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Spring Fit Skin with Nourish Facial Oil

Botanicals beauty products for the Spring

Is your complexion fit for spring? Has the winter taken its toll on the health and beauty of your skin? Does it feel dry and sore, look dull and lifeless and lack that certain spring sparkle?

If so, reach for Botanicals organic Nourish Facial Oil (rrp £22.50 for 30ml) and give your skin the extra TLC it needs at this time of year. The natural nourishing and revitalising benefits of this special organic oil blend will help pamper your complexion and get it healthy and happy, ready for spring.

Botanicals Nourish Facial Oil is especially formulated to care for the needs of dry and mature skin. Containing certified organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba, Green Tea, Rose Oil, Palmarosa and Rose Geranium, this lovely light oil nurtures and nourishes skin, boosting moisture levels and adding a dewy softness to your skin.

Botanicals Nourish Facial Oil

Antioxidant-rich Rose and Green Tea also help fight free radical damage to improve the health and beauty of your skin and help reduce signs of ageing. What’s more, the synergistic benefits of these certified organic oils helps add radiance and a spring sparkle to the complexion.

Botanicals Nourish Facial Oil is 100% natural, certified organic and like all Botanicals products, is sheer pleasure to use. It has a delicate aroma that smells simply divine, has a lovely luxurious feel on the skin and is readily absorbed, leaving no greasy residue. Using Nourish Facial Oil daily also produces clearly visible improvements in the look and feel of the skin.

To enhance the benefits of using Nourish Facial Oil, Wendy Stirling, founder of Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare, recommends including some simple massage techniques in your skincare routine.

Wendy says, “By massaging your skin with Botanicals rose-infused facial oil you’ll be helping to increase circulation, relax muscles, oxygenate cells and expel toxins. So spare some time for your face each morning; it will work wonders for your skin but also aids relaxation.”

For ‘Spring Fit’ skin, follow Wendy Stirling’s five-step self-massage tips below:

1. Place ‘prayer hands’ over nose and firmly sweep out to temples – repeat 3 times

2. Fingertip tapping over whole face and neck – count to 10

3. Circle ring fingers around both eye sockets – repeat 3 times

4. Using alternate hands, lift from neck up to chin firmly and quickly – repeat 6 times both sides

5. Sweep fingers across forehead down the side of face to the décolleté – repeat 3 times

Using the pure power of plants Botanicals creates beautiful botanical formulations that adhere to strict performance and ethical standards. Ecological products derived solely from sustainably produced, approved sources, free from artificial colours, fragrances and petrochemicals, including parabens, and are as close to nature as possible. Botanicals skincare products are also cruelty-free, not tested on animals and suitable for vegans.

Botanicals is one of only a handful of companies specialising in skincare to have its entire range licensed by the Soil Association, the world’s most stringent and well-respected certification body. Botanicals is also endorsed by animal welfare charity, Naturewatch Foundation, which has the strictest endorsement criteria for cruelty-free products in the world and is listed in the Compassionate Shopping Guide.

The range is available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores and online from

Marks & Spencer Launches Super Hydrate Range 

Super Hydrate Range from Marks & Spencer

Renowned for its innovative use of natural ingredients, all of which are sustainable and responsibly sourced, M&S Pure skincare announces the launch of Pure Super Hydrate to its skincare range. This latest addition looks to the skincare benefits of sloes for instant and lasting hydration.

Foraged by hand from the rural English and Welsh countryside, sloes are an incredible source of powerful antioxidants including beta-carotene and vitamin C plus moisture boosting polysaccharides.

Packed with ingredients recognised for their high water-binding capacity to support skin’s moisture retention including glycerine and hyaluronic acid, Pure Super Hydrate delivers 12 hours of continuous hydration to leave skin radiant, glowing and perfectly hydrated.

From a deeply hydrating eye cream to a moisture rich night cream, the six product line-up embraces two trends inspired by South Korea including a Pressed Serum and a Moisturising Essence, both integral products in a Korean multi-step beauty regime.

