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Win Happy Daisy
Eau de Toilette

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Accessorize to offer one lucky reader the chance to win Happy Daisy, a gorgeous new floral fragrance.

Following the sweet-smelling success of their debut fragrance, LoveLily, high street favourite. Accessorize is launching a brand new eau du toilette scent this spring.

The fruity scent opens with fresh notes of raspberry and orange, moving into heart notes of green notes, pepper, violet, cyclamen and jasmine. It finishes with base notes of caramel vanilla, delicate musk, orris and sandalwood.

Taking inspiration from its floral namesake, the beautifully intricate faceted bottle is adorned with a crystal top with an encased coral daisy, which perfectly complements the neon coral pump and collar.

The vibrant and uplifting fragrance has been created by leading industry experts, Fragrance and Beauty Creations Ltd.

Happy Daisy is available from Accessorize and The Perfume Shop. Price is £19 for the 75ml Eau de Toilette.

For more information about Happy Daisy visit

For Your Chance to Win

Tell us which fresh fruit notes are included in the Happy Daisy fragrance?

a) Apple and banana
b) Melon and grapefruit
c) Raspberry and orange
d) Strawberry and vanilla

To Enter the Competition

Just tell us which fresh fruit notes are included in the Happy Daisy fragrance? Then send in your answer, with your full name, postal address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry Happy Daisy Competition

* This competition is open
our UK readers only

Great Beauty Products

Eye Opening Tips to Fight Dark Circles

Have you ever been bustling along and had your mood take a hit, because a glance in the mirror revealed that you didn’t look like the go-getter you felt like? Dark circles under your eyes can make you feel like you’re as tired as you look.

The skin around and under your eyes is much thinner and more delicate than most other areas of skin. Sometimes this means that the skin around your eyes simply needs a little extra TLC.

These favourites from IMAGE Skincare, are perfect for features on eye products to help firm, brighten beautify the skin around the eyes, cosmeceutical skincare, paraben and cruelty free beauty.

Eye Woe: Ageing, fine lines & wrinkles, dry, sensitive skin

Eye Opener: MAX stem cell eye crème with Vectorize-Technology, £68, 14ml

This next generation revolutionary day and night eye crème contains high concentrations of growth-factors derived from plant stem cells to protect skin cells and prevent ageing effects caused by free radical damage.

USP: Vectorize-Technology™ encapsulates active ingredients into layered spheres, releasing them for up to 48 hours. Plant-derived stem cells reduce wrinkle depth n 100% of subjects after 28 days of application. Beautifeye™is clinically proven to lift sagging skin strengthen dermal structure, fade dark circles and reduce crow’s feet by 34%

Eye Woe: Dry, dehydrated, puffiness, fine lines

Eye Opener:  VITAL C hydrating eye recovery gel, £49, 14ml

This Ultra-hydrating Vitamin C/hyaluronic gel smoothes and diminishes fine lines while providing instant hydration to the eyes.

USP: Argireline NP® a topical alternative to Botulinum Toxin A decreases furrows by 32% in 28 days, and Haloxyl reduces dark circles by 19%

Eye Woe: Dark circles, ageing, fine lines & wrinkles, eyelid laxity

Eye Opener: AGELESS total eye lift crème, £48, 14ml – the retinyl (retinol-derivative) glycolic blend tightens the skin, while chamomile, green tea and coneflower soothe tired and dehydrated eyes. Improves firmness of skin, decreases capillary permeability and increases lymphatic circulation, while decreasing puffy bags under the eye.

USP: Exclusive polypeptide blend EYELISS™,  improves firmness of skin, increases lymphatic circulation and decreases puffiness below the eyes.

Three top tips from Janna Ronert, CEO & Founder for helping to tackle dark circles

1. Get Allergies Under Control 

People tend to blame lack of sleep for dark eye circles and puffiness, but if you suffer from seasonal allergies, an extra nap may not be the answer. Seasonal allergies can cause inflammation, especially in the blood vessels in your face – and that’s particularly noticeable in areas with thin, delicate skin, i.e. under your eyes. An over-the-counter antihistamine might be the answer, but if that doesn’t work or causes unwanted side effects, check with your doctor for a prescription solution.

2. Plump Up Your Pillows

Sometimes, it’s not the amount of sleep you’re getting, but the position you’re sleeping in. Try sleeping on your back and adding an extra pillow or two – this can help prevent fluid and blood build up under your eyes and could be a powerful anti-puffiness solution.

3. Food Therapy

Good news: chocolate can help. No, seriously. Foods high in flavonols, such as higher percentage dark chocolates, can fight dark circles under your eyes. For once, chocolate therapy is better for more than just your soul! Omega-3 fatty acids are another great skin-saver. Indulge in your favourite nuts and up your protein intake. 

IMAGE Skincare is an evidence-based clinical skincare company, providing professional skincare products and effective skincare solutions. The most innovative brand in the industry, IMAGE Skincare consistently produces the latest anti-ageing, balancing, hydrating and illuminating technologies to further its mission of helping the world to Age Later™.

