you want to feel special so I suggest either making your eyes the focus or your lips.

Maybe also try a brighter lip colour or just use a smudgy eyeliner to smoke up your eyes.”

Do you have any beauty New Year’s resolutions that our readers should consider?

“Try something different. A lot of the time people tend to get in a makeup rut, so try something new for a few days and see how you feel!”

What hair care tips would you advise for the Winter to keep your hair in good health?

“I like to use a leave in conditioner in the winter as I find your hair can get quite dry and brittle.”

I understand you also do the makeup for Strictly Come Dancing. Can you tell us a bit about this and your highlights?

“This year is my 10th year of doing Strictly Come Dancing and it really is a Makeup Artist’s dream job. Not only do I work with some of the most talented people in the industry and we are constantly learning from each other but you are challenged every day on the show.

“I mean it’s not every day you have to make someone into a puppet one minute and then transform them into a ballroom dancer!!

It’s crazy, and the buzz and the excitement that comes from the makeup room is just the best. It’s the hardest and most challenging job I do, but it’s also the best!”

The National Television Awards take place in January. How did you feel when ITV This Morning won the award for the Best Daytime Show last year?

“I felt hugely proud and privileged to be part of such a wonderful show. I’ve been such a fan of ITV This Morning, way before I ever worked on it and now to be part of this iconic show is such an honour. I do honestly have to pinch myself sometimes.”

What do you enjoy most about working on ITV This Morning and being part of such a fabulous team?

“I love everything about being part of ITV This Morning. I feel I’m so lucky as I get the best of both worlds. I get to be in the Makeup Room with all the amazing makeup girls and guys, and help get people ready to go on the show.

But then I also get to be on the other side of the camera too and be an expert for the show, which is just so much fun. It really is a big ITV This Morning family, and that’s just so lovely.”

Catch Bryony on This Morning, weekdays, 10.30am on ITV. To vote for ITV This Morning at the National Television Awards visit

For more details visit

The Body Shop Treats

Beauty Treats from
The Body Shop

Treat yourself to some new natural beauty products from The Body Shop to brighten up your look for the New Year.

The Body Shop offers the gorgeous range of Colour Crush™ Lipsticks in a full selection of seasonal shades.

A slick of this creamy, moisturising lipstick delivers a pop of high dose colour. With a subtle rose scent and Community Trade marula oil to help hydrate your lips. You’ll want one in every shade. Price is £8.00 each.

Illuminate your face and create a sun-kissed glow with Shimmer Waves. These clever compacts can be used in a number of ways for gorgeous make-up results.

Swirl all the colours together for a shimmering blush or use the shades separately to highlight and contour your cheekbones. Need a little shimmer on your eyes? Pick a shade and sweep it all over your eyelid or dust the colour in the inner corners of the eyes for a lovely glistening glow.

100% vegan and dermatologically tested, Shimmer Waves can be used on your face, cheeks and eyes. Price is £16.00.

Delicately scent your skin with Pink Grapefruit Eau de Toilette. This delightful fragrance has a fruity floral aroma with gentle bursts of grapefruit and sugarcane essence to create a uniquely fresh fragrance.

This long lasting Eau de Toilette includes Community Trade sugarcane essence from Brazil. Price is £9.00 for 30ml or £30.00 for 100ml.

Spoil yourself with this fabulous Berry Bon Bon Hand Cream. This creamy, non-greasy formula works wonders for dry, winter skin. Enriched with cranberry seed oil from North America, just smooth it in and rub your hands together.

This gorgeous treat smells just like winter berries freshly foraged from the forest. Enriched with Community Trade shea butter from Ghana, Community Trade soya oil from Brazil and Community Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil. 100% vegetarian. Price is £5.00 for 30ml and £16.67 for 100ml.

Spritz on this Satsuma Scented Body Mist for long lasting zestiness. Infused with satsuma and sugarcane essence, it’s irresistible. 

This fragrance body mist includes cold-pressed satsuma essence and has an ultra-fine mist. Made with Community Trade sugarcane essence from Brazil. Price is £8.00 for 100ml.

