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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win a Colour Me Romantic Gift
Box of Certified Natural Lipsticks

Win a Colour Me Romantic Gift Box of Certified Natural Lipsticks

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Living Nature to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Colour Me Romantic Gift Box of Lipsticks to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Love is certainly in the air at Living Nature! New from this lovely certified natural skin care and cosmetics range from New Zealand is ‘Colour Me Romantic’ - a pretty pink lipstick gift pack that will win any woman's heart this Valentine’s Day.

Colour Me Romantic lets you embrace your romantic side with a gorgeous collection of complimentary shades of natural pink lipsticks, beautifully presented to make the perfect Valentine’s gift. Summer Rain, Bloom and Laughter, three of Living Nature’s top selling lipsticks, colour lips with the soft and subtle shades of nature.

These complimentary pink lipsticks also help keep lips looking their very best, nourished, rejuvenated, protected and totally kissable.

Colour Me Romantic Gift Box of Certified Natural Lipsticks

The gift box includes:

Summer Rain – a true pink with a hint of shimmer

Bloom – a vintage carnation, vibrant hot pink shade

Laughter – a darker intensive pink shade with slight blue undertones

Living Nature uses the highest quality certified natural ingredients to bring luscious, healthy colour to lips. A special moisture-rich formula of Vegetable Waxes, including Candellia and Carnauba, Beeswax, Squalane and Vitamin E, ensures optimum nourishment, a soft texture, smooth application and long-lasting coverage. What’s more, all Living Nature’s lipsticks feel remarkably light, soft and smooth on the lips.

All of Living Nature’s beautiful lipsticks are made in New Zealand, hand-crafted and flamed to a perfect finish and come in an elegant, black, soft touch case. Each lipstick is certified natural by BDIH Germany, free of fragrance, allergens, synthetic chemicals or preservatives and therefore safe and gentle on the delicate skin of the lips. So-much-so they can even be used safely during pregnancy.

What’s more, Living Nature’s Lipsticks have a low, safe rating of ‘2’ on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database, which rates products on their purity and naturalness. Living Nature Lipsticks therefore provide those you love with the reassurance it will enhance their natural beauty, whilst being good for your health too. Making Colour Me Romantic the most caring and loving of gifts you can give this Valentine’s Day.

Living Nature’s Colour Me Romantic gift pack usually costs £60, but as a special introductory offer for Valentine’s Day, Botanical Brands is offering this romantic gift at the discounted price of £45.

 to find out more.

Living Nature Lipsticks are available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores and online from  and other online retailers including My Pure, Naturisimo, Lovelula, Look Fantastic & Beauty Expert.

For further product information visit

For Your Chance to Win

  Just tell us where
 are Living Nature’s
  beautiful lipsticks

   a) Mexico
   b) Costa Rica
   c) Switzerland
   d) New Zealand

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us where are Living Nature's beautiful lipsticks made? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry
Living Nature Lipstick

* This competition is open to
our UK readers only

Marks & Spencer Launches Super Hydrate Range 

Super Hydrate Range from Marks & Spencer

Renowned for its innovative use of natural ingredients, all of which are sustainable and responsibly sourced, M&S Pure skincare announces the launch of Pure Super Hydrate to its skincare range. This latest addition looks to the skincare benefits of sloes for instant and lasting hydration.

Foraged by hand from the rural English and Welsh countryside, sloes are an incredible source of powerful antioxidants including beta-carotene and vitamin C plus moisture boosting polysaccharides. Packed with ingredients recognised for their high water-binding capacity to support skin’s moisture retention including glycerine and hyaluronic acid, Pure Super Hydrate delivers 12 hours of continuous hydration to leave skin radiant, glowing and perfectly hydrated.

From a deeply hydrating eye cream to a moisture rich night cream, the six product line-up embraces two trends inspired by South Korea including a Pressed Serum and a Moisturising Essence, both integral products in a Korean multi-step beauty regime.