For more information about IMAGE Skincare visit

Sixtyplusurfers Makeup Advice for the Spring

Makeup for the Mature Lady

By Karina Scoffield, Makeup Artist

Hello Sixtyplusurfers! My name is Karina Scoffield and I am a qualified Makeup Artist based near Bath. When doing make overs for mature women I often get asked what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their make up. In this article I will include a step-by-step guide of personal recommendations and techniques.

Women in their golden years need not hang up their make up bags or try to make themselves look younger. There is no age limit to when wearing cosmetics should cease. Embrace and enhance your beauty at all the stages in your life. As our skin changes we simply sometimes have to change the way and techniques of how we apply and what products we use. Don’t be scared and have fun with it!

Skin preparation

One of the most important parts is skin preparation. We need to create the perfect base! A great base will help all the make up sit on the skin well and not slide.

1. To start with – Wash, cleanse and tone your face and then pat dry. I personally use the Simple range which I find amazing for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.

2. Moisturise – All good skin preparation needs a really good moisturiser, after the previous step leave skin for a few moments before you start moisturising. For oily skin, be liberal when applying. There are many great moisturisers out there, from serums and milks to cream. When buying check the packaging for antioxidants, SPF and vitamins as these will protect and keep your skin hydrated.  For my mature clients I personally use and recommend products from the Olay range and Clarins but there are so many good ones out there.

3. Primer – All great foundation application starts with having well primed skin. Primers give a smooth base, helping the foundation and makeup apply smoothly and evenly. It can help conceal pores, hide fine lines, blur redness and blemishes prior to make up application.

There are so many great primers available, here’s just a few I think work great; Bobbi Brown Vitamin Rich Primer, Angel Veil Primer from NYX and Olay’s Anti-Wrinkle 2-in-1 Moisturiser Anti-Ageing Primer.

Now we are ready to get our make up on!

Makeup Application

1. Foundation – Don’t go for a heavy foundation. Keep it light.

Try a liquid foundation which is suitable for mature skin and doesn’t accentuate your age lines.

Choose a product that is not sticky and will give you a great natural appearance. You can also try to use a touch of reflection foundation.

Apply the foundation with a good foundation brush, painting it gently yet firmly enough to paint on the product for a flawless finish.

Alternatively use a damp natural sponge, using a press and roll motion for good coverage.

Try to stay away from foundations with a matte finish and go for more of a sheer or dewy finish.

2. After leaving the foundation to settle – We then need to set it and apply the powder. Powder should be the same colour, blend away and not be visible. Using a velour powder puff is the most effective way of applying the powder. Use a brush around the eye area to apply liberally, so as not to accentuate fine lines. You could also use a large make up powder brush to create more of a sheer look rather than the velour powder puff.

3.  Concealer – When it comes to concealers choose a light reflective one, ideally in liquid form. This can give a glowing sheer finish while correcting blemishes. Due to the light and thin texture it makes it one of the least likely to crease throughout the day and evening. You can also get colour corrective concealers, they come in different forms and colours and in cream or liquid form, and this should be applied before foundation. If using a powder concealer apply it on top of your foundation.

When selecting the colour/shade you are concealing, it is a good idea to use af colour wheel as a reference. For example, to help reduce redness you would use a green corrective colour. These can be applied by lightly using a concealing brush or using your fingertips, avoid being too heavy in the application. See the Colour Wheel for reference below.

4. Contour – Don’t be afraid to contour especially for evening make up, it can be great for adding extra definition. Just be subtle with it and don’t apply it too thickly. It can come as a cream or a powder, personally I would recommend a powder one without a shimmer to it. I use NYX contour powder pallet and find it works really well for mature skin. One of the most important things in make up is to blend. Blending is everything!

The diagram below shows areas where to lighten and add shade.

 5. Let’s talk Brows – Eyebrows are possibly the most defining aspect of the face. As we age our eyebrows can start looking a bit sparse and/or lose their colour. Brush your eyebrows through with an eyebrow brush or a clean, disposable mascara brush. I would recommend using a powder similar to your colour or even slightly darker, and go with your natural brow shape.

No two brows are ever the same so don’t worry if they are not completely identical, look at them as “sisters” and again just working the natural form and shape of each. To apply, use an eyebrow brush. I personally recommend brushes from Morphe, MAC or Real Techniques.

6. Eyeshadow – When choosing eyeshadow I would recommend going for neutral shades such as nudes, peaches and soft browns. Avoid eyeshadows which have a shimmer or metallic finish as unfortunately they bring out lines around the eyes. If you are wanting a darker and more defining look, take a darker brown or taupe shade and blend it on top of the neutral shade. Lightly take a brush and apply it to the crease line and blend it well.

7. Eyeliner – With eyeliner aim to not be heavy handed when applying. Choose kohl or gel liners rather than liquid, going for browns and greys. If you do wish to go for a black just dot the pencil between your lashes and blend with a soft brush. This method can also be used with lighter colours which will giver a softer look.

8. Lovely Lashes – To start with I would recommend investing in a set of eyelash curlers! These can be purchased in places such as Boots and Superdrug. Curling your lashes lifts them, giving a big change by making your eyes look more open.