Pure Super Hydrate Pressed Serum

A breakthrough skincare innovation combining the potency of a serum with the hydrating benefits of a moisturiser. Use alone for 12 hours of ultra-light hydration or layer Korean-style over the Essence and under the Day or Night cream to build the ultimate moisture boost. Price is £14.00 for 30ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Moisturising Essence

This ultra-lightweight essence is applied after cleansing and before a serum or moisturiser, loading skin with extra hydration and perfectly prepping and priming the skin to boost the products layered on top. It instantly delivers a veil of hydration, evening out dry areas to leave skin feeling refreshed. Price is £12.00 for 100ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Day Cream

Pure Super Hydrate Day Cream

Using patented technology, this unique 95% natural day cream is the first in Pure to feature SPF15. Skin will feel comfortable, nourished and perfectly hydrated. This lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser will leave skin protected and glowing. Price is £12.00 for 50ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Night Cream

Restore skin moisture all night long with 12 hours of continuous hydration. Wake up to a radiant, glowing and rejuvenated complexion in the morning.  Price is £13.00 for 50ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Overnight Oil

Locks in moisture overnight so you wake up to a rejuvenated and radiant complexion. Price is £15.00 for 28ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Eye Serum

Pure Super Hydrate Eye Serum from Marks & Spencer

A lightweight, nourishing serum to deeply hydrate and refresh delicate skin around the eyes. Apply twice daily to leave tired eyes feeling smoother and rejuvenated. Price is £11.00 for 15ml.

All Pure products adhere to the Pure Promise of only using efficacious active natural ingredients, all of which are sustainable and responsibly sourced. The range is manufactured in a British eco factory and uses only eco-friendly packaging. The luxurious formulations use 95% naturally derived ingredients, 100% essential oil fragrances with no artificial colours, synthetic fragrance, parabens, silicones or mineral oil.

Previously M&S Pure has turned English wine into free radical fighting skincare with Pure Super Grape and a vitamin-rich seaweed harvested from the wild Atlantic coast of western Ireland into a supercharged anti-ageing range with Pure Marine Active.

Pure Super Hydrate is available exclusively from M&S stores nationwide and online at  

Beauty Questions from Sixtyplusurfers Readers

Ask our Beauty Experts Your Questions

Jenny Itzcovitz

In our regular column, Sixtyplusurfers will answer your beauty questions. Feel free to ask us whatever you like and we'll do our best to give you a helpful answer.

Question: Hi Jenny, I tend to get redness around my nose and chin. I'm looking for a good concealer to help me cover it up. Is there anything you can suggest? Sandra

Answer: Hi Sandra, thank you for sending in your question to Sixtyplusurfers.

 All-in-One Concealer from The Bodyshop

I would highly recommend All-in-One Concealer from The Bodyshop. This lightweight yet hardworking, concealer helps to camouflage any skin imperfections with an easy to blend formula.

Infused with vitamin E and Community Trade marula oil, choose from one of  five shades for longwearing, silky-smooth coverage. If you're not sure which shade to buy, pop into your local Bodyshop and try one of the testers or ask for advice.

Use it around your nose, on your chin and any areas where you tend to get redness. Blend it in with your fingertips to make it look more natural. You can also use it under your eyes to conceal dark circles.

All-in-One Concealer from The Bodyshop

Bodyshop also sell a great range of foundations and other beauty products to help you look after your skin and cover redness. All their products are natural and gentle to use and perfect for sensitive skin.

All-in-One Concealer is available to buy from The Body Shop. Price is £9.

For information about All-in-One Concealer click on

Good luck with the concealer and I hope you find it helps
. Jenny

   Ask Sixtyplusurfers
    a Beauty Question

If any other readers have beauty questions or products they would like us to find out about just email

Always seek the advice of a doctor, pharmacist or specialist before following any medical related guidance given on this page.

The editors and contributors of this website are not medically trained and any information provided is for general guidance only and we are not responsible for any problems that might arise from this advice.

Beauty & Hair Styles

Beauty & Hair Care
Tips for March

By Jenny Itzcovitz, Fashion and Beauty Editor, Sixtyplusurfers

Spring Beauty Tips, picture courtesy of M&Co

Picture courtesy of M&Co

It's March and the weather is slowly beginning to warm up and Spring is on its way. It's a good time to get out and enjoy the fresh air and start feeling good about ourselves.

So I've put together my top tips about how to feel great and look fantastic, and have a fabulous March!

Top Tips for March

1. Spring clean your makeup bag - March is traditionally a time for spring cleaning, so it's the perfect time to sort out your makeup bag. Empty it out and pop it in the washing machine if it's in need of a wash and then sort out all the makeup that you have inside and discard anything that you don't need.

Autograph Luxury Leather Wash Bag from Marks & Spencer

If your makeup bag has seen better days, why not treat yourself to something fresh and new? This beautiful Autograph Luxury Leather Wash Bag from Marks & Spencer is perfect for keeping all your makeup and toiletries neat and tidy. It's also great for taking away on short breaks. Price is £30.00.