Pure Super Hydrate Pressed Serum

A breakthrough skincare innovation combining the potency of a serum with the hydrating benefits of a moisturiser. Use alone for 12 hours of ultra-light hydration or layer Korean-style over the Essence and under the Day or Night cream to build the ultimate moisture boost. Price is £14.00 for 30ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Moisturising Essence

This ultra-lightweight essence is applied after cleansing and before a serum or moisturiser, loading skin with extra hydration and perfectly prepping and priming the skin to boost the products layered on top. It instantly delivers a veil of hydration, evening out dry areas to leave skin feeling refreshed. Price is £12.00 for 100ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Day Cream

Pure Super Hydrate Day Cream

Using patented technology, this unique 95% natural day cream is the first in Pure to feature SPF15. Skin will feel comfortable, nourished and perfectly hydrated. This lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser will leave skin protected and glowing. Price is £12.00 for 50ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Night Cream

Restore skin moisture all night long with 12 hours of continuous hydration. Wake up to a radiant, glowing and rejuvenated complexion in the morning.  Price is £13.00 for 50ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Overnight Oil

Locks in moisture overnight so you wake up to a rejuvenated and radiant complexion. Price is £15.00 for 28ml.

Pure Super Hydrate Eye Serum

Pure Super Hydrate Eye Serum from Marks & Spencer

A lightweight, nourishing serum to deeply hydrate and refresh delicate skin around the eyes. Apply twice daily to leave tired eyes feeling smoother and rejuvenated. Price is £11.00 for 15ml.

All Pure products adhere to the Pure Promise of only using efficacious active natural ingredients, all of which are sustainable and responsibly sourced. The range is manufactured in a British eco factory and uses only eco-friendly packaging. The luxurious formulations use 95% naturally derived ingredients, 100% essential oil fragrances with no artificial colours, synthetic fragrance, parabens, silicones or mineral oil.

Previously M&S Pure has turned English wine into free radical fighting skincare with Pure Super Grape and a vitamin-rich seaweed harvested from the wild Atlantic coast of western Ireland into a supercharged anti-ageing range with Pure Marine Active.

Pure Super Hydrate is available exclusively from M&S stores nationwide and online at  

Beauty Questions from Sixtyplusurfers Readers

Ask our Beauty Experts Your Questions

Jenny Itzcovitz

In our regular column, Sixtyplusurfers will answer your beauty questions. Feel free to ask us whatever you like and we'll do our best to give you a helpful answer.

Question: Hi Jenny, I have very fine hair. Is there a good shampoo and conditioner you could recommend to give it more volume? Caroline

Answer: Hi Caroline, thank you for sending in your question to Sixtyplusurfers.

I would highly recommend
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo

With Caffeine Vitality Complex, the Shampoo
transforms fine, flat hair, giving it alluring volume and touchable softness. The Luxurious Conditioner detangles and builds fullness and gives you naturally soft, full hair.

Squeeze a generous amount of the shampoo into your hand and massage it into your hair until you get a good lather, then rinse it out. Repeat this, giving your hair two washes.

John Frieda 7 Day Volume Conditioner

Then finish with the conditioner, making sure to apply it through to the tips of your hair. Leave it in for a few minutes then rinse out thoroughly.

Towel dry your hair and then comb it through. I would also recommend John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse. Simply work a little into your hair and comb it through.

Blow dry your hair as normal, styling your hair with both your hairbrush and fingertips for maximum volume. Your hair should look soft and vibrant.

John Frieda Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse are available from Boots. Click on the above links for details
. Jenny

   Ask Sixtyplusurfers
    a Beauty Question

If any other readers have beauty questions or products they would like us to find out about just email

Always seek the advice of a doctor, pharmacist or specialist before following any medical related guidance given on this page.

The editors and contributors of this website are not medically trained and any information provided is for general guidance only and we are not responsible for any problems that might arise from this advice.