The Body Shop was originally set up in Brighton in 1976 when founder, Anita Roddick believed that her  business could be a force for good. In 1987, The Body Shop launched Community Trade, pioneering fair trade in the beauty industry. Today, they have suppliers in over 20 countries around the world, sourcing the finest raw ingredients and traditional skills from around the planet – benefiting local communities in return.

For more information visit the website at

Best Buy for Youthful Skin

L’Oreal Revitalift Smoothing Serum

Over time, the skin becomes less firm and less elastic. Two types of wrinkles can line your face: horizontal wrinkles and vertical wrinkles. They harden your expression, making you look sad or tired.

For 20 years the L’Oréal laboratories have developed formulas for anti-wrinkle and firming efficacy as part of the Revitalift range. Discover its serum formula, ultra-concentrated with anti-ageing actives for an immediate and intense action.

This formula is enriched with Adenosine, a powerful anti-wrinkle active to combat the signs of ageing and Fibrelastyl, a firming complex that helps to reinforce for extra-firm skin. Benefits include anti-wrinkle, extra firming, hydrating and smoothing. Skin is immediately hydrated and looks smoother.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I was recently given L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Hydrating Smoothing Serum as a gift from a friend. I was a little sceptical at first, but am now a big fan and it’s an essential product in my makeup routine. Simple to use, use the handy dropper to deliver a small amount of serum in the palm of your hand. Then dab a little on your laughter lines, forehead and anywhere else you get wrinkles.

The results are instant and it’s a lovely way to revive tired skin at the end of the day and want to go out. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Hydrating Smoothing Serum is available from Superdrug. Price is £12.99 for 30ml.

For details visit

Hair Care Products

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil with Tea Tree, Borage and Rosemary

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil is a natural hair & scalp treatment, formulated as an alternative to synthetic treatments and shampoos which can strip natural oils from the skin and dry out sensitive scalps, aggravating conditions such as scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema or dandruff.

This gorgeous blend of different oils – herb-infused oils of nettle, calendula and chickweed, antimicrobial and stimulating essential tea tree and rosemary oils, incredibly nourishing hemp and borage seed oils – gives hair and skin exactly what they need to stay clean, healthy and hydrated. You can use Skin Salvation Scalp Oil as an intensive overnight conditioning treatment for the whole scalp or apply just to areas that need some extra care.

Although it’s called Scalp Oil, this is a brilliant oil which has so many other uses all over the body! As a beard oil: with its invigorating scent of tea tree and rosemary, it makes a great conditioning beard or ‘tache oil, smoothing, moisturising and softening facial hair of any shape or size!

As a foot rub: because it includes naturally antimicrobial rosemary and tea tree oils, this blend makes a fantastic massage oil for feet that get hot, sweaty, itchy and tired! Keep toes and other areas clean and fresh with daily applications of the oil.

As a topical rescue oil: fantastic for all kinds of skin emergencies because it’s so incredibly rich in nutrients and is packed full of naturally anti-itch, antiseptic, antibacterial essential oils. Dab onto areas that need some TLC without the harsh synthetic ingredients. Great for reducing blemishes or purifying the skin.

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil is totally free from parabens, petrochemicals, preservatives or perfumes, which makes it perfect for dry skin and also suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, itchy, flaky or sore scalps, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and other dry skin conditions.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I have a very dry scalp and often have to resort to prescription steroid creams, so I was delighted to try Skin Salvation Scalp Oil, a natural alternative. I loved the pleasant fragrance of the oil and handy dropper so I could decide how much oil to dispense. I used a little in the problem areas I have behind my ears and more generously on my scalp and massaged it gently in. It was lovely and soothing, and there was no sting, as with many of the other products I use.

In the morning, I washed my hair and my scalp was lovely and smooth, much of the dryness and problem areas were so much better. I’ve been using it regularly whenever I get a flare up. The area around my ears has completely healed, and my scalp is now feeling more moisturised and less itchy.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who has eczema or a dry scalp and is looking for a natural alternative to prescription products. Skin Salvation Scalp Oil is available in 50ml (£14.99) and 100ml (£25).

Find the full Skin Salvation Range For Dry Skin at Holland & Barrett, Ocado or online at

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