The Autograph Leather Wash Bag is available from Marks & Spencer. For more information visit the website at

Discard any makeup brushes that are worn out and wash any others that need a clean. Sort out your eyeshadows and lipsticks and replace anything that you don't use any more.

Look out for new replacements or offers while you are out shopping. Do you need a new lipstick? Has your mascara gone gloopy? Has your favourite eyeshadow seen better days? Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to something new - and give yourself a bit of a lift ready for the Spring.

2. Give up smoking - 8th March is No Smoking Day  and this is the perfect time to give up smoking or support a member of the family or friend who is trying to give up. According to the British Heart Foundation, nearly one in five UK adults still smokes, doubling their risk of heart attack and stroke. Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your heart health.

Smokers are being encouraged to see their GP, pharmacist or health visitor who will be able to advise you on the best ways to give up. They will also be able to recommend aids such as patches and gum and offer guidance and advice.

Tell your family and friends that you are giving up for good and seek their help and support. This will also carry you through any difficult times. For more information about No Smoking Day click on

3. Exercise and get some fresh air - March is the perfect time to take some exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

Step away from the computer or television set and get out in your garden - do a little weeding, plant some seeds and feed the birds. If you don't have a garden take a walk in your local park and look at the wildlife and flowers which are coming into bloom.

Take a walk in the park in the sunshine

Many gardens and stately homes are now beginning to open up for the spring. Take a day off and explore somewhere new with a friend or a partner. Stroll around the gardens, then treat yourself to a hot cup of tea after you have finished.

Take a walk to your local shops - instead of the car. Or join a local walking group and have a ramble. It's a great way to make friends. The exercise will make you feel healthy and invigorated. And you will feel so much more cheery and happy when you get home.

4. Take care of your hair - If your hair is looking dull and lifeless, treat yourself to a high quality shampoo and conditioner. Supermarket brands can be packed with additives and take the shine out of your hair.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo

I particularly like the John Frieda range of shampoos and conditioners which includes a full selection of products to suit all your hair care needs. Luxurious Volume Shampoo transforms fine, flat hair, giving it alluring volume and touchable softness.

The range includes a Luxurious Conditioner which detangles and builds fullness and gives you naturally soft, full hair. There is also a fabulous Mousse to help you style and blow dry your hair. John Frieda Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse are available from Boots. Click on these links for details

5. Look after your hands - Daily household chores, washing up and gardening can make our hands dry and chafed. So take care of your hands with a good hand cream such as Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream from The Body Shop. Perfect for keeping your hands super soft and nourished. Price is £4.00.

Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream from The Body Shop

For details click on


Don't forget to give your nails a regular manicure and if you are going somewhere special make them look beautiful with nail varnish. My favourite set at the moment is the Autograph Perfect Finish Nail Gift Collection from Marks & Spencer.

Autograph Perfect Finish Nail Gift Collection from Marks & Spencer

This delightful set includes five beautiful nail polishes, with an undercoat as part of the set. With pretty pastel shades, the set is great value at £10.00.

For details click on

6. Take care of your teeth - People always tell us to smile and be happy, but if you neglect your teeth, then you won't feel confident smiling.

So make sure you visit your dentist and hygienist regularly to keep them healthy and clean. Take any advice if you need help or have problems. Between visits, look after your teeth with regularly brushing. And use dental floss and mouthwash to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

7. The eyes have it - Eye shadow always looks great for a special occasion. Match it up to your eye colour or the clothes you are wearing to accentuate your eyes. Plums, purples and browns are very on trend this season and give your eyes plenty of drama and romance.


Gosh 9 Shades To enjoy in New York 1 Palette from Superdrug

I particularly like this pretty Gosh 9 Shades To enjoy in New York 1 Palette from Superdrug which has nine beautiful shades with a mirror.

The set includes a selection of purples, pinks, grey, silver and sparkly white so that you can mix, match and shade. Perfect for a special evening out. The palette is great value at just £10.99. 

For more information about the Palette click on

Mascara is another great way to bring out your eyes and show off your lashes and is an essential beauty product to use even if you don't wear eye shadow.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Velvet Volume Mascara

Look out for new Max Factor False Lash Effect Velvet Volume Mascara which gives you dramatic lashes with a velvety, soft finish. It features an  innovative ‘Lavish Volume brush’ combined with a revolutionary new mousse formula to give you full and glamorous lashes which are soft as velvet to touch and never look overdone.

New Max Factor False Lash Effect Velvet Volume Mascara is available from Boots, and Superdrug. RRP is £11.99.