Beauty & Hair Styles

Beauty & Hair Care
Tips for
By Jenny Itzcovitz, Fashion and Beauty Editor, Sixtyplusurfers

Beauty & Hair Care Tips, picture courtesy of M&Co

Picture courtesy of M&Co

It's February and it's a new year, so now is the time to be positive and happy, and look forward to some great times ahead. For many of us, 2016 may have been hard, with worries and issues, but as the skies brighten and we start getting those lovely sunny days and spring isn't too far away, it's time to feel good about yourself and celebrate life.

So I've put together my top tips for February about how to look great, feel fantastic, and be happier and more fulfilled.

Top Tips for February

1. Get some fresh air - For many of us it's easy to stay indoors when it's cold and snuggle up in front of the telly. But that's not really the best way to stay healthy.

On a sunny day, go out into the garden and listen to the birds, take a walk to the park, or to your local shops and enjoy the sunshine. You'll feel happy, invigorated and much more fulfilled than staying inside all the time.

2. Get your hair done - Having your hair styled or trimmed will make you feel fresher and look better. Go to your favourite hair dresser and seek advice if you are not sure about what to have done.

Having your hair tinted or the greys concealed can make you look years younger. A quick trim or a blow dry will also knock years off you, and make you feel special if you are going out.

3. Do something nice for yourself - Are you always helping others and never taking time out for yourself? Then take a break and treat yourself.

Go out for tea with a friend

Go out with an old friend to your favourite coffee shop and have a cappuccino and a croissant, or go out for afternoon tea. A little treat from time to time works wonders if you are feeling down and need reviving.

4. Listen to your favourite music - Dig out your old vinyl or your eighties CDs and listen to some upbeat music. Sing along or dance along and relive all those happy memories.

Music can be very therapeutic and can be a great way to unwind and escape. Going to a concert or a show can also be a lot of fun. Check out our Music page for all the latest bands, albums and concerts.

5. Buy some new clothes - If you haven't bought anything new recently, check out the sales in the shops and online. Many shops are offering big discounts to get rid of their winter stock.

I recently found a great pair of boot online for just £13 at New Look (it would have cost me £21 to reheel my old ones! A new dress, top or a skirt will also make you feel great and look great. There are so many great bargains out there to choose from.

6. Donate clothes to your harity shop - After buying new clothes, you may feel your wardrobe is bulging and there's no room. So sort out the clothes that you don't wear, were a fashion mistake, or simply out of date, and take them to your local charity shop.

Someone else will give your old clothes a welcome new home. And you'll have much more space for the clothes that you do wear and look good on you.

7. Healthy eating - It's impossible to eat healthy food all the time, but try and cut out all the obvious bad things such as too much alcohol, coffee, fast food, takeaways and sugary snacks.

Eat at least one good meal a day. I always have a salad for lunch with sardines or mackerel - which are rich in Omega 3. I try and include lots of colours and interest in my salad with cheese, vegetables and fruit. And at least I know I'm getting one nutritious meal every day.

8. Drink more water - Most of us love a nice hot cuppa or a coffee, but it's best to cut down on them and try and drink more water if you can.

Drink a glass of water with cucumber slices


Water can be boring however, so I find adding a few slices of cucumber makes it more refreshing and easier to drink. Leave a glass of cucumber water on your desk, on the kitchen table or by your bedside to remind you to drink it.

9. Get your eyes and ears checked - If you haven't been to the optician for a while to get your eyes tested or had your hearing checked, now is the perfect time. Many opticians will offer this service free of charge.


The optician will check the health of your eyes, if you need glasses or if your prescription has changed. Specsavers also offer hearing tests and a good selection of hearing aids including free NHS products with batteries included.

10. Have a laugh - Humour is always the best medicine and if you enjoy a joke, comedy and have a laugh, it's a great way of unwinding and forgetting your problems.

Catch up on your favourite comedy shows or watch some old classics on Youtube. I have a series of 'Fry and Laurie' favourites saved up on my computer whenever I need to have a break and a laugh!

11. Escape in a book - Reading a book can be very therapeutic, and is a great way to relax if you are stressed or feeling nervous about something.

Escape in a book


Dig out one of the old classics from your book case, go to the library, borrow a book from a friend, or if you have an eReader, download something good to read. If you need some reading tips visit our News & Book reviews page for all the best new books.

12. Don't beat yourself up about dieting - Eat fresh and healthy food, moderately. Forget those faddy diets, as long as you're eating regular meals and not overloading your plate with huge portions, you're fine.

Exercise to stay in shape if you can, with long walks, gardening, dancing, swimming or join a keep fit class, if you prefer.

13. Go dancing - Join a dance class! Dancing is a great way to keep fit and keep you in shape and is lots of fun too.

I go to a ballroom dancing class once a week, and I always feel great afterwards. Learning a new dance is a good way to boost your memory, and you're taking exercise and enjoying yourself at the same time. Look out for lessons at your local college, online or from newspaper listings.

14. Go to the dentist - Take care of your teeth. Oral hygiene is essential for your overall health.

If you haven't changed your toothbrush for a while, treat yourself to a new one. Flossing is also essential for clean, plaque free teeth.


15. Don't feel guilty - Don't feel guilty about things you haven't done, people you haven't called, and things you may have said or can't change. Move on.

Beating yourself up won't help things. If you tend to worry about these things too much, then take extra care that you are always being kind to people and thoughtful. Nobody is perfect. You're doing your best!

16. Be young in mind - Being young in mind will give you a more youthful outlook on life.

Take up a new hobby such as painting

Spend time with your grandchildren or children and be more adventurous. Try a new hobby or something you haven't done before.

Try something creative such as painting, you can enjoy this with your grandchildren or join an evening class and learn to paint yourself.

If you aren't skilled at art, colouring is a great way to relax. Try an adult colouring book or something fun and entertaining such as The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book by Natasha Itzcovitz for details click on

Board games and jigsaws are also great fun. Enjoy them with the family. Get out your old favourites such as Scrabble and Monopoly. Or try something new such as one of the strategic games from Esdevium Games like Catan.

17. Bake a Cake - Cooking and baking can be very therapeutic, and it's so much fun to do. Don't just watch the cooks do it on TV, have a go yourself!


Bake some fairy cakes, cookies or pancakes with your grandchildren and have fun decorating them together. Or bake a large cake, and then invite your friends over to tea to enjoy it. You can even combine it with a charity fund raising event!

18. Write an old fashioned letter - Write to someone you haven't contacted for a while and send them photographs. Perhaps you have relatives or friends living overseas.

Write an old fashioned letter


Or visit our Chat & Socialise page and make some new friends!

19. It's impossible to be happy all the time, but if you are feeling unwell, don't wait to seek help. Go straight to your GP.


If you are feeling depressed and can't cope, call the Samaritans

20. Have a fabulous February - February is a great month - there are more sunny days, it's brighter and spring isn't far away.

Why not write in and tell us how you like to spend February. Send in your beauty and health tips if you have any.

You can send in your letters for our Star Letter Competition to me at


All the best


Jenny x


Charming Vintage Style Cosmetics

Beauty products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company

The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a hugely successful, British beauty brand with a difference.

They offer a range of high quality beauty accessories with a unique, feminine, ‘darling’ personality - one that harks back to the glamour and charm of the 1950’s.

Makeup Case from The Vintage Cosmetic Company

The continued and growing fascination with everything ‘vintage’ has caused the brand to grow extensively over the past couple of years.

The current ‘vintage’ phenomenon also means the brand is perfect for today but even more relevant for tomorrow.

Beauty products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company

In its relatively short lifespan The Vintage Cosmetic Company has attracted an ever-growing fan base from retailers, press and the wonderful world of celebrities.