For mascara I would recommend using a volumizing one. As we get older our lashes can become slightly sparser and this can help thicken them. I personally find Benefit’s They’re Real mascara does an incredible job without having to layer it up much at all.

Waterproof mascaras are especially good and recommended if your eyes tend to water. Go for a darker mascara rather than a brown which can have a tiring looking effect.

When I apply mascara, I start with the bottom lashes and apply liberally using very light strokes making them look thicker without the spidery effect. I then go on to the top lashes starting from the centre and working my way to the outer corners of the eyes, giving a lovely lifted look.

Remember to be liberal and light with application, you can layer and build rather than using a harsh application to begin with.

9. Blush and Bronzer – When choosing a blush or bronzer go for a cream or a liquid, avoid powders.To apply I would recommend using your fingertips and apply sparingly to the apples of your cheeks blending upwards. Build up to what you feel comfortable with.

We experience hormonal changes in skin as we get older, this can leave us getting very hot and red in the cheeks. For this I recommend a peach coloured bronzer, which will give a radiant glow to the skin and help to reduce the redness on the cheeks. Pinks and reds when applied lightly can also give a lovely natural look and glow.

10. Lips – As we get older our lips become dry, we need to get those lips fresh and glowing again! To start with lip primers can be really good for anti-feathering. You can prevent bleeding of your lipstick by taking your foundation and powder to the lip line.

When choosing a lipstick also choose a lip liner of a similar colour. With age our lips can also lighten, lining with a pencil will make the lips look fuller.

Steer clear of shimmery and matte lipsticks and opt for a sheer or satin texture. If you have thinner lips be brave and take the pencil out to the outer corner of your lips.

Bright lipsticks can really make a smaller mouth and lips look bigger and fuller, stay away from darker colours or shades. Have fun with the colours and don’t be afraid to try something more vibrant!

11. Hair – Always go for regular cuts and more suitable trends over blindly just following fashion.

Now more then ever people are embracing their natural hair colour and the way it changes. However adding highlights or lowlights can be a great way of adding colour and help to give the illusion of thicker hair,especially if you have thin hair.

Look after your hair! Healthy, clean hair always looks good whatever your age. Shampoo regularly and condition to give hair a lovely clean shine. Treat yourself to a hair mask every so often which will help to keep your hair looking its very best.

Though all of this information may be daunting, don’t fret! Make up is meant to be liberating and fun at its core. Experiment, as we all come in different shapes and sizes. These are just some helpful pointers and a reference to aid those who want to look good at any age.

All the best, Karina xx

Great New Fragrance

Amo Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo’s new fragrance is a celebration of modern femininity. “Amo” – Italian for “I Love” is the declaration of a free-spirited young woman who is ready to seize the world and all that it has to offer. This is a women who acts instinctively … she dares, she seduces.

I Amo Ferragamo! I Love Ferragamo

The Fragrance

Amo Ferragamo is a daring, modern accord of glamour and passion. The fragrance opens with explosive personality.

Featuring top notes of Italian Bitter, Blackcurrant and Rosemary. The heart is light and feminine as Jasmine Sambac melts with the brightness of Mate Absolute and Rhubarb. The dry down finishes with a woody sweetness. 

The unique sensuality of Amo Ferragamo stems from a delicate blend of White Vanilla Tahitensis Absolute, Ambrox and Sandalwood.

Suki Waterhouse, actress and model is the star of the campaign. A millennial icon and young woman of versatile talent, she embodies the passion and spirit of Amo Ferragamo.

Amo Ferragamo is available in three sizes. Choose from the 30ml Eau de Parfum Spray £45, or the 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray £65, and the 100ml Eau de Parfum Spray, £87.

Amo Ferragamo is available from The Fragrance Shop.

For further information visit the website at

Handy Beauty Product

Twist & Spritz

We all have a signature fragrance that we turn to for special occasions, holidays, nights out, or simply to relive the wonderful memories it evokes. However, it can be a real pain carting around a 100ml bottle of your favourite scent, especially moving into the summer season when you are out and about, at a restaurant, a guest at a wedding, or at a tea dance.

Now thanks to Twist & Spritz from The Fragrance Shop you can transport your favourite perfume into a handy and chic 8ml atomizer, in a range of 18 gorgeous shades.

The perfect way to get “your fragrance anytime, anywhere”, the Twist & Spritz filling system makes it incredibly easy to fill from a wide range of bottles in just two steps. Beauty addicts can simply remove the inner bottle from their Twist & Spritz, before placing the valve over the exposed nozzle of the fragrance bottle.

Twist & Spritz bottles hold 8ml of fragrance, which equates to 100 sprays, guaranteed to last your whole holiday, wedding or festival.

Twist and Spritz comes in 18 fashion-forward shades, with a high-shine metallic finish, and slim, sleek design.

For the fun-loving festival goer there are hero shades including purple, light pink, blue, green and red.

For the discerning traveller, there are sophisticated precious metal inspired hues of polished silver, gold and trend led rose gold. Price is £10.

For more information visit the website at

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