For more information about Max Factor click on 

9. Lip Service - If you've just got over a cold or tend to suffer from dry skin, lips can often get chapped, so keep them moisturised with a little Vaseline before you go to bed or make sure you have a lip salve in your handbag.

N°7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Plum Beautiful

It's also a good idea to use a moisturising lipstick to keep your lips moist and looking stunning. My favourite product is N°7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Plum Beautiful. The range includes a full selection of shades, which are all hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and have SPF 15. Available from Boots, price is £9.95 each.

For details click on

10. Take care of your feet - The warmer weather is on its way so now is a good time to look after your feet and get them looking soft and ready for sandals.

Superdrug Intensive Foot Cream

Nourish them with
Superdrug Intensive Foot Cream to keep them feeling soft and to alleviate cracked and hard skin. Price is just £3.49.

For details click on

Ease your aching joints by rolling your feet over a soft small ball

If you tend to suffer with aching feet and joints a good exercise is to roll each foot over a small soft ball or a tin can.

Ease each foot over the ball, using it to massage and soothe away aches and pains. I would also recommend making this into a daily exercise to keep your joints soft and supple.

Have a fabulous March.

Jenny x


  Mother's Day With
   Marks & Spencer

Autograph Nail Colour Collection

Happy Mother’s Day! Treat your mum on Sunday 26th March to one of these gorgeous beauty gifts from Marks & Spencer.

This stunning Autograph Nail Colour Collection will make a lovely gift for Mother's Day. Packed in its own presentation box, the set includes a selection of Autograph All in One Nail Colours in eight long lasting shades.

Formulated with argan oil and vitamin E, they are a base coat, top coat and high shine colour, all in one.
Price is £15.00 for the set.

Autograph Gorgeous Glow gift set

Treat your mum to this delightful Autograph Gorgeous Glow gift set. This eyecatching presentation box includes a collection of radiance boosting make-up from Autograph.

The gift set includes a Liquid Highlighter, Multi Bronzer and Mirror Shine Lip Lacquer.
Price is £18.00 for the set.

Autograph Face Palette

This beautiful Autograph Face Palette contains everything you need for the face, all in one stylish set, together with its own double ended sponge applicator.

The palette includes blusher, bronzer, highlighter, nine eyeshadows and three shades to define your brows. Price is £15.00.

Autograph Mini Lipstick Trio

Give your mum a little glamour with this gorgeous  Autograph Mini Lipstick Trio.

This beautiful set contains a trio of pretty lipsticks to make your lips look and feel irresistible. Price is £16.00 for the set of three.

Fiorentina Coffret March

Celebrate 25 years of Florentyna with this beautiful limited edition Blossom Fragrance Coffret.

Offering a modern take on the best-selling classic, the special anniversary gift set includes Eau de Toilette (30ml) and Body Lotion (75ml). Price is £12.50 for the Coffret.

Floral Collection Freesia Moisture Rich Bath Cream

Indulge yourself on Mother's Day with this gorgeous Floral Collection Freesia Moisture Rich Bath Cream

Capturing the fragrance of sweet freesia flowers, this relaxing bubble bath will look after your skin while you soak, leaving you feeling cleansed and moisturised. Price is £3.50 for 500ml.

Rhubarb Body Butter

Spoil yourself on Mother's Day with this gorgeous Nature's Ingredients Rhubarb Body Butter.

This wonderful body butter includes nourishing African Cocoa Butter to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. With natural coconut oil t smooth and condition and a lovely rhubarb fragrance. Price is £7.00.

M&S Beauty is available exclusively from Marks & Spencer stores nationwide or online at

 Bee-eautiful Gifts for Mother's Day

NectaPerfecta from Bee Good

Celebrate Mother's Day with Bee Good gifts. Love your skin and at the same time you can show your love to the British bees too as they are all made from British bee ingredients!

With gifts for all price points there is something for everyone to choose from.


Made with British propolis, this intensive mask exfoliates, hydrates, balances and fights the visible signs of ageing to put a real spring in your step and skin! It really helps to ‘pep up’ a tired or lacklustre complexion.

NectaPefecta is born of the idea that whilst our skin renews itself naturally every 28 days it’s often necessary to give it a helping hand to replenish and renew skin more regularly. Wake up tired skin with Necta Perfecta which rejuvenates, repairs and also cocoons dry areas and intensely moisturises. Lavish luxury £39.95

Youth Enhancing On The Go Trio

Youth Enhancing On The Go Trio from Bee Good

A high-performance trio to brighten and hydrate, giving the gift of youthful skin to those you love.