Brush Cleaning Tool from The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Their fast expanding product range means they can react to the everyday beauty needs of women everywhere, combining affordability, efficacy and elegance with charm and glamour.

Products include eyelashes, beauty tools (tweezers, manicure sets, eyelash curlers), makeup brushes, hair accessories, gift sets and more.

Makeup Brushes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company

The Vintage Cosmetic Company products can be found at  and other key retailers including Boots, John Lewis, Debenhams and Feel Unique.

 Valentine's Gifts from
     Marks & Spencer

Floral Collection Rose Moisture Rich Bath Essence from Marks & Spencer

Fall head over heels for these romantic Valentine’s Day gifts from Marks & Spencer.

Indulge yourself with Floral Collection Rose Moisture Rich Bath Essence.

With the fragrance of timeless English Rose, this moisture rich foaming bath essence will gently cleanse your skin whilst you soak. Price is
£3.50 for 500m.

Florentyna Soap Roses from Marks & Spencer

Bathe in the luxurious fragrance of Florentyna with these pretty pink and cream soap roses.

Florentyna Soap Roses are scented with top notes of gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and orange blossom. Price is £5,00 for the gift box.

La Maison de Senteurs Fleurs de Mimosa Scented Candle from Marks & Spencer

Relax and escape your worries with this beautiful La Maison de Senteurs Fleurs de Mimosa Scented Candle.

The scented candle is blended with a delicate floral fragrance, including mimosa, pink peony and cashmere wood to calm and unwind. Price is £7.50

Limited Collection Matte Lipstick Trio from Marks & Spencer

Bring romance to your look with the Limited Collection Matte Lipstick Trio, £12.00

This beautiful set contains a trio of matte lipsticks to make your lips look and feel irresistible. Shades include Nude, Sugar Petal and Watermelon. Price is £12.00.

Autograph Pure Luxe 3D Floral Multi Blusher from Marks & Spencer

This pretty Autograph Pure Luxe 3D Floral Multi Blusher, is a delightful gift for Valentine's Day.

This eyecatching floral blusher gives a rosy glow to your skin. Sweep over the cheeks for a natural blush, or build for a more intense colour. Price is £12.50.

Gel Effect Nail Colour in Romance from Marks & Spencer

Get professional looking nails with this Gel Effect Nail Colour in Romance.

The sparkly polish gives a high shine, quick dry finish without the need for a UV lamp. Price is £7.50 for 8ml.

M&S Beauty is available exclusively from Marks & Spencer stores nationwide or online at

 Bee-eautiful Gifts for Valentine's Day

Lip Balm Trio from Bee Good

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Bee Good gifts. Love your skin and at the same time you can show your love to the British bees too as they are all made from British bee ingredients!

With gifts for all price points there is something for everyone to choose from.

Lip Balm Trio

Get utterly kissable lips with Bee Good's British inspired collection of nourishing and replenishing beeswax lip balms.

The trio includes Raspberry & White Choc Lip Balm, Lime Blossom & Honey Lip Balm, Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm and a Seedball to plant and attract honey bees. Price £10.

Youth Enhancing On The Go Trio

Youth Enhancing On The Go Trio from Bee Good

A high-performance trio to brighten and hydrate, giving the gift of youthful skin to those you love.

The trio includes Youth Enhancing Moisturiser 15ml, Youth Enhancing Eye Cream 5ml, Youth Enhancing Serum 10ml and Seedballl to plant and attract honey bees. Price is £20.

Weekend Essentials

Weekend Essentials from Bee Good

Perfect for a glam weekend away or a well-deserved pampering session.

The Weekend Essentials set includes Cream Cleanser 30ml plus mini cloth, Youth Enhancing Moisturiser 15ml, Youth Enhancing Eye Cream 5ml, Youth Enhancing Serum 10ml and Seedballl to plant and attract honey bees. Price is £28.

About Bee Good

Bee Good offer gorgeous gifts for the ones you love

British skincare brand Bee Good uniquely blends British bee ingredients, British botanicals and naturally derived skincare technologies to create results-driven performance and everyday skincare with a conscience. Britain's bees are in serious trouble from the loss of natural habitat and a lack of forage from declining wildflower meadows.

We're passionate about supporting our bees and encourage everyone to 'Bee Good and make a meadow'. Planting even just a few bee-friendly flowers can make a real difference. Since launch in 2014, the Bee Good range has created a real buzz in the beauty industry, winning several awards including the 2015 & 2016 CEW Award for 'best new brand' and launching in over 100 Waitrose stores, on QVC and The Hut Group. Bee Good...making a difference.

Want to know more? Discover more at  

Bee Good is also available from 100 Waitrose stores nationwide, The Hut Group,, Bath& and selected independent stores


   Stylish Autograph
    Makeup Palettes

Autograph Face Palette from Marks & Spencer

Face up to the new season with these limited edition SS17 make-up palettes from Autograph at Marks & Spencer.

Autograph Face Palette

This beautiful palette contains everything you need for your face.

The set includes blusher, bronzer, highlighter, nine eyeshadows and three shades to help perfect and define your brows.
Price is £15.00.

Autograph Mini Face Palette

Autograph Mini Face Palette from Marks & Spencer

The Autograph Mini Face Palette is ideal for your handbag and contains nine eyeshadows, a bronzer, and blusher in a double-layer compact.

The palette includes its own mirror and brush for touch-ups on the go. Price is £10.00.

Autograph Eyeshadow Palette

Autograph Eyeshadow Palette from Marks & Spencer

This palette contains 16 powder eyeshadows in a selection of on trend shades – from pretty peach to smoky grey.

Mix and match the colours to create your favourite look. Price is £15.00.

Autograph is available exclusively from Marks & Spencer stores nationwide or online at


   Jaguar Pace for
   Valentine's Day

Jaguar Pace from Marks & Spencer

Jaguar Pace is the ideal gift for the man in your life this Valentine’s Day. You will both be left thrilled with this fragrance’s masculine scent and the cool iconic bottle.

Jaguar Pace, designed to mark the arrival of the all-new Jaguar F-Pace family sports car, is an expression of true masculinity, emanating power, confidence and charisma.

The imposing appearance of the new Jaguar F-Pace has been passed on to the fragrance design. The vibrant grey and blue glass bottle has a similar bold silhouette to that of the new car and is complimented by the blue-tinted perfume.

The compact base is covered with a sophisticated lattice design reminiscent of the famous Jaguar radiator grill. The centre of the bottle is emblazoned with a shiny round silver insignia with the unmistakable brand sign of the legendary cat. The shiny silver stopper creates an attractive contrast to these tones, whilst the packaging is in blue, grey and dark silver with black lettering.

Top perfumers, Alexandra Monet and Philippe Romano (Drom Perfumery, Paris), are responsible for transforming the magic of a car into a sensational, intoxicating fragrance.

Alexandra Monet says, “We imagined the fragrance of warm, damp asphalt after light summer rain: an aromatic and mystical aroma. Jaguar Pace is a very mysterious fragrance, which is both modern and classical, fresh and warm, clean and sexy.”

Jaguar Pace's aroma is of a stimulating trio of strong black pepper, fresh green apples and aromatic rosemary. The heady fragrance compound Cashmeran is what comes to the fore next.

Alexandra Monet adds, “We chose this raw material as the most important ingredient, because we love its duality. It is very complex in character; it is a woody amber element with a spicy, almost peppery, fresh head note. It also provides a mineral element in the fragrance composition.”

The heart note of Jaguar Pace is rounded off with aromatic lavender and luxurious orris, which marry elegantly with the base note consisting of the classic woody aromas of amberwood, patchouli and Crystal Moss.

Jaguar Pace is available from Marks & Spencer stores around the country and from Marks & Spencer online