The trio includes Youth Enhancing Moisturiser 15ml, Youth Enhancing Eye Cream 5ml, Youth Enhancing Serum 10ml and Seedballl to plant and attract honey bees. Price is £20.

Weekend Essentials

Weekend Essentials from Bee Good

Perfect for a glam weekend away or a well-deserved pampering session.

The Weekend Essentials set includes Cream Cleanser 30ml plus mini cloth, Youth Enhancing Moisturiser 15ml, Youth Enhancing Eye Cream 5ml, Youth Enhancing Serum 10ml and Seedballl to plant and attract honey bees. Price is £28.

Lip Balm Trio

Lip Balm Trio from Bee Good

Get utterly kissable lips with Bee Good's British inspired collection of nourishing and replenishing beeswax lip balms.

The trio includes Raspberry & White Choc Lip Balm, Lime Blossom & Honey Lip Balm, Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm and a Seedball to plant and attract honey bees. Price £10.

Tried & Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

Lip Balm Trio

I suffer from dry lips, so I was delighted to try the Lip Balm Trio from Bee Good. This fabulous gift set of lip balms is presented in a handy tie-up bag and includes three balms in neat little tubes including Raspberry & White Choc Lip Balm, Lime Blossom & Honey Lip Balm, Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm.

Each lip balm is the perfect size for your handbag, bedside table or keeping on your desk and is easy to use. Simply squeeze a little on your finger and apply it onto your lips.

The fragrances are all absolutely gorgeous and are almost good enough to eat. Raspberry & White Choc Lip Balm smells just like a delicious ice cream with oodles of chocolate and reminds me of holidays in the sunshine and a scrumptious box of chocolates. It's also gentle and soothing when you apply it to your lips.

Lime Blossom & Honey Lip Balm has a tropical fruity fragrance with lovely undertones of honey. It's refreshing and moisturising and is a little like a fruit cocktail especially for your lips.

Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm has a delicate scent of vanilla and glides effortlessly onto your lips. The warm undertones of honey nurture and heal dry lips and help keep them moist and soft during the day.

Each balm is nourishing and moisturising and feels like a delicious treat as you use it. You can also apply your usual lipstick on the top if you like a bit of colour.

I also particularly liked the fact that the gift bag of lip balms includes a free envelope with a Seedball inside for you to plant and attract honey bees in your garden. The gift bag is great value at £10.

Bee Good products are available from 100 Waitrose stores nationwide, The Hut Group,, Bath& and selected independent stores

You can also buy them from the website at  


Balmology Hot Cloth
    Cleansing Balm

Balmology Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

BALMOLOGY®’s luxurious aromatic hot-cloth cleanser melts away all traces of dirt and make-up to reveal a radiant, refined and balanced complexion. All of BALMOLOGY®’s formulas are completely free from water removing the need for any nasty synthetics or preservatives in the products.

The Hot Cloth Cleaner rich with Jojoba ready to absorb away and unclog pores and balance sebum production. Castor gently draws out impurities, deeply cleansing without stripping natural oils. Vitamin rich Avocado oil is deeply penetrating bringing luster to tired, dull skin. The neroli brings a sweet smelling taste to the ingredients while Basil improves skin tone and helps clarify congested complexions.

Hand-created in Britain with 99% certified organic ingredients. To use, apply a small amount of this luxurious deep cleansing balm to dry skin. Gently massage using light circular movements until make-up and dirt magically melt away. The cleanser can be removed by applying a hot cloth or muslin and gently wipe away. The Cleanser is used in the Selfridges Face-Gym and has had raving reviews from beauty blogger Caroline Hirons.

About Balmology

BALMOLOGY® is an organic skincare line proudly hand-created in Britain. The Organic formulas are completely water-free, water content accounts for as much as 80% in other creams and lotions. Being free from water eliminates the need for synthetic emulsifiers, filler and preservatives. The ingredients are all the finest quality organic cold press plant oils, essential oils, beeswax and a dash of vitamin E. Created with beautiful plant and see oils, rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which are nourishing and naturally hydrating whilst allowing the skin to breathe and eliminating toxins. The brand is stocked in Selfridges and used as the cleansing balm post Face-gym treatments.

The range consists of a Hot Cloth Cleansing balm, Face Beauty Oil, Nourishing Beauty Balm, Soothing Comfort Balm and Organic Post Shaving Balm. BALMOLOGY® is kinder to the environment with minimal packaging. These luxurious products are housed in ‘simple’ glass containers that can be widely recycled. There is also minimal packaging as outer cartons and internal leaflets are often unnecessary and not always recycled.

For more information visit